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Default Game crashes when I try to edit collections
Did a reinstall of my game because it kept crashing when I tried to access my collections sometimes when I clicked on a collection icon, but always if I tried to organize or edit collection files. Once the reinstall was done, I checked, and the problem is still here. I don't understand - game is not giving me any clues. I could play a bit not using collections, but they are a tool I depend on, and the constant crashing is frustrating me -- especially after the load times, and I'm not using nearly as much CC as I usually do. Any ideas? Any idea where to even look for a clue to what's wrong? Any help is very welcome Deb/Altanna
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Most likely you have a bad collection file somewhere in your CC, or a bad CC item in a collection file (if the game crashes when you try to access a particular collection). Either look through and see if you can find collection files among your CC, or do a 50/50.

Reinstalling your game is rarely the solution, and if the problem is still there when you reinstall and then put your CC back in, the problem is almost guaranteed to be in your CC. Most of the time when you have issues with your game and you have CC installed, try checking for issues in the CC first. More often than not, the problem is there. Reinstalling your game takes time and can sometimes even create new problems, so try to avoid it if you can.
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