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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
JokermanCeiling fan with built-in lamp (Lighting)
TheSimmestBuilderFuturistic House for 1 (No CC) (Residential)
OlympusGuardianAphroditeΩ (Other)
n8smom8496Dog Pregnancy Overhaul (Miscellaneous)
bradleymeeCustom Portraits for your spooky mansion (Decorative)
hayleysimzyGrey Warden Trait (Traits)
HallgerdNew Streamlet Single (no CC) (Residential)
SIMpleNCT - Realistic Brief (Maxis Match Blurge Mesh Included) (Underwear)
angeaDamask Wallpaper Black version 1of2 (Walls and Floors)
kiimy_2_SweetHavisham House No CC (Residential)
chihuahuazeroWell-Aligned Trait (Traits)
Brunnis-2Kinross - 4br 3ba (Residential)
abufiThey Came From The Deep!: CAStable Accessory Fins (Glasses & Other Accessories)
PrimaveraRecolors/Addons of fanseelamb's Extremely Maxis-Match Eyes (Eyes)
paessiMotive Decay Mod - TS1 / TS2 style need decay (compatible with 1.44.77) (Overrides)
Pumpk1inTwo arcade cabinets (decorative) For one player and Two players. (Decorative)
Yvelotic2001Latte Night Coffee Shop (Community)
sabershadowkatMad Scientist Career (Careers)
FenaTiXSlacker Career (Careers)
yusrilGraphic Designer Career (11 Level) (Careers)
boxod"Americana" Suburban Split Level - 3br/3ba - NO CC (Residential)
Karon[No CC] [Twinbrook] 01 Aquarius Atrium (Residential)
xGarnetxLetti's Elegant Damask Wallpaper (Walls and Floors)
shannenenenDoctor Career: Rabbit Hole Conversion from GTW (Careers)
didelphimorphiaInsomnia Trait (Traits)
ZuperbuuHates Children Fix and Opt-Out of Caregiver Job for Parents (Overrides)
AtosAFC Ajax Homeshirt season 17/18 + #StayStrongAppie edition (Athletic)
KaiSimsCCNursing Career for your Sims~ (Careers)

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Great- lots of new creators for Sims 2, 3 and 4! Some really nice downloads. Thank you to all of the new creators, my Download folders love you all!

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