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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Rock Warrior GamesShakira NO CC (Celebrities & Real People)
MoscowlylyBohemian cabin for sims artist (Residential)
Freya5Watercolor and Ink Cat Picture Pack (Decorative)
BrinessaBrindleton Sea Park (No CC) (Community)
itsmeTroiYT{UPDATED} YouTuber Career (Miscellaneous)
gravelordaaronHomestuck; Genesis Frog album Pictures (Decorative)
mome89xBeg for money mod (Script & Core Mods)
elephantfreshWatercolour Bedding (Comfort)
Am_nullWatch_Dogs Mask set + Black (Recolor. Male and Female) (Glasses & Other Accessories)
flamedeyesFunctional Mailboxes and bills override (Outdoor)
MaraudinePescado's Sleepclock cheaper looking. (Object Mods)
EmilitaRabbitWWE Asuka's Face Paint (Makeup)
snowleopard__x{UPDATE} Archaeology Career (Careers)
MertikoraNormal & More Polish Names! (Miscellaneous)
LyleSnakeGrand Estate 2.0 NO CC (Residential)
SuzySimmerRustic cosy family cabin in the woods by a creek (+starter version) base game 20x30 (Residential)
xterrix[LANGUAGE UPDATE] Dancing Career (Careers)
KriintModern Overgrown Jungle House (Lodging)
NotarikoOneNectar Career (Careers)
rayunemoonModern Oasis Springs Mansion (Residential)
TSAvs94Three Lakes Festival Area NO CC (Community)
MarieLynetteArchitect Career (Script & Core Mods)
DanitinkisPok�mon Sun/Moon/UltraSun/UltraMoon Polo shirt. All 12 colors (Everyday)
mauvejijnoTS4 Florist Career (Custom) (Careers)
VanethCharming Countryside Villa (Residential)
theasdapriceFoxhill House (Community)
SuperLisaGarden Shed (Community)
AiriannaAirianna's Vampire Tweaks (Miscellaneous)
mental-hygieneAssassin Career (Careers)
SatiraRealistic Salaries (Lower Career Payout) (Overrides)
augold44Aquatic Calm - Set (Decorative)
Rakarock91Supernatural Stalker Career (Careers)
katashkinAarbyville Female Pirate Outfit Recolor (Everyday)
MSQSIMSHairstylist Career (Careers)
HumALittleUpdated Generic Lots Are Empty No More! (Overrides)
TetraBoltThe Hoke House (Twilight Cullen House) (Residential)
JillAngled Craftsman (No CC) (Residential)

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Nice work everyone!

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congratulations on your first creations, and thank you for adding to the game
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i have to check this more often! love their work
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