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Default Sims 3 Pets: Fences Enabled for World Creation
Okay, so I realise that some probably haven't noticed, but whenever I get a new game, I like to go through CAW and the new world that EA has made and find any objects that aren't showing up in CAW. These were the only ones I have found so far.

There are two colours, the brownish ones are found in CAW metadata as 'Rustic Ranch Fence'

and the white fence set is found in CAW metadata as 'White Ranch Fence'.

As with most other content that can be found by default within the game files, when you upload your world, you will not need to get users to download these. This is because the references for the object in the world file will link to the original object that came with Pets. As such, the only actual requirement for these is that you and/or the downloader has the Pets EP.


For these to show up in CAW, you need to set up CAW's custom content framework. To do this, go here.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Pets-Fences-TVRdesigns.rar (2.5 KB, 2539 downloads) - View custom content
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These look great! Thanks!

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Thanks for this, TVRdesigns! I noticed some others too- I posted them in post#1 here:
And I added a link to your fences there, too.
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Hi TVRDesigns,

Quick question - is the any way to get my hands on the files that encode for the mesh of these objects? I've been trying to locate the white paneled fencing in game (with buydebug on even) and have been unsuccessful locating it. I'd love to convert it into a Build or Deco object...
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Thanks! And thanks again for not making them a separate object. I mean the one you have to download to see it in game.

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xStormWarningx, they will probably be in the fullbuild0_P10 package- if you open that wil S3OC you'll be able to see all objects and clone them. However, you could always just mod them to show up in the buy catalog.
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