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#101 Old 1st Dec 2021 at 7:27 PM
Originally Posted by denton47
I already added version checking in tool version 2.0.6 so it will be able to read the following versions and up:

Particle Effect Version 23
Metaparticle Effect Version 4
Decal Effect Version 2
Sequence Effect Version 1
Sound Effect Version 7
Shake Effect Version 1
Camera Effect Version 1
Model Effect Version 1
Screen Effect Version 1
Game Effect Version 1
FastParticle Effect Version 1
Distribute Effect Version 1
Ribbon Effect Version 3
Sprite Effect Version 5
Visual Effect Version 12

In the next tool version 2.0.11 I have added options to serialize/deserialize effects into JSON text files so you can export/import between different versions (including Sims 3).

Sorry, should have clarified, the problem I was originally posting about and we discussed was that mine was too old to update with the program (made it back early in 2020).
Wait, so this would allow converting Sims 3 VFX? What about The Sims Medieval? That's awesome though, I can't wait! I meant to follow up with you on that as well and that no progress had been made on the conversion tool as my friend's been too busy.

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