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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
nyandesuNPC Names Expanded (Overrides)
clsveChange Pie Menu item Rock Paper Scissors To Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (Object Mods)
Yellowrose43Uni Rebel Skirts for Teens with CatOfEvilGenius Leggings (Everyday)
ItlolIsla Vista - Residential/Vacation Home (No CC) (Residential)
TheLovelyGamerytGod/Goddess Trait (Traits)
ElenaInTheSimsCatch those pesky bugs! - No Failure to Collect Insects (Overrides)
simmytimeNo City Living names for townies! (Overrides)
tumblrpotatoMafia Career (Careers)
gamerjunkie777[NO CUSTOM CONTENT][FURNISHED]Victorian/Edwardian Castle for FULL SIM HOUSEHOLD (Residential)
ScarlettxBlackRazakel Custom T Shirt for your female sims! (Everyday)
nicsimsClutter Floppy Disks (Decorative)
GiakouSped up Mirror Interactions (Overrides)
AshenSeacedUltra Perk Points - Perk Points Console Cheat (Script & Core Mods)
AxabaPark Four Seasons - No CC (Community)
HollenaAnime Style Eyes Multiple Colors (Makeup)
CEBEPOKThe White Dead Prison (Community)
chibievilMass Effect Logo Tshirt - Adult Female ONLY (Everyday)
speedo10Higher Payouts Concert Payouts For Your Rockstar (Overrides)
EllamystraForget Me Not - 3br 1ba (No CC) (Residential)
anobouzuOverwatch: Sombra's Beauty Marks (Genetics Sets)
gallaell000Plain Wooden Toddler Blocks (Miscellaneous)
Mary BlueThe Sims 3 Pets starter house conversion to The Sims 2 (Residential)
micoboltBarkada Household (Other)
chozoboConspiracy Enthusiast - [Custom Trait] (Traits)
Shannie115Clinical Psychologist Career- Multiple Tracks (Careers)
Japalion9The Tiny House Project - Gamma (Residential)
indracannaCelestial Maps Wall Hangings (Decorative)
starflower87The Gemini House (Residential)
TheMuseSwayNeurotic Trait (Traits)
NeonOceanNeonOcean.Order (v1.0.0) (Script & Core Mods)
XDXDklaudiaWATCHMEN Doctor Manhattan Hydrogen Atom Face Tattoo (Makeup)
PotatoFrankensteinModern Brick- My life is a brick(no CC) (Residential)
LadySpiraGlowing Android LEDs by LadySpira (Glasses & Other Accessories)
ArmilusDark Mark Tattoo (Makeup)
s4land3rLisbon Tiles Set (Walls and Floors)
asiashameccaUltimate Graphic Design Career (Careers)
EP1CxEMAN08Make Hidden Holiday Traditions Selectable (Overrides)
cranletCats and Dogs sweater/blouse combo solid colours. (Everyday)
bouncyfatcatBuddha Cat Shrine No CC (Community)
meggichan84The Crescent (1922) (Residential)
fascination5CAS Hats Hider for Base Game Get Together Get To Work City Living & Seasons (Overrides)

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Ah, so much lovely CC!

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