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Default New Rubrics coming - we need your help!
Hi all,


As a lot of you creators and uploaders know, for a few years now we've had the "rubrics" system, which basically is like a 5 star grading system for different categories and sections (like, Screenshots, or Floor Plans, etc). What we also have is the "Guidelines" (found on the wiki here: ), which creators also need to look at.

What we've noticed (and one of the things we as staff also struggle with) is that sometimes the guidelines and rubrics get out of sync, and there's no real good way to say "Show me only the guidelines and rubrics for just this one category to which I'm uploading to". It was this question that led me to design and develop a new rubrics system which combines together the features of the Guidelines on the wiki, the existing Stars, and additionally, any other information and, critically, tutorials, all to answer 2 questions: Why do I have to do this thing? and How do I do this thing?

The new system

Over the past 6 months or so, our staff have been working a lot towards making this new "combined" system a reality. What I can already show you is some of the ways you'll be able to view the rubric content.

Here is the rubric index: (

You can also select which specific rubrics apply to a single upload section. Here's the one for Pets -> Animals.

When you drill down into a specific rubric, you see the following information:

- General information about this rubric
- Any game specific information
- The star grades
- Correct and incorrect examples
- Tutorials (where applicable)

For example:

Notice the "Appears in" at the top? This means that a rubric can apply to multiple sections at once. An example is which has different guidelines that apply to different sections.

What we need from you

Currently we have a lot of rubrics that we need to work through (the overview is here: ) This is obviously taking a lot of time to double check things, but more importantly, to take example pics and write tutorials.

What we would like to do is to open up the rubrics system a bit to request help from you, the uploaders and creators, so that you can help shape how things go in future. We need:

- People who can take good quality screenshots to demonstrate examples (wrong and right) and also don't mind getting feedback from staff!
- People who can read over and make sure things aren't too concise or too wordy, and make sure that all kinds of uploaders, from new to experienced ones, can understand all rubrics and what is being asked of them
- People who could write tutorials to help people find the information they need to upload, with a "newbie" approach in mind
- People who have a widescreen monitor. (This is mostly for the trello board)

Is this you? Do you think you could help? If so, drop us a note in this thread or better still, join the discord and chat to us! We do need people who are willing to put in some time on this, because it's a huge project, so please only apply if you have quite a bit of time to burn.

Thanks for reading!


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How do I log in? I can get to the site, but can't log in. Do we still need pictures for Sims 2 and bumpmapping fails? and correct ones?
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