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Test Subject
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#1 Old 5th Dec 2013 at 4:13 AM
Streams of Consciousness
Wrote this during a writey kind of mood with no logic, plans or anything whatsoever. So it may be bad.

Quiet winds put her softly to sleep. The beautiful heroine fell down from her throne into the pit of despair and temptation. Nothing could take her out of the hole now. Not even King Aeonidas himself. We all watched as she gracefully fell into oblivion. Her golden strands thinned around her pale frame. She span into this downward spiral until the clouds cradled over her.

“She’s gone,” King Aeonidas cried out loud, tears seeping into the wrinkles of his chiseled face. “She’ll be back,” I comforted him but I watched the grown man crumble into copper dust as I held him. I knew she wouldn’t be back but it was all I could say to make things better. The angels grabbed him with their feet and took the King to his room. Knight Bashing made an arrival with the calvalry.

“Is she gone?” I asked calmly but his eyes answered the question before I even finished. I fell into a fit of tears myself and draped my arms around him. Bashing whispered into my left ear “We will avenge for her death.” My ear began to burn and I backed away slowly. “You musn’t!” I screamed but his mind was set.

I knew Bashing would kill all of the Druids, including babies, fetuses and animals. He would even destroy all the buildings for Elmira. He loved that golden stringed girl so much. I couldn’t let him do this. My own people had sworn protection over the Druids meaning I would have to kill Bashing and King Aeonidas.

ZIP. An arrow hit me from behind and struck me between my breasts. “BASHING!” I screamed. Blood dyed my white dress, pouring out like red wine from a broken glass. The dirty coward had struck me blind. Didn’t even let me fight fair. He wasn’t a true knight or even a man anymore. My soldiers gathered round to protect me but I wouldn’t die without one last hurrah. I took the arrow out of my chest and with the energy I had left, I plunged it into one of Bashing’s greatest men, Junker. I fell back into the clouds right where Elmira herself had fell. I closed my eyes and let the quiet winds take me to sleep, too.
Test Subject
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#2 Old 6th Dec 2013 at 5:37 AM
Feedback appreciated.
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