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Default Help with inexplicable hole in mesh
I'm having an issue with a dress I'm working on - it's a pretty simple fusion of the housekeeper dress from BV and the bowling shirt from AL, I haven't added anything of my own to the mesh, but when exporting with the Unimesh Tools, I got broken normals on the collar of the shirt and on the ribbons at the back of the skirt. No problem, I exported using SMD instead, and that resolved my normal issues - but now, instead of broken normals, I have holes in the ribbon meshes. These holes aren't there in Milkshape, and I've checked and triple checked bone assignments, I even merged vertex data for all the vertices on the bow, it's not a texture issue, it's not an alpha issue because there's no alphas here, I renumbered all the vertices, fixed bone weights, everything I can think of that could repair these holes, but they're still there. I attached the mesh and recolour in the zip below if anyone wants to take a look and has a better idea about the issue than me, since I'm pretty much a novice with TS2 bodyshop content. Thanks in advance!
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Hello, that is not a hole, that is the back ribbon mesh rendered inside the skirt mesh and that is a bone issue. You just missed one step.
The hanging ribbon needs the same assignments as the body vertices it is near. I think it is better to connect the ribbon to the body mesh where the ribbon touches the mesh rather than just lay it on top. If you want to lay it on top. look at the alpha tutorials for overlays.

Have a look at these basic meshing clothing mesh tutorials. They give you all the info you need.

And wade through the wiki for lots of great information.
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There is something weird going on with the bow, and the bone assignments are a little bit off, but we're talking just a few numbers here, and not so much it explains this. The bow kind of fixes itself when you get closer (with F3 in Bodyshop), so it's more of a display issue. If it was a Bone assignment issue, the bow would look fine in F6/T-pose mode in Bodyshop.

Fortunately there's a quick and easy fix (I tested, and it seems to have done the trick).

Make sure the comments say this, export/re-import the mesh, and delete the cache files, then test the files again:

ModelName: body
Opacity: -1
NumSkinWgts: 3

The missing TangentArray line can mess with how textures/meshes show up (it's the same thing that causes bright hairs/clothes in CAS). Make sure it's always there for the main groups (not morphs) when you make CAS meshes.
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