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Default RELEASED: Custom cellphone mod
I decided to try my luck with custom cellphone mod. I created smartphone using TS4 mesh and textures. My smartphone has two recolorable subsets.

So, what is it and how does it work?
There are three new objects - cellphone, mp3 player and handheld game. These are not defaults, you can use them alongside in game electronics. Mp3 player and game are repositoried to the cellphone and they are hidden from catalog. Cellphone can be found in electronics/small for $500.

If you want your Sim to use smartphone, buy it and place it in their inventory. If Sim has both smartphone and cellphone, they will use smartphone. If Sim has both mp3 player and smartphone, Sim will use mp3 player. If SIm has both smartphone and handheld game, Sim will use handheld game.

What you absolutely need for this mod to work is cellphone - Meduza_custom_smartphone, and two mods - Meduza_cellphoneBHAVs and the other which comes in two versions - Meduza_BO_cellphone_DoesSimHave_PhonesForAll and Meduza_cellphone_DoesSimHave.
Mp3 and handheld game files are optional, but when you decide to use them you have to put into your download full set for each electronic item.
Files for mp3 player are: Meduza_custom_smartphone_mp3 and Meduza_custom_smartphone_mp3_BHAVs.
Files for handheld game are: Meduza_custom_smartphone_game and Meduza_play_smartphone_handheld_BHAV.

Of course there are several issues. I'd be happy if somebody wanted to help me!
  • my game crashed when a Sim was talking on a smartphone, but it happened only once and I don't know what caused it
  • when Sim uses smartphone as a handheld game this error occures: RESOLVED
  • when Sims play handheld games together and Sim B has the original handheld game they receive additional game - I’ve done some more research and it turned out to be vanilla behaviour, so yeah, thanks EA. Is there any fix for that? RESOLVED

Other modders' mods
  • @gdayars' MP3 Workout - I sent edited files to the creator, so they aren't included in zip file I included this mod. You have to choose one version, so you should read description at download page for this mod.
  • @omglo's browse cellphone - I edited this mod to include smartphone
  • Chis Hatch's flirt texting - edited file included, though I'm not sure if it works correctly. New menu didn't appear on my Sims. EDIT: I forgot to mention this mod should load after Meduza_cellphoneBHAVs.

  • @lamare's hold that phone - I will release compatible version when (or if) I get permission to edit that mod - UPDATE: I received permission, thank you lamare! There are two versions of cellphone BHAVs - Meduza_cellphoneBHAVs and Meduza_lamare_cellphoneBHAVs_HoldThatPhone. You have to choose one, if you use lamare's mod choose the latter.
  • BoilingOil's phones for all - I created compatible version. You don't need BO's mod if you download mine, but I'd advise you to keep somewhere BO's mod as mine is experimental.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Oh, woow! This sounds AMAZING!

I can't wait to test this, lol! But this sounds very promising, thank you for putting this mod together! 

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Unfortunately as I had to edit over 20 BHAVs and create 3 objects, this mod won't be friendly to adding more custom cellphones. But if somebody is patient and stubborn enough, they can add more.
I also stumbled upon some dubious coding decisions made by Maxis, like one of nodes being Local 1 := Temp 0, the next one Local 1 := Stack Object ID, then Stack Object ID := Local 0 and again Stack Object ID := Local 0. I just have one question: why? The way they coded handheld game is very bugged - when Sims play together, the other Sim receives additional game. What's more interesting, it happens only to some Sims. Moreover, in an unmodded game when Sim A asks the other to play together and Sim B refuses, Sim A doesn't hold handheld game in their hand, even though animation looks like they should be holding it. And then the game is deleted from Sim A's inventory. That's some great coding.
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I briefly tried this out the other day and it's awesome! Didn't thoroughly test, but I did have a sim using the phone for games, browsing, and MP3 stuff so woo!

WowoW it's a badly hidden owo UwU Yeet skeet Idk what I'm doing
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Thanks for the feedback! I've officially released this mod on my tumblr, but if you spot any issues, please let me know.
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