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Ignore Traversal Costs (SimPE ghost flag)
Hey everyone!

I've been wondering how does "ignore traversal costs" (ghost flag in SimPE) affects ghosts behaviour? And what exactly are traversal costs?

Here I learned that all burglars always have that flag on, which means it might be related with simply entering/invading lots. However shouldn't "pass through walls" and "pass through objects" give that ability to them?

I would love to hear what you guys know about this!

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I always assumed it meant to ignore routing penalties. Portals and stepping over low items have a routing penalty that the game uses to calculate which route is best for a sim to take, stairs for example have a high penalty so sims shouldn't go up and down stairs to get somewhere just because there's less tiles to cross (doesn't always seem to work in practice). Since ghosts float they don't need to be penalized by things like stepping over low objects.
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Hmm that's very interesting! Maybe it's related to stairs not being obstacules for ghosts/burglars.
For burglars, stairs are definitely not a problem. Maybe ghosts that have their tombstones outside in the garden can enter lots with foundations (which always have stairs). I'm going to try to find out!
Thanks for the tips! At least I have a clue where to look for.
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