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how to say get a life in simlish????
Lol, hrmmm
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Originally Posted by fireflies
That so far sounds like the best news yet,
sure we will see more but this will take so much time out of playing, waiting for loading screens; aaaaah, i will be glad if thats what they release in the final.

Yep, with Freetime you can now change hoods from the lot. Something new and pretty cool if you ask me. Loading screens take forever...

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looks flashy...too flashy no doubt its gunna break my system when it comes out it'll be interesting to follow though

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You guys notice the various different ethnicities? The black girl is just so adorable, I want her in my game! And the Asian girl looks so much more Asian than a Maxis Sims 2 Asian could ever look, lol. I want her, too! Aside from the European/White Sims, those are the only ones I see so far. But that is more than enough to prove that we will finally get to make more diverse ethnicities without having to rely on CC! Yay!
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Originally Posted by frankie
But that is more than enough to prove that we will finally get to make more diverse ethnicities without having to rely on CC! Yay!

Hurray for that point! I'm actually looking forward to fresh start in a world without custom content. My game is so bogged down with cc, it can be a pain to play at times, but there's no turning back now that I have it. I'm going to try my best to be much more discriminate with downloading content for TS3 so I can focus more on gameplay and less on atmospheric perfection.

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I think it looks good. Like other people have said, I don't care too much about the graphics. An improvement would be nice, which, um, obviously will be there.. I'm mostly concerned with AI and gameplay
I'll be trying to get a copy of that magazine! I don't think anyone ever said if they knew somewhere in particular that carried it. Does anyone know?
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#107 Old 7th Mar 2008 at 7:56 AM
I've been thinking about how a lot of us want to be able to follow our sims to work, school, whatever. Before this couldn't have been possible because of the loading screens (who would you follow? The child going to school? The wife driving to her job at the office? Or the all-star husband carpooling to the big game? What about the sims left at home?) but with this unified town-like neighborhood, why not keep an eye on all three at the same time! Would be awesome if the schools and workplaces are all part of the town you can explore. Imagine going for a walk with one of your sims and deciding to get a burger at the nearest fast food restaurant and seeing your sim's best friend's teenager working the till Ahh, the possibilities sound so cool.
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I know and can you imagine the enhanced story/movie making options?
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#109 Old 7th Mar 2008 at 1:58 PM
Wooo....no loading of community lots....although does this mean the lag that you face in community lots will be...everywhere? uh oh....

I wonder if you can have apartments and row houses....now that would be sweet!
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yes, apartments are a must . . .
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Yes, please EA, grant us apartments! I just love the idea of playing with a family and living in the same building as non-playables like in the dorm lots in UNI.

As far as ways to solve lag issues since one would think the game will have lag what with the town being seamless and all... I am thinking that maybe other lots will be idle/frozen or just show as poorer quality until you go a certain distance and then they start to gradually appear with better graphics. Kind of like how when in Nightlife we were introduced to the surrounding environment feature and everything looked like poorer quality so as to make the game run faster.
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Originally Posted by foxxy_moron
looks flashy...too flashy no doubt its gunna break my system when it comes out it'll be interesting to follow though

LOL yeah. I don't think it is too flashy but I KNOW my computer isn't going to be able to handle the graphics.

And stupid question, but do you think that Modthesims2 will stay Modthesims2? I mean, it won't become modthesims3, right? LOL!

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#113 Old 8th Mar 2008 at 12:50 AM
Well I would imagine that many large sites would either update or create new sites to service TS3, like TSR did. I think Delphy did make an announcement that there would no ModtheSims3, though.
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...We could make out OWN mod the sims three
but we'd need to rename it
Anyone, anyone?
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LOL that is a funny name. What about one for TheSims2Community? TheSims3Community? That sounds perfect for an official community because I have a feeling that BBS of TS3 will be the same. I don't like the BBS all that much.
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Apartments: I was thinking of how it was handled in Uni as well . . . I can't wait to make myself a little apartment dweller in the sims 3, somewhere nice, downtown, where I can fuss about with my house plants and avoid my girlfriend's phone calls . . . just like in real life, ha ha!
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Yeah...apartments would be so great....i wonder if you can see next doors people doing stuff aswell as your own sims houses and switch to other sims with no loading screen...*sigh*....im already wanting this....
#118 Old 8th Mar 2008 at 6:30 PM
wow, remake of the movie "rear window" anyone?
#119 Old 8th Mar 2008 at 10:57 PM
I found a teaser video here: http://www.simfantastic2.com/
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#120 Old 9th Mar 2008 at 12:01 AM
Ooooooooo that's looks awsome!
#121 Old 9th Mar 2008 at 1:04 AM
... looks like the website edited the cover of Games for Windows into a video.
#122 Old 9th Mar 2008 at 1:05 AM
yes, they did
it's still cute
#123 Old 9th Mar 2008 at 2:20 AM
Hey y'all!

I just made a large logo of the sims 3 (3000px by 2500px), trying my best to copy the one on the magazine cover. If anyone wants to see it, I can post it here.
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ooh ooh ooh i wanna see *raises hand*
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#125 Old 9th Mar 2008 at 6:06 AM
me too i wanna see....that "teaser" vid was....disappointing....haha
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