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Default Object Error During Baby Bump - Bad Gosub Tree Number
Hi! One of my sims is about to get her first baby bump but every time she is about to I'm getting an object error. I attached the file because I'm completely clueless in reading these sorts of things and I'm having a bit of trouble understanding if I can find out what is responsible for the error from it. I'm assuming it's a mod I have that affects pregnancy, but I was confused as when I searched topics on "Bad Gosub Tree Number" it seemed to generally refer to when the EP associated with a mod isn't installed, but I'm using the Ultimate Collection. Should I just start doing the 50/50 method with my mods folder? Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I am now wondering if the error is related to a mod relating to changing outfits, as I got the same error when I clicked on a dresser while I had the sim's wife selected. I attached that error file as well.
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Yes, it's definitely some clothes hack that you have.
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Bad Gosub Tree means you are missing an EP or a file so in this case, its a file.
Do you have Smarter EP check? A few mods require that extra file, but there are others.

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Originally Posted by residenthale
Should I just start doing the 50/50 method with my mods folder?

Yes. Both errors are coming from a mod, which may or may not be the same mod.
In the case of 'Clothes - Is Outfit Valid - Pregnancy?' the default code is not calling on another op-code at node 2, in the case of 'Interaction - Dresser - Plan Outfit - TEST' the default code does not have 38 nodes so neither can be from the default code.
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