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Default Updates to our resource credits guidelines
As many of you creators likely know, last year we implemented a new resource credits policy in order to give attribution to resource creators. After some time moderating with these new guidelines and working with creators, we have decided to make some changes to improve the system both for creators and moderators. So everyone wins!

The full guidelines may be read here. However, I will post the most salient bits here too

The tldr version

We will no longer be requiring uploads to have full, correct resource credits. Uploads will no longer be rejected or CR'd for this, moving forward. This applies to all uploads currently in the queue. However, choosing to provide proper credits and follow all resource TOU and copyright laws will offer you additional protection from false copyright claims. How will this work?

  • If the resource(s) are correctly attributed and follow the original creator's policy, MTS will thoroughly investigate any DMCA takedown notices before we take action. So we will be in your corner!
  • If the uploader chooses not to correctly attribute and follow the original creator's policy, MTS will honour DMCA takedown notices which are not obviously spurious. We will not offer you any additional protection beyond this. You will be solely liable for any consequences, including legal consequences, of using stolen materials.

For this reason, we strongly recommend all uploads provide full attributions and follow all copyright laws and terms of service/creator policies. However, the choice is yours. Uploads without attributions or which do not follow the creator's policy will still be approved, but as mentioned above, they are potentially more vulnerable to copyright claims from the creators of any resources used.

What sort of things count as a resource?
Any creative resource you incorporate into your final CC which was not originally made by you. This most commonly includes images like textures, patterns, wallpapers, logos, and photographs. Any image that you use that wasn't made by you originally. This can also include meshes which you have used, and anything else that fits under the category of "made by someone else".

These guidelines only apply if you:
  • Bought/downloaded a texture set from a site.
  • Bought/downloaded a mesh/3D model from a site.
  • Bought/downloaded an image/artwork for your posters/paintings and any other object that you might have gotten images/artwork for.
  • Downloaded someone else's CC (lot/CASpart/skins/Objects/etc.) as a base.
  • Made an object, CASpart, makeup, etc. that represents the product of a company, however this usually needs a credit to the company.

These guidelines do not apply if you:
  • Made the content (Mesh, texture, image/artwork). See the full guidelines (linked above) for complete details on this.
  • Used resources (mesh, texture, etc) directly taken from TS2 / TS3 / TS4 files made by EA.
  • Have created a mesh/texture/artwork that is a plumbob or anything EA-related.

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This seems like a really fair and uploader-friendly policy. It will probably save the mods some time tracking down every attribution while still leaving the responsibility with creators and leaving the site a clear path in case of any confusion or dispute. Also it's pretty easy to understand, which is always a plus. (^_-)

Thanks for all the work you guys do on our behalf!
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