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Originally Posted by TadOlson
I've been building and playing my BACC town of Dodge as families are arriving and becoming homesteaders on arrival because it's a new town starting out and it's only 1841 there so far though another couple arrives next spring to take their own homestead.The town is adding to the service center now before winter sets in and hopes it a mild winter with little or no snow this year.The town had a prolonged dry spell starting up in the spring and it's already late fall and still dry.They might be calling it a drought if it keeps up much longer.

Sitting here IRL under a massive smoke cloud from a nearby wildfire, after a mediocre winter and a very dry spring, I have to dispute the thinking of your townsfolk... you need lots of snow this winter! Get that moisture into the area and recharge the springs and the aquifers at least!

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They didi get tons of snow in 1840 and it was actually so much the town was buried in it to the rooftops of the buildings and they were snowbound with no supplies coming in all winter so they won't mind a mild winter without snow as long as the dry spell breaks up soon.The town actually flooded in the sring thaw in thee soring after that first hard winter and the dry weather was welcome for now.
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After reading a fairly interesting novel about a high-powered lawyer who became a vampire, I'm again beset with the urge to play a vampire. I have to tell myself to stop this, because the game is so limiting for those creatures and they're so hard to play without struggling to keep them 'alive' (what an irony) without a ton of mods-and to keep them interesting as well.
In the novel (far better than most of genre-and certainly not "Twilight" by Stephanie Myers..)I read, the vampire got involved with historical vampires, and was on a mission to kill a bunch of 'bad' vampires. Pretty good concept-it's too bad that the game turned them into the literal caricatures they became so that everyone laughs at the idea of playing them.

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