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Default My pc does not want an EP...
Hi! I am trying to install Sims2 after I don't know how many years (pc, windows 10). It works, but when I come to the EP n.8 (Free TIme) I get a message that says that my pc blocked the app for security reasons and I don't know how to solve the problem.
I tried to contac EA Games/Origin and they told me that the game is too old and they cannot help me.

Second problem: my kids lost (again) the cd of the EP n.9 (apartment life). I still have the box and the code, but the cd is missing.
EAGames/Origin told me, again, that it is my problem and they do not have the codes any more.

Can someone help me? Thanks!
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Actually my son was able to figure out a fix for the error message for my updated Win 10 pc.
I'll ask him again but I think he enabled "Administrative privileges" and allowed all apps ?

Second problem, you may have to borrow or buy a new disc.
My Uni. disc stopped installing after it installed half way.
It quit at the Voices6.package.
I finally had to order a like new Uni cd to replace it.
Anything for my sims.
Hope that helped.

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Could be a problem with SecuRom - Windows 10 doesn't like it, and it's part of all the CDs from Bon Voyage and out, but it could be there's only a reaction to some of the CDs.

There's a tutorial on installing discs on Win10 here (mainly on the "blocked update" issue) - here
A tip on the block issue you seem to have - here
And a couple extra tips on "if all else fails" here.

There are still a few ways you can get the UC, so all hope isn't completely lost if you can't find the AL disc.
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A new button here... haven't seen the 'unhelpful' one before .

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in theory I have admin privileges...I will double check...
As for Aparment Life I found it on Amazon but the used CD costs as much as the new one was... I will keep on checking.
Thanks, for now, I will keep you posted!
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ok, I tried basically everything and nothing worked
The only good thing is that I found an Apartment Life CD at a human price
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ok, husband worked his magic and now it is working. Just I cannot see the CC in the game...yes, I clicked on "show CC at the start", but I do not get anything.
Oh my, why did I forget everything???? Where are the CC supposed to go? in the download file in the base game, right?
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Read this, and follow it step by step:

When you're done with that, read either one of these (don't be offended by the titles - I think they're just meant to be like the "*insert theme here* for dummies" books)
* If you feel like you don't have a clue what you're doing -
* If you just need a refresher -
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C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads
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found the mistake.
my Users\(username).... is not under C where I istalled the game, but for some reason it is under D, another it looks like it is working...let's see...
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