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I really enjoyed this look at Julien's life. He was pretty busy for a day off! I laughed at how he sabotaged the rival restaurant, but I was surprised how much salmon was left to spoil. I expected more people would at least try it.
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Default One year anniversary.... so, party?
So, today's the one year anniversary of this thread. One year ago I was in the final exam season, thinking about sharing this hood after having been invited to this group, and then deciding to crank out a forum post for it. Motivated, I then made a post for the Day family, staying up till one in the morning to get it done. I've since been amazed at the reception this hood has received and it's definitely been a lot of fun writing these posts and updating the fanon pages for it on The Sims Wiki.

So, I'm not entirely sure what to do on this one year anniversary. I thought of doing something big, but I couldn't think of any, and it's not really that big of a deal, is it? I realize that this hood isn't available for public download, and in fact, nothing I have on here is available for download. The houses I've built and the Sims I've created probably aren't good enough to be uploaded to MTS, but that's fine; I can still share them. Which is what I've decided to do.

In this folder I have uploaded the appearances of pretty much all of the Sims that I have made in this hood. They have been cloned and sanitized using Body Shop, so they should be safe to use in your game. The links to download are also available on each individual Sim's fanon page. Appearances for Maxis-made Sims, Alec Bigfoot, and the Newbie Servos aren't listed, because, well, that's kinda daft.

Do let me know if any of the links aren't working or if one of the files are incorrect.

Now here's to another year of Simming with The Sims 2! In the past year or so I've learned quite a lot more about the game, specifically on storytelling and picture taking. I think my photos have been getting better now that I have the appropriate mods, am using the appropriate programs to their potential, and some in-game tricks (like saving camera positions) to make photography a lot easier and nicer. Even though The Sims 3 has its own bucket of goodies, I still must confess that I prefer storytelling and picture taking in The Sims 2. Also, I find that Sims in TS2 have much more depth and I feel more attached to them than the Sims I've created in TS3. Still, I'm enjoying the third iteration in the series, and perhaps I'll create a fanon for that too, who knows.

Hopefully you're all enjoying SimVille and the magic I've been able to create with it. This neighbourhood has been around since 2014, and it's the longest lasting hood I have. Hopefully I haven't actually corrupted it by accident or anything, so that I'll be able to play this for many more years to come. And, who knows how much longer I'll keep updating this thread? ...Although hitting the 365-day mark is a good sign, I suppose.
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Default Friday morning with the Days
Ah, so it's that time of the year again. School's out and while I do have another summer job, this time I'm staying in-town to work at an amusement park. Hopefully that means I'll be able to update this thread more often than I did last year!


Back to the Days, a family I haven't played in a while.

It's 1AM. Jaden, Bradley, and Ethan are sleeping in the boys' "bedroom".

Taylor was passed out on the living room couch.

Cody had spent the night gaming on the computer, but looks like it broke. Ah well. He'll have to call Beth Love over tomorrow to have it fixed.

Christian was the only other person awake in the apartment. I think I last had him clean the bathroom.

Cody decides to just call it a day and snuggles down cozily into his bed.

Christian went up to the roof to stargaze, lacking anything better to do. Isn't it amazing that he can still see so many stars in the city?!

This time Ethan was the other boy that was going to be staying up for the second half of the night (poor Jaden finally gets a break!). Two half-brothers passing the night quietly together... for a moment, at least.

Christian needs some shut-eye.

Ethan stargazes quietly on his own. He wonders what it's like out there in space, a vast, limitless void of nothingness.

At around 5AM, Jaden wakes up, still sore and uncomfortable from the stress of his poor grades and his lack of sleep. He takes a shower nonetheless.

Cody's sleeping in this morning after staying up so late playing computer games. The boys don't have much to eat, so they raid the fridge for cookies. Perhaps the sugar in the cookies will substitute for bread and cereal.

Christian sleeps until morning.

He wakes up to a very unhappy stomach.

There's some leftover pizza in Jaden's inventory. Like the Torres, Haiders, and Francos, the Day brothers save up every bit of leftover food for consumption later, especially on the days when Cody doesn't feel like cooking (which is just about every day) and there aren't any restaurant leftovers for them.

Cody wakes up at long last.

"Yes, the computer's smoking a little bit. I guess it found our relationship a little too hot to handle!"

A little brotherly bonding?

The school bus arrives. Cody waits for all of his sons to leave the apartment before he even sets foot outside his bedroom in his PJs.

Cody knows better than to tamper with electronics after that electrocution... but he mostly called the landlady to invite her over socially...

"Cody is such a dear..."

But as soon as Beth is out of earshot, Cody's on the phone with... someone else!

Oh, Cody... will he ever learn?

"I don't want to hear about your disgust for sumo wrestling LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!! Enough with that!!"

(Danielle didn't even live in the building; she was just a walkby that the landlady tried to strike up a conversation with)
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It was a smart move on Cody's part to call for repairs rather than try to fix the computer himself. I've had more than one sim get electrocuted that way. However, it seems he was looking for much more than just a fix for his computer. The boys are doing about as well as they can at taking care of themselves; I wish Cody would help them out a little more but he seems only able to think of himself right now.
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Ugh that Cody.. please even cook for your kids!!

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Default Midweek woes for the Cuevas
Julio came home Tuesday evening to his younger siblings playing outside on the street. He's unfazed by it–it's a common sight in the favelas–but today Julio wanted none of it. He went straight into the house and into his room, out of sight.

Isabelle had spent the better part of her evening cleaning her bathroom. Won't Cheryl be a good kid and watch a movie with her? No boys, no Julio, not even her hubby; just mother and daughter watching a chicken comedy.

Cheryl brought Tina Traveller home from school, but she seemed more interested in playing cops and robbers with Garrett than watching a silly movie.

On the other side of the street, Evan and Gallagher Newson had a one-on-one water balloon fight with each other. Waiting for a parent to say it's not safe... but life in the favelas was never safe, was it? The Cuevas parents are used to all of those dangers. And the Newson clan have enough on their hands already.

Julio bought dinner at work, but he's still feeling a bit peckish. Rather than reaching for a plate of his mother's leftovers, he grabs a protein shake from the fridge and downs the chocolate-flavoured, sugar-free drink with great gusto.

Julio's a bit tired and cranky.

Julio, I know you didn't have the best of days today, but that doesn't mean you can just go and yell at your mother while she's cooking–even if you're not going to eat it.

"What do YOU know of anything?! Do YOU know how I feel?! You're just living up there, watching us from above, and you don't even come down here to walk on this world on our level! You wouldn't be saying all of that if you have ever walked in MY shoes!!"

Julio, I know you're pissed at your parents for making you leave your friends behind. I'm not saying that is necessarily a good thing, but you can't just keep being so bitter about this forever.

"Yeah, that's easy for YOU to say!! I bet you've never had to move and leave your friends behind against your will!! Do you even HAVE a will?! Hmm?!? Why don't you play me with free will on?!?"

The dining table was quiet today. Thomas is tired after a long day at work and isn't really in the mood to talk. Isabelle, Garrett, Cheryl, and Evan don't have much to say. And of course, Julio's absent, but he wouldn't have talked at all at the table if he somehow was there.

At Garrett's insistence, the three kids clear the table and wash the dishes.

Thomas quietly brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.

Dear Diary,

Julio once again didn't show up for dinner. I think he is still angry at us for moving... as usual. I am surprised that he has allowed his anger to hold onto him for so long.

I really do hope that things will change, that Julio will learn to forgive us and know that we didn't mean to separate him from his friends. We know how close Julio was to the people in the favela, and we really liked them too. I hope that someday we'll be able to get together the money to go back and visit them. I wish Julio would stop and listen long enough for us to tell him that we really do love him and we really do want to see him with his old friends again.

Alas, I have been writing down these hopes for many, many pages now. I have been praying for the same things over and over again, but nothing has turned up. I feel tempted to give up, give up and abandon God like He seemed to have abandoned me. But I cannot abandon my son.

"Did you guys hear Julio yelling at mom in the kitchen? Why do you think he's still angry after all these months?"

"It seems really strange that he's still mad at mom and dad after all this time. I think maybe we should just give him some money and let him go back."

"Good observation!"

"I can't speak for dad, but I don't think mom has given up on him yet. I think the best thing we can do is to be patient and not be cold to him. Julio's still part of this family, after all. He's still our eldest brother."

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I love these little stories
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It was nice to see Isabelle and Cheryl have a little time together, just the two of them.
If he hadn't been thinking bed, I'd have said Julio gave himself a thermal headache drinking his protein shake too fast! You got some great pictures of him with all his facial expressions. But maybe that attitude of his is why he hasn't made any new friends yet.
I loved the diary sequence. I'm totally going to steal that idea, and make actual diary entries for my sims. I also loved the younger kids sitting around talking and plotting.
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I found your post quite amusing and I liked the bit with the Diary a lot.

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Originally Posted by lordtyger9

I found your post quite amusing and I liked the bit with the Diary a lot.

Amusing? How so? I thought it helped make things a little more personal, what with Julio and I trying to converse with each other. Julio's going through some rough times and I don't blame him. I think he really could use someone who's willing to listen to him and let him vent.
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Default Tuesday Troubles with the Logans
It's Tuesday, and for Jake, that's his day off. Normally he's an early-riser and races his boys downstairs to see who can make breakfast first, but today he seems to have completely forfeited his victory.

"What do you think's up with dad?"

"Eh, I don't know. Wouldn't be surprised if he was hoping to go to another nightclub today."

"Do you think we should tell somebody about this?"

"Even if we did, what could they really do? Not much. Plus, dad told us not to tell anyone else about what happened."

"I wonder what's up with dad, Tucker. He's been acting up a lot these days."

Jake does not stir until 9am, an hour after his boys have left for school.

He seems hungry... for donuts and cookies and cakes and sodas.

First it was video games. Now it just might be food next. He prepares a group-sized batch of toaster pastries and gulps one down...

...then another...

...then another...

He's on to his fourth. Tucker looks up at him.

Stomach tight as a drum and full enough to skip lunch, he plays a snowboarding game as opposed to the soccer game he usually plays, just so he doesn't have to be reminded about his sagging work performance on the field.

Ryan comes home from school at one o'clock and is surprised to see the kitchen and the dining room a mess. His zero neat points means he isn't bothered by it, but he is still surprised to see that from his dad, since his dad is usually the one who nags the boys to clean up after themselves.

"Aww, and how's my favourite dog in the world doing? Did dad ignore you all day? Shame on him!"

After Ryan leaves for work, Tucker tries to get Jake's attention, but Jake's not interested in playing with the dog. All Tucker wants, however, is a feeding bowl that isn't empty.

Jordan comes home at three, sees a hungry and neglected Tucker, and shakes his head quietly. Where did his dad go?

Jake disappears into his bedroom afterwards and doesn't come out. When Jordan knocks on his bedroom door, Jake opens it and barks at him angrily for disturbing him. Jordan is quite shocked at this sudden change in attitude. He has never seen his dad this angry before, for no apparent reason! What was Jake doing in his bedroom that made him so aggressively defensive about it?

Jordan hides in his bedroom until his older brother comes home. Jake doesn't come out of his room. Ryan prepares some mac and cheese for them to eat.

Jordan tells him about it.

"That's strange indeed. I think dad's hiding something from us in his room. Dad has to work this Saturday; think we can sneak into his room and figure out what's going on in there?"

The conversation ends abruptly when Jake comes down, grabs a bowl for himself, and returns to his room without a word.

Nobody seems to be minding how the kitchen's getting really dirty. Someone better do the dishes before they get eaten by flies.

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Originally Posted by k6ka
Amusing? How so? I thought it helped make things a little more personal, what with Julio and I trying to converse with each other. Julio's going through some rough times and I don't blame him. I think he really could use someone who's willing to listen to him and let him vent.

"Yeah, that's easy for YOU to say!! I bet you've never had to move and leave your friends behind against your will!! Do you even HAVE a will?! Hmm?!? Why don't you play me with free will on?!?"

I found that line and the picture that went with it amusing.

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Default Sunday snapshots of the Newbies
After experimenting with playing games in higher resolution, I decided to try and run The Sims 2 in 1366x768 resolution, which is the resolution of my entire laptop screen. Adding to the challenge was that I play in windowed mode, so naturally the actual resolution was probably going to be a bit smaller than that. I set the taskbar to autohide itself after I launched the game, and to my delight, the window fit on my screen with even some room to spare. Irfanview worked flawlessly and didn't capture anything extra or unwanted, and the extra room meant that even if I accidentally dragged the game window down, nothing would get cut off and I could just drag it back up. I first tried this setup with The Sims 3, and when it worked beautifully I decided to try it with the other games I have, including SimCity 4 and Cities: Skylines. The increased resolution means larger screenshots, which means better images... surely.

I took a few experimental screenshots with the Pleasant family in Pleasantview, and when I liked how the images turned out, I tried it out in SimVille for the first time. Here's a couple of screenshots I took of the Newbie family in SimVille–that wealthy, prominent family that seems so eager to befriend total strangers, yet seem to treasure quantity more than quality in relationships. More friends is better for them... but can they make better friends?

Pancakes for breakfast started the day off well.

Alec and Julius were slightly off-key, but they sounded oddly wonderful together.

The key to every healthy relationship with a younger sibling is conversation, not lecture.

Even though the Newbies are extremely wealthy, Amar still goes to the Corner Stop to pick up groceries. Well, at least enough to fill half the fridge.

He had the other half delivered to his doorstep, but he mostly placed the order because he wanted to see the deliveryman.

Because walking down the stairs is just too slow and cumbersome...

Marco Polo in the pool cools off a hot day.

The Newbies kept Mayhew Shibata over for dinner.

Layer cake for dessert.

"Thanks for having me over, Amar! Not too many people order stuff here in SimVille so I don't know that many people 'round here."

"No problem, Mayhew! Do give us a call if you need anything!"

Window washing.

Tuning the music room piano.

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Default The Newsons–not new but they're doing good... or are they?
I remember being very turned off by the physical appearances of this family when I first installed Apartment Life. For many years this was enough to deter me from even touching the family, and they sat in the family bin quietly in many of my hoods, unwanted and unplayed. But as time passed, I had a change of heart, and began to admire the Newsons for being a non-nuclear family with a pretty incredible story that EAxis tried to build with them. I allowed Gavin Newson to be hired as a server at Amar's Restaurant, and soon decided to move them into my hood to be played with. And good grief, is this one difficult family to manage, given its size and its two young bouncing inhabitants promising to steal sleep from everyone else in the household! But before I get ahead of myself, let's have a look at how the Newsons are doing in SimVille.

After their parents' untimely death, the adopted Newson clan is faced with the reality of separation and a return to foster care or weathering the unknown future together. With no parents to guide or protect them, can the Newson's continue to provide each other the safety and security their adopted parents provided?

The Sims

Gavin Newson

At his age, Gavin never thought he would be adopted. He is grateful for the chance at a real family and has come to fiercely love his brothers and sisters. In fact, Gavin couldn't imagine life without them. He decided long ago that he would do whatever it took to protect and care for them!

Money was tight after their long, tedious, and costly travels to reach SimVille from their old home. Juggling an overnight cashier job at the Corner Stop with an evening cleaning job at DiscoGambling, plus the additional stress of high school and the boatloads of homework that come with it, sure left Gavin feeling like he's been getting grey hair before he's legally old enough to drink and buy cigarettes. One day, when he had gotten terminated for falling asleep on the job at the Corner Stop, Amar Newbie took notice and decided to offer him a much more manageable job at his restaurant. The hours were long and irregular, but the pay was generous, and Gavin wouldn't have to juggle two jobs simultaneously to keep the food on the table. Gavin accepted... and now Ginger is mad at him for not being home enough.

Ginger Newson

Ginger was a troubled child with a troubled past before flowering under the loving kindness of her adopted mother, Gloria. With Gloria gone, Ginger faces the unknown challenges of being an adult and acting as a mother to her siblings.

Ginger has always wanted a happy family... but not like this! Her four younger siblings take up a lot of space and energy in the apartment they live in, and the cramped quarters only serve to exacerbate the problem. She's okay with Gabriella and Gallagher, but she's not very prepared to take on raising two toddlers at a time. With Gloria around, things were fine, but after Gloria's death and Gavin's constant absence from the home in order to find work, Ginger's being left to bear the load of all of the work that needs to be done around the house alone. She's been getting Gabriella and Gallagher to help out as best as they can, but it's still up to her to make sure the young tots learn all of their toddler skills before they grow up... and by the way things are going right now, they might not make the deadline in time.

Gabriella Newson

Gabriella, a precocious child, has been dubbed the princess of the Newson family. This little wonder enjoys the lavish love and attention of her siblings and has a knack for wrapping people around her little finger.

Gabriella's the attention seeker of the household, and it doesn't matter who in the family is giving her attention, so long as it's positive and not because she's in trouble. With Gavin frequently out at work or school, Ginger's the only person that's above her that she can pick on to get attention from. Of course, young Garrett and Georgia make for a great, albeit illiterate, audience as well; she frequently tries to get their attention through games and goofiness, but usually their need for food and clean diapers wrenches the attention from Gabriella to the toddlers' needs. She likes Garrett and Georgia better than her brother, but all that love and adoration takes a major backseat when they start crying–and all of a sudden they become the world for her older siblings.

Gallagher Newson

Gallagher is one of a kind. He is a happy child who tends to be shy around strangers. He stays to himself more than any of the other children but he is coming out of his shell day by day. Will his siblings continue to bring out the best in him?

Gallagher gets along fine with Gabriella, but he doesn't like it when Gavin and Ginger tell him to play with his younger siblings. All Garrett and Georgia seem capable of doing is chewing on toys and spitting them back out, all covered in baby spit and slime. Gallagher starts out with 0 daily relationship points with both of his younger toddler sibs, and while he doesn't necessarily hate them, he's more of the passive-aggressive type when interacting with them. When Gavin tells him to bring them a baby bottle, he'll bring the bottle but neglect to warm up the milk. When Ginger tells him to empty the trash bin filled with dirty diapers, he'll take out the trash but won't put in a new trash bag until Ginger explicitly tells him to. Gallagher often gets jealous when he sees Gabriella giving her attention to Garrett and Georgia, wishing that he was the one who got all of the tender care and the attention in the family.

Garrett Newson

The bouncing male fraternal twin in the household has quite a knack for helping to keep Ginger awake all night. The Newsons can't afford daycare, so Garrett has never had much exposure to outside Sims... which suits a shy tot like him just fine. He's an unaggressive one, even when Gallagher is being half-hearted to him. He seems to be Ginger's favourite, as she spends more time with him than Georgia. He still, however, hasn't mastered any of his toddler skills yet. Will he be able to make it, or will the Newsons' constant bickering and division keep him from growing up well?

Georgia Newson

Georgia is Gavin's personal favourite, and while Georgia's a lot grouchier than the rest of the household, she seems to enjoy Gavin's presence more than anyone else's. She's less likely to open her mouth to laugh at Gabriella's performances, but she doesn't particularly appreciate Gallagher's snubbing, throwing loud and angry fits when Gallagher steps over or around her. Gavin wants Georgia to grow up well, but work and money all seem to be bigger things on his mind, and he frequently leaves Georgia in the care of Ginger, who's angered by Gavin's seeming half-heartedness towards raising his younger adopted siblings in favour of making money and being away from the apartment. As such, Ginger's having to build that relationship up with Georgia–a difficult task with Garrett and the older kids all competing for her attention. Will she be able to make it, or will everyone else steal much needed attention from her?

The house

The Newsons reside in the Teleprompter Apartments, which we covered in our story about the Jocks. They reside on the north side of the second floor, and their apartment is practically a mirror image of the Jocks' apartment.

A brief glimpse of life in the Newson family

It started at around 3AM when Garrett and Georgia conveniently decided to wake up together at the same time. Garrett sat happily in his crib, but Georgia wanted out. Now.

Still tired and groggy, Ginger got the little tot out of her crib and kept her amused. She still doesn't have a high enough relationship with her to teach her how to walk and talk.

Garrett and Georgia should at least graduate from using diapers, and since they needed to go anyways, Ginger decided to place them on the potty chair and save herself the diaper-changing hassle. Goodness, that was not fun when they were infants!

Ginger needs coffee. Parenthood is a tiring full-time job.

Ginger gets Gavin out of bed at 4 to help teach Georgia how to walk. She's making good progress; she should be able to learn it before she grows up.

When Gallagher and Gabriella wake up, Gavin needs to make them breakfast (such a shame Sim kids aren't allowed to cook). Ginger would eat, but Georgia insists on being fed attention first.

Gavin and Ginger may very well be high school dropouts at this point, given their responsibilities outside of school pushing them into adulthood far sooner than they would've liked. They initially tried working on a "rotating" schedule where Gavin and Ginger would take turns going to school, since babysitting services are much too expensive (and useless, given how the nanny can barely take care of herself) for them. However, it's not a particularly even system, as Ginger finds herself staying at home more often than not. Gavin, being a Fortune Sim, insists that he should go to school in order to get a good education for a better paying job down the road. Ginger, meanwhile, argues that the current system doesn't work if Gavin doesn't honour the rotations properly and that his current job is a dead-end job anyways; no matter how well Gavin delivers food to hungry guests, it's not going to improve his cooking skill and he will never become chef material to land a chef position (a position fellow colleague Angela Kovax is much more qualified for anyways). Plus, Gavin is actually making pretty good money for his job: the tips are pretty nice, and Amar's a fair employer. Shouldn't Ginger be given opportunities too?

Today, Gavin assumed his position as promising young scholar, even if he's not exactly honour roll material. Ginger watches with disapproval.

Very well then, Ginger thinks to herself. If Gavin's not gonna help raise the kids then he's not going to be their father-figure. Then I'll teach the twins to respect me and not you. You were never their father. You know what hurts more? You really weren't their father at all!

Well, nasty thoughts aside, Ginger needs some breakfast first.

The twins have exhausted their reserves of energy and are tired once again. They'll be back up and crying within a few hours. Ginger places them in their cribs, then passes out on the couch.

The solar panels on the roof of the building practically makes the complex self-sustaining! It actually really helps, given how rent here is pretty steep.

At 11AM, the twins wake up. Georgia stirs up a fuss and wakes Ginger up from her dreamy, sleep-deprived slumber.

Ginger can only be in one place at a time, though. Garrett begins screaming for his exit as well.

When Ginger finally gets around to getting him, he had already forgotten about his desire to explore the outside world and has discovered the interesting nature of boogers instead.

Ginger might be able to save her grades... if Gavin would let her go to school!

Ginger's famished. She's gonna have to eat first! Let's just hope the twins get along with each other in her brief absence...

Oh, well, at least their twin bond has held up. ADORBS!

Amidst the dog knocked-over trash can and the sweltering heat of the SimVille sun, Gavin's grades are less than optimal.

Gavin has an hour before he has to work. He's still busy thinking about having enough money in the bank for a nice retirement... and that starts with generous tips at the restaurant.

"Aww, what? Ginger didn't potty train you today? C'mon, she's been sitting at home all day! What does she do anyways?"

With the bathroom currently occupied by two Sims too many, Ginger has to use the public bathroom downstairs by the swimming pool.

"Hey, I was the one who woke up at three in the morning to tend to the kids!! I was flat out tired by the time morning came around, and I had to look after the two while you just went to school!"

"What, you think I had a jolly good day today? I couldn't finish Mr. McCumber's assignment in time and it was due today! How do you think I'm going to graduate at this rate?!"

"Ugh!! You just leave me here with the twins! You don't even help change their diapers or feed them!"

"And you don't even try to find a job or anything, so I have to work to keep the money flowing! I'm the only one who's making money here, you know!"

"What?! How on earth am I supposed to get a job?!?! Who's going to look after the two during the day?!"

"You are!"

"You don't even let me go to school!! How am I supposed to graduate??!! Am I supposed to be a juvenile delinquent for parenting a bunch of kids that aren't even mine?!?! What did I do to deserve all this?! Are you just going to ignore me now?! Huh?!"

Well, now that she's at home, she may as well just go ahead and teach Georgia how to walk. If Gavin doesn't help take care of the kids, then she might as well do so and get the kids attached to her so they'll give him the cold shoulder. First things first: Garrett and Georgia need to be able to walk on their two feet!

At 3PM, the kids come home from school. Gallagher brought home his good friend Isaiah Gavigan, who's at least more interested in him than the twins.

Isn't it nice when you receive positive attention?

Gabriella runs into the apartment, only to be shushed back out by Ginger; the twins are sound asleep. It's gonna be a great afternoon for Gallagher, now that he's no longer competing for attention from his sister.

After a few minutes of playing, Isaiah's rumbling stomach (and the Newsons' lack of food in the fridge for big meals every day) leads him to buy a bag of chips from the vending machine.

Ginger, meanwhile, is much too tired to think straight, let alone get up to play with her siblings. That's fine–they're old enough to take care of themselves. May as well catch up on some more shuteye... least, until the twins wake her up again. This time, they're hungry, and she definitely can't skip out on that. She places them in their high chairs and fetches baby food from the fridge.

If there's one advantage of working at Amar's businesses, it's discounts at every one of Amar's establishments! 50% off cooked food at Fresh Rush Grocery sure saves Ginger a heck of a lot of time when it comes to feeding the rest of the family (well, except Gavin, since he works at a restaurant for crying out loud! Why would getting food ever be of concern for him?). Grilled cheese sandwiches are a favourite in the Newson household.

On the plus side, Garrett has been successfully potty trained! Georgia will be soon to follow. Potty training's the easy bit, though, since they need to go pee anyways. The young tots are still gonna need to learn how to walk and talk if they're to have a great start to life.

Not today, though! Ginger's passed out on the bed, having been operating on-and-off today on barely any sleep.

"Coochy-coochy coo!!" Gabriella really adores her younger siblings.

"Y'know Gallagher, I should be asking you the questions about having younger siblings. I'm an only child, but mom wants to have another baby. What's it like?"

"Well, they wet their pants and cry all night, for starters."

"Is it really that bad, though?"

"Well, you've never had kids before, so how would you know?"

"True, true."

Amar knows Gavin has kids at home to care for, and the restaurant usually quiets down after 9pm, so Amar will typically let Gavin off early. Tonight, Gavin gets home at 10pm. Time to put the tots back into their cribs... where's Ginger?

"What?! You can't have just gone to bed without putting Garrett and Georgia back into their cribs! ... No, you are NOT going to just pull the covers over your head and ignore me! You're going to get out of bed and give me an explanation!"

"Oh, now you're talking?! I barely slept last night and these toddlers have been waking me up like the most inconvenient alarm clocks all day!! YOU, meanwhile, got to go to school today! I'm at a D right now, Gavin!! I'm not about to be expelled from school because of you!!"

Eventually, they reach a resolution: Gavin and Ginger will each take one toddler and place them in their cribs; Ginger gets the bed and the opportunity to go to school tomorrow; and Gavin will sleep on the couch and stay at home until he has to go to work. And for once, the apartment is quiet... for now.

...Until the twins wake Gavin up! Should he apologize to Ginger now?


The Newsons have been through a lot of hard, unfortunate times, but they've also been very lucky to have one very important thing: a family. The situations they've been through are like a blacksmith's forge to metal; the heat seems to destroy it, but in reality it helps refine and reshape the material to produce something stronger and more useful. Unfortunately for the Newsons, they have not yet experienced the fullness of the refining process, and in fact may be too quick to blame it as the reason that their bonds are now beginning to crumble, now that they've settled in.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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Default A bond endangered
Things didn't seem all that unusual one Tuesday morning at first. Sure, Simon was still moping about his lost job, but at least there was food...

"Simon! The school bus is here! Let's go!" But Simon did not move. His little brother tugged at his arms. "Simon! We have to go, or we'll be late for school!"

"You go," Simon said simply. Now it was Lucas' turn to not move. "I'm not leaving without you!" he said. "Wherever you go, I go!" At which point, Simon rebuked him and ordered him to go to school.

So Lucas went, alone, retreating to the very back of the bus so no one could see him choking on his tears. Simon remained on the couch for the next few hours.

When Lucas got home at 3, he was surprised to find the apartment empty. Even the door was unlocked! ...although thankfully nothing was stolen. He called his brother's cell phone, but he got no response. Not even any ringing, as if he had turned his phone off. The first person he calls? His next best friend.

Evan and Amar practically ran over to the apartment. "You haven't seen him?" Amar asks. "No, not since this morning," came Lucas' reply. "Did he go to school?" Amar inquires. "No, he stayed put on the couch after breakfast and didn't move." "Did you notice anything unusual about him?" "Yeah... he yelled at me to go to school when I told him I wasn't leaving without him."

The three run frantically around SimVille, looking for Simon.

When Simon cannot be found anywhere around town, they take Amar's car and head into the city looking for him.

Finally, they find him at the Crypt O' Night Club. Simon's there, smustling away on the dance floor.

"Simon!! We need you! We need you back home!" Lucas shouts at him. But he doesn't seem to hear them... or at least, chooses not to listen, for he goes over to the bar and orders a few blended drinks.

"You guys need to leave me alone!! Go away!!!" And Simon rushes out the back door. The three run after him... but he is gone!!

It is Evan who insists that Lucas spend the night over at the Newbies' place. "You can sleep in my bed," Evan said to him. "I'll sleep on the couch." And at first, things seem to be okay.

Despite the hospitality, though, it's still a strange new environment for Lucas, and the recent developments keep him restless enough to stir him out of bed at half past three in the morning.

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Default Saturday cooking with Angela Kovax
For the first time in months, Angela finally had a day off on a Saturday, the busiest day of the week for Amar's Restaurant. She's looking to ramp up her cooking skill points today and work towards that shiny promotion over the hill to head chef of the place!

Salmon and pork chops are one of the most commonly ordered items on the menu, so she has to get used to making a ton of them. It all starts at home. Salmon... mmm, salmon's good.

Et voila! Lunch's settled for today!

Now for the pork chops.

...W-W-Well, if every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs? Too bad it's burnt either way.

Angela is not going to let that stop her, though! She's determined to learn from failure and continue onwards. Let's see if she can pull off a delicious turkey dinner for her family tonight!

You know, every time the oven is used, there's always a chance of...


Well, it was worth a try. Back to spaghetti and meatballs for now.

Be like the 22nd elephant with heated value in space, bark!
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Poor Angela!

On the plus side though, her dishwasher is amazing! I wish I had one that could wash away an entire charred turkey.

I will choose a path that's clear- I will choose free will
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Default A Saturday with the Jocks
First off, I'd like to apologize for letting this thread sit dormant for quite some time. I have since resumed school but still work at the amusement park on weekends, which means my life has been much busier than over the summer (winter for those in the southern hemisphere). As I write this I haven't touched The Sims 2 in a couple of weeks, so I'm happy to get back into it again. Since it's been a while, though, I kinda just wanted to play for fun again.

I decided to play the Jocks today. (I don't do "rotations" or have quotas or anything of the like; I just play whichever household I feel like playing at the time)

Toby's on the phone with a Rosemarie Jitmakusol. He has a want to fall in love with her! He'll definitely be inviting her over. Maybe tonight.

He then invites Carly Firebaum over. His parents don't even know her, but even if they did, they wouldn't approve of it. So long as Toby can keep discreet... I mean, the apartment building is surely large enough to hide the two from them. Right?

Harold had work today until 3. He got a sweet promotion to Rookie, and brought home sports superstar Dan Newbie as well!

Sharla Ottomas' offer of a hug didn't sit well with Jason.

Quite the greeting! I think Toby missed the mark by an inch, though.

The two seat themselves in the nice restaurant on the top floor of the building. It's an unscored outing, but Toby doesn't mind. With his father in the building, it's probably easier if they didn't have scores to keep track of and hordes of kissing wants to fulfill.

Really, Toby? The weather? How boring could you be? Even Carly looks disinterested.

Ribs for Toby; lime seared prawns for Carly. The server seems rather excluded and unwanted from this conversation. Wonder if a tray-dropping "accident" is about to happen.

Hmm, guess not.

Sloppy Sims have no sense of table manners.

Today's a "cheat day" for Jason, I guess. It was a Saturday, and during the landlord's half-baked building party where the landlord mostly annoyed his tenants, he didn't really work out that much. Now he's getting himself a bag of white cheddar crackers...

Isn't it just sad that Dan and Samantha Ottomas are playing on two separate pool tables? Such loners!

Now if mom or dad steps out of those elevators those two will be caught in an instant!

Thankfully both are in their apartment teaching a townie how to do the slap dance.

Well, if there's anything that didn't get done this weekend, it's cleaning the bathroom! What a MESS this place is!

I've never actually used the "Buy Coffee For Sim" interaction before today...

Mmm... coffee and convos. (And Dan's buying his own meal at the restaurant, it seems)

Jason thinks he can score some points from his dad if he reads the Fitness hobby magazine. He would approve, surely; he reads it himself from cover to cover every week.

Dan Newbie, of all things, orders an omelette. I see even the rich in SimVille don't mind cheap eats.

I'd say their "love" is too superficial to even be considered love... but that's just my opinion. I'll let Toby ride the waves if he insists on continuing with Carly.

Oh of course... Toby just had to make out for the first time with Carly in a stairwell, of all places!

I think I might've spoken too soon.

"So, where have you been today?" Harold asks Toby when he pulls up at the dining table.

"Oh, nothing much. The usual."

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Default Funday with the Firebaums
In case you hadn't known, The Sims Wiki recently had its URL forcefully changed from '' to '', as I mentioned here. Yes, I'm still recovering from the anger instilled from this rebranding nonsense. I still want to vomit every time I look at my browser's address bar.

Anyways, while digging through some old files on my hard drive that for some reason I haven't gotten around to processing yet, I came across these two old images I took a good while ago, and couldn't help but chuckle a little.

Darren decided to play a nice round of video games with his father, Cory. Only problem is, Cory's a lot more into games than his son, and soon his son decided to call it a day.

"Hey dad, it was nice playing with you, but I think I should get some rest now. Can you please move? You're blocking my way..."

"Yeah, that's right, sonny! You better start playing more aggressively if you don't wanna spend your days doing HOMEWORK!"

"Dad, dad... seriously. I can't get out, the coffee table is in the way."

"Son, admit defeat and wave your white flag! You can't beat me! You can't beat your old pops! I'll always be better than you! You want another piece of me, punk??!!"

Oh, how long ago was it? I first posted those in 2015 in this post. The memories! So when I booted up my game after suffering from a serious midterm crisis, I decided to play this family again. Back to apathetic Cory and his two not-so-apathetic children.

Yes yes, look who's here. It's Beth Love, that landlady who has a steamy affair with none other than that Cody Day! And today's a Saturday so she's here with her half-baked hot dogs fresh from the communal grill.

Her love for flowers and insects and trees doesn't particularly interest Darren.

Although Carly's a Romance Sim, that doesn't mean she can't pursue non-romantic relationships now and then too. Actually, who wouldn't?

Cory, oddly enough, remains inside the apartment and receives a phone call from... wait, do we know each other?

No doubt Beth's telling Darren about her recent WooHoo with Cody. She figures that Darren won't mind–he's a teen so he can handle it, and he's too young to get his feet wet with them. Yet.

I moved Chester Gieke into this apartment lot not too long ago, so Cory hasn't met him yet. Gamers, unite!

While we're at it, let's teach our guests here the vacation greetings!

Weather? What a boring subject of choice.

Have you ever seen an old man windmilling an air guitar? ...What, are you saying you're not impressed, La Shawn Cameron?

Ah, work. The most inconvenient thing in life, and Darren has to work on Saturdays. As he leaves the chess table, Carly decides to talk non-romantic relationships with the landlady. Well, I mean, surely the two understand each other, right? (And by God, it looks like nobody was hungry enough for those crappy hot dogs)

Er, guess Beth wanted to go down that direction again with a minor...

On another note, looks like her face got stuck. Sure seems quite happy over not being interested in world peace.

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Default Time for the Travellers to settle
After a fairly extended hiatus, I'm back! Now to get right back into things, let's open up the Traveller family, the family that EAxis shipped with Bon Voyage.

It's obvious that EAxis intended for the Travellers to be used for visiting those brand spanking new vacation hoods, but let's be real–how are you supposed to make money to eat if you're not employed at all? Since Trent seems to want a life of adventure through travel, I gave him a job in the Adventurer career. Trisha's still looking for a job, but she'll be getting one eventually. Tina, of course, needs to settle in to a school and make some permanent friends around here. I get that Trent wants out from the rat race and wants to travel, and I'm happy to make family vacations a regular thing for him–in fact I took the Travellers out on an island vacation last time I played them–but, you know, you still need a job in order to eat. And pay the bills. And the apartment rent. Speaking of apartments...

I moved the Travellers into the Seaspray Apartments, in the apartment right next door to the McGregors. It isn't a bad place to live, and for a family of three, this apartment is pretty darn cozy, compared to the eight bouncing Sims in a similarly-sized apartment a wall away.

First floor contains the garage and the front door.

Second floor is where their living room, dining room, and kitchen are located.

Third floor is where their two bedrooms are. Tina's bedroom is the same size as the bedroom all of the McGregor kids next door have to share, but she's an only child so all of that space is hers! ...Actually, that might not be such a great thing, since she won't be used to sharing such a large space. Think of the Haiders!

Last time I left them, it's early Saturday morning, and for reasons I can't remember, the landlord is out on the lot. I think he'll stick around until the weekly building party.

Trisha Traveller is not as loyal to her husband as one might expect...

It's hailing, but when did that ever stop Trent? No adventurous father-and-daughter duo would ever pass on the opportunity to have some totally safe swing-around fun while being pelted by little ice pellets!

Trisha isn't so much of a fan of bad weather, however. She seeks shelter in the indoor communal rec room and socializes with the landlord.

Trent and Tina learn their lesson the hard way: hail is not very nice.

Hail cracking down over his head, Trent makes his way to the carpool. As an Adventurer, he's going to have to get used to working every Saturday. Hey, at least it's better than a sour white-collared 9-to-5 internship.

Being uprooted from her old home meant that Tina has to make new friends in SimVille. She has a curious heart like her father, but she also just wants to have a circle of good friends she can get to know for a solid period of time rather than being constantly blown around like dandelion seeds. So far all of the kids she's met in school have been nice enough to give her their numbers.

When the weather clears up, the apartment doors swing open and the neighbours start pouring out... and they're dispersing in different directions! Tina doesn't know the McGregors all to well, which is all too unfortunate. Today she's going to have to change that.

"Did you know that the island natives of Twikkii Island have used the mortar and pestle to make poi out of taro? It used to taste really bad, but then they started to add other stuff to the mixture to make it..."

Luckily for Tina, Lyndsay changed the boring and uninteresting subject.

The pizza has arrived, and it looks like the landlord already made one slice disappear.

I'm just going to save one for Trent, since we all know how much he likes a good pepperoni-and-cheese.

Tina seemed a little shy to ask, but it turns out Lyndsay wanted to play catch with someone too!

Trisha and Alyssa were having a good conversation together when all of a sudden Alyssa turns around and heads back into her apartment. I wonder if Trisha felt the least bit rejected by that.

A townie that hasn't mastered the vacation gestures yet? Oh, Trisha feels glad to be part of something bigger.

Trisha wonders why the landlord doesn't just grab a slice and join her. Is he just antisocial or what?

"Trent is not home. Call again later!" Tina doesn't recognize the voice on the other end. It sounds like a female downtownie, but why on earth would she be interested in her dad?

Alyssa comes out again, this time hungry enough for a slice.

Tina and Lyndsay have gotten close enough to each other to be able to play Cops And Robbers without rejecting the interaction. Tina can ignore that creepy landlord for now!

Lyndsay's able to ignore the commotion too, with an ill-tempered apartment townie fighting with their father for no apparent reason.

For some reason, Alyssa sees fit to compliment him! Trisha is aghast!

"Stop it, Neil!! Stop it already!!"

"Why on earth is your dad getting into a fight with some random stranger?" Tina asks when the two escape the kerfuffle into the safety of the communal rec room.

"He's not like this, I swear!" was Lyndsay's defensive reply.

"Who are you to even think about insulting people like that?!?! Where are your manners, young man?!"

"Ho ho! He he! Look who's trying to save the day now!"

Trent returns home with a promotion and a Thomas Cuevas at 4pm sharp. The McGregors are still playing outside, but Trent wants Thomas to feel right at home.

"It's 4 o'clock, but would you care for a cup [of coffee]?" And the three adults seat themselves in the living room. Trisha goes on about Neil Chalmer's foul behaviour today. Trent is displeased with the news and sides with his wife as the two talk about what to do with him. Thomas sits quietly, wondering about the mess he had moved his family into.

When the dust outside has settled and Neil Chalmers has gone back into his apartment, Lyndsay and Dominic are the only McGregor family members still out and about. Having eight Sims living in one apartment means that the kids will almost always go outside to play, given how there isn't enough space in the apartment for all of them to play tag all at once. Tina will perhaps never know what it's like to have to live with so many people in such a small space, let alone having to share a room with one other person.

It's not uncommon for visitors to leave before mealtimes in SimVille, but both the Travellers and the Cuevas are fairly recent arrivals, so they don't really care. Thomas feels a bit guilty over eating the Traveller's food, but Julio back home has been acting out more than usual and he needs a break. From him. The Travellers don't see it, though. When the flames over Neil Chalmers cool down a bit, the Travellers are talking about where they should vacation next. Thomas picks up on the idea. He doesn't know about Julio, but he's certain that the rest of his family could enjoy a nice, well-deserved vacation, right?

After supper, Trent spends some time with Tina.

"Now I know what you're thinking: Trent was rich enough to retire, and so he did, and he wanted to travel the world. The truth is, though, he didn't get rich and we were still paying 20% of our annual income on housing. I don't mean to be pessimistic, but he's only about 30 right now, and he just barely started in his career. I persuaded him to at least get a job and at least get a house, but he still wants to just live that rustic life of having no permanent address and no permanent connections outside of his family, instead just travelling constantly and exploring the world as a nomad. It sounds fun, but let's be real. We still need to have money and to eat."

"If he really wants such a life, he could always follow me back to the favelas. I lived in a warehouse as a squatter during my teenage years, and on my days off I'd often wander around the city district I lived in looking for work, any work that I could do to net myself a few extra dollars."

"You didn't like that life, did you?"

"Me? Oh, how I desperately wanted a roof of my own and a steady income to support myself back in those days! And I know so many people that are still living there–not much has changed there, really. He should really think about how lucky he is to even have a permanent job rather than just throwing it all away!"

Tina sits in bed and thinks about what their next vacation should be like. She doesn't think about Neil. She doesn't think about Sherman. She doesn't think about why Neil acted the way he did, or why Sherman seemed to have already been close to the tipping point.

Trisha thinks about Thomas and the lengths he went to get out of the life that her husband seemed to desire.

Trent, meanwhile, is wondering what it's like to visit a place with no working showers. How would he get clean then? The answer: sponge baths! He practices in front of the kitchen sink, perhaps out of naïveness.


Thanks for reading! I'm trying out a different layout this time; instead of a really long post divided up into sections, I'm going to try making everything flow together, which will hopefully reduce the amount of time I spend posing Sims and instead letting their daily routine speak for themselves. Again, sorry for the lack of updates; school has been keeping me pretty busy, but with December things start to wind down a little bit, leaving me with some time (and motivation) to play again.

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Default Sunday with Serge
It's 5AM, Sunday morning. Serge has the day off today, but it's not in his blood to sleep in. He's up and out tending to his two garden plots.

Oh, look who finally decided to show up. Count Nery Wood, hello!

Serge has for him a wonderful morning present!

After Nery leaves, Felicia Rusewicz shows up looking for trouble too!

"And what do YOU think you're doing?! Moron!!"

"When life gives you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade," Serge tells himself. "Hehehe. That's what I'm doing!"

Later that morning, Serge heads out to the gym. He's not too interested in fighting people today; he just wants to use the facilities here.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in." Normally, Serge would be the first to strike, but today he's not in the mood for fighting. "Look, I'm not here to bother you today," he said. "Go away and mind your own business."

They wouldn't. For the first time in his life, Serge felt like he was the one being bullied.

Eventually, it's Jason Menon that starts the fight.

Serge wins, as usual. Weakling Menon doesn't stand a chance.

"You're disturbing the peace once again, Serge!! How many times do I have to warn you before I have to drive you back to the station in handcuffs?!"

"It's not my fault that today's incident started! All I did was come here to work out!"

Disgruntled at the whole thing, Serge makes himself a lunch meat sandwich and eats alone.

When the three have left the lot, Serge decides to cool off a little. The dance sphere is one of his favourite rides.

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Default Friday fraternal friendships
Mitchell had to work late today. For some reason, nearby Jewell's County saw a massive death wave and he was made to work overtime writing nice stuff about the deceased. There were leftovers in the fridge and Mike surely got the text and put himself to bed on his own, so hopefully things were okay while he was gone.

He cracked the door to Mike's bedroom open a smidge. His son was sound asleep, so at least he went to bed. It was 11pm, however, so who knows how late he stayed up until. Mitchell decides not to press him on that. He quietly closes the bedroom door, the springs in the doorknob creaking ever so slightly.

Mitchell seats himself in front of his computer. He sometimes wishes he could be a better father for Mike. If only his wife were still here. He stares at the blank computer screen for a bit, then turns the computer on. It's getting late, and he still has to work tomorrow, but for some reason he doesn't feel like sleeping just yet. He starts up his word processing program and looks at his unfinished novel. He hadn't touched it in a week. His night owl self was kicking in, though. He sets down a single letter onto the page.

A letter turns into a sentence, a sentence into a paragraph, a paragraph into a page. He pounds away at the keyboard, writing well into the night. A page turns into a chapter, then two. He feels motivated. He was on a roll.

When Mike wakes up the next morning, he's surprised to find his dad passed out on the couch instead of in bed. "You alright, dad?" he asks, and Mitchell wakes up, rubbing his eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just beat writer's block last night."

He had never thought of himself that way, but maybe he really was a night owl. His writing well was dry again this morning. Every time he lowered the bucket, he brought up nothing but air.

Mike brought home the Urban twins after school. He's been getting to know the two really well, and he admires the two of them a lot. They get along like two hands and two feet, two eyes and two ears. It's almost as if the two just naturally like each other.

Mitchell thankfully doesn't have to work late again. He fixes some dinner and the four eat on the balcony. Mike's bubbling on and on about his friends. That's one thing Mitchell doesn't have to worry about, at least.

The three go off to do something that Mitchell doesn't see. He's at the computer again, though his well is still empty. Maybe it's still too early for those creative juices to start flowing. While he's mindlessly browsing the web for random garbage, Mike returns. The twins had already gone home as it was getting late. "Dad?" he asks. "Can we talk for a bit?"

"I want a sibling," Mike explained when the two were seated.

"What makes you want that?" Mitchell asked.

"Well, I'm the only only child in town, and it's kinda lonely being the only kid in the house. I'm the only kid in this entire building! I keep thinking about how Jared treats Tommy, and how Tommy treats Jared, and how they have like a built-in best friend that lives with them and all. They don't ever have to feel lonely. I feel kinda lonely here."

"C'mon, Mike... you know you have me. I know I have work and all, but at the very least I'm home in the evenings. I know yesterday was unfortunate, but for the most part I'm here!"

"Yeah, but, it's not the same. It can't be the same. You're my dad. You're not a kid like me. If I had a brother or a sister that was a kid like me, it would be different. It would be like all the other kids around here that have siblings, which is basically everyone except me."

Later in bed, Mitchell really does wonder if he's falling short of being a great dad. His son wants something that he can't give. What was he supposed to do about that?

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Default Take me to Takemizu Village
The Urbans were thinking about where to go for their next vacation. Suzie suggests they go to Takemizu Village, where "ninjas have been known to teach people how to teleport." Jared and Tommy were excited to hear about that. "That sounds so awesome!! Let's go!!!" They were excited to get out of the house and explore the world. Adventure lived in their blood. And even though this was going to be a totally sanitized one, riddled with tourist traps and all, it was still better than going to school every day.

Johnny and Suzie both had to work on Saturdays, leaving the twins home alone every weekend. That suited them just fine, though. The maid did the cleaning and they always had something other than homework to do.

Saturday was also the apartment building party, so of course it was only natural for them to show the neighbours the vacation gestures they knew.

Of course, Jared and Tommy being the only kids in the building meant that it felt strange for them to be mingling in a party full of adults without their parents. They invite Justin and Evan Newbie over from just next door to play in their playground.

Nobody cares about the landlord's pizza either, so Jared and Tommy also had the luxury of eating a homecooked meal at the Newbies place. Roland did the cooking.

"You guys plan on going to Takemizu Village? Yeah, you guys should definitely go! The people there are really nice, and the cherry blossoms are beautiful I guess. I didn't see any ninjas, though."

"I wish we could go off and do our own thing or something," Jared said later that evening.

"Yeah! It's kinda annoying to have to stay in the touristy areas."

"The most we ever got was finding Bigfoot in his hideout."

"It would've been nice if we could've stayed with him for a couple of days."

"Hey, I mean, it might be good for the kids and all. Those two sure have been restless since our vacation to Three Lakes six months ago."

"I'm just concerned that they'll find Takemizu Village too boring. Should we just go back to Twikkii Island or something?"

"Boring? Nah, they seem pretty excited. Probably easier to keep an eye on them too when they're exploring other cultures rather than jungles and forests. Like I said, they're quite restless."

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Default Saturday's shocking secret
When Jake woke up at 7AM on Saturday morning, he found the house in a state of disarray. Tucker's pet bed had green whiff clouds emanating from it; the bathroom floor was a watery mess from his two sons and the dog using the shower; and the kitchen was swarming with flies from the dirty dishes and the dried gunk on the counters.

Jake doesn't feel like going to work, but when the carpool arrives, he decided not to risk his job again.

"Alright, dad's gone," Ryan says when the team bus drives off into the distance. "Let's go inside his room and see what's in it!"

The two dig around in their father's bedroom until Ryan comes across a large stash of magazines.

"Eww... what the heck are in these magazines?!" Jordan exclaimed.

"Oh man, I think I know why mom broke up with dad now," Ryan said. "He's been busy looking at these!"

"But what are these?"

"I'll tell you, but don't tell your friends about it, okay? And definitely don't tell dad."

When Jake gets home at 3PM, he takes a look at the filthy kitchen and decided enough was enough.

"You two better get your lazy butts moving and clean this damn house before I kick you two out onto the curb to live with the raccoons!!"

His two sons knew better than to argue. They avoided eye contact with their dad, knowing his secret.

Jake disappears into his room. An hour later, a pizza delivery van arrives. Ryan goes to answer it, but Jake tells him off. He grabs the pizza himself and returns to his room with the entire box.

"This is getting really weird..." Jordan whispers.

"Let's get out of here for a bit," Ryan said. They use Ryan's employee discount at Amar's Restaurant to get their evening meal.

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#125 Old 22nd Jun 2019 at 7:54 PM
There was so much going on I can't comment on everything, but I enjoyed the updates very much. I like the format of using their everyday lives and pictures to tell the story. I've used poseboxes at times, but they really take a lot of time to get one great picture.
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