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Last rotation Francis J. Worthington and Guy Wrightley got together in spite of me trying to make them straight (I just felt I already have enough LGBT sims, and most of them are males; but of well, love wins. If my neighborhood wants to turn itself into gayborhood, by all means, I'm not stopping it.). I was sure their relationship won't last long, because they had only one bolt and different priorities and wants and so on. Right.
Today Francis rolled a want to get engaged to Guy. I insisted that they go to date first. One dream date later, Francis returns home and is almost late for class. After class he rolls romantic wants for Guy and ignores his studies. He is about eight hours from final exam. Guy calls, asks Francis on another date, and at this point I just start to assume that Francis will fail at exam because of this. But free will dictates, what happens, and Francis obviously wants to go on date, so on date they go. No engagement wants during it, but Francis remembers that he is A+ student and Dean's lister and rolls a want to write term paper in middle of making out session. He returns home from date and goes to get his last needed skill point and then to write term paper. Guy leaves a rose bouquet on doorsteps. When Francis fulfills his want to write term paper, engagement want shows up again.
At this point, it's 1 am, and Guy suddenly shows up at Francis' doorsteps, rings the bell and stands there, clapping his hands. I can't figure out, what he is doing there, so I decide to make Francis ask him about his wants and then fulfill whatever comes up.
Of course, Guy wants to get engaged. So that goes.
And then Guy just announces that it's unbelievably late and leaves. Francis has an exam in two hours anyway - I have no idea, who decided to schedule a final exam at 3 am, but it is what it is.
And this proves that my sims should be left to do what they want. Because they know better than me, who they should be with and when they should write their own term papers.
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Hermia's not over Puck. In fact I'm starting to think she'll *never* get over him.
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Emette and Sephora treated Emette's sister Sarah and her husband to a trip to Simwaii. Although now that I think about it, I should have made them do a big sibling trip, but now its too late because Sarah has passed away already.

Emette and Sephora threw a dinner party almost every night so the family could spend time with Sarah before passing away. Pretty soon Emette's wife Sephora will be passing away and he'll be living in that big house all by himself. I think what will end up happening is that he'll ask his son Parker to either move in or take over the home once he passes away. If he asks him to move in it'll be weird since Parker has his mother living with him. While Emette has been known to flirt a bit with his ex wife when he goes over there, I don't plan on them ever getting back together.

Emette got promoted to Mayor which fulfilled his LTW! He won't be Mayor for long though since he's about to reach retiring age.

Down the street at Emette's daughter's home, his grandaughter Cersei celebrated her birthday. Unfortunately for Cersei her grandfather Makell couldn't be there since he had just died the evening before. It was a sad situation since Makell and his wife Suri were still mad at each from a flirting incident. I'm sure Suri regrets not spending enough time with him before his death.

Avgeni and Esther both got promotions this session. Avgeni was thisclose to reaching the top of the music career a while back when he got demoted by a chance card. Both Esther and Avgeni work nights since they're in the entertainment industry.

With Avgeni's twins now of age he no longer has to pay child support. And since only one of them is heading off to college he's hoping he can now pay off that huge IVF bill. It took them six tries to get pregnant with little Cersei. I call her the $60,000 baby!

At the Landgraab(2) household Anson got fired from his job during the last rotation. He's older now and since they have a nice chunk in savings I just left him unemployed.He's going to take care of his grandson while his wife and daughter are at work. Erin will be retiring soon anyway.

Aurora wants to follow in her mother's footsteps by joining Bluewater's police force. Her mom pulled some strings and got her a job in a good position right away.

Aurora is going through a rough breakup with her son's father, Adam. Adam just started attending Sim State so she thinks its just a phase and once he's done doing his partying at college he'll want to get back together. What Aurora doesn't know is that Adam is only talking to them right now because he doesn't have anyone watching him at Sim State. He's actually engaged to the leader of the cult, Meghan Harris and they just had their second child. In fact no one knows that Adam had a child with Aurora besides Aurora and her parents. And luckily Adam Jr. looks exactly like Aurora so no one will ever suspect either!

Poor Adam Jr. will probably never get to know his father. Adam Sr. was nice enough to come to his birthday as he aged into a child but that'll probably be the last time he sees him....

In fact now that Sarah Williams has passed away, it'll probably be the last time anyone sees anyone from the cult.
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Jane Stacks and Allegra Gorey (my only LGBT couple in the game so far, it could change in the future) are both pregnant, and Allegra is expecting twins. They don't have a lot of money, and the aparment where they live is not designed for large families. Let's see what happens when the three babies are born...
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And just finished the second rotation.

After Callista and Vradia's wedding, they had a beautiful little green baby boy they named Arvian.
Since he's the first hybrid ever he gets me -the player- into the second stage of my challenge. Yooohoooo!
But by the time I finished the rotation Arvian was not the only hybrid though...

Lorna was wondering what was happening in KFOs (Known Flying Objects, cause now we know what they are) and thought she could try to summon aliens by making signs with her telescope in the middle of the day. Which got her abducted. (Hybridation the good ol' way LOL)
She did not bring many memories of what had happened there (did she drink too much? she's not used to alien spirited drinks I'm afraid) but was quite amused but the event.
Later that night she was looking at the stars (I swear she was only stargazing, no summoning involved) when she was "invited" into the KFO again. Her roommates were atonished of seeing the saucer for a second time in less than 24 hours!
Next morning she noticed she was pregnant. Oh, oh!! :o
In this situation she had to leave the house - as only single childless Sims are allowed to live there- and moved into an apartment to give birth to her little baby boy Ray.

Now she's a bit worried about domestic economy, as she can't afford the rent if she does not work, and she considered finding a "partner".
Her choice was Vaklin Gorge, as he is already a friend of hers, he's nice... and he's alien. He would be a wonderful stepfather to Ray, she thinks.
(Now let's hope Vaklin thinks the same...)

In the meantime, life goes on for everyone else as usual.
Steve keeps dating every female in sight (and now that the matchmaker service is avaliable I'm sure he's gonna date those who are not in sight too), Neil and Sophie are still angry at each other despite Neil's apologies, and so on. Richard White will be the newest adition to the barracks, a quite nice Family Sim, let's see if he fits.

Anyway, the nicest pic is of James reading to one of his twins while the other one sleeps peacefully. Lovely. Just wanted to share it.
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My medieval 'hood has started the fall rotation. I began with the university households. Isaiah and Gabriella Gavigan had a hectic time as seniors, as they balanced caring for their triplet toddlers and completing their coursework. They are glad to be taking a ship back to the island before winter, where they'll move in with Isaiah's parents. They'll be bringing books and some furniture that is unavailable on the island home with them.

The island's enemies have two agents at the university, Darcy and Damone. Damone is a witch hired by Darcy, a nobleman who hopes to raise his own status in a large empire by assassinating or capturing the heir to the throne of a recently conquered kingdom. Darcy has made enemies with Gallagher Newson, who he recognizes as a noble from the conquered kingdom, but he doesn't recognize the younger Newson twins, who are the heirs. Somehow, Darcy has an even worse relationship with Elizabeth Woods, a recently turned teen, and he's made friends with a few other playables, all of whom live in the forested part of my island. Damone and Darcy have fallen in love, and as they leave the university they plan to follow Gallagher in hopes that he leads them to Garrett. Damone has become pregnant and wants to marry Darcy, but he hasn't rolled similar wants yet.

Following Gallagher won't lead the villains to Garrett and Georgia, as they have left the island with Garrett's wife Tina. Their infant son is hidden on a sheep farm in a remote part of the island, and they won't return to pick him up until they've created new identities for themselves. Georgia is spending a great deal of her time studying magic so that she'll better be able to protect her brother's family, and Tina is trying to learn how to cook. Having been raised as a powerful noble, she's used to having others make food for her, so becoming a cook is a big change that could help them hide. Garrett is learning about beekeeping and candle making; hiding as a peasant is easier for him as he's been in hiding since he was a toddler and he spent his childhood on a farm.

I had some odd glitches with moving Tina and the Newsons to university. Georgia moved in seperately, and she didn't age up for over an hour. I then had to send her to a community lot to get the user interface to reappear. Garrett and Tina both aged up right away, but I also had to send them to a community lot to get the interface back. Batbox was no help.

Back on the island, Gallagher moved back in with Faith Goodie. I'd forgotten that Faith had twin plantsim toddlers (she then had herself cured of being a plantsim). I need to get a medieval version of a sunlamp - night is just long enough to tank a full sunlight bar for toddlers, so they've got a very out of place light in the main room. Faith died the first night of fall, leaving Gallagher the home business and town school. Gallagher wasn't up to opening the school at all - between his panic about toddlers and the need to sell the farm's produce, he was too busy. He spent the next few days harvesting fruit and selling crates of vegetables, when not cuddling and bathing Leaf and Flower. The twins busied themselves with toys most of the time, and they became adults near the end of fall. Gallagher then had a date with Elsie - she's younger than him, but they've been friends for years. Following the date, Elsie's father Andrew called and invited Gallagher for an outing. It was a roaring success, and I suspect Andrew may be trying to get Elsie married and moved out of his house (he's got a new pregnant wife at home and he wants more space and Elsie dislikes her stepmother...). Neither Elsie nor Gallagher are in love, and Gallagher isn't thinking about long term relationships yet. He's more concerned about maintaining the farm, reopening the school, and viewing ghosts. The ghost of Herbert wandered about a couple of times during the fall, scaring Gallagher each time, but Faith's hasn't made an appearance yet.
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I'm currently playing in university and all the dorm mates are dying. It is just my playable sim and a bunch of urns in the dorm. It is slightly morbid.
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Oh my! What do you do whit the dorm mates?
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Fayport is a crime free hamlet, but Lochlan Boyle, the 'city' planner developed a police station anyway.
A good thing he had that foreseeing eye. Police chief Archie Gerhart, an old cranky neatfreak, who wasn't welcome anymore where he worked, got transferred to Fayport to oversee matters there.

Now Ania had a place to go to file a complaint against Lupita at the FPD. (Fayport police department)
Lupita continues to harrass her and her family. Her continuance of leaving garbage everywhere at the Horst Medical Family Clinic now managed to make all the residents sick.
Ania was furious. 'If you touch my child, it's war!'
She and Lupita got summoned over to discuss the matter.
Fayport has time for these cases, because nothing crime-related has happened in Fayport so far.
That's why they're able to make time for a stalking case and nib it in the butt early on.

The purpose was to have a civil conversation about it and settle the matter.
It didn't end so well for Lupita. She's sitting in a cell right now.
Instead of being humble and expressing apologies, she insulted Ania and an argument broke out.
Admittedly, Ania threw some water in Lupita's face. She was so done with this woman. She got a warning from the female police officer to stop.
Lupita, however, took it to the next level and decided to slap Ania in the face. That's not a well-thought out plan to execute in front of a police officer in a police station. She will be held overnight.

She will hear her fate in the morning.
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My Sims are sitting in the dark abyss waiting for The Watcher to come back but she won't because she is sick again, 2 months in a row.

"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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Originally Posted by Mrmo
Oh my! What do you do whit the dorm mates?

They must have put on the mod that means dormies have to take care of themselves. Never understood that myself, unless a player wants them all to die.

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
They must have put on the mod that means dormies have to take care of themselves. Never understood that myself, unless a player wants them all to die.

Aha OK then.
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All my Neanderthalers seem to be producing twins, no joke when they're living in a tiny 'cave' with one double bed, one single bed, and one crib! The adults and children sleep when and where they can and give the crib to whichever baby/toddler is currently screaming for it the loudest.

Rocky Morningstar has just become a young adult (there are no teens in the Valley) and moved to Summer Camp to learn adult survival skills like Fire Safety and fishing. Marsha Bruenig, whom he met during a 'woodcraft expedition', arrived at the same time. Neither is slated to become a Shaman, so they won't be directed to study anything beyond survival skills (Marsha will study Parenting and gardening) and will probably not stay long. As the only son, Rocky will return to his father's home and just open up an extra chamber at the back. He really hopes his parents don't give him any more sisters while he's away - he feels three is quite enough, especially as he's the one who'll have to feed them and find room for them if they don't marry!
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The past few days in my game..

Hi Thyme got into a fight with a cheerleader...she started poking him for some reason and he decided to fight her over it.

He tried to hustle a girl named Nicole but got hustled instead, he was a good sport about that though. So much so that they got to chatting afterwards and spent time they are an item.

JoAnn Gutenberg, Daisy Wheels, and Maddy Moiselle are in a happy polyamorous relationship together, all 3 girls happily thanks to ACR.

Dot Matrix got engaged to John Thomas and is now wondering if she should have done that, even though she does love him but...a romance Sim like her tied down?

Cliff Notes and Sara Bellum are happily in love...and they have no inhibitions

And I think Helen Wheels is stringing Andy Bellum along...

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I begrudgingly played my school session since I skipped it last rotation. Ian Harris III keeps getting into fights with his classmates so he might have to be suspended. I'm not sure why he's so angry though, his aspiration is really low but I wonder if its from his grandparents' recent deaths or perhaps he's experiencing jealousy issues with his siblings. He's a twin and he has a new baby brother.
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At the Cox's -
Christy is doing well as a mum to baby Jaxon, but she's a family sim and rolled a want for another child. The family was rapidly outgrowing their tiny little starter town house, so I moved them into a slightly bigger place around the corner. Dratted city living - their new place is still too small. Christy decided to take up the Early Childhood Education masters course, and aced it with flying colours. Now qualified to teach K-12, she quit her job as a projectionist and took up a role as a Teaching Aid. She'll be working in the new daycare center at the Our Lady of Simvia Church.

To get her through her masters, I built the Hollis City Library and had a blast with it. It's not on an overlarge lot, but there's even teaching and study rooms and a little children's room for reading time. Now if I could just get Jaxon to accompany his mum...

At the Greens:
Mallisa's son Patrick Jr. is doing well, and the 20-year old has managed to escape a second pregnancy as of yet. She rolled a want and she and Patrick Sr made their relationship official. Now she'll just need to propose... She's quit her job as a dancer and will most likely begin working with the Our Lady of Simvia Church. Mallisa's very religious, but Patrick Sr. isn't, and it causes some tension in their relationship - alongside Patrick's love affair with Sandy Bruty. Mallisa doesn't know that her boyfriend is also in love with another woman. Patrick himself seems not to know - save for the odd want to speak with her... But...

At the Brutys:
Sandy is in her first trimester of pregnancy, and it's been rough on her. It's her first child - with notorious player Gian Barucciolo (Goopy Gilscarbo). She hasn't seen Patrick Sr. since before she moved out of her old apartment, and hasn't rolled any wants to see him either. Her thoughts are all on business: If she could just get through her pregnancy she might open a little boutique! Gian meanwhile has landed on his feet. Sandy cooks and cleans and he's got a place to stay while he figures out how he came to be the father of three kids! In the meantime, he's opened up a venue (stemming from his dream of one day becoming a rock-god musician) and just has to get it built. He'll scarper after that... so long as there's somewhere else to land!

At the Hamilton-Carrs:
Paperwork for the necessary name-change hasn't come through yet, but baby Nina has turned 1 year old and became a toddler. The living room is full of her baby pictures, and her mum Marylena is happily (and safely) married to her dad Joe. Joe headed over to the Lamb photo studio on the premise of having his daughter photographed, and wound up getting his mistress Bella pregnant. Marylena has no idea - she's tied up between the hospital and her second pregnancy herself.

At the Lamb Gallery of Bella Gotier (nee Goth)
Our resident home wrecker is finally pregnant. It was only a matter of time. Bella has been painting like mad - her paintings are the only things that will sell and if she doesn't paint, she won't eat. She hangs her work downstairs in her gallery / photography studio. Her other main source of income is family photos - but she hasn't earned enough for the necessary backdrops. Eventually she'll manage it through sales of her art - or she'll starve in the process, and with a baby on the way, her little loft studio suddenly doesn't seem to have enough space after all...

At the Dontae's:
Chrisha (18) and her dad Bob (50) have moved into the city's first church. They live in the tower and have done up an additional room as a daycare for the children. they have ample space in the main hall for weddings, and both are thrilled to be able to offer some small service to the community that has welcomed them with open arms. The only problem is... they're still a little broke. Creating the daycare was necessary to pay the bills, but with only three toddlers and no teacher yet, how the two will afford to pay the bills is up in the air. Luckily, they've received an enquiry from a young mother living in town who's just received her teaching certification...
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While Ania and Lupita have sharpened their psychological knives, The Fayport Cooperation who started this hamlet in the first place is rounding up ten new futureless youngsters for a second batch Quantum Ten participants.
Five have been found so far.
They are from France, Finland, Eritrea, Korea and Honduras.
The French woman's called Aurelie Comtois.

A sixth and seventh are found. A woman from Papua New Guinea and a Russian man called Borislav Goreg.
Three more and they can start their semester.
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For the most part everyone is just going about their Uni business....studying...woohooing...partying. Mostly woohooing honestly.

Ida Juana Knowe is going with Andy Bellum and Hi Thyme. Helen Wheels is too plus seeing Mickey Dosser on the side. Hi Thyme is also seeing a girl named Nicole. Huge Knowe is going with a guy named Hugo Chung. Cliff Notes and Sara Bellum are happy in love. JoAnn Gutenberg, Daisy Wheels and Maddy Moiselle are happily together and JoAnn is also seeing Andy Bellum on the side. Dot Matrix and John Thomas are happy together, also in an open relationship and Dot has woohooed another Uni student, Vico Pay and has started flirting with Andy Bellum. Everyone here is honest with each other and are aware of what's going on, the Sims are happy, it's me that has to keep it all straight

The Printer Sisters are making great money with their music!

People at LGU are starting to graduate. I have gotten The Printer Sisters out of Uni and onto their own lot! I have started to build their home but haven't finished yet. Just started last night before I had to go to bed...stupid sleep Maddy Moiselle and John Thomas moved in with them too.

Some pics from in Uni

And I made The Printer Sisters, Maddy and John over first before starting on their home


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At the Cooper household, Elsie dislikes both her stepmother and her baby half sister, Andrea. She reluctantly took care of her while Heather and Andrew were out making and delivering the barrels they sell, but otherwise she avoided all interaction with both Andrea and Heather. Instead, she kept wanting to talk to Gallagher and have dates; she went out with him a couple of times - they are in love. When not watching Andrea or spending time with Gallagher, Elsie played music and socialized with her sister Lynn. Lynn does like having a baby sister, and is warming to Heather, but has had little time to get to know them yet. Rita's ghost showed up a couple of times during the fall, and she's stopped ignoring the people in the house. Heather has been scared once, probably for sleeping in Rita's bed, Andrew was scared once, and poor Elsie was scared by her mother's ghost three times. Andrew spent a bit of time becoming better friends with Gallagher, and at the end of the fall, Elsie and Gallagher were engaged. Elsie is happy to be leaving her stepmother and the ghost, and is looking forward to moving in with Gallagher.

At the sheep farm, Garret and Tina's son Gareth is living in hiding with Gavin's family. He and Jeanne's half alien daughter, Erla, are the same age, and they aged to child mid fall. Gavin had already taught Ainsley how to read, and he taught the younger two in the evenings after he'd finished working about the farm. All three children helped as they could, but had plenty of time for play and their hobbies, too. Ainsley loves to draw, and he looks forward to being tall enough to use his mother's drafting table (she's the architect and designer of the best buildings on the island). Erla loves books, and now that she can read them herself she's decided to try writing one, too. Gareth misses his parents, and has started spending a lot of time by himself in one of the pastures. He spends most of his time kicking a ball into a pile of hay, but sometimes his cousins come and play with him. He's also becoming friends with Gavin.

The Hunter family was fairly quiet, aside from an off-world loiterer appearing every time either Trent or Trisha Traveller walked by. The loiterer was always their toddler daughter, Tandy, and she showed up (off world) three times during the fall. Other than that, Francesca finally aged to elder, so Victor was able to hold the anniversary party he wanted. The guests were their closest family members - Francesca's siblings and Victor's adult children.

At the mine, Wendy and her eldest son, Alain, took turns mining ore. They only opened their store for one day, so that they could make enough money to cover rent. Otherwise, they were too busy with the mine and caring for the twin toddlers. The three children were out of the house for most of the week, attending the new school that is being built for forest residents. The rest of their time was spent playing, and Bernard painted a lot. Alain's twin sister has moved out to join the military.

Down by the harbour, the Lyndsay and Benjamin Hood have started running a pawn shop/fencing operation. Benjamin spent the fall very focused on getting the skills he needs to become the top thief, while Lyndsay was interested in running the pawn shop. She's ignoring the fact that most of their stock is stolen, as she likes to pretend Benjamin has a legitimate job. Their child quads were at loose ends, due to the town's school being closed upon Faith's death. They hope it will open again in the winter, but they spent the fall playing and building skills. Their father has brought home a climbing wall, activity table, violin, and a chess set for them. Townies walking by the house or pawnshop when Benjamin was present were potential victims of theft; dice rolls determined his success and how much he took from their inventories. He was lucky this fall, and members of the police force did not walk by while any of his victims were still on the lot. A police officer did steal his newspaper, though.
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Because of panmines's Bluewater Coal Mine, I was introduced to Sun&Moon's crafting stations. I've used them in two neighbourhoods so far.

Started a new BACC, since I messed up the first one (it seems drunk me decided to add a downtown, despite it not being earned, and attempting to remove it glitches up the neighbourhood). Named it Blackwood Forest. There's two families at the moment, the Blackwoods and the Bauers.
Joseph Blackwood is the founder. He's a lumberjack, and married Meadow Thayer. They're expecting their first child.
Rosemary Bauer grows and sells herbs. She married Juan Reamon. No babies yet, but when they arrive, I shall name them after herbs, because meaningful names are always fun.

Meanwhile, in Strangetown, Emma Loner has opened up a coal quarry.
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I regret having the triplets & quads mod. Sofia Baldwin just had a set of quads. Making her total amount of children, 8. They, along with Sofia's husband, mother, brothers, and sister live in the same house. Making a total of 14 sims. They all drove me nuts, when I played them yesterday. Things are about to get worse for them, as they are low on funds. I really going to lose my mind, when the repo man comes and take everything they own.

There's no drama, like Sims drama.

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Sheffield, England, 1981. The steel mills have closed, throwing thousands out of work. The stock market has crashed, house prices have plummeted, and foreclosures are rife. The city centre (downtown) is full of grey, abandoned buildings, and the once-thriving Bluewater Village has become a ghost town. Nearly every family has lost something, and some have lost a lot.

Pity the poor Tinkers, who lost more than 90% of their net worth. Their beautiful house is gone, along with Melody's college fund, and Stephen has given up any hope of ever getting his toy-making business off the ground. Who's buying toys when they can't even afford food? Hoping to salvage some vestige of their former lifestyle, the family took a duplex in the suburbs, but neither Stephen nor Wanda has found a job and the rent is nearly double their Housing Benefit. With the help of the school's work experience program, Melody was able to find a job and save up a little money for university; she managed to earn the Scholar's Amount and Young Entrepreneur's Award, too, but her parents still feel guilty they couldn't give her anything. Just before Melody left home, Wanda gave birth to baby Damian. They can just about afford to stay in their duplex for one more week, but with a baby to care for, Wanda thinks they should probably move to a smaller, less expensive flat (apartment) in the city.

The Gavigans initially appeared to be in a similar state, but to her own complete amazement Mary landed a job in the Gamer career, of all things! Nathan, meanwhile, became very depressed and needed therapy, until one day Mary made the happy discovery that they had another investment that still had some value. She and young Isaiah gained great peace of mind from the discovery, and once Nathan had recovered enough from his depression to look into it, he discovered they had an extra $22,000. This was just enough for them to buy a small house, while Mary's wages paid the bills. The arrival of twins Faith and Deborah may cause a few problems, but Isaiah is now 16 and will be off to uni in a couple more years, so the girls will be able to take his room. Nathan is still unemployed and Mary is a little upset that she can't have any more children without losing her job, but at least they're getting by for now.

Not everybody was as badly hit. The Ramirez family lost about half their assets, but Lisa quickly got a job in the military, which came with a large two-bedroom bungalow. It's a duplex, but the party wall is between the living rooms, so the bedrooms are quiet. Her real interest is in medicine, and she's been told she can transfer whenever a vacancy becomes available and will continue to be regarded as a military officer. Checo isn't working; with Lisa working early morning shifts, he wants to be home to care for Tessa before school.

Cyd Roseland is doing just fine, working as a Con Artist - he made $8000 on a timeshare scam this week - while collecting Income Support and Housing Benefit (well, he can hardly tell them he has a job as a criminal, now can he?). His landlord adores Porthos and often stops by to play with him while Cyd is at work.

Malcolm Landgraab's two businesses went bankrupt and the bank tried to foreclose on his house...except that when his various creditors tried to seize his assets, they found that 'Malcolm Landgraab' didn't exist! With the ruthless cunning that had made his great-grandfather rich in the first place, Malcolm had transferred everything to an offshore account in the name of Michael Langarak. They couldn't touch a thing, and now Malcolm is back, fortune intact, living in a Grand Estate-style home with two stray dogs who wandered into his yard one morning and have since produced three puppies. Malcolm, of course, has managed to manipulate the press, using the stray dog angle to make him seem like such a nice guy and his creditors appear vicious and grasping. He has a very respectable job in Construction and was just made Head of a Construction Company - so you can see he's just a regular, hard-working guy with a tender heart.
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More families for Blackwood Forest.
There's the Hogarths, Horace and Ivy née Copur (the adult one). Horace is the local pig farmer and sells sows and pork.
Then there's Gerald Farmer, who grows and sells vegetables. Haven't found a suitable wife for him yet.
Currently on the Webster family, which is just Beatrix for now. She hasn't set up her business yet, but she makes baskets.
After her is Imre Eszes, who is currently hanging about on a blank lot that will eventually become a boarding school (which is the only school available for now). The tuition fees will be $4000 per child, with sims graduating upon becoming a teenager (this may change over future generations, once teen marriage becomes less acceptable).
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#1474 Old 27th Feb 2017 at 12:08 AM
I'm slowly rehabilitating Jimmy Calhoun, who lost his memory due to a VBT thing I did last week. I did something akin to brain surgery so he'll live but he's moved in with his parents for the time being and they invite his siblings, and his friends plus his fiancee about every day so he can build relationships with them again. Well, his fiancee and his best friend just took advantage of his memory loss and woo-hooed in the hot tub right in front of Jimmy (ACR kicked in, they used to date - obviously they still have a thing for each other) who didn't have the capacity to feel rightfully enraged so I felt it for him.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#1475 Old 27th Feb 2017 at 4:42 AM
I have made The Printer Sisters house as well as got everyone else from Land Grant University graduated and onto their own lots, makeovers, houses and all. Ida Juana Knowe, Helen Wheels, Andy Bellum, Hi Thyme and Hi's girlfriend Nicole all live together. Cliff Notes, Hugh Knowe, Sara Bellum and Hugh's boyfriend Hugo Chung all live together as well.

Now everyone is out of Uni for the time being and it's time to start the first real week/round I have 32 households i'll have in rotation

With Strangetown, Widespot (as a shopping district), another originally empty (not anymore) shopping district Aridia, Downtown, Land Grant University and La Fiesta Tech and having added most bin families (though not all) I may be in over my head...let the chaos begin!

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