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Default REQUEST: Sims 1 tools and Object modding tutorials.
Hey there.

A year ago I attempted to (and successfully) created a custom shower in sims 1. I actually booted up Sims 4, took some screenshots in sims 4 and used these screenshots to make the sprites required for the shower!

However, and unfortunately, since then I have deleted the tools required for this process and I also lost the tutorials required for this process. Back then, admittedly, I did get "lucky" and i found my tools in one neat package AND tutorials alongside those, I don't remember from where though, which is part of the problem.

The tools are usually quite complicated to find individually (and are acquired from old now 404'd sites like PaladinsPlace) and also, particular tools are required as not all tools can be used to establish a nice workflow or are suitable.

Some of the major tools I require are programs that allow me to:

- view and extract .far files. (FarExtract may be good enough)
- view what's inside a .iff (be it more .iff's or .pngs) (Tools like SimExplorer seem broken for this purpose)
- View object .iff's (ObjectViewer might be fine for this)
- convert the contents of an .iff file (image files) to .png or other formats. (SimExplorer would be good if it worked)
- convert .png to .iff files.

AS FOR SimExplorer - I remember this program in particular, but unfortunately also a pain to use/setup. at the moment, when I open SimExplorer I cannot see any file hierarchy at all (as if It isn't detecting/searching for where my sims is located on a drive)

If anyone happens to have a collection of these tools, or would know where to find some, could you please let me know?

Also, I remember that in the tutorial I initially followed before creating my shower, the modder was transforming the yellow armchair (the only one) into a brown armchair. I'm unsure where this tutorial was discovered! but I remember it being pretty great! he also explained why beds for example are a bad idea since they were super complex and composed of many .iff files. (for x4 rotations, for x3 zooms, for left/right of the bed)

-If anyone knows what tutorial i'm talking about, or knows where to find a similar one, i'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Most of the "modding guides" around are for clothes/walls/floors and these are incredibly simple/easy things to create, most people do not go father than these basic processes, which makes these tutorials harder to find!
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Hi, Johnny Mccrum!

I don't know if you'll see or read this soon... I've noticed that this thread was posted a few years ago. Honestly, I'm surprised nobody has replied to it within that time frame. From what I've witnessed, this game has some interesting mods already - I would like to learn more how to go about creating my own - and would also like to help you somehow in the process if possible. I've done some modding and reverse-engineering for a few DOS games (mostly texture and model converters) - so hex editing (whether that be editing in big or little endian notation) is more-so my forte... One thing I would like to try out that nobody else has done yet (at least to my knowledge) is replace the existing Sims models with custom ones. According to the in-game files, heads and bodies (or skins as they're noted) contain the actual texture data for the models... But, the current question on my mind is this: Where is the model data located?

I could go on, and on - about this. But, I'll just leave this here for now. Let me know if you get this!
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