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Default I have a problem moving files to downloads
When I try and move files saved in a backup folder to downloads it comes up with an error message saying 'part of path no found etc'

and Clean Installer goes blank and does not move the file.

does anyone know what i am doing wrong? is there a reason why i cannot move any backup file saved in another folder (saved as 'sims downloads original game' - saved on my desktop) to downloads?

someone please help me I am very stuck.

thank you.
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Are you using Clean Installer to do your moving for you? Why not find the file and right-click COPY (or CUT) and then right-click PASTE it in your Downloads folder instead?

I have backup folders and that's what I normally do. I only use Clean Installer to move files because CI would tell me what type of file it is.

OR what you can do is disable the file... which would turn the file extention to .off and then move all those .off files to whatever folder you want... and either use CI to enable them or you can manually change the extension back to .package.

10th Jul 2007 at 9:42 PM
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