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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
rustychasePembroke Double Wide - 2bed/2bath (Residential)
ScientificallyCorrect82Gynaecology Career (Careers)
TombRaiderCroft Manor - Tomb Raider - Tomb (Tombs)
dovielrMaxis Flapper Dress Fix (Default Replacement) (Formal)
ooctozeMonarchs Of SimNation Painting (Decorative)
Beginning Hoods ProjectThe Beginning Hoods Separated Family Series now as Separated Semi-Stealth Hood Templates! (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
SimmerCharlieBrindleton Boarding Kennels Career (Careers)
dhikaodonkTuck in for Teen YA and Adult (Overrides)
TheaKnownGardener Career Mod (Careers)
MyWickedSims3 Lakes - Beach hotel (CC free) (Lodging)
ConceptDesign97"Selvadorada Mod" V1.0 (Overrides)
exyurockUnique Names For Townies! (Global Mods)
Piscean6Librarian Career (Careers)
araynahThe Childhood of Delilah Kaldwin I (Decorative)
FrimlinFrimlin's Expanded Rewards Store (Overrides)
simguru1playerAged Oak Beam Ceiling (Walls and Floors)
Rory_Nutt123Erratic Trait Back To Insane (Overrides)
LeniPlumbobsErin Eyes: Genie Edition! (Eyes)
DrAnimaniacJungle Adventurer Custom Career (Careers)
kittyblueAnimal Care Career (Careers)
LianZiemas4356 Wisteria Lane (NO CC) (Residential)
Smol GryffindorNight in the Woods Character Outfits (Mixed Sets)
PinkySimsieFitness Instructor Career (Careers)
onlyfrillsandhorses10 flavours of pocky! (Glasses & Other Accessories)
SmugTomato[UPDATE] Sims 2 GMDC Import/Export for Blender 2.79 (Programs and Utilities)
Noir NoirElizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley Pop Art Painting (Decorative)
alyssacirneNew Build Series (No CC) - Suburban Craftsman Mansion (Residential)
st_dTwo custom majors: jewellery and gemmology (University Majors)
KostiMassage Salon - One-sim Company (Community)
Aquagloups"Justa Glass Door" - Maxis add-on (Doors & Windows)
fire2icewitchThree Waterfalls (Miscellaneous)
TheRandomnessGuyPlasma2Blood (Overrides)
dogsillTaylor Hair (Female)

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Such great content! Well done and thank you to everyone.

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Congratulations to the newbies ! ;P

I believe in the "Thanks" button and its amazing powers !!!
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