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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
thril1Menorah of the Jews (Lighting)
wertyuio86No Date From Sleeping NPC (Overrides)
LilyValley807Fursuit Costume Set (4 different types) (Mixed Sets)
blah.muffinBang on the Door Groovy Chick Bed (Comfort)
scarletqueenkatNo/All Required Recipe Ingredients (Overrides)
perseWindkeeper's Cottage Country retextured and recolored (Doors & Windows)
kinglautiSpellman Mortuary: Funerals Burials & Rites - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Residential)
ThandersTùrion Lassion - Palace of the Leaves (Residential)
Simply_Sims8Engineering Career Mod (Careers)
UltimateGamer89Creative Trait for Toddlers (Traits)
i'mtryingtobuildPinewood Chalet [NO CC NO SP] (Residential)
NalaeNalae Eyecolors No.1 (Eyes)
jordihsUnisex San Myshuno hoodie for Kids (Everyday)
tsukasa31Basket Park ReB (Community)
NickSMSSimple Modern (Residential)
Sokker01A fridge in the design of Fallout / Ein K�hlschrank im Design von Fallout (Kitchen)
ilovesealsBook Shelf in Wall (Study / Office)
goldilockssimsAsian Collection Part 1 - TS3 to TS4 Store Conversion (Miscellaneous)
monasRizumu Amamiya pretty rhythm custom eyes (Eyes)
PinkGam3rLittle Rye House (Residential)
no12Weather Realism Overhaul (Overrides)
dnmartynDaily Maid Service - No Laundry (Overrides)
SateisaCork Wallpaper (Walls and Floors)
blackladyjeanneFC Schalke Shirt and Tanktop for younger adult adult and elder women (Everyday)
soulkillerStreamingDrone - Always Full Battery / Increased Working Time 2x 4x 6x (Overrides)
fascisthaterAscension Church(No CC) (Community)

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Congratulations everybody!

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Nice work everyone!

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