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Default Maxis Wallpaper Button-Up Shirts for Female Sims
I thought that this would be a cool little thing to do. I've done four so far but I plan on 16.

Wallpapers used (L-R):
Alhambra Mamba
Bamboo Fever
Blue Bloom Bloom Away
Chow Now

I was wondering if I should squash the wallpapers horizontally since they come out of HomeCrafter slightly stretched. Also does the lighting on the tops seem okay?
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4th Oct 2019 at 4:01 PM
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Update: I went ahead and tweaked the ones you mentioned, and also created these.

Top row L-R
Bamboo Fever
Blue Blue Bloom Away
Flowers of Autumn (Champagne)
Paper Flower

Bottom row L-R
Rosey the Wallpaper
Sassy Classy
Simply Splendiferous
Winter Bouquet
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