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Today I had a second case of Alzheimer's in sims. The evil wizard Saruman was spying on his neighbours through the telescope when Mortimer Goth ran up to give him a shove. That was a very bad idea. Saruman stepped back, raised his wand and ... Tabula Rasa! Mortimer was just walking away when he clutched his head, and complained of feeling weird.

I went to the Goth mansion to check on him, and all his relationships with other sims were indeed set to zero. When this happened to Cyd the dog breeder, it ruined his career, because all his dogs refused to acknowledge him, or eat his food, or be trained in anything. As I remember, I abandoned that whole neighbourhood in despair. This time, however, it did not seem to matter. Mortimer was already retired, and he had kept his skills in cooking, so he could go on feeding his family. It is true, Bella would no longer sleep with him; but he had forgotten her anyway. It might be time for Bella to get lost again.
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~It was a while back I posted in this topic ~

It seems so long ago the Quantum Ten attendants were in university.
They all have set up shop in Fayport, ready to build a community and let it thrive.
Some more than others, by the way.

Lochlan Boyle is happily pursuing his career as a city planner.
Thanks to him the Fayporters have a beach, a restaurant, a club, a graveyard, a clinic, a few small shops and a wedding centre.
On the other hand, he doesn't have a relationship with his daughter Ultana. Even though he moved in with her mother Ania and her, there barely is any interaction between the two.
Ultana feels she has two mothers, instead of a mother and a father. She has a great relationship with Gitta Horst, who also lives in the apartment above the clinic. Who needs a Lochlan?

The Sawicki-Sanchez and The Mafilio-Driscoll residences
Lupita and Albin recently married.
It was a double wedding, since their neighbors Kai and Ryanne also married that day at The MC. (The marriage centre.)
However, the honeymoon was quickly over.
Lupita's very upset with her husband at the moment.
She feels he cheated on her, while he thinks she's overreacting. He only greeted Ania Ostrowski with three kisses, for godsakes! What's all the fuss about.

Lupita's not giving in.
She adamantly refuses to sleep in the same bedroom as him. She even asked her neighbors if she could sleep in their house, but they didn't want to get in the middle.
Lupita tried to sneak into their house over and over. Kai and Ryanne felt they had no choice than to resort to locking the doors.
Normally the four have an open door policy with each other. Lupita felt she then had only one option, the couch.
Rather that than lying next to that cheater, who hasn't any consideration whatsoever for her feelings! She sure had wanted to have another child with Albin, but that's on hold.

Ryanne and Kai forgot about birth control in the heat of the moment and Ryanne's expecting.
It'll be their second child.
Timoteo soon will have a brother or sister.
He already had a bit of practise being a big brother with girl next door Alita. He didn't feel too good to sing nursery rhymes with her or give her a kiss. The bookworm he is, every chance he gets, he either reads a book or tries to get read to.
And he has four adults to pick from, which doubles his chances. And his father Kai likes to read to all the children, not just his son. Alita and Neva benefit as well.
Both girls are completely oblivious to their parents troubles, although Alita somehow feels tension. She's scared that mommy or daddy will leave the house. She doesn't have to look at her sister for comfort. Neva has no interest in her.
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I'm starting a new hood, but since my challenge thread is so quite it would feel like spamming if I double posted to tell how it's going. So I'm posting here instead

So. Everything began with 6 single Sims, in a rather empty town inhabited by aliens.
Originally Posted by Amura
Lorna Mayhew is a Knowledge Sim. So, yes, of course, meeting an intelligent creature from outer space is amazing!
James Walker is a Romance Sim. His LTW is career-related but since that career is not avaliable yet I guess he'll focus on flirting around
Callista Atkins is a Fortune Sim. She's not so interested in aliens, she just wants to arrive early in case there are some good bussiness oportunities here.
Sophie Harper is a Family Sim. And she loves cats. Does not care about aliens, but she had nowhere else to go anyway.
Steve Palmer is a Pleasure Sim. His LTW is date-related, so I guess he's gonna bring a little bit of havoc to this peaceful town.
Neil Durant is a Popularity Sim. He's a hipster - and meeting aliens is so cool right now. If it ever becomes mainstream he would leave.

As they arrived home they all looked for a job. My challenge restricted the careers, so they all ended up joining the army. Steve was offered a job in the Gamer career and he accepted it, although he is now earning less than his roommates. But, hey, it suit him so well and he could not refuse all the fun :D
But work has been secondary so far, they've been mostly interested in social relation

James Walker soon showed interest in Sophie Harper.
Those two had a few dates, connected extremely well, and quite soon they were engaged. They moved out into a fancy apartment (they brought with them a large debt which they will have some problems paying, I'm afraid) and their first son was just born - the name is Charles Walker. The first baby of this hood
Happily ever after or will James romantic aspirations become a problem in the long run?

Callista thought she did not care about aliens, but when she met Vradia Zadra and she did think he was hot! Crush at the first sight
She asked him out and they had a great date, they met a few times... and then Callista nearly forgot about him. Well, not forgotten, but somewhat ignored - she decided to focus on more material issues, such as earning a decent amount of §.
In the meantime Steve decided to ask her out, they had been friends for a while and they intimacy went to another level - she fell absolutely in love with him!

I don't think Steve will be faithful to Callista. I'm afraid he's a serial dater...
When they all met he decided to ask out Lorna, but it did not work at all. They are just too different.
Then he dated one alien girl, Haern Dukrarn and it was very pleasant but he never called her again. Instead he asked Pdri Entayta (another alien) who rejected him, and finally he went after Vilkaa Gorge (third alien) who was a lot of fun. But he did not give up on Pdri and he finally got her on a date, which was not so great anyway.
After dating them all, after a tiresome day at work, he arrived home and Callista was there... and he could not help it. He asked her out too.
It was certainly great, but being in love with a roommate might complicate everything a lot, specially if you meant to date every female you meet ("Hey, have you seen the new one, Carol?").

Lorna Mayhew is not interested in Steve anymore and she seems to have decided to ignore all the males around.
Instead she's spends her leisure time stargazing, wondering where have all these aliens come from... and can we go there too?
(All of a sudden I've realized that a "normal" abduction would be kinda odd in this neighbourhood )

Neil Durant has not been dating either. He's a people's person but he's been more interested in becoming a socialité than in finding true love (or in getting a better job or in anything else).
He has already befriended a number of Sims of both genders so I guess that if he ever feels like dating he already has quite a lot of phone numbers

And, well, at the end of this rotation I've added a new member to the household, a Fortune Sim called Carol Jobs who is a bit grumpy.
My bet is that Steve will try to date her too - and if she accepts, will Callista get enraged?
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Titania Summerdream felt, now that the triplets were 3 days from becoming teenagers, it was time to start trying for her sixth (and final) child - to hopefully complete her wish of marrying off 6 children. Although considering she's a few days off becoming an elder, I don't see her being around long enough to see that wish. Her and Oberon adopted a toddler boy, originally named Ellis but renamed Gossamer.

Bottom and Benedict Monty found out they were pregnant with their first child (together - Ben has no idea Bottom had a daughter while he was in his last year of University and put her up for adoption). They threw a big party to celebrate - something that Bottom loves doing, but Benedict not so much. He hid away upstairs all evening. He's still not feeling too comfortable about living on the "Capp side" of Veronaville - even if it's just outside the Summerdream household.

Regan and Cornwall, after realising that their first son's inability to provide a daughter yet means that there's no Capp Heiress yet, decided to have an arranged marriage for their younger son - Bassianus. He had been getting close with Chloe Gonzaga, a romance sim that became a teenager the same time as Bassianus (although, hasn't aged since - making him quite a bit older - but I'll age her up when he becomes an adult). They went on a date - where Chloe rejected every single flirt and even Bassianus' first kiss. But hey, she figured she might as well marry into the Capp family, for an out-of-town orphan with no family (and also, the male:female ratio is completely out of wack) she decided - why not! She and Bassianus wed, although Chloe kept her last name. Soon after they tried for a baby and were successful.

Over on the Monty side of Veronaville, Antonio Monty and Jennifer Burb are getting sicker. I'm quite worried they're both going to die by disease before their daughter Ursula even becomes a child. They didn't manage to teach her any toddler skills today, all they could do were lie in bed, take bubble baths and run to the bathroom as fast as possible. Ursula was mostly looked after by the Butler.

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It was a long night that ultimately added another Frankenstein-esque notch to my long running hood which I feel is like an old pool floaty with some substantial holes that are duct-taped closed...floating along but someday it's just going to deflate...and then maybe I will be free of this obsession.

In my distracted carelessness, I tried to Move Jimmy Calhoun out of a lot so I could bulldoze it and re-add it, however, instead of moving him out, I added the lot to the lot bin with Jimmy on it. Shit shit shit, another string of corruption. When I tried to to take it back out the game crashed, tried again, the game crashed. Okay, hood, if that's how you are going to play it, I'm gonna shove you into SimPE and sort you out. Jimmy has no character data, well shit again. He's shredded. I have nolinkondelete, but I want Jimmy back yo. I tried backing up - twice from a 12.8.16 file but when I went into the game everything was the same as before (sans Jimmy), except his crashy lot was no longer in the lot bin. My sister would be relieved because she spent all night building a house and called me all sorts of mean names when I told her it wouldn't be there when I backed up the game to last December.

So in a gamble, I copy/replace the intact character data from 12.8.16 for Jimmy, and only him. There, at least he has data, though, unlinked. Boo.Some sim blender Magic and he's suddenly plucked from the default family and added back at his parents' house in the middle of the night.

Annnnd..he want's to leave, and leave and leave and leave no matter how many times I click out of his action and tell him to go to the bathroom or somewhere else. I am resigned that Jimmy is just going to keep walking on and off the lot forever but It's the love of dogs that ultimately convinces him to stay and stop trying to leave because without my god-like say-so he decides to act normal and go play razzle with one of his parent's hounds. So...he's still a part of the family tree he always was but all his relationships are wiped. I fix his relationship with his parents, but he had about 20 friends before tonight, and a she is NOT going to be happy to learn he doesn't know or love her anymore (but what kind of drama will this add to the over all story hmm?)

It's now 2 am. Jimmy is as safe as he can be. I should go to Vegas with my luck. Goodnight.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Sim City 4 arrived in the mail today. (E-bay; under $7 counting shipping.) I still have a chapter I need to finish revising, but then it's time to install my new toy and see how bad the learning curve is for making new terrains.Not that I have a new neighborhood in mind that I might need a terrain for, or anything. And if I did I'd need to finish Bigg City first. But, you know, new toy.

Meanwhile, in Drama Acres, Dior Skirt finally got his silver sewing badge and can make his own outfits, the landmark I declared for determining when he got to start wearing skirts to school! His Vati will not be happy about it, but he did tell Dior he could wear anything he made himself.

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Play testing a challenge: I wanna see how much the player can lead the sims' lifes by their wants and fears, which usually the polar opposite approach from what game actually reflects. I set up a roll so that you must fulfill at least one Want for each sims per day. If that isn't possible or none of them are feasible, then you'll have to make one of their Fears come true. If you fail to one of those tasks, the next day (the day after) the sims will have to roam and wonder around the lot in free will without your control.

It is an interesting idea/concept to me, so I'm trying to get carried away by fulfilling more than just one WANT and see how the life of these sims will twist.

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LeBacs Camping
Due to winter season the camping is closed for guests. Only the permanent residents Lulu Pafuti, Cisco Pineda and their son Lucio still recide in their container rentals.
One should think that since Mateo doesn't have to entertain guests, he would keep up with the maintenance.
Lulu feels otherwise.
She made Mateo aware that he fell behind. He went to work. To soften the blow, she was very willing to lend a helping hand.
Mateo certainly appreciated that and let her know. In return, she appreciated him for that and told him so.
She had to put a better foot forward, because she wouldn't like getting kicked out.
She has a bit of a track record with starting arguments, lecturing the camping owners' kids and boo-ing their show-offs.
Gaining credit was necessary, so she even played chess with Mateo's oldest son and Ultana Ostrowski, who came over to play.

She and Cisco do have a fling, but nothing very serious yet.
The child they do have, Lucio, was born in a one night stand.
Cisco basically was sleeping with all the women on the camping, except the camping owner's wife Flanna.
That doesn't make Lulu very eager to tie the knot with Cisco.
He tried to make a few efforts.
One time, she was lying on the couch with a sad face and he came sitting next to her to talk about sex.
If he thought that would cheer her up, he was wrong.
She left the couch to play chess by herself.
Another time he wanted to flirt with her, but she was due for work and on her way to the carpool.
When they both were done working, they headed to Cisco's container rental.
That Lucio was a witness while singing a nursery rhyme didn't seem to matter to them.

Mateo found a victim to do his bidding.
Poor Lochlan Boyle spent hours cleaning the camping.
It was already half past five in the morning when he finally called it quits.
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So I installed Sim City 4, did both tutorials, picked a smallish-looking section of the map to push and pull and experiment with in God mode, went into Mayor mode and added highways, roads, and different zoned districts so I could see what would and wouldn't show up when the map was put into Sims 2, named it so I could find it again, saved, quit, copied the map to my SC4 terrains, loaded the game, made a new neighborhood with the new map, got into it, and couldn't find a single road anywhere! Either I didn't save when I thought I did, or every place I put roads is out of camera view! I can swivel it far enough to show past the edges on two sides, but can't get to the other side of the mountain I put in the middle. Hmm, probably shouldn't've put a mountain in the middle...

This'll be a bit of a learning curve, I can tell. Which is one reason I bought it before I was ready to start a new project that would require it. Anybody know where I can go to gather more information how this works?

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Winter is here and it's time for setting things up as some Granvillians are about to retire or die.

Granville will get a new Mayor. The inhabitants will have to choose between Akira Granville-Carver (already in the politic career) and Elladora Martains-Delorme (owner of a restaurant). Akira wants more leisure activities for Granvillians while Elladora is more concerned about health. Since City funds are high, people won't pay taxes.

The local school got its new Principle, Leilani Troii (former teacher). She'll supervise two teachers and 40ish students. She'll have to keep an eye on two of them since they already started a fight. It seems the Martains-Delormes teens (spoiled daughters of Elladora) can't stand the Morneau-Diopes ones (their father works at Elladora's restaurant).

The hospital will get a new doctor, Frantz Campelle-Méthot since Louna Laferrière will retire. There's still a sick sim in the hood, Ronald Martains, the taxi driver. His family (oldest brother, wife and teen son) died of the flu (I'm not sure he'll make it the next time I'll play his lot).

The local day-carer, Lina Khan, is pregnant for the first time. It looks like she'll be a single mother since the father is the local Casanova, Niel Gariépy (owner of the Graffiti bar).
Audrey-Anne Granville-Carver, Cory's wife, also is pregnant for the second time. Cordélia, her mother-in-law was a great help with kids (she's a mother of 6 and have 17 grandchildren) but she'll die before the birth of Audrey-Anne and Cory's baby.
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@Peni Griffin
TheJessaChannel did some YT videos about hood building:
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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
So I installed Sim City 4,

Here you go.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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While continueing to play my challenge, I set up another rule and their nightmare came true: didn't manage to pay the bills in time, so they had to pay the price instead: all objects were sold except for the bed and the house was demolished. This is how they will have to live until they can pay the check the next day it arrives.

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Among the student teams waiting for dorms in Sim State University, I found Sam Thomas, Ty Bubbler, and Jared Starchild. I love that name! And the starchild was wearing a psychedelic tie-dyed smock, a red afro hair dome, and a round face just like that of the black-lipsticked son of Jonathan Tricou, with the same knobbly nose, but without the lipstick. There was information: "How can Sam, the girl next door, and two guys coasting their way through school possibly get along? Will they find some common ground and become friends?" Well, that question was answered straight away, while they were still standing on the pavement outside Pinenut Plaza Dorm, before I appointed their rooms. Ty Bubbler grabbed Sam Thomas, and scored his first kiss. I watched in amazement as they then repaired to the hot tub behind the dorm. They had only just met! Well, Jared and I left them to it, and he claimed his door.

I found out why the guys were coasting through school: they were both bone idle. Ty had only one Activity point, and Jared had two. Ty was a dreadful scruff, and wanted only woohoo with as many girls as possible. Jared had Nature for a hobby, so I gave him three little garden plots out back, so he could bump up his fun level by planting, tending and watering. Jared was also a shower flooder: he had only one Neatness point, and the belching and farting were tremendous. Nevertheless I found I could forgive him much for that bright smock, and that inspiring name. By the end of sophomore year he decided he really must study biology, and aim to become a Natural Scientist, perhaps an Ecological Guru. I didn't give much attention to Sam and Ty; they were too much wrapped up in each other to pay attention to school work.

At first I intended to make them all live together after graduation; but then, as his creativity and logic increased, Jared revealed a three-bolt passion for another Nature sim called Holly. She already had an illegitimate baby, but Jared was prepared to look after both of them. Together they bought a plot covered with trees, with a greenhouse and a pond. At that point, since it was my dinner time, I left them. I'd better get back now, to see what they're up to.
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Got bored: Builded this for future rich plantsims ;P

[i]I'm wondering but I doubt that sims will be ringing a doorbell to the greenhouse since it isn't a normal door.
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Fayport, Horst Clinic
Ostrowski-Boyle residence
Gitta Horst finally has her own apartment in the building with her own staircase in the back.
Ania and Lochlan don't have access, but she did give a key to Ultana, Ania and Lochlan's daughter.
Gitta is Ultana's second mother. The apartment is ready to live in, but she still has to decorate to call it a home.

Front of the entire building

Due to an earlier incident, Ania's getting harrassed.
Lupita Sawicki-Sanchez hasn't forgotten about the three kisses her husband gave Ania when he greeted her.
She's out for revenge. So far she has come by four times in one day.
The first time she just showed herself as if she wanted to say: 'See me? The shit is about to hit the fan'.
The second time she stole a soaked old newspaper. That was actually helping out instead of a bother.
The next two times the carbage can took the rap for her disgruntleness.
If this continues, Ania doesn't have any other choice than to report Lupita to the authorities.
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I'm very sleepy right now.. I honestly can barely remember what I even spent today doing on the game...

As I recall, I started in the main Monty house- Isabella, god help her, is still alive - one of two (the other being Polly Tech in Strange town) premade elders to still be alive. Miranda called the Headmaster round, now that Oliver and Claudia are children. They barely scraped in, despite Mercutio's schmoozing, and Isabella's lovely lobster thermidor (which made both great-grandchildren plump). In the end, they got 90/90 just in time (first time I didn't get any bonus points) and Victor Walter, the headmaster, walked in to shake Mercutio's hand mid-woohoo. Miranda didn't mind though - she swooned over Victor and went to take a bath.

William Williamson's life changed dramatically today! William lives with his wife Blossom, their twin daughters - Peewee and Harmony, and infant son Grasshopper on the soil farm. They live in a small tree-house, with very little belongings. With such little funds that they couldn't even afford to feed themselves now that the lake froze over. They had to order groceries, but couldn't afford to pay the delivery man - so he took the double bed! William is more-or-less always tiptoeing the line of aspiration failure, so I decided it was time to do something drastic - I moved him out! Him and now-toddler Grasshopper (now going by 'Willy Williamson') moved off the soil farm and to Bluewater village. William wants to own 5 top-level businesses, but first he has to get the money to buy one! I moved him into a small starter home and got him an architecture job. He did want Blossom and the girls to join him, but they say they're happy where they are.

Then I spent a few hours making a new neighbourhood. I'm too committed to my megahood though - I got bored pretty easily after making a few families. For some reason I enjoy planning out building neighbourhoods more than I actually enjoy making them. I had a bunch of ideas rattling around my head for weeks, writing down loads of notes in my notebook on each family member, aspirations, turn ons/offs, appearance, bios - I go into CAS - nope. Bored. Turn the game off and go back to rewatching Arrested Development.

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Everyone in the Montt family is sick with the flu - AGAIN. And yes, I made them eat grandma's comfort soup, but there's always that one sim who refuses to eat and makes the whole thing happen again.
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I played a Uni year for Helen Wheels and Ida Juana Knowe of LGU. Helen is mostly focused on woohoo, so far she has woohooed Andy Bellum and Mickey Dosser. Ida is focused on popularity and has made a few best friends. Otherwise they are focused on their studies and making money, but making sure to add in plenty of fun too I know not much to tell yet but getting back into it.

Just a few pix

My Simblr
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Originally Posted by velvetina
Everyone in the Montt family is sick with the flu - AGAIN. And yes, I made them eat grandma's comfort soup, but there's always that one sim who refuses to eat and makes the whole thing happen again.

There is probably an active invisible flu square on your lot and someone walked over it. One time I found one beside the bed-great place for it. I detonated it with the stuck object remover box.

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
There is probably an active invisible flu square on your lot and someone walked over it. One time I found one beside the bed-great place for it. I detonated it with the stuck object remover box.

Maybe it´s that, because when they sit to eat at the table they heal and get sick again. I'm going to download that thing you mention and see if it fixes it. Wish me luck, the game loves flipping the bird to me.

Update: Nevermind, I used the lot cleaner I downloaded some time ago and that apparently fixed it.
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The rotation is not over yet, but after such a lovely wedding I can't help reporting here xD

Oh, let's start a bit before.
The new girl, Carol, wanted to go out for a date. She later found a job (Paranormal career) but at the point she was still unemployed and I suppose she was extremely bored because everyone else was at work. Everyone else but Neil, who was enjoying his day off...
They had a rather pleasant date (first kiss!) but none of them seems interested in taking things seriously, at least not yet.

When everyone went back from work, Steve of course had to go after Carol too.
Oh, I thought that asking her for a date would bring chaos into this house, because both Callista and Neil were around... but nothing happened.
(I later looked into my mods and it seems I'm using Pescado's romancemod and I did not remember it )

Although they were not mad at them, Callista realized that any relationship with good old Steve can't ever get serious. And she would like some steady sort of life.
Maybe she should pay more attention to Vradia? He's been in love with her for a while, and she was sure that if she proposed he would leap into her arms. Which of course is what happened.
So she moved out (rules of the house, no married couples in the barracks), invited him and arranged a wedding party - before anyone noticed there is already a baby in the way.

Weddings with so many guests mean a lot of 'free will'... and the godly player hardly knows what's going on half the time!
For some reason, Neil and Sophie started fighting. Since she moved out with her husband she had spent more of her time taking care of their 3 children, and Neil is quite a social one who had no enemies so farm, so this really came as a surprise.
If that was not enough, at a certain point Callista run to slap Steve. Yes, she had not been jealous before, and now she is about to get married she gets so upset? At the same time an alien guy was slapping another one (maybe they were enemies in their planet too?).

Surprisingly enough, the wedding party was a success :D
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I fixed a bug in my game, and another one appeared, even worse than the constant flu. An apartment refused to recognize the sims living in there. Thankfully, my latest backup is from two days ago, and nothing really important has happened. I only have to give some makeovers again.
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I did not have a lot of time to play today but at least I got my hotel done. Yay! I did run into some problems whit it (see ) but I got that sorted out and after some changes I thought it looked good enough. Before rezooning it I did move the building to the lot bin so I got a copy. Nobody has ever lived in it so I think it was a safe thing to do. Of cause I hade some problems whit the building. Some little details that I had missed and now have to take care of. Therefor I did do a testrun that I did not save. The hotel did work OK but I did see some rooms there I had forgotten to place tv's and on some spots the walls were still grey. The biggest Issue of all was, however, that did connect two barstands whit a kitchen island piece. Just because of that, the restaurant host and waiter thought that the bar area was connected to the restaurant and starting to place/serve guests there. I did take the island out later and hope that the problem is solved. Talking about the restaurant, I did see a strange thing: When my sim first arrived there were no chefs, only a waiter. She did get food but it looked strange. Suddenly the game did spawn not one but two chefs right "out of the blue". I do not know what happend there but I hope there are chefs the next time I visit the hotel lot.

The new bar area whit better roofing.

I did change the rooms a little bit. A room this size are 1109$ /night if you want to know.

The largest rooms.
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