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Well, so far not much. Place Peni Griffin's trailer park in Widespot and built a small bowling alley for the Widespot Bowling Leagues ( gives them something more to take sides and fight and gossip about). Decided to start with Beech home and work my way around.
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The Land's house unexpectedly collapsed while they were out shopping. Before Delta could wail "I bought a nice new chair with holes in it; now where am I meant to put it?", they'd moved across the road. The house was a bit smaller, but it had its own little fishing moat, and Delta could put her chair next to the computer the family was able to buy from the change (the compensation was based on the old house's value and the new one was much cheaper) not long after, Delta's uncle Provat got engaged to the love of his live, pickpocket townie Santippe Hogan soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the ever-popular Ivrokins held a party and invited everyone who was within reach of their phones. Much too much partying occurred and most of the attendees needed help getting home (the neighbouring Lands are long-since accustomed to getting out-of-towners to the nearest taxi rank). It was established, however, that the following things almost definitely happened:

- Forella Newsome was hired by the Ivrokin lighting store for 15 minutes. Therovkin hired her after a couple of skins of ...water,,, and his husband Sentin didn't like the looks he was giving her and fired her for adding tension to the marriage. Forella, who was never assigned a job, was allowed to keep the tracksuit uniform as a memento "becausing taking that back would be just petty".,She earned probably the easiest $22 ever, and may earn more from her sob story later. She has already been quoted as saying, "I gave up a high-flying job in unemployment to take on this!"

- Sentin hired teenager Alvin Futa for the Ivrokin lighting store soon afterwards. As far as anyone can tell, Ivrokin has no objections to this appointment.

- A gatecrashing townie with a suspicious resemblance to the Abominably Evil Witch seen talking in a suspiciously friendly manner with three other Sims, one of whom was recently elected to the Alegnia Viaduct town council. However, two council members were present and the gossipers have not yet revealed which one was considering dabbling in evil magic.

- A lost gypsy offered her matchmaking services to the party, and interrupted the big kiss that was about to happen between Virginia Beech and Séen Heuse. Twelve harsh stares were met with the response, "...I could set you up with the perfect dates?"

- A. T. Rowe, First Comrade of SimColony, was seen passed out on the patio in the middle of a snowstorm after one too many skins of ...water... . Popularity rose by 15 points afterwards as sceptics declared him "one of the people at last". Hurrah!

In the Drioru Forest, it snowed a lot and the cavepeople stayed indoors. Surprisingly, the plants seem to have survived so far.

The Beeches had plenty to do in Alegnia Viaduct. Virginia Beech tried to have her big kiss with Séen Heuse but was thwarted upon discovering that the Heuses don't have a telephone (being very traditionally-minded elves). Daytona Beech fell thoroughly in love with A. T. Rowe and, without the aid of any ...water... at all, persuaded him to commit to something for once in his life and get engaged! Echo Beech didn't have time for love as her work was getting out of hand. Being a one-Sim wrecking crew is exhausting enough when you're not doing so at half-past midnight... She was forgiven enough so she could return to work as a playground monitor, whereupon she got promoted to teacher's aide again. I feel sorry for the teacher she is aide to. Dorset Beech kept her head down and excelled at class, got promoted at work to Test Subject and has become a Successful Adolescent (or so the English translation of the Italian version declares her). Dorset herself won't consider herself successful until she's met aliens, but then she has always been the ambitious type!
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Widespot, Day one.
Beech. Um, nothing. Everyone was civil. Ginny called Scot to sneak out but he wouldn't risk it so she called Woody who did. When she came back she went right past Daytona practicing piano and Daytona didn't blink. I played them just Friday.

Hart: Oh, this was interesting and different. Candy got the outing call from Rich. She decided to go, since her dad and brother were both making use of the matchmaker and Goldie had gone to bed early, exhausted after earning a B at school. And when Candy got out of the cab at Crypt O Night rolled a couple romantic wants for Rich. Lana was not pleased. Junior stood there and looked shocked. So they ate, and Mary walked in, so Candy fulfilled a flirt with Junior want. Mary was not pleased. After the meal, Candy tried to get Junior to woohoo in the photo booth, but he kicked her out, and that's the end of them being in love. Looking around, she spotted a cute black-haired downtownie who was delighted to accept a date, and within two interactions Rich was slapping her. She even managed to get it to a good date!
So, to recap, Candy broke up Rich and Lana, AND probably Junior and Mary, and is no longer in love with either Mann man. She would like to be best friends with Junior again.
With all that settled, she went home, slept all night ignoring her father and brother working on twenty simultaneous lovers simultaneously and Angel haunting the bed while Val woohooed with Christa whoever, got up and fed everyone and their dates, and went to work as she wants to top the art career. When she came back home she got Goldie taught to study, for which Goldie will be eternally grateful. Junior had spent the night: Goldie, oblivious to her sister's decisions had asked him in, but he left while Candy was at work, and then Lana came by and Rhett figured it was worth trying out a flirt on her, which she accepted.
They got played until the middle of Saturday afternoon because of my no saving while residents are off the lot or visitors on it policy, and the Hart house has a revolving door!
Next time I'll see what the fallout is at the Mannsion and maybe the Lands. I was rather surprised Rich could break code and slap a visibly pregnant Candy.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Finally got the motivation and energy up to actually create my medieval TS2 neighbourhood. It's residing in a secondary account on my computer at the moment and I'm running a test 'hood with four households at the moment.

Households 1 & 2 are serf families, tending to the land of the Lord of the Manor (who doesn't yet exist); they both live in one-room apartments with a garden of various fruits, veg, and herbs (thanks Sun & Moon), four apartments to one lot, though I've not yet decided how many lots each Lord will have residence over. I'll also need to figure out rent and the like, but that's for after I've got the basics down.

Household 3 is a monastery with three monks currently residing; household 4 is a brothel with the owner and one other person. I do need to set up a nunnery, especially for any 'accidents' that may occur, and also as an option for any young girls (as the monastery is for boys). Beyond that - mines, fisheries, markets, and an attempt at a cohesive neighbourhood.
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I decided to play my bin Sim hood, Black Rock Mountain, and - Yeah! there they all are: not only the Travellers and the Gavigans and the Ramaswami's, but the townies! And here comes Goopy to visit Herbert Goodie, and my day was made. I did not realise I was missing the damn bunch of them so much Somehow, my own Sims, although perhaps a lot better looking, just do not do the same to my heart.
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At the SimCity Orphanage, Skippy Broke and Leon Tinker made friends. Selectively mute and meek to a fault go together well! One person Skippy does speak with is Gallagher Newson, who stops by almost every day -- especially since Skippy invites him so often! It being Saturday, they had plenty of time to play together, although Skippy was not able to persuade Leon to join them enough for him to also make friends with Gallagher.

Lupina called a pack of wolves to the lot as soon as she turned wolfish herself, delighting Beau and intimidating Leon. The wolves were certainly interested in the boys, especially Asher Greenman. Beau, proud of his recently-acquired wolf blood, threw a party and tried to convince some actual popular teens to come...but the only ones who did were Hermia Capp and Jill Barrett. Jill astonished him by actually expressing interest in him, but he was insulted by her disparaging discussions of the werewolf outbreak and her desire to see him cured. They started squabbling, he was hungry and cranky... Soon there was a scuffle in the garage, and Jill herself, to her horror, rose from the floor to find herself sprouting fur!

Lupina was amused when the horrified girl ran in full of complaints, but was not impressed by the other guests Beau had seen fit to invite. Florence Delarosa, the vampire of growing infamy? Hermia had apparently not been allowed to leave Veronville without her brother, and Lupina didn't even want to be associated with Tybalt Capp. She strongly suggested he leave, and made a cutting remark about the proximity of the prison and police station. He ignored her. Lupina found Hermia crying in the bathroom; Hermia unwisely expressed a wish that Tybalt should pay for how much he'd hurt her. Reflecting that Mercutio had to a certain extent been a member of her pack when Tybalt killed him, Lupina formulated a delightful revenge. The party ended with an epic brawl in the living room, which had Florence thinking Tybalt was going to get killed (and loudly voicing that thought), and which ended in Tybalt rising golden-eyed and furry, furious...and then thanking Lupina for her valuable gift.

"Didya mean to do that?" Skippy quietly asked the Mother of the Pack as they cleared up plates and soda cans after the party ended.

"Not in the way that boy appeared to take it," Lupina said. "Ah well, it shall be interesting."


Because Ariel Capp was one of the teens who refused the invitation to the party, I remembered that I had forgotten to play the Verse-Thomas honeymoon in Takemizu village! So a little bit of vacation rotation got put into the middle of Downtown, and I went off to try to save the new marriage.

DJ was very neglected for the first two days of the six-day honeymoon, and she knew she deserved it. She slept on the sofa in their room, ate alone in the restaurant of the Flaming Dragon, and had the first dinner she ordered stolen by a tourist child! She returned to where Sam had been eating room service in the little dining area of their room, tried to charm her, and was rejected and poked -- in front of the housekeeper! Sam had food poisoning (from food left out at the wedding, not bad vacation food!) and that didn't improve her mood. Despite this, they went on a walking tour, which at least got them some culinary knowledge after they lost their guide in the market. They then went to the Lucky Shrine Park because DJ wanted to try making some money at mahjong. Unfortunately, she lost all her games, while Sam won quite a bit at the other table! Thus, Sam picked their next destination, so DJ watched her first Takemizu sunrise from a hot spring while Sam got a soothing massage inside. Then back to the hotel for bed...and sofa.

It might have been a terrible time had not the pair gone on another tour together, this time on a river boat. Sam's insistence on fishing for a lost watch caught them a pearl, and the tour was lucrative -- want-fulfillingly so for both of them. In platinum, with a locked want fulfilled, they started getting more interested in their environment and each other. They freestyled boastingly about their adventures at the Three Corners Food Mart, and while their only tips were from each other, they did enjoy it. They dug around and found some weird trinkets, ACR took over, and they were able to flirt a a bit without any fits or rejection. Sam let DJ have the bed when they returned to the hotel, while Sam herself went to work on the zen garden. As some locals were admiring her handiwork, she decided to try off some more freestyling, and got much acclaim, swooning admiration, and good tips. DJ came out in her pyjamas and made an abject and public apology for her unjustifiable behaviour at the wedding, and Sam was grudgingly willing to try out a date with her.

The date turned out wonderfully. DJ managed to amuse Sam with some dirty jokes at her own expense, flirtation worked, and eventually they kissed out by the lake. And then kissed some more. And then slow danced. And then went to dinner together, where they toasted each other extensively, might have gotten a bit tipsy on the toasting, and had a frank and loud discussion about how frustrated DJ was by not getting any Woohoo on their honeymoon. Between the conversation, their messy eating, and then DJ's enthusiastic farting at the end of the meal, they were the centre of attention. DJ made a remark about how the waitress was too busy laughing at her to clear the table, so she'd do it herself. Sam gulped down her chilli and followed her into the kitchen, where she offered herself up if DJ really didn't intend to ever associate with that Pilferson woman again. DJ agreed, and took her up on the offer. Right there. Remember that the kitchen is only separated from the dining room by a large archway... They had a completely wonderful dream date and spent the remainder of the night together in bed, but when they went to get coffee in the morning, they were informed that they needed to leave before check-out time; their performance of the night before was not welcome in this establishment. Unwilling to let their happiness be messed up by prudishness, they checked out, threw some water balloons at each other to make a mess for the housekeeper to clean up, and went a little upmarket, moving to Jade's Exclusive Villas and checking into the cheapest room.

There they had much tea. Sam managed to get hit by lightning in the hot spring while DJ, sitting beside her, was untouched. A local suggested an herbal brew to ease the shock, so they had more tea. DJ tried to show off the school cheer to the locals, who covered their ears and fled. Sam, though apparently fine except for a blistered nose and singed hair, abducted a teddy bear from the children's play area and somehow got it wedged in their room's toilet. They went to the pagoda, bought souvenirs, and learned to bow; Sam learned first, then showed off her clumsy efforts to DJ. DJ threw a late party back at the hotel, which Sam wisely went to bed for -- thanks to the insistence of tourists to keep turning on the stereo, it became clear that noise-pollution laws are enforced in Takemizu too. Sam took advantage of the free time to finish her studies of anger management; she didn't want to feel such hatred for someone she loved again! Back to buy more stuff at the pagoda, including jewellery for each other and some cute clothes DJ was convinced they couldn't get back home. Sam saw a ninja poof into the shop, but couldn't catch him in time to try to get his secret. The unsavoury charlatan skulked around, but with DJ busy trying out this zen garden thing and Sam celebrating the end of her food poisoning by stuffing her face at the food stand, he couldn't get at either of them.

They returned home to the apartment complex happy and in love, and celebrated with more water balloons in the parking lot; walkby Cornwall Capp unsurprisingly disapproved of such behaviour. DJ became Refreshed, Productive, and Industrious, while Sam became Carefree, Forgiving, and Refreshed.
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I'm taking a break from my medieval 'hood to play an apocalypse 'hood. For the most part, I'm using Phaenoh's rule set, but instead of giving my sims sinks, they have water collectors from Sun & Moon's Fetch water set. I'm also using the mod set that Phaenoh made; other than the water buckets, I'm trying to remember and follow all the rules not covered by the mods with one household. I'm also throwing the bin sims into houses, but I'm not subjecting them to the entire rule set. I've added the zombie apocalypse mod and fightclub, and a few annoyance removers.

I set up Burnt Bridge using clean but not empty templates, and it is odd to see the townies that I haven't played with in over a year walking about. The terrain I'm using is the Veronaville one, set to dirt. On one side of the river, there was a science facility, a school, a park, and a residential area, while the other side of the river had municipal and commercial buildings and a small industrial area. An accident at the science facility destroyed several buildings in an explosion, and then a fire started. The fire spread through the whole area, crossing the river and destroying the bridge. When the fires ended, some sims were trapped on the side of the river opposite their homes; they've sought shelter in all sorts of damaged buildings. Zombies have been spotted roaming both sides of the river; it is believed they were created by the explosion, but no one knows for sure, and no one knows how they are crossing the river. A military team has set up a compound made up of shipping containers on the municipal side of the river, and they've set up a temporary first aid station and a soup kitchen. The first aid station used to be a dentist's office, but aside from some burning and a couple of boarded up windows, it survived the fires fairly well. The soup kitchen is in a half destroyed fast food restaurant. The only room that still has a roof is the kitchen; the dining area is missing sections of wall, the windows are boarded up, and the plumbing is broken. The military has put concrete barricades and razor wire fences about all the buildings to try to provide protection from the zombies.

My challenge sim, Alex, was just over half way through his degree and home on vacation when the disaster struck. He was shopping when it happened, and he's taken shelter in what had been a small office building. Two thirds of the building have been ruined, but at one end, the ground floor parking garage remained standing and has two floors still above it. Alex used the rubble from the rest of the building to create a fence and to reinforce the remaining structure. He's very close to the three buildings set up by the military, and he started working at the first aid station; he'd been studying to become a doctor at university.

I took a break from Alex to play a few of the bin families. The Picasso family are living in sea container shelters beside the main military compound; they are part of the disaster assistance team. The Goodies were on the other side of the river; their home had been a small two story, two bedroom house, but the side facing the science facility is almost all gone and open to the elements. One bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining area are still habitable, but only barely, and the Goodies themselves are uncontrollable elders; they won't do too well as things are. Their lodger, Julien Cooke, is doing even worse - he was zombified during the disaster. I'm not sure if I'll play that household or not. The Travellers will also be on that side of the river; I think Trent was also zombified. I'll put them and the Gavigans into the ruined school together, and see how long I can keep everyone safe from Trent. The Newson's house was almost completely ruined and only a few walls remain, but the basement is habitable. Gallagher is feeling very cooped up, but the teens aren't letting the children out of the basement. Gavin saw a zombie walking down the street when he went outside to collect some snow for water; he knows it's not safe out there. Like Alex, Gavin and Ginger have used the rubble of the house to put some barricades near their doors. Gavin's mood is terrible, but Ginger and the toddlers are doing well, and Gabriella and Gallagher are playing a lot.
I'm not sure what I'll do with the other bin sims yet.

Back at Alex's lot, he spent a great deal of time meeting townies and trying to make friends. On his day off, he visited the soup kitchen and spent most of his day there. As he was eating his lunch, a zombie walked onto the lot. The zombie grabbed a plate of hot dogs, ate, and then slouched off the lot without interacting with anyone. In the mean time, Benjamin Long and Sandy Bruty had two fights by the street, and six other townies crowded behind a table in the kitchen trying to greet each other. I might need to create more zombies if the ones I've got keep ignoring people. Seven days before becoming an elder, Alex topped the medical career, filling his LTW and lifting the first of the restrictions. He immediately invited his love from university over and they married that night. She was going to try to lift the culinary restrictions, but Alex is too close to becoming an uncontrollable elder, and she'll have to stay home to protect and care for children (if they ever have any - try for baby hasn't worked for them yet). She could spend her time befriending and training a stray to become a security pet.
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The Manns of Widespot: Let us see how dysfunctional a family they are. Lana and Rich, furious at each other, no longer in love, nevertheless promptly used ACR to woohoo. But they aren't talking. Junior wants to be an athletic superstar, so he got a demeaning job in a llama suit. He thought about getting engaged to Mary but he's not sure about women at all right now. He isn't mad at her.
Lana waited until both men were at work and called up Rhett for a date. Junior came home in the middle of it and nodded approvingly on his way in to bed. Then Lana took Rhett to Londoste, and in spite of getting up to 100/100 relationship and Rhett falling in love, and wanting to, and even woohooing him, she couldn't quite manage to fall in love with him (and she has black hair as a turn-on). She's now rolling wants for Valentine. (Peni, Candy may yet be justified . . . sorta.)
Mary started with wants to get engaged to both Valentine and Junior, slept most the day, and then threw a party with both men over and served cheesecake. While both were happy to romance her, no proposals and no jealousy were forthcoming. She's feeling rather used right now. Skye called the outing, and she joined him and his family downtown for a bit, but was tired and had to hurry home to rest. She's not sure what to do.
Penny wanted a job and a party, so she's starting in the very lowest Natural Scientist level. Woody took a job at the lab his dad found for him because Skye really wanted him to. Penny invited everyone to her party, where Scot kissed Candy (ugh, Scot!) and Beulah and Homer made out everywhere. Skye got home as the party ended and the look of befuddlement at all these people coming out of his house was so Skye. The Lands (Beulah, I think) called the outing and they all went out to Bernard's Botanical Dining.
Then to Downtown. Axel and Mag Wheels moved in, got jobs, and met their daughters Helen and Daisy from LGU, and I discovered that the simblender doesn't allow parent/child set between adults and young adults. They flew up their careers (Architecture and Law respectively) and Mag got pregnant with another little girl. Saxony Wheels is now a toddler and is pretty darn cute with a scrunched up nose. (Her personality tells me she's likely to live up to her name.) I figured I'd play each of these parent families a week and age the parents to elder on Sunday, since the college kids should be just a year older than Dixie. Saxony will be a child. I hadn't expected the Wheels to have a late in life child, but Mags rolled that baby want and then filled it. (I expected it from the families that have family sims.) So my plan is to keep on with the college sim parents and play the college students through that first term then send Dixie off to college and back to regular rotations.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Messed around with hoodchecker, Batbox, SimPE and so on, trying to figure out what's going on in Megahood.
Gave up. All I can do is take as good care of it and fix what I can, and hope it keeps going for a while.

Also, Chester Gieke turned out to be a bit of womaniser. From all people!
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Samu got impregnated by aliens and Mathi is going to take care of him and the child.
His pregnancy is not visible yet, but when it gets visible he'll stay at home.
I mean, a pregnant troll dude running around the neighborhood would look pretty strange to the other Sims, I guess.

Catherine is now employed in the Journalism career and is on the best way to get promoted.
Keira got punched with the purse of Mrs. CrumpleBottom in Downtown, even though she was alone and didn't do anything that could probably upset that old bat.
Then she went back home, before going to sleep in her coffin-bed (Keira is a vampire).

Warning: No coffee inserted - User halted.
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Originally Posted by Booney
Messed around with hoodchecker, Batbox, SimPE and so on, trying to figure out what's going on in Megahood.
Gave up. All I can do is take as good care of it and fix what I can, and hope it keeps going for a while.

Also, Chester Gieke turned out to be a bit of womaniser. From all people!

Everyone always, always underestimate Chester
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Aurora Landgraab was the last sim this rotation to head off to Sim State. Unfortunately she got pregnant by her boyfriend right before heading off to college, so when she arrived at Sim State she was technically still a teenager. She aged up once she gave birth but it was pointless since she was going to drop out anyway. (A semester in, a record in my game!) Her LTW is to get to the top of the Law Enforcement career so college wasn't necessary for her. She'll just have to enroll into the police academy once her body heals from giving birth She gave birth to a boy who surprisingly has her blonde hair and green eyes (his father has black hair and brown eyes) and named him after his dad, Adam Williams III.

Aurora will be missed at the Plaza Dormitory but the party must go on! Now that Sean Morgan has joined the dorm, he and Nicole Robinson have started hooking up. Not cool Nicole, that's your twin sister's baby daddy! Don't you dare get pregnant by him too!

At a certain point during game-play the stairs (the only stairs might I add) glitched and prevented anyone from going up so they got a notice that they'd be relocating into the not-so-fabulous Troak Dormitory once they finish up the semester. There Nicole, Jason and Brooke joined some of their old classmates Meghan, Aaron, Peyton and Eva. Meghan has been trying to recruit Jason and Nicole into her new cult but Jason is still on the fence about it.

Meghan was really close to flunking out since she's an underachiever sim and rarely did her school work. She was put on probation and barely passed that semester. She's just like her father was in college! Lets just hope she actually graduates.

Other than that, the original four Troak students just focused on getting their school loans paid off. Peyton gets paid the most so she paid hers off first and is now helping her twin brother pays his off. Eva doesn't have any school loans so she helps Meghan pays hers off. Must be good to be the leader of a cult! The less debt they have the better because the house they'll be buying won't be cheap.
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I've been pre-occupied the last few weeks playing with my Simself and her husband (my kinda-sorta-but-not-yet boyfriends simself). They had three children - Topher, Jill and Eden. Sadly no gingers, but Jill was blonde (I gave myself a blonde recessive gene). He also made us in Sims 4, which was kinda interesting and I didn't realise how much of a compliment it was to be in someone elses game. He even gave me the same traits I'd give myself, and even gave my Sim the same bracelet I wear every day in real life.

But yeah, finally I played my megahood. It's taken me about half a year to actually play this rotation and I'm only half way through the second subhood! The Aspir triplets are doing good - they all got scholarships into college. Duke I was surprised by, considering he's getting D's and his skills aren't as high as the others - apparently when I'm not around, he likes to dance, and he's so good at it he got himself a scholarship. Lois got a scholarship for her creativity skill, and Luke got both a scholarship for his basketball skills, and also his high grades. Little Noriko Jr. is still trying to find her way in life, after all her older siblings are so caught up in their own hobbies. She hasn't even found what hers is yet and she's half-way through childhood. I don't want to cheat and check it, so I'm just having her try a little bit of everything. Elizabeth Aspir became an elder, and next rotation her husband will follow her. She actually grew up wearing something that already suited her - so I haven't changed her at all.

In the Gavigan-Newson household, Georgia went off to university leaving her daughter Ginny in her older sister, Ginger's hands. Ginger is somewhat disappointed about this, but also respects Georgia's decision for a higher education. Ginny and husband Nathan have been teaching Ginny all her toddler skills, while Georgia has been playing with the dogs. She never rolls any wants for Ginny and seemingly doesn't want much to do with her, and she only wants to go to university so she can party it up for a few years. When she returns, Ginny will be a child and will be much easier to deal with. All I can say is, I really hope she and Aldric can keep their hands to themselves in university. Ginger really wants to expand her own family. rather than spending her whole life looking after others.

Garrett also went off to university this rotation, leaving Gavin and his new wife Beatrice alone for a little while until the baby arrives. I'm thinking of naming it Gonzalo for a boy but I have no idea for a girl because I need a name that: (1) begins with a G, (2) is Shakespearean and (3) Fits in more with an Italian descendant family (although I'm pretty sure Gonzalo is Spanish so I guess I can let that one slide, provided it isn't a traditionally English name).

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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
Garrett also went off to university this rotation, leaving Gavin and his new wife Beatrice alone for a little while until the baby arrives. I'm thinking of naming it Gonzalo for a boy but I have no idea for a girl because I need a name that: (1) begins with a G, (2) is Shakespearean and (3) Fits in more with an Italian descendant family (although I'm pretty sure Gonzalo is Spanish so I guess I can let that one slide, provided it isn't a traditionally English name).

Tricky. Ganymede, maybe?

Gertrude isn't too English, either. Alternatively, there's Goneril, but it's already taken!
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Originally Posted by Justpetro
Everyone always, always underestimate Chester

I admit, I had him underrated.

Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
Garrett also went off to university this rotation, leaving Gavin and his new wife Beatrice alone for a little while until the baby arrives. I'm thinking of naming it Gonzalo for a boy but I have no idea for a girl because I need a name that: (1) begins with a G, (2) is Shakespearean and (3) Fits in more with an Italian descendant family (although I'm pretty sure Gonzalo is Spanish so I guess I can let that one slide, provided it isn't a traditionally English name).

Maybe an Italian variation of Shakespearian name will do? Say, Geltrude.
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Well I did get a little stucked in the hotel business. I did not play so mush but some construction was done.

Having sorted out my non working hotel (my bad) I felt an urge to take a look at my "Hotel Splenty" located in the same area (downtown). I did not know how I came up whit this name. I think it juste popped out and I wrote it down. This hotel is not ready for business yet but it will be at some point of time. What it is? I tell you: The Hotel Splenty is based on the downtown community lot that the Sims Wikia refer to as "Hans Trap Door Corp" (http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Hans%27_Trap_Door_Corp) but right now there is not mush to see. Only the lobby and the two (yes, only two) gigantic suites on the third floor is ready. The restaurant on floor two are under construction and the elevator block (three elevators side by side at the back of the building) are in place. I'm not used to build small rooms but I have to in order to make this hotel work. Because I HOPE it will work. I do not have AL and I hope that a hotel is allowed to be this high. Maybe someone have tried to build a very high hotel (no cheats) and could tell me if it's even possible? Oh well, I guess I could still build on the lot even if it's not. And I have to sort out the missing part just under the top part holding the flags. It's seems to be missing but I did not see this until I had saved and exit to the (sub) hood.
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Phil Thyme is a pleasure sim. His wife, Winter, is a popularity sim. Phil wants fifty dream dates. They have three bolts. So they date constantly when they aren't at their jobs, Phil in culinary and Winter in journalism. Winter has ridiculously easy pregnancies--no needs drop, no nausea. So it's not entirely surprising that I didn't realize that she was pregnant with their third child until she popped in the middle of teaching their second child toddler skills. Enoch, the middle brother, wants to be just like big brother Hi Thyme off at LGU. Justin, the younger, is the 'pretty one' and knows it. Not that Enoch's ugly, because he isn't, he's quite handsome, but Justin is pretty. Hi (who is a romance sim) actually finds his parents a bit embarrassing in public and brought along poor Andy Bellum, his frat brother, when the family went out for dinner, as a buffer.

Don't worry, Andy, I'll get to your folks soon, and we'll see if they throw up one or more little siblings for you and Sara!

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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The lazy Jeremy Frankston finally got a job in the slacker "career" but he still wasn't much of a husband or father (flirting with his friend's wife, and neglecting his toddler daughter). He's now a party DJ and imagines himself single and carefree, so when his wife announced another pregnancy, he announced he was leaving, to live out his dream of being a carefree bachelor. Cruel bastard. He's the only cruel Sim I have in that neighbourhood and they only come along once every few generations.

Down the road, Rene, one of six children of the neighbourhood rock god, died in a fire as he was trying to extinguish flames in the lounge room (after he lit the fire in the fireplace and went off for a nap). His beautiful young widow was left with a baby and pregnant with twins. No, said the Sim god. No, this wasn't supposed to happen. Of all the six kids, he was not supposed to die young. A friend of the family resurrected him with a borrowed resurrect-o-nomitron. Hallelujah! Only he had no memory of his wife and they had to woo all over again (against the background of screaming babies). Rene's second proposal was touching, and they quickly married in the snow before he dashed off to work. Sim god happy now - it's as it should be. (Now to remember to install a fire alarm and get them to buy a mobile phone!)
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Mercutio has graduated. One more semester, and he will officially be an adult...
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Recently divorced, Sakura Harris and her children are crashing at her brother's house until she finds a place to move into. She also just had a baby so it'll be a hard transition. Talk about major stress! Her brother lives in a small two bedroom home so its a little cramped but since she works nights it was a big help. After baby Elijah aged into a toddler she packed their things and moved into their new home. It's definitely no where near as nice as the home that she shared with her husband but what can you do! She cheated so it was her fault. She also makes three times as much as he does so she won't be getting any alimony or child support.

Casey Harris is absolutely heart broken about his divorce. He thought they'd be like his parents who were together since they first met in college. It was a little sad playing him all alone in his nice big home. He's starting to get wants to be friends with Sakura again so we'll see what happens. He also has his eye on Jayne Reyes, who also works in the entertainment industry. She's currently single and also a family sim looking to start a family. Hmm...decisions, decisions!!
The Milad family had two brothers pass away this rotation. They both passed away on the same day actually, just on different lots. Maximillion Milad and his wife Sarah were childless so Sarah gave everything away and sold the family home. It was definitely sad to see the house all empty. That family has been there for four generations, Trent Traveller bought the home after his divorce with Trisha. And now its gone. Sarah moved in with her sister Isabella who was married to Maxmillion's brother, Demitri Milad. (Sisters married brothers)

Demitri Milad passed away before getting to meet his second grandchild. Sophia gave birth the following morning after her father passed away. I had planned on naming the baby after her father but A.) It didn't look anything like him and B.) It was a girl. For now I named the baby Stephanie but I may change it to her mother's name.
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So I've been simming for well over a decade, a member of this site for literal years, and I believe this will have been my very first post! I recently ported the game and all expansions over to my new laptop, unfortunately losing every ounce of saved data from the past ten years of playing Pleasantview. It was sad, but also freeing, being able to start anew with sims I very well hadn't seen in years. So now I'm playing a clean Pleasantview with an attached Bluewater Village, as well as another two districts of my own creation.

I'm on my second rotation of characters now, and thus far, my game has seen Daniel and Mary-Sue amicably divorced due to his unfaithfulness. Mary-Sue took the girls (and all of Daniel's money) and built a lovely home for her, her children, and her parents to live in. The girls are on good terms together, and theyre making efforts to improve relations with the family before leaving for college.

Daniel moved into a cheap condo to tend his wounded pride. Shortly after he engaged Nina Caliente in a bit of romance, he was burned alive by a lightning fire. This was unintentional, on my part.

After the unfortunate incident, Julien Cooke moved into the condo, made a name for himself as a local celebrity with lots of friends, and started an affair with Nina Caliente. Hopefully he survives, I really have always liked Julien.

Cassandra Goth married Don Lothario and neither is especially happy about it. After delaying and delaying having a baby, Cassandra appears to only be deriving joy from shopping, having friends over, and a constant desire to adopt animals. Don is still philandering about town, most recently woohooing Florence Delarosa.

Nina is halfway through her LTW of woohooing 20 sims, but Julien is pressuring her to commit.

John and Jennifer Burb's marriage is teetering on a cliff side because Jennifer has clearly developed feelings for Julien Cooke herself. John recently found a confidant for these problems in Wanda Tinker, who he himself is developing feelings for. Lucy just rolled Romance aspiration in her teenhood, and is frustrated by the financial limitations of her family, the poorest in Pleasantview.

Brandi Broke is pinching pennies to send Dustin off to college, as he picked up a reputable job as a cement mixer, and turned his grades around. She thinks, maybe, after he, Beau, and Amber (her last child with Skip), move out, she'll buy a nice home in the countryside and open up a taillor's shop.

Those are all the families I've played in the rotation thus far, I will update once I finish some more!
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Originally Posted by bbostic8
So I've been simming for well over a decade, a member of this site for literal years, and I believe this will have been my very first post!

Nice to meet you and your sims at last! Hope to see some pictures in the Sim Pictures forum soon.

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Hope Island (my BACC) is expanding and certain sims are starting to feel the limitations of their neighborhood. The mayor, Suki, is saving up to afford to connect them to a college. In the meantime she's securing her family dynasty before she's gone. Her and all the other original settlers are getting pretty close to death (I think a few may be dying during the next rotation). Her younger son, Merrick, is in the political career and being groomed as her successor. Merrick is committed to his job and serving the people, but has been less certain in his love life. He's been woohooing with a few different women, one of whom got pregnant though risky woohoo and has just given birth to his first child. Suki wanted her son to make up his own mind, but he was taking too long and risking creating a scandal, so Suki leaned on him heavily to propose to his girlfriend from his teen years, Bethany Goode. Bethany is the daughter of two wealthy original founding sims, making her a good choice. Suki is also hoping her family will donate some money to help fund the college-building initiative. Merrick agreed and proposed, though he's still very invested in Shay, the mother of his child, and is looking to surreptitiously give her some money.

Meanwhile, Bethany's older brother, Ryan Goode, just divorced his wife Zinnia. The divorce has been brewing for a while. They were always a low-chemistry couple and only married because Zinnia had an accidental pregnancy shortly after they became adults. Zinnia always tried to make the relationship work but Ryan never tried as hard. Then he fell in love with a townie and just couldn't seem to stop seeing her, even as he continued having kids with his wife. Now Ryan and Zinnia have four children together (with a fifth on the way) and Zinnia is all alone raising them. Ryan waited for a long time to leave because he wanted to be with his children, but ultimately he couldn't take the marriage any longer. I want to attempt joint-custody, which I've never tried before, but Ryan's current home is too small to house any children. He could have moved back in with his parents but he's afraid to face their judgment on his divorce. Poor Zinnia, even though she started as a townie she's become one of my favorite sims and I really feel for her. Throughout the marriage she never so much as looked at anyone else and just wanted the best for her children. I'm hoping she finds someone else who she can be happy with.

I'm still not very far through this rotation, so I look forward to even more drama to come!
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Originally Posted by simsample
Nice to meet you and your sims at last! Hope to see some pictures in the Sim Pictures forum soon.

Aww, thank you! I really appreciate it. I can't say just how many posts/threads I've lurked on over the years, and only recently did I really consider that I could contribute to the Sims community myself. I'm excited! I'll have to download Fraps again to capture some nice pictures to share with you all.
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I'm continuing to play the last few lots in all my neighbourhoods before installing University which I bought last year. I'm leaving each lot saved with all residents at home at about 6 a.m. I have Squinge's NoMoreHautings mod, so I don't have to worry about there being any active ghosts. As I hinted in my last post in this thread, I decided to play the Jacquets (whom I'm playing for the first time) for a second day so I could see their shop before a possible reset. So far all the food I've found on their lots appears to be edible, but that could change after a reset. Anyway, this I what happened in their second day:

News from (Greater) Veronaville
Early on Tuesday morning, Gilbert used his telescope to look round the neighbourhood. Denise and Gilbert had a good breakfast together and she tried to persuade him to be as bit neater. She is fed up with the mess he leaves in the bathroom.

Around midday they took a taxi to the bakery and opened it for the first time. Denise Taylor was there. She's the Jacquets' employee. Making no mention at all of the proceedings of the night before, Gilbert asked to take charge of sales. This she did without demur. Gilbert said he would work the till, but the lure of the chess table was too much for him. He had to be dragged back into the shop. Denise Jacquet went into the kitchen to assess what was needed.

The first prospective customer in the door was Lisa Ramirez, no stranger to the retail trade herself. As Denise Taylor was still outside talking to Gilbert, Denise Jacquet came out of her kitchen to persuade Lisa of the quality of the delectables on offer. Lisa needed little persuasion. She quickly began selecting items for purchase. But Emma Smythe from Veronaville made her selection faster, thus becoming J'Adore Bakery's first paying customer!

Gilbert found working the till heavy going, but his employee Denise Taylor was doing an excellent job persuading all sorts of people to buy things. Gilbert rewarded her with a romantic hug -- and a pay rise. So, now with a bronze sales badge, she went on doing her stuff, selling cakes and other goodies. Later Gilbert asked her to restock the now depleted shelves.

All told it was a mixed day's trading. The shop was busy all day, but the cash flow was negative. That was partly due to Denise Jacquet baking all day to build up a good stock. Nonetheless some items were out of stock at the end of the day. They will have to reassess what items they will carry before the shop reopens.

When they got home Denise and Gilbert needed some sleep. When they woke up, Milburn Pennybags rang and Denise chatted to him for a while. Wanting some romantic fun, but unwilling to risk another rejection from Denise Taylor, Gilbert invited his other crush Tess Joyner round. Wanting to keep an eye on Gilbert's friends, it was Denise (Gilbert's mum) who went out to greet her. Downtown teen Joseph Lambert happened to be passing, and Denise invited him in. Then she greeted Tess -- and warmed to her.

While Denise prepared a meal, Gilbert and Tess started a heavy session of kissing and hugging. Denise served up salmon for dinner and young Joseph joined them for the meal, but Gilbert and Tess continued to flirt as they ate. Immediately after the meal, Tess grabbed Gilbert and made out with him. After that Gilbert asked Tess to stay the night, and Tess went to get a shower. She was none too pleased when Denise flushed the toilet while she was in the shower.

After a quick chat with Denise, Tess went back into the shower and Denise chatted with Joseph – still in the bathroom. She decided that she liked both of today's visitors.

Around midnight Gilbert had a long conversation with Joseph, while Tess, anxious to get on with the serious business of love, watched from the top of the stairs. At last Joseph decided it was time for him to go home, and the flirting and kissing resumed in earnest. Finally they lay on the bed and made out there. They slept together, but they didn't woohoo -- Gilbert isn't quite ready for that.

Tess has bronze badges in selling, restocking and the cash register, so she'd clearly be an obvious candidate for employment, but Gilbert isn't sure he can risk both his loves working in the same shop.
After that I played the Curious Brothers in Strangetown from 9 p.m. on Saturday to 6 p.m. on Sunday. It was fairly uneventful apart from a broken tap in the bathroom and visiting townie Suzy Ebadi being shocked at the sight of a naked alien baby. I think she was more shocked at him being naked than him being alien! Pascal already had this baby (Titus) much earlier in the day, and I don't think Vidcund has his first bump yet. This completes my first 24 hour rotation in Strangetown. I began the rotation in 2014! Is that a record for slow playing? I have also played 3 Strangetown lots for the first time (the Smiths, Olive Specter and the Beakers) in the last few weeks, so I think I'll resurrect my old Playing Strangetown for the First Time thread (also started in 2014) to report in more detail on the end of this round.

That leaves only two lots to play before I can begin the installation of University -- Michael Kinnear in my New Desconia island 'hood, and The Moores in Veronaville. Scott Moore, who runs a grocery shop in Poet Place, Veronaville, was one of the last customers to be served in the Jacquets' bakery, so I should soon find out if the cakes he bought are edible!

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