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WCIF Crappy Houses
Hello there, thanks for clicking. Take a seat, and have some context first.

- Made Daniel cheat on Mary-Sue;
- Turned all of Don's affairs against him;
- I'll matchmake them together.

Both are already in Don's old condo, just wanted to move them to a disgusting, crappy, abandoned, small- you get the vibe. I'll put it down the furthest away from civilization as possible, lol. I won't give them children, so I don't need anything bigger than a 1.5BR house.

Anyway, I'm getting pretty lost in thought here. Those are the kinds of buildings I'm looking for. Preferably, no CC. Any website is welcome, but MTS would be nice. You guys have any suggestions?
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I took the abandoned part a little too seriously but I think this fits. Goldenbtrfly has this amazing no-cc fixer upper lot:
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I would download CC furniture and build sets that make things look shabby and run down and install them just so I could build my own shabby homes.I can also build cheap homes with a default replacenent for the unfinished walls found here in default replacements that makes those in game walls free.
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Qbuilderz has got an awesome place in this lot of starter houses. It's a rundown old fish factory converted into a one bed residential. I put Don in here and made him go a little loopy!

I've also got a block of crappy apartments that could fit.

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The Ramshackle Red here on MTS is one of my favorite "crappy houses":
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Originally Posted by sobenna_kahill
The Ramshackle Red here on MTS is one of my favorite "crappy houses":

I love it too! It's so creative and uses it space really nicely
I've thought about it tbh, but I set it aside because of its single bed.
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Don't forget the Derelict Dream Home! It was made for the Messie Messlot Challenge. I still use this lot often.

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Try searching with the term "apocalypse" :D


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