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The Bellums, Ringo and Carol, are another Pleasure/Pop triple bolt couple. Before I could press pause on loading they were busy making twins on the sofa! (Thank you, ACR.) Ringo is working his way up the Adventurer career and Carol is an Artist. The twins are girl/boy, Sylvia and Harkon. (Help, I need Bell pun names! These were natural twins, so the game probably issued one of the parents a twin token.) Andy and Sara have not yet been by to meet their family, but I'll rectify that with the summoner next time, as I had a hot date last night and didn't play very long. We've got to fifteen years of marriage as of December, so I guess we better have figured out how to make them all hot dates!

Update on the Bellum kids: Sylvia and Harkon (twins), Arcadia (adopted), Liberty, Viola (adopted), May, Cassia and Cassius (twins).

I moved the family to a new rustic style house in Widespot. They didn't have enough space in Downtown, and it seemed like moving to the country for their kids was the sort of thing Ringo and Carol would do. Candy, Valentine, and Sandy have met them, and none of the three are quite sure what to make of the mob of red-headed kids in private school uniforms running around. (Cassia and Cassius are still toddlers, but the other six are all children.) Both adopted girls are redheads as well. Andy and Sara aren't quite sure what to make of their younger siblings but are very glad to have gotten out of the house to LGU.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Its been a rough week for the Milad family. Lucius Milad has now joined his two brothers at Hope Cemetery. I'm glad he's in sim heaven now and wont be hearing him constantly cry over his wife and brothers. (Can ya blame him though?) But now I have to hear his son, Liam crying over him. It never ends!!!

Liam and Veronica are officially alone now. Lucius left them a HUGE inheritance so I gave their house a mini-makeover. Their son Jason is set to return from college soon so they wont be alone for long. And they may even have a wedding to plan in the near future!


Something exciting happened at the Davis household. Karen Davis got a want to get the Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant and got abducted on the first try! When she came back I could have sworn the sim blender said she was pregnant but I had checked again later and nothing. I'm supposed to have a mod that allows teens to get pregnant but I don't know if actually works or not. I was so elated to have an alien baby though. There hasn't been an alien spawn since Stella Terrano got abducted and had Ceres and Derek, that was a few generations ago. Sigh.... Oh well...

Both Savannah and Parker got promoted this week. Parker reached the top of the intelligence career so he got a nice big bonus! I've been contemplating on moving them into a bigger home but I'm not 100% sure yet. Especially now since no alien babies are coming... He may inherit his father's home later on if his younger sister Kessi, ends up marrying Jason Milad. ....Or maybe his aunt will inherit it, I'll have to double check. He did get a want to go on vacation though so maybe they'll do that instead.


The 3/4 Landgraab quads recently got a house together after graduating from Sim State. Logan finally gave in to his family's request that he starts developing a relationship with his twin children, Stassi and Shane. Sorry Logan but two of your other siblings have children with his baby mama's siblings so its just awkward not having a relationship with them.

Logan and Kenneth finally got jobs in the athletic career. Unfortunately they have start from the very bottom.

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Me cursing and swearing as the beach decides to come inland when I place a particular lot with water.

The drop off has been made. You've been warned.
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He's here! He's here! Malcolm Landgraab IX has finally arrived. I was getting really worried that they wouldn't have a boy and ruin their family tradition lol.

Malcolm VIII still hasn't found a job in the business career again since he got fired. So he's actually been spending a lot of time Landgraab Electronics lately. He's been getting wants to go on vacation so I'm thinking a family vacation is in order! I'm talking about a big reunion too including his sibling's families.

William Inada III also aged into a child at the Inada/Landgraab household. Julia and William decided to move out of their apartment and finally get a house! Its perfect timing with little William turning into a child and Julia almost finishing up her medical schooling. They bought a nice little mid-sized home since it is just three of them. Julia used up her inheritance from her dad to buy the home. They even had enough leftover to buy some new furniture and build a yard.
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Samu gave birth to the little alien, who is just as insane as him. Also, he's a terrible father, always complaining he can't get to the baby, even if it is just one tile away from him.
Mathi tries his best to help with the child, but it seems like the little alien just hates him.

Warning: No coffee inserted - User halted.
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Herbert Goodie passed away today, leaving behind his wife (who was a lower aspiration but slept through death's call), two children - Art and Adeline, and two grandchildren Abiah Goodie and Noah Gavigan, and three generations of Crittur dogs. Soon Abiah will be left to take over the farm after Artie gets stationed in Strange Town when Abiah becomes a teen (4 days).

Over in the Martin household, Cerys (eldest daughter of Jacob and Jules Martin) became a teenager. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was taking photos of her and her younger sister, Prudence as toddlers. I gave her the population aspiration, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with her yet. Also, it turns out she has -6 relationship with her grandpa Gabe, and -70 with her Uncle Ashton. Can't work out why.

The Grunt/Shikibu family welcomed in a new child, Ripp and Cleo's first son together, Tesuo Grunt. He has brown hair and brown eyes and pale skintone, which makes me think he's going to grow up to look like his Dad - although we'll have to wait until next rotation to see if he's just like his sister Lylaleigh, having a face almost identical to their fathers.

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Ex-townie, Alvin Bear, was given the heave-ho by his wife after he kept attacking her for no apparent reason. He boarded with a lesbian couple for a while until their son returned from university with his fiancee. Now he's moved in with a widower. Meanwhile, the lesbian couple have discovered their bank balance has been depleted by 100,000. Yep, Alvin went on a spending spree before being shifted out. He seems to be bastard number 2 in the neighbourhood.
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Erin Beaker Curious just got abducted by aliens. Surely Loki will believe the testament of his own sister...or will he just insist that her evil husband, Vidcund, has brainwashed her and that her green-skinned infant is really just another genetically flawed Curious child? Loki does actually like his young nephew, Leif, who looks reasonably Beaker-like even if his name is Curious, but I don't see him accepting the alien baby, even though it isn't Vidcund's!
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After realizing that my game never had a chance to spawn a headmaster, I decided to finally test a mod by Chris Hatch and try to create a headmistress.
It worked perfectly
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Default News from Veronaville
Moore (26 Via Veronaville, Veronaville)

On Friday Scott cooked hamburgers for a family lunch. Othello wrote a little bit in his diary and tried to write to a Japanese penfriend, but writing is hard when you never go to school.

In the evening, Scott, Ross and Othello went and opened the shop. Una was too tired and went to bed.

Scott bought a telephone and fitted it to the rear wall near the counter. Othello used it to invite his friend Hermes Hunter round. Hermes thought seriously about buying a Christmas tree. Hermes brought his big sister Candy with him. Unfortunately both Hunter children had to go home quite early, so Hermes never got his tree.

It was a mixed day's trading. On the plus side there were new badges. Scott got a bronze Restocking badge to add to his silver Sales badge. At the end of the day, Ross's bronze Cash Register badge was upgraded to a silver. Andrew (buying a cheap recliner) was Ross's first customer after getting his badge, and his second last of the day. The last was Chris Cho, an old friend of Andrew's, who did buy a Christmas tree.

The shop turned over more than §2,000, but because the margins are low, so was the profit. The opening balance was §2,532 and the closing balance was §2,724, meaning net takings under §200. Moreover, although the shop got busier as the day went on, there were long periods, when Ross was just waiting behind the counter for someone to buy something. So they decided the next time they open the shop, Una will come too, and the four of them will make an all-out effort to give customers the best possible retail experience. Notwithstanding his silver badge, Scott realised that he spent too much time on some customers who in the end bought nothing. He's going to see if he can improve his sales technique. Scott still hasn't even begun to pay back the money he borrowed from Consort to launch the business.

They installed a cheap shower in the toilets, mainly for the benefit of the staff. As a result Scott, Ross and Othello were all able to get freshened up before they went home.

Shortly before they went home, the phone rang. It was Phoebe Rider who works for Malcolm Landgraab, wanting to speak to Ross. During the day she had been quite an awkward customer, and now she wanted to put things right with young Ross. It must have been bothering her conscience, because she phoned him again at home just before midnight.

When they got home, Othello went to bed, and Ross made espresso to revive himself and his dad. Una wanted to be best friends with Julian Moltke so she rang him and spoke to him. Then she wanted to play with him so she invited him round. Othello clearly liked Julian too and spent a lot of time with him. He also wanted to be best friends with Hermes Hunter. It was too late to ask Hermes round, so they talked on the 'phone, and sure enough became best friends.

Since everyone knows that Andrew and Julian are an "item", they invited Andrew round too, and they all had dinner together. As always Andrew and Julian found time for some gentle kissing. But Julian also had time to sit on the sofa with Othello and chat with him till they became friends. Julian has always been comfortable with younger children, and, under Julian's influence, Andrew now gets on well with them too.

Playing this lot means that I have played all the lots in my regular 'hoods up to a point that I believe is safe for a reset. (I often leave lots in the middle of the day when I'm too tired to play any longer!) The only 'hood I haven't checked is Teston Woods, my test 'hood. It should be ok as I haven't played it since October 2014 -- before I got OFB. But I think I'll have a quick look at it and see it' ok. There are only 4 families there, so it shouldn't take long. As soon as that's done, I can do some serious backing up, install University, and make a start on Baldrair Bluffs, the new 'hood I'm going to start with Land Grant University attached -- so I can get some feel for Sims 2 college life before I send any of my beloved Veronaville teens to uni.

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Emette Davis and his wife Sephora finally found a house to vacation at in Simwaii'. All of Emette's kids and their families were invited. (All expenses paid by Sephora!) They had planned on bringing Emette's sister and her husband along too but then I learned you can only take 8 sims so they had to miss out. Perhaps they'll go again with just the siblings, assuming Kody's wife stops popping out kids soon. (She has a marry off 6 children LTW)

The trip went very well, as everybody already gets along. It was mostly couples besides Kessi and Parker's children so Kessi spent a lot of her time with her niece who's a teenager.

Sephora isn't Emette's children's mother but they've accepted her considering the crappy circumstances at the beginning of their relationship. (Emette cheated on their mother with Sephora) Sephora never had any biological children unfortunately so she does think of them as her family. She always has wants about them especially Kessi, who was the youngest and spent the most time with Sephora as their step-mother. Heck, I just noticed after Kessi's return from college that her relationship with Sephora is much higher than her mother's

It was a pretty good week for the Davis family. Emette got promoted to judge at work and Kessi found a job in the culinary career fresh out of college! No more smelling like fish! Her boyfriend will be returning home from Sim State soon so it'll be interesting to see how things go. Will he propose marriage? Will he join the cult? Or will that be what ultimately ends their relationship?
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I've gone back to my medieval 'hood - they are still in their summer rotation.

Logan and Kyla have left the military barracks. Logan is working on becoming a knight, and Kyla quit her job instead of going on maternity leave when she got pregnant with twins. Her LTW is to marry off 6 kids, and her secondary is popularity; she spent her pregnancy filling wants to become friends or best friends with anyone she met, including the town midwife. Emma and Hannah were born at the end of summer; Logan's only response to them was to roll a fear of changing diapers and then he asked the midwife to play catch. Kyla immediately rolled wants to interact with the babies; she may be the most parental family sim I've had, and I hope she continues rolling wants like that as they grow.

At the military barracks, teen Mark Weaver has moved in. He'd like to become marshall of the realm (top athletics/knighthood career), but in order to be able to do that he's going to have to earn some rank in the military first. Barrett Archer spent a fair bit of time training Mark, and Mark spent the rest of his duty time cleaning. Barrett and Liam finally got married near the end of the summer, and they will be leaving the barracks to live in the merchant quarter in the fall. Barrett wants to leave the military to work on his goal of becoming a merchant prince, and Liam wants to become a knight. Barrett got promoted to the top of the military before the end of the summer; with that and his friendship with the Traveller family, Liam will be able to get started on his career and Barrett will be able to become a merchant. Max Ward is trying very hard to progress in the military, and summer was his most successful season so far - he didn't get demoted this rotation! Instead, he got a couple of promotions. He's got a crush on Irena Baker, who had joined the military in the spring. Irena doesn't return his feelings, but she's become best friends with everyone in the barracks except Barrett. She can't stand Barrack, and it seems to be due to the puddles he leaves in the bathing room. I think she was furious with him all summer. Irena is almost completely uninterested in the military - so far, she dislikes the training and hasn't rolled any career or skill wants. She has started making friends with one of the few stray cats in town, and rolls wants related to animals (buying womrats or birds, and playing with the cats). She also wants to cook various things and improve her cooking skill; as a result, she was assigned kitchen duty for the summer. So far, she's the only adult in the barracks that hasn't set at least one fire in the kitchen.

At the Hood household, Lyndsay and Benjamin were doing a good job keeping their toddler quads happy. Lyndsay was constantly tired and hungry from pregnancy, though. I was glad the quads aged to child shortly after the birth of their little sister. Benjamin had stolen a fair number of items since the last time I'd played this household, including some toys and furniture. At work in the summer, he managed to steal some extremely valuable object; the Hoods now have a great deal of money available to them. Lyndsay purchased the lot behind their house, where she'll run a pawn shop as a cover for a fencing operation to sell the things Benjamin steals. Benjamin is near the top of the criminal track but still needs a few skill points. His most common fear seems to be of other criminals - he rolled repeated fears of burglars, and when at a community lot he rolled a fear of being pick-pocketed.
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I have a new founder named Misty. She's a pretty typical sim for me, no outstanding traits. Her cat, however, is everything I naturally avoid doing. I normally make cats smart, clean, and lovable. I decided to go against my usual inclination and make him a stinky dumb jerk, and named him Grinch. That name has been very apt. He somehow got a promotion on his first day at work, and now he makes more money than his owner. They ride the same carpool and he takes the front seat every time. At least, when he doesn't sleep through his workday because he doesn't feel like going. He also passed up playing with her today in favor of lying on the sidewalk and hissing at townies who had the audacity to skip past him. How DARE they be happy on HIS lawn? He's very entertaining. The last time I decided to make a cat that wasn't typical for me, she was completely nuts, but I think Grinch will display far more amusing characteristics...
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This is what has become of my pleasant vile since 2005 to 2017 In 2009 i renamed pleasant vile to New York, each sub neighborhood has way too many people to the point they have become countries.
The N001 is 4.5gb alone. New York is just one of the places in N001, There's Brazil Japan China UK Saudi Arabia Mexico And even Overwatch which is one i made recently, all sub locations in N001
I have over 2600+ born. this is 40+ generations later after the base game beginning.

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Originally Posted by Jasmini
This is what has become of my pleasant vile since 2005 to 2017 In 2009 i renamed pleasant vile to New York, each sub neighborhood has way to many people to the point they have become countries.

Wow! That's incredible!
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My cult has finally taken off...sort of anyway.

Meghan, Peyton, Aaron and Nicole graduated from Sim State. Unfortunately Meghan got pregnant in the last semester of college so things aren't starting off exactly how I had planned them but its ok.

I had planned on Meghan and Aaron ending up together but Aaron and Peyton's younger brother Adam came to one of their parties and he and Meghan hooked up. And get this guys, he just had a baby with another sim!!! (Aurora Landgraab) Aurora even named the baby after him, poor girl! They were dating for a while so I guess I can't blame her for thinking they'd end up together.

Meghan had a baby girl who they named Luna. Luna looks just like Adam, she has his eyes. Adam left for Sim State so in the mean time I made him go steady with Meghan. When I moved him into his dorm I realized that I forgot he's still going steady with Aurora..... something's gotta change soon.

After baby Luna aged into a toddler Meghan, Peyton, Aaron and Luna all moved out and joined Nicole at their new compound! Ahem...I mean home. I got the basics set up for them but since I only moved them in I didn't get to do much. By the end of their session Aaron had gotten abducted but no alien pregnancy Meghan however is expecting baby number two with Adam.
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The Weaver family had a busy summer. With Mark gone, there is a bit more room in the house, but it is still crowded. His teen sisters (they were quads) spent the summer harvesting reeds, learning to weave from their father, minding the shop, and taking care of the toddler triplets. Mark came to visit when he had a day of leave from the military, and they spent the afternoon playing games and music together. Their mother had died of complications following the triplets' birth, and her ghost showed up most nights. As a ghost, Gayle seemed fairly nice and didn't deliberately scare anyone, but her repeated possession of a teddy bear kept Paul and Sophia, two of the triplets, cry. Oscar was ready for a new relationship, and took Rachel with him when he went to the town hall to meet people. Rachel had a want to read and they don't have any books at home, and Oscar looked for a young lady to ask on a date. He came across a friend of his that he was attracted to, and by the middle of summer, he was in love with dormie Jessica Allen. They married and Oscar then wanted to have another baby; Jessica agreed, and she's now pregnant. The teen girls had a mix of reactions to their new step-mother. Rebecca rolled a want to become friends with her, Ruth rolled a want for the young entrepreneur's scholarship, and Rachel booty called a townie while I wasn't paying attention to her and ended up pregnant, too. I think she must have done it to make Oscar angry - I have no idea when she met Roan, let alone got their relationship as high as it is. Oscar caught her with Roan Sullivan and was quite upset with the two of them; he's one of the more conservative sims in my town. He insisted that they marry, so the summer ended with a shotgun (crossbow?) wedding. Roan and Rachel Sullivan have moved into a house down the street, where they will become the town's potters.
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Elrond's two sons reached the top of their teen careers, and went off to college. That left two empty beds in Rivendell, so Elrond invited in the widow Gilraen and her son, Aragorn. That teen is already best friends with Arwen Evenstar, and they will join her brothers in college. There romance can blossom.

Now, what to do about Elrond's wife, Celebrian? In the story, she was waylaid on her way back from her mother's house, and was so tortured by orcs that she never again took pleasure in Middle Earth. She abandoned her family, and sailed to the Western Isles. It had hurt me to let Aragorn's father drown, but that was easier to achieve than being shot in the eye by an orc arrow, and the story required his death. I let Arathorn go because he was only a CAS sim bringing Aragorn into the story; but I have much more invested in Celebrian. I oversaw her birth, cherished her through childhood and university, and attended her wedding and the birth of her three children. This is a precious sim, and I want her to stay in the story. What to do?

[LATER] After typing the above, I realised that Middle Earth contained no orcs, no Saruman, no Tower of Orthanc with its vast underground factory, and no cell where Celebrian can be shoved, poked and insulted by orcs. Saruman used the orcs to create the Fighting Urukhai - werewolves, perhaps? Wormtongue as a zombi? Middle Earth, that used to be called Pleasantview before the beginning of the Second Age, is about to become much less pleasant.

[LATER STILL] Right, I built Orthanc, and fenced off a cell in the crypt ready for a victim. Saruman moved in, with Grima Wormtongue, Snaga Orc and Grishnakh Orc. After breakfast, along came the welcome wagon, containing Celebrian! Snaga went down to the cell, and called Celebrian. After she had entered the cell, the gate was locked, allowing household only. Snaga went into his poking and insulting fun, and at first Celebrian wept; but she had, over the years, acquired ten body points. When fighting was inevitable, she really took Snaga to pieces. Then, I don't know how, she sailed out through the locked gate, and went home.

I considered that the story requirements had been fulfilled - Celebrian had suffered at the hands of an orc. She still had to leave home. I had ready for her a seaside villa in a western island called Elvenhome. It took only Gilraen kissing Elrond to send Celebrian off to the computer, to find her own place. To my great satisfaction, her first act at the villa was to walk down to the beach and watch the waves. She seems perfectly happy.
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Not much of interest is happening right now. I did not come to play alot either since I had other things to do. But I did some construction at my newest Hotel. As I did mention earlier, I did base the hotel on the "Hans Trap Door Corp" ( . I will try to fix images to next update so you got to see my progress. Anyway, I'm not a friend of gyms but the sims seems to like it so I added one on the top floor (that must be floor number 6 or so) but I was not to happy whit how it turned out so I have to change some things. I did download some new wall coverings for that (and I have to transfer them to the windows computer) but I'm sure that will look good. MAybe I should try to ad an bar on the roof. As you can see I have many ideas but building takes a lot of time. Oh well, I can not do anything about that. I only wish there was a tool like it does have in the game Hotel Giant where you have rooms of different sizes that you just can place in the building. That would make construction easy.

Speaking of ideas, I think it's time to clean up this (downtown) sub-hood a little. I do have a lot of buildings in the sub-hood but non of them are very tall. That does make the skyscrapers look like monsters and as I understand it they are only deco so I can as well remove them. (I hope I'm right on this, if I'm not please reply to post).
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Originally Posted by Mrmo
But I did some construction at my newest Hotel. As I did mention earlier, I did base the hotel on the "Hans Trap Door Corp" ( . I will try to fix images to next update so you got to see my progress. Anyway, I'm not a friend of gyms but the sims seems to like it so I added one on the top floor (that must be floor number 6 or so) but I was not to happy whit how it turned out so I have to change some things. I did download some new wall coverings for that (and I have to transfer them to the windows computer) but I'm sure that will look good. MAybe I should try to ad an bar on the roof.

I too converted the Hans Trap Door Corp, but mine became a night club. The ground floor stayed much the same, but the second floor had a bar, coffee bar, card and mah jong tables, and a dance area. The third floor had a bubble machine, a hot tub, and a bedroom with a double bed. I don't use the floors above that, because I dislike the way the camera swoops around. Every time someone phones my active sim to invite him or her downtown, that's where they go.
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My newest hood has been built! Hollis is always my first hood, and has copies of the very first sims I ever made. The first of these is Mallisa Green, who is 19 at the start of the hood. She moved into the Motel downtown to start of her new life on her own. She did well too. After choosing two random townies to move in and take the other two rooms, things progressed quickly. The first of my founding families is the Cox family. Kennedy Cox was one of the ones chosen, and seeing his double bolt chemistry with Christy Stratton, I had her come round. The two hit it off on a date, and Christy moved in as well, sharing Kennedy's room. When she rolled a want to get engaged, I was thrilled. Kennedy accepted, and they had a slap dash wedding in the motel's lobby as there isn't a church in town yet.

With the two safely married and expecting their first child, (they had a good wedding, and got pregnant on their honeymoon), I moved them out of the motel and into a townhouse. Next came Melissa Fancey, the other townie chosen to start a new life in Hollis. She quickly double bolted for Gian Barruccolo (formerly Goopy Gilscarbo) and they wound up having a quick fling. Melissa ended up pregnant with twins and I knew she couldn't stay at the motel. I moved her out during her second trimester. She's now living in a sketchy apartment above a string of shops downtown, one of which is her own Fancey Foods Delicatessen and Eatery, and has given birth to twin girls called Mya and Niveah.

The owner of that string of shops is Joe Carr, who moved into the motel when his... romantic interest Marylena Hamilton invited him in. (Mallisa was still living there so I needed to keep the rooms full.) While the two are double bolting, they've not rolled any wants to get married and for some reason, aren't even in a relationship officially. Joe wanted to own 5 top level businesses, so I took him up on his word and had him buy a string of shops with apartments above downtown. His first tenant both in business and apartment became Melissa. Marylena is running the city's first health clinic and pharmacy downstairs and lives with Joe in his apartment upstairs. They're expecting their first child as well.

Finally, Mallisa began progressing. She got a job almost immediately after meeting a townie who offered her a level 5 position in the Dancer career track. She has a want to marry off 6 kids, which I always interpret as 'religious', so I'm planning to have her work with and for the city's first church eventually, but for now, she's dancing. She fell for Patrick (formerly Komei) Tellerman - who has, I must say - one of the single most attractive Maxis face templates. If you don't believe me, stick some stubble on him and cut his hair. He cleans up real nice.

I was quite glad that Mallisa had fallen for him because he's got great genes to pass on. They woohooed a few times without incident, but on the third time, baby chimes sounded. Mallisa is now pregnant. Once she popped, she moved into the same townhouse row that the Cox's did, and will have her baby there. She's working her way up, and I'm waiting for a few more businesses to take root before I get her a new job.
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Nothing! I'm starting fresh. I deleted my downloads folder (but still kept a backup for the memories - or something idk) and am going to start organising it in a way that isn't so gross. I had so much junk that my game was really clunky and my neighbourhood was kind of broken. So even though I'll have to abandon it, I have screenshots which is nice.

Currently going through the process of downloading custom content which I'm really taking my time on, but now I'm actually paying attention to what I download instead of having like four duplicates.
Mainly doing this because I was sick of the 45 minute loading time but maybe I'm just impatient. Whatever :/ At least my game will be super smooth :D
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Melissa Landgraab has officially gotten married! In the typical sim fashion, she had her eye on a sim and once I found out he was also a family sim it was time for him to move in and they had the wedding the next day! She married a sim named Kristoff Granada who she met through her parents. He works at the army base her parents just retired from.

Melissa made sure to invite her estranged twin sister to the wedding so she can show off her fabulous wedding with her new husband. Melissa and Mariah haven't spoken in years. Ever since Mariah married the man who Melissa got pregnant by as a teenager (they gave the quads up for adoption) she just hasn't been ever to move past it. Seeing Mariah and Alan have their own little family was really hard on Melissa.

I think Mariah knew she was only invited so her sister could show off because she came in her own wedding dress that I had forgotten to change after her wedding. I hope they can move past this silly rivalry because their parents are getting old. They would love it if they could spend time together as a family again. And soon Melissa and Kristoff's baby will be here Cross your fingers that its not quads....

Avgeni had a lot to celebrate in the last few rotations. He reached the top of the music career and he and his wife finally had their first child together. Unfortunately that didn't last too long. Avgeni's teenage twins from another relationship were over when I realized his daughter Camille was pregnant. She had recently sneaked out with one of the boys from the group home , Eric Ercan. Of course she rolled to keep it. So now instead of preparing to go to college with her brother Seth she'll be getting married and having a baby!

Little Cersei aged into a toddler and at first I thought she looked like Esther with her black hair and light skin. But she definitely has a bit of Avgeni's sunken cheeks, a passed down alien trait in the Harris family tree.

Camille and Seth returned to their mother's house, who wasn't very happy at Camille's situation. Eric Ercan also moved in with them. It'll be the first time he's been away from his siblings He feels a little guilty for leaving them since they're still at the group home and he's now living in a nice three story home (They were the quads that Melissa Landgraab gave up for adoption)

Hannah and Jake will be letting them stay in the basement until they get on their feet which meant that Seth and Brett had to give up their cool teen room and share Camille's old bedroom. (Which had gotten renovated to give Camille a ballet area that she didn't get to use before getting pregnant!!)

Camille and Eric had a lovely wedding. Eric's siblings got to check out the new digs he'll be at. Definitely much nicer than the group home.

Camille had a baby girl who they named Kyle. I thought for sure she'd be born with the alien skintone since both Eric and Camille have it but she came out with 'normal' light skin.

Now that Camille is no longer pregnant she can quit her job at the record store and look for a job in the dance career. She'll be aging into an adult the next day, missing out on the college life. Eric has started taking classes at the local community college. He'll be missing out on Sim State as well but working towards a teaching degree from home. He'll be sad for a while I'm sure since he's a knowledge sim but he'll get over it.
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I'm waiting on the birth of Mallisa's baby (sadly I haven't had much time to play lately, so all I got through last night was purchasing the crib and changing table and helping her keep her needs up.)

Harlow Caldwell:

In my other H-named hood, I've been meaning to go back and finally find out the gender of the Cho-Riley baby (hopefully it's a boy... there've been 4 baby girls in Harlow and it's high time there were some boys...).
I've also got to watch for the delivery of the Johnston twins, and look in on Chaz Gere and her second pregnancy. I think I might just let Gabriel propose as they can't seem to keep their hands off each other and two kids in it's high time they set up house together.
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Playing in a household, where I play test a challenge that I thought off, and I haven't posted it here yet. Now regarding the challenge, one of the rules includes locking a fear and fulfilling it within a week.

My sim had a fear of losing game competition, so I decided and send him to enter the competition in the gaming hobby lot. There I had met a towny lady, and I though "why not take the time to talk with her and have the sim get even romanticly engaged". Since it was so eaaaasyy to get her to like him, I had them both on a date. Everything quite easy and when well, to the point that I chose to have them both woohoo at home. Asked her to come at my place...

Back at home, then I ask her to join (relax). Thought it failed, even a couple times when I asked her to again and again, but she kept going to the ticket machine (I had establish an ongoing business on my home lot). The Data ended as it had run out of time. Despite failing to have my bud get laid, the date went "Great". So that's that.

Nothing impressing, just cared to share this boring story of mine :/ .... Sorry D:
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