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Default Take Care 1.7: Taken (Part 3)

"I thought you quit smoking?" I asked.

"Jenny? What are you doing here and why aren't you at school right now?" my dad asked.
"I really wanted to see you today", I said as I began walking toward the steps.
"Go to school", he said bluntly.
"I could tell mom that your still smoking", I said.
I haven't seen my dad in weeks and this was one of those times I couldn't let "no" get in my way.
"Fine, but only for little bit, I have a job you know", as he said going back to unlock his front door.

We sat quietly and watched two movies. Before I knew it, time had already passed and I'm sure he was ready to get rid of me.

"Okay Jenny, the movie is over and I need to get heading to work", he said rubbing his neck.
He looked tired and stressed. Has he been getting overworked? I've never seen my dad so drained.

"Wait! Okay maybe I came here with a motive, but don't get me wrong I actually really wanted to see you-"
"What is it you need, caught to the chase Bunny", he cut me off.
I guess he really is in a hurry. Perhaps it's not a good time to ask him this.
"My boyfriend and my friends have this band, and I was wondering if you could manage because I don't a thing about being a manager", I said as I tried to stay calm. My heart began racing waiting for his reply.

"You realize what you're asking me is impossible. I'm already managing a band right now".
My head dropped and so did my stomach.
"But...if you give me their demo, I'll listen to it and hand it in to my boss.
I quickly raised my head at him and smiled, "Alright, I tell them the news".
"It better be a good demo Jenny", he said raising an eyebrow, "Now I'm hungry, want to go get something to eat?"
"Sure", I said happily.
It's been a while since we ate something together.

Just as we were getting ready to go out the backdoor, his phone began ringing.
"Sorry Bunny, it's my boss", he said as looked at the caller ID.
I frowned, I'm sure he's going to get carried away with the conversation and forget I'm right here.

"Yeah?" he answered.
From where I was standing, it sounded like someone was shouting from the other line.
"Calm down, I'm coming to get you right now", he said furiously.
I didn't know that people could talk to their bosses like that and not get fired on the spot. Dad must have a really cool boss then.

"I'm really sorry Bunny, but I need to go get my boss from the airport", he said walking toward the door.
"It's fine, duty calls", I said. I'm only used to it after all.
"We'll go out tomorrow", he said.

I watched as he pulled out oh his driveway speeding down the road.
"I wonder what his boss is like".


Ding Dong

I answered my front door.
What's he doing here? He never usually pays a visit unless Jenny's by his side. Is something the matter?

"Sorry, to drop by unexpected. I just wanted to chat real quick", Dylan said with his arms crossed.
Something must be the matter if he's crossing his arms like this.
"Well you have bad timing, I'm in a hurry for ballet lessons", I replied.
It's true, I am running late once again. I suck at being on time for things.

"If this is about Jenny or something, then you call me later on", i said to assure him.
Maybe they had an argument, or wanted some advice.
"Alright, I'll get out of your way then. Next time though", he said.
Next time?

I sped down the street as I saw him still standing on my porch. I guess I'll find out the next time he comes over.

"Sorry Jenny, I tried".


"Why are you looking at me like that?" asked Tessa.
"Oh nothing, just reminding you that your vacation is over", said Keith laughing.
"Shut up".
Keith continued to laugh.

"I thought I was going to have to call a taxi when I landed", said Grey.
"Welcome back to Cali, how was your time in New York?" asked Tessa smiling.
"Well other than the much dramatic musicians I had to work with, great", Grey replied.

"Hey you wanker, are you going to quit smoking that bud or are you going to take my luggage?" said Grey looking at Keith,"And I thought you quit smoking".
"I thought I did too, until I met you", Keith said throwing his cigarette to the ground.

"When I get back to the studio tomorrow, schedule me a call with Candi", Grey told Tessa, her assistant.
"Yes ma'am", said Tessa as she scribbled it on her clipboard.
And there was only so much more work to come her way now.
"Ugh driver, pull off already. I need to take a bloody shower and rinse New York off of me", said Grey smacking the drivers seat.

"You've got to be freaking kidding me! Hey, you forgot about me!"


"She's been acting weird since Homecoming. Ignoring my text, calls, notes, and of course me!" Flint said hysterical.
"Dude what did you do?"
"We promised we wouldn't tell anyone", Flint replied.
"How am I suppose to help you if you don't tell me anything?" said Anthony annoyed.
"Okay...I'm going to tell you, but do not say anything to anyone else about this".
"Come on, say it!" Anthony asked impatiently.
"I slept with Asia", Flint said quickly.

"You did what?!"
"I slept with-"
"I heard you!" Anthony yelled, still leaving his mouth wide open.

"I screwed up, huh?" Flint asked Anthony.
"Well, the only you could have screwed up, is if you did something wrong. What did you do to her?" Anthony asked, wanting to know more.
"That's just it, we don't remember".

"Hold the phone, you both don't remember? What were you drugged?" asked Anthony confused.
"I think so, all I remember having is a lot of punch", Flint said laughing.
"Stupid! Don't you know someone always spikes the punch at our dances?!"

"Sorry I'm out of the loop about that kind of stuff", Flint said.
"She probably thinks you rufied her. You need to go talk to her right now you idiot!"
"God...you're right, bye!" Flint hung up the phone.

Ding Dong

"You lazy ass grandchildren!"

"Oh it's you Dylan...why are your pants so tight son?" asked Kyle's grandfather.
"Is Kyle home sir?" Dylan asked as he avoided the question.
"Oh yeah, he's been cooped up in his room since he got home".

Knock Knock

"Cammy! I don't feel like taking you to the library right now", I said pissed off.
She's been knocking on my door since I got home from school.

"Wow, you're a douche to your little sister".

"If you're here about the band, can this wait until later?" I asked rubbing my eyes.
"I just came to check up on you", said Dylan.
"I'm fine".

"No you're not, come on talk to me", he said sitting on my bed.
"Now I'm not fine, you're being a bother", I said as I sat up to face him.
I didn't want to talk about my problems with Dylan right now. It's frustrating how things turned out this way, ever since Homecoming.

"I've known you since we were born. Quit lying to me dumbass".
I didn't reply. I just gave him a poker face and looked at him like he was crazy.
"Dude, I know you saw Mimi and Anthony together. If not, you would've heard about it".

He broke down my fake smile and put me into great depression.
"I know about it. It's my fault it happened, so there!" I yelled angrily.
"Kyle, if you were honest to begin with. None of this would be happening".

Dill was right. I need to be honest if anything is going to work out in the end. But how can I? Especially in this circumstance.

"Ugh, why do I feel so sick all the time?"

"What?! What the hell?"

"Have you lost your mind? What are you doing here?!" Asia tried to whisper.
"I needed to see you. Can we talk?"
"Okay, but quickly", she said opening the door.

"What did you have to tell me that was so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow?" she questioned Flint.
"Um, I just really needed to tell you that I did not rufey you or anything from that one night. And if you want to break up with me I understand, it was an awkward situation-"

"Whoa, whoa, Flint I don't want to break up with you, no way. And we had spiked punched", she said nearly stuttering.
"Really? Wait you knew that too? Gosh, I should pay attention to stuff like that more often", he said confused.
"I...I just didn't know how to face you after that day. I was embarrassed".

"I was embarrassed too. But next time just tell me, and go don't running and hiding when I'm trying to talk to you. It hurts my feelings", said Flint.
"Okay, I will".
"Now give me hug", he demanded.
"What?" she asked.
"Give me a hug so that I know that you're still comfortable around me", he said reaching out his arms.

Asia leaped up and kissed him quickly.
"I am more than comfortable", she said.


"Maybe I should've called a taxi", said Trish as she stared down the road squinting her eyes, "Why is this asshole speeding?"



"Anthony I came rushing over, what's the matter?" asked Nicole.
"Mom hasn't came home yet", said Anthony worried.
"I'll go look for her! Did she go out drinking again?"
"No, you stay and watch Lucas. I'll go find her", said Anthony a little upset.


To Be Continued...

Looks like Jenny struck a deal with her dad.
Kyle can't seem to make up his own mind.
Flint finally made with Asia, but for how long?
Who hit that car on purpose?
Will Anthony find his mother?

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.8: How to Save a Life (Part 1)

Theme Song: The Fray "How to Save a Life"


"What information have you collected so far?" asked Harry.
"We have one badly wounded passenger, Tessa Luca. A widow, mother, and has two children. The paramedic said she's had a little alcohol", said Chris.
"Tessa? God, were there any witnesses?"
"Yes, a young male, 25 years-old stated he saw the crash, but the driver in the other vehicle got out to check on the her and then drove off", replied Chris.

"That's a little strange. Perhaps this accident was on purpose?" said Ruby.
"Let's not jump to conclusions rookie, we'll need to find more evidence", said Harry.
"Tessa is in critical condition and cannot be questioned at the moment. I can't believe this happened to her of all people", Chris said as he looked down for a moment.
"I know, I don't know how we are going to break the news to her son. It felt like yesterday when I was handling her husband's death", said Harry depressed.


I had been searching for mom for the past hour, until I pulled up to a roadblock in the middle of the street. What is this? There's police everywhere.
"What the hell?" I said, braking in front of the caution tape.

I got out my car to get a better look at the devastation. What had happened here?
The police woman started walking toward me as I approached the scene. She was probably ready to shoo me away immediately. But wait.

As I was looking around, I jerked my head to the damaged Jeep Cherokee. That's mom's car!

"Hey! Son you cannot go beyond this tape. I advise that you turn around before I arrest you for trespassing", she said with her hands on her cuffs.
"I need to get through! That's my mom's car", I shouted at her.
"Oh, well I am very sorry but-"
Once she eased up on her grip, I quickly ran beyond the caution tape and into the investigation.

"You need to stop right there!" she yelled trying to keep up with me, "Someone get him!"
"Mom!" I shouted.
Please be all right I kept repeating in my mind.

"Hey you! You can't be over here!" the man observing the Jeep said. He stopped and to began chase after me too.
"I'm just trying to find my mom! Where is she?!"

I stopped in my tracks to find the inevitable.
My nightmares were becoming part of my reality one by one.

I began to space out as I looked at the blood bag that was clinging to the stretcher.
"Dad, dad!".


"Hold on dad!"

"Dad! Please don't die!"


"Ease up Thompson, this boy is her son", said the man with red tie and shades.
I stared at her as she laid there unconscious. Is she going to leave us too? I don't think I could take it if I lost both my parents. It would be just me, and Lucas.

"Hey, do you know anyone that your mother didn't get along with?"
I wouldn't be able to handle it.
"Harry, I don't think this an appropriate time to ask Anthony that", said a recognizable voice.
I can't handle it.

I can't stand to look at her right now. I need to get out of here.
"Anthony, wait!"
That man's voice sounds so familiar. Where have I met him?
"Stop following me", I said running toward my car.

I quickly got into my passenger as I began backing up.
I caught I quick glimpse of the man chasing me. He turned out to be Nicole's ex-boyfriend, Chris.
I didn't get to know him well enough to find out he's an officer.

"Chris! Stop chasing that boy, he's a teenager after all", said Henry following Chris, "Some people find comfort in coinciding by themselves. Leave him be".

"I don't know what it is, but I just want to help him", said Chris.
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Take Care 1.8: How to Save a Life (Part 2)


"We've got a female that just took part in a car accident, about in her mid 30's, lost amounts of blood", said the paramedic.
"Her pulse is weak", said George checking Tessa's pulse.
"We need to do surgery, stat!" Jane said storming through the hospital doors.

"Please...just save the baby", whispered Tessa holding on for dear life.
"Doc! She's pregnant!" George yelled to Jane.

"Then we'd better hurry if we are going to save them both!" said Jane, "Move, move, move!".
"Yes ma'am".

"Are you ready Jane?" asked Louis.
"Yes, let's begin people", she said as she prepared her tools.

"Where's Toni?" asked Lucas as he looked around gazing.
"Toni's gone out for a bit, so your stuck with me kiddo", said Nicole as she sat down.
Just as Nicole sat down, the phone began to ring repeatedly.

"I should answer to make sure if it's Tessa", Nicole thought to herself as she got up to answer it, "Hello?"

"Report...time of death 11:43 p.m", said Louis checking the time.
Jane stood over her failure as nearly tears began to roll, "I tried my best", she sighed.
"We know Jane", replied Louis.
"Cover her up and take her to morgue, please", she asked as she removed her gloves.

"Wait, what did you just say?" Nicole said with pain in her voice.


As I turned into the hospital parking lot, curiosity was killing me slowly as I worried about mom.
Was she going to be alright? Did she die? What will happen if I have to live without her?
Not to mention, I broke my promise. My promise to be the man of the house and protect her and Lucas with all my might.

I ran quickly into the hospital entrance looking for the front desk.
Who could I talk to so I could get the information I needed.
I've never had to pay a visit to the hospital before, until now.

"Excuse me", I said nearly out of breathe, "Is this where I can find out about a patient?" I asked the man in front of the computer.
He looked like he was in charge.
"Well yes", he said awkwardly as if I were stupid or something, "What's the name?" he asked me.
"Tessa Luca", I replied so fast as he gave me a blank stare. I suppose I spoke to quickly.

He began typing without looking at the keyboard, "Tessa Luca", he said to himself.
I began to rub my neck as my impatience grew.
How many patients could they possibly have checked in right now?
"Ah hah! Found her", he paused. Sweat began to flow as I became nervous.
"I'm sorry to say this, but she didn't make through her surgery", said the man.

"What do you mean?" I asked crossing my arms.
"She didn't make-"
I cut him off, "She's still okay, right?"
"No, I'm sorry", he said.

My knees buckled from right under me as I collapsed to the floor.
My father and my mother have left this world, leaving me and Lucas orphans.
I'm only 16 years-old and I'm an orphan. Why did this have to happen to us?
Who did this to us? Who hit my mother and ran away like a coward?
I began taking frustrations out on the floor repetitively smacking it.

"Anthony!" I heard Nicole's voice jolt me, "Stop making a fool out of yourself and get up", she said holding Lucas.
When the hell did she here? Did the cops call her out here?

"She...she's gone", I said trying to keep calm.
I would have to get used to saying this to people. She's gone, and never coming back.
"I know...but there is one thing we need to check up on, so get up", she said walking toward the front desk.

I watched her as she made conversation with the man at the desk.
He began typing once again. I was too busy sulking to even pay attention to what they talking about.
What did she mean we have something to check up on?
What's left to check on? My mom is gone lady.
"Okay Anthony let's go", said Nicole.
"Go where?" I asked curiously.


"Tessa may have died Anthony, but her baby lived", said Nicole.
I kept looking through the glass at the newborns. They looked so weak and fragile as if anything could break them.
I had no idea mom was pregnant. She never talked about seeing any men at all.
Since dad died, I never thought she could ever move on since she continuously drank.
Hell, how did a baby survive through all of that consumption?
But I guess that could explain how chubby and moody she had became lately.
"So...which is her baby", I asked.

"The baby girl over there in the pink incubator", said Nicole looking at the baby.
"What's wrong with her?" I asked.
"Since she was born earlier than expected, her body isn't fully developed.
She might have to go through a few surgeries if she's going to make it", said Nicole.

"Great...I hope it dies", I said angrily crossing my arms as I gave that monster an aggressive look through the glass.
"Anthony! How dare you say that, if I wasn't holding Lucas right now I think I'd slap some sense into you",said Nicole furiously at me.
"How dare I say that? I bet that thing killed my mom", I frantically said, "Let me guess, mom said to save that thing instead of her. Am I right?".
"Anthony, it doesn't matter what happened. You need to respect your mother's decision. That baby is your little sister", said Nicole as if she was about to break out into tears.

"I think you mean half-sister. Whatever, I'm leaving", I said walking away.
I'm too pissed off to stick around anymore.
"Anthony! We need to name her", said Nicole following me.
"Okay, how about murderer?"
I ignored her as I walked inside the elevator. I want nothing to do with that thing..at all.

And from this day forward, I won't stop looking for that driver who hit my mom and kept driving.
I'm going to find out whoever it was and make sure they get what's coming to them.


"What are you doing here?" asked Nicole.

"I came looking for Anthony. I saw him leave the scene where Tessa had her accident", he explained.
"You just missed him. He's extremely upset right now", said Nicole.
"Okay, then I'll go after him. I want to speak with him", said Chris as he began walking away.

"Is that the only reason you came this way?" asked Nicole quickly catching Chris before he walked away.
He stopped walking toward the elevator, "Yes, sorry Nicky. I'll try to find Anthony and drag him back to you, okay?"



Looks like there's funeral arrangements to be made.
What's going to happen with Anthony Lucas?
Who will they live with? And where?
Can Anthony continue to blame his newborn sister?
Will Anthony be able to find that driver who did this?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Awww those chapters are so sad. This is a great series.

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I know things seem sad now, but things will soon get better
Glad to know that you're enjoying the story.

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.9: Before the Worst (Part 1)

Theme Song: The Script "Before the Worst"


"Okay everyone, begin to wrap up what you can. Third period will be ending soon", said Mr. Peters.

"What is that suppose to be?" asked Savannah quarreling at Lucy's painting.
"A monkey, duh", said Lucy finishing her creation.

"Mr. P, do you have a girlfriend?" asked Lucy.
"Lucy, that's kind of blunt to ask. Well do you have a girlfriend Mr. P?" asked Savannah.
"Where do you live Mr. P?" asked Kimberly.
"Girls, girls, please don't ask things about my personal life. If I answered those questions,
How would I ever get you young ladies to leave me alone?", he said cheeky.

"There they go again. They’re like vultures when it comes to Mr. P", said Dylan looking at the group of girls that circled around Mr. Peters.
Most of the girls in school would take Art class, just so they could be around the hottest and youngest teacher in school.
"I feel bad for him sort of", said Jenny.
"Why do you say that?" asked Dylan curiously.
"He's quite young to be a teacher and surrounded by pretty girls all the time", she said.
"Very true, I'm surprised he's not tempted at all".

Jenny looked over to her silent friend Asia who continued to paint, "Say Asia, why so quiet?" she asked.
"I'm just focused on finishing this", Asia replied.
"You've been focused a lot lately, everything okay?" Jenny said worried.
"You sure like to focus a lot", said Dylan.
"Well you know me, I love painting", said Asia.
She was a talented artist, believe it or not.

"I'm just worried. You've been looking tired lately and what's up with all the sweaters?" said Jenny as she watched Asia pause what she was doing for a second.
"I've just been busy with AP classes obviously. I haven't had time to care about my rest or my looks lately", said Asia.
"If you say so. But if you ever need my help, just let me know and I'll be there for you", said Jenny reassuring her.

The bell rang and third period was over. Everyone began to scatter outside of the art room.
"Oh, hey Dylan. Give your buddy my deepest condolences", said Mr. Peters.
Dylan stopped walking and said, "Who?"

"Well Anthony of course", said Mr. Peters.
Dylan began to think about it. Nobody had seen Anthony in days.
He claimed he came down with the flu and didn't want to get anyone sick.
"I don't know what you mean, all he has is the flu", said Dylan.
"Oh boy", said Mr. Peters with a surprised face, "His mother died the other day Dylan, I saw the accident".
"What?!" yelled Dylan.


"Can we please begin the project now! I said please", I said getting agitated at her.
I had skipped school today, just so that we could actually find time to sit down and begin our project.
Unlike some of the cool kids at school, I actually like to get A's.

"What are you talking about?" Taylor said looking at her girly mags, "I am researching".
"Did you forget that our project involves rabbits and not Covergirl", I said leaning back.
"I remember, I’m looking at Paris Hilton wearing a rabbits' vest".

Startled by it, Taylor's phone began to ring, "Oh it's Monica, I need to take this", she said getting up.
"Why did I even bother coming over today? You're fooling around", I said as I crossed my arms.
"Calm down it will only take like ten minutes", she said messing with her cell.
I became parched, "I'm thirsty and I hate tea".
"Go get a soda, you know where they are", she replied.

I walked down the hall toward the garage door.
It's been a long time since I last walked around her house like this.
Just thinking about the way things used to be, just reminds me that we can never go back.
The person I used to be, has also became someone else.

"Gosh, there's so many to choose from", I thought to myself as I opened the fridge door, "Guess I'll get a mountain dew, I'll need the energy".
Taylor and her fraternal twin brother, Riley are always left home by themselves;
since their mother loves to travel time to time.

I closed the fridge and was ready to walk back inside, until I heard something drop on the other side of the garage. Was someone in here? I should make sure, I mean who wouldn’t want to rob this mansion?
"Hello?" I said.

I walked past the large Hummer that covered up this damaged Audi.
Strange, why does this family have a damaged vehicle sitting in their garage?
I mean, shouldn't they have taken it to see a mechanic?

I walked all the way over to the other side of the garage to only find nothing but tools all over the ground.
Maybe they hired someone to come and fix this thing and I was just being paranoid.
But still, it's unlike them to leave trash lying around their home.

I began walking back towards the dining room as I saw Riley's bedroom door cracked open.
Was Taylor inside? If she was, I certainly wasn't going to wait any longer to get this project done.
So I decided to barge in and get her attention.

"Hey Taylor, if we don't begin our project I'm going to go home", I said as I walked in holding my soda.

I walked inside to only find that Taylor wasn't inside, and that Riley's room was just bare.
But something else had caught my full attention.
What Riley had hung up on his bedroom wall was just something I don't think I had ever seen someone have before.

"What the hell?"
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Very intense story you have going on here! I love it! Keep up the amazing work!

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Originally Posted by SeeMyu
Very intense story you have going on here! I love it! Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks for the commentary. I'm trying to get most of the chapters out before Christmas

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.9: Before the Worst (Part 2)

"Attention faculty and students, one of our dear classmates, Anthony Luca has gone missing.
If you ever see Anthony, or even just hear about his location. Please report to Deputy Brady
or Me, so that we help his family bring him home", Mr. Bobo said.

"Was that announcement specified enough?" asked Mr. Bobo.
"Yes, I'm going to need all the help I can get. Thank you", said Nicole.

"Now if you need anything else, ple-", Mr. Bobo said, as he was caught
off by the ruckus outside his office door.
"You cannot go in there right now!" yelled Ms. Roman.
"Mr. Bobo! What happened to Anthony?" Dylan said barging in.

"Well, who is this?" Nicole said flabbergasted by all the noise.
"Oh, Nicole this is Anthony's best friend Dylan. Dylan, this Anthony's aunt, Nicole", Mr. Bobo said as he introduced them.
"Why is Anthony missing?!" Dylan asked ignoring the introduction.

"It's my fault that he ran away from home. I should've cared more about his feelings", Nicole said bowing her head.
"Why?" Dylan asked.
"It happened two days after his mother's death. We were all going
over the will with the lawyer..." Nicole said.


"Dear Anthony and Lucas,

I am sorry that I won't be there to see you two become men.
I was hoping to see the day that you two are surrounded by a wonderful family.
I know that times will get tough without me and your father around,
always remember that you have each other. You are not alone after all.
And I'm sure your father would say the same thing, which is why I've decided
to make Nicole your guardian.
Nicole, I know that you think I'm crazy for choosing you. But I know you'll
do an excellent job at raising our children. And you are the only person that I can trust.
Please take care of them.


"As you already know, Tessa has left Anthony and Lucas to Nicole", said Mrs. Cheng
as she had finished reading the will.
"Me?!" Tessa said confused.
"Yes, is that a problem?" asked Mrs. Cheng.

"If you don't think you can handle the children, we can take care of them", said Emily.
"Really? You'd do that?" asked Tessa interested.

"If you don't believe you can handle the task Ms. Luca,
we can let the children live with their other relatives, the Hawkens", said Mrs. Cheng,
"Adopting a baby and a teen isn't going to be easy on someone as young as yourself and with no experience".
"Whoa, what?" asked Anthony.
"You're right, that is something I should consider", said Nicole.

Somehow those two people were apart of the family.
Emma and Jonathan Hawken, who have a son named Caleb.
Why hasn't anyone heard of them until now?
And why did they decide to show their faces now of all times?
Not to mention the fact that Tessa never mentioned to anyone she had a sister.

"Hold the phone, we are not going to live with the Hawkens", Anthony said emphasizing their name,
"We don't even who they are and we've never met them until now.
Not to mention they aren't even in the will".
"Anthony, it's only something to think about. I don't really have time to
take care of you two, with the type of job that I have. And my apartment is too small", said Nicole.
"Stop making up excuses and just tell me to my face that you don't want us!"

"Anthony, it's not that I don't want you. It's just not a good time in my life to take you boys in",
Nicole said trying to calm him down.
"Don't you think that my mom left us in your hands for a reason?" asked Anthony.
"Anthony...I can't", Nicole said hesitant.
"I'm not going to sit here and listen to your bs",Anthony said getting out of his seat.

"Anthony! Where are you going?" Nicole yelled as Anthony continued to run out of the kitchen.

"He hasn't came by since", Nicole said walking toward the exit,
"I just hope he comes home soon because Lucas is getting worried".
"I'll help you look for him", Dylan said following her.


Dylan pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and began to dial a number.
"Please pick up", he thought to himself hearing his phone ring.


I could feel my soda begin to slip out of my hands as I stood still staring at the wall.
What the hell is wrong with this dude? He has pictures of Mimi framed on his bedroom.
Pictures that date back to when we were in middle school together.
He had images of her that I had never seen before; in a towel, at the beach, dancing in her leotard.
Judging from the camera that was on his desk, he must've hunted her down to get these photos.
Was he stalking her?

As I kept drifting off looking at the wall, my cell began to ring.
Who could be calling me at a time like this?
I put the soda on the desk to look at the caller ID, Dylan.

"Kyle!" Dylan yelled as I took my phone away from ear for a second.
"Um ow, why the hell are you loud?" I asked.

"Anthony's missing", said Dylan.
"What? Since when?" I asked worried.
"Since three days ago", Dylan said informing me, "It's bad Kyle, his mom...passed away".

"Oh my god", I said suddenly feeling overcome with guilt.
Why am I just finding out about this?
"Oh my god is right. We're all going to meet at my garage. Get your ass there so we can chat".

Before Dylan could even say goodbye, I hang up and began running toward the door.
Anthony, I know what he's doing. He's trying to cope with the pain all
by himself like he did when his dad died.
But now this happened? There's no telling where he might have
gone off to at this rate.

I pulled up to Dylan's driveway to find everyone's car parked in his driveway.
Dylan wasn't kidding when he said everyone would be here, I literally had squeeze my car in on the side of the street.

Moments later, I was in the garage talking to Dylan as everyone was sitting down on the couches.
"Should we check the skate park?" asked Dylan.
"Are you serious? I don't think this is the time for Anthony to be doing olley's", I said agitated.
"Calm down Kyle, he was only asking", Flint said as if he sensed hostility.
"Yeah, we're just as worried as you are dude", Dylan said.

"Shouldn't we start by looking for him?" Asia asked very quiet.
"Yeah, I mean last time he did this, we found him at Rob's place", Flint said.

"But he's not going to wait and be found in the same spot once again", Jenny said.
"Jenny's right, we need to try other places", Mimi said agreeing with her.
I could tell just by looking at Mimi's face that she was worried about him,
but from the looks of it she didn't really want to show it too much.

After all our idle chatter, we decided to split up to make our search easier.
Dylan would ride with Jenny, and Asia would ride with Flint.
Leaving Mimi to ride with me. How awkward.

Hopefully we find Anthony fast, so that I don't have to be near Mimi
any longer than she doesn't want to be near me.
These past few weeks has only made things more complicated between us.
I don't know who's suppose to be angry with who in this situation.


He walked into his bedroom only paying attention to the Physics book he held in his hands.
"This Physics test tomorrow should be easy", he thought to himself.

He looked up only to find something that was out of order in his room.
A can of Mountain Dew soda.
"Was Taylor in here?" Riley thought, "No way".
No one in this house dared to step foot in this geek's room but the maid herself.

"Taylor!" He yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

"What do you want dweeb?" Taylor asked Riley who looked annoyed.
"What were you doing in my room?" Riley assumed.
"Why would I ever go inside your room, ew?"
"Then who the hell did? Riley asked.

"What do you mean who the hell did? Did you forget that we have a maid?"
Taylor said digging through her clothing rack.
"Does Juliana drink Mountain Dew on her break?" Riley asked.
"No, only tea", Taylor replied.
"Okay then", Riley said beginning to walk away.

"If it wasn't them, then who was in my room?" Riley thought to himself.

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Take Care 1.9: Before the Worst (Part 3)

The car held an tense atmosphere, we had been driving around looking for
Anthony for the past two hours and not a word had been said.
I guess it was only predictable that it would be like this. I wanted to
say something, but nothing could really come to my mind.
What could I say? "Hey how's your day going? I kissed Anthony".

I peeked over at him, hoping he wouldn't notice me.
He looked so intense, he must be really worried about Anthony.
I've never seen Kyle hold such an expression on his face before.
It's natural, if Jenny or Asia were missing, I'd be panicking too.

"Like what you see?" he asked.
Oh crap, he knew I was looking at him the whole time.
My face suddenly felt boiling hot in embarrassment, I hope my face doesn't turn red.

"No", I replied quickly jerking my head in the opposite direction of Kyle,
trying to hide the fact that I was blushing red.
He began to look at me instead of the road.
"If you say so", he said as he looked back at the road.
The last time I was sitting Kyle's car was when we went to the beach.
It was such a nice place, but he wasn't suppose share that location
with anyone but Dylan, Flint, and...

I turned my towards Kyle fast, "I know where Anthony is!" I said loudly.

Kyle pulled the car over towards the curb of the street. I tried to quickly get out of the passengers seat without noticing the car wasn't even in park yet.
"Mimi! Slow down!", Kyle said as he me saw get out.

Kyle got out of the car trailing behind me then stopped by the staircase.
"You keep going, I'll contact the others", he said pulling out his phone.
"Alright!", I replied.
"That is...if I can get a signal", he said.

"Anthony's whereabouts's?" Coach Durham said thinking.
"Yeah, he hasn't come home in three days now", Dylan said.
"I haven't seen him since P.E last week, sorry", Durham said remembering.
"Okay thanks, if you see him please contact his home", Dylan replied.

"Any luck?" Jenny asked sitting in the Jeep.
"Nope", Dylan replied sadly, as he was opening the door to get in.

"I don't know who else to ask or where else to look", Dylan sighed.
"Don't worry, we'll find him. Maybe he's at Rob's place after all", Jenny said.
"No way he'll be there", Dylan said.
"Then where else could he be?" Jenny questioned.

"I don't know, I'll call the others and see if they've found anything", Dylan said.

"Decided on anything yet A?" Flint asked waiting for his girlfriend to pick something off the menu.
"Maybe the ten-piece nuggets", she said still sounding indecisive.
"It's okay take your time", Flint said waiting patiently.
His cell began to jingle in his pocket giving him a scare.

"Hey Dylan, what's up?" Flint asked.
"Hey, how's your search going?" Dylan asked specifically.
"Oh we checked the mall and skate park, now we're at McDonald's", Flint replied.

"So let me get this straight, you're at McDonald's getting your face stuffed while
our best friend is missing? Flint I don't know how you stay thin but I hope that one
day you begin to get fat, so that you realize you eat too damn much!" Dylan said getting crabby.

"What is up with you guys picking on my appetite. And by the way, it was
Asia who was starving and threatening to bite my head off if she didn't get
some food!" Flint replied trying to be reasonable.

"Yeah right dude! And hold on while I add Kyle to the line", Dylan said.
"Hello?" Kyle said.
"Hey" Dylan and Flint both said.

"Hey guys, we found Anthony. He's at our secret spot, so hurry", said Kyle.
"We're on our way", Flint replied.
"Does that mean I get nothing to eat?" Asia asked moping.
"Sorry", Flint replied.

I ran through the path to the beach as I finally reached sand.
I could see ahead of me that there were footprints in the sand,
I followed them as I came upon someone sitting on the ground all by them self.

"Anthony!" I shouted.
I saw the person jump as I yelled his name. It was Anthony.

"Don't come any closer", Anthony strictly said, "I'm sure they told you how I can be".
Was Anthony really the type of person who hated to be comforted?
I didn't think that or know that.
"If that's what you wish", I replied stopping behind him.

I sat down directly behind him, "But I'm not going anywhere".
He did say not to come any closer after all.
"Just go home Mimi, I want to be alone righ-"
I cut him off, "You can't mean that! I've never met anyone who has
ever wanted to be alone in these kinds of situations".
"How would you know? Have you ever lost anyone important to you?" he asked me.
"Yes...I have", just thinking about it made me dwindle.

I got up and walked beside him, "And during that time, I wanted to be alone too".

I sat down beside him and put my arm around him.
"But I learned that life goes on and everything felt so much better because
I had friends that could comfort me and help me forget", I said trying to comfort him.

Anthony didn't say a word, but he raised his head and looked at me,
then he looked back down, "Can you help me forget?" He asked.

I ran until I reached the sandy coastline.
From a distance I could see just Anthony sitting on the beach, "Ant-"
I stopped mid-sentence, as I saw Mimi with her arms wrapped around him.

Why? Why is there a sharp pain in my heart?
How long have they been sitting there like that? Since I've been on the phone maybe.
Maybe she's just trying to console in him. I stood from a distance trying to
give them some space.

"She's just consoling him" I kept repeating to myself in my mind.
Wait, no! What kind of consoling requires them to be that close?
I began to walk towards them as I heard Mimi quietly say, "Yes, I can".
I stopped in my tracks once again. "Yes, she can what?"

"Anthony!" Dylan shouted from behind me, nearly scaring me to death. The others
had arrived to only see what I was seeing, until they finally walked over
towards the two of them.
The two of them

The doorbell rang, waking Nicole out of the longest amount sleep she's had
in days. Anthony had been on her mind ever since he disappeared.
"Gosh", she said while yawning, "It's 1:03, who could this be?"
She managed to drag herself off the couch to answer the front door.

With her mouth wide open, she was speechless and stood in front of the door.
"Are you going to open the door?" I asked.

Nicole swung the door open nearly putting a dent in the wall.
"Hey?" I said feeling uncomfortable. I couldn't sense Nicole's mood at the moment.
But by the look of her face she was pissed at me.

"Do you have any idea how worried I've been young man?!" she shouted.
"I'm...sorry", I said tired. I hadn't slept in days.
"Sorry? Are you kidding me? Anthony don't do that ever again!" she replied.
"I said I'm sorry, okay! I get that you think we're a handful. I know that you
have a busy life. But please...please don't give up on me and my brother.
Don't give us to those strangers!" I said disheartened.
I could tell Nicole was about to reply angry once again, but she stopped.
She could see the tears beginning to roll off my face.

"Please..gi-give us a chance", I said stuttering, unable to control my emotions.
"Shhh...no one and I mean no one is being given up here", Nicole said hugging me tightly,
"Hell, I already feel like a parent", she said laughing.

Once I had calmed down and said goodbye to everyone, we walked inside the house.
When I went inside, I saw a trail of packed boxes that lead into the living room and
through the kitchen.
She's been packing?

"I know you boys were raised here, but I thought it would be best if we moved
somewhere with less painful memories after the funeral", Nicole said standing behind me.
I looked at the living room, just thinking about it only reminds of the tough times we
had in this house. Nicole was right, "You're right, it is best", I replied.

The funeral took place Saturday. Nicole made sure she was able to contact my mother's closet friends.
Most were from her high school and some old colleagues.
I could see all the pain in their eyes as they looked at the coffin.

Most of the everyone came over to me and my brother to give their condolences,
but it made me feel so pathetic and weak.
I know this is suppose to happen, but did they really have rub it in my face that my mother died?
It's not comforting at all.

And for some reason, Nicole invited Emma and Jonathan Hawken to the funeral.
It seemed like the entire time they were here, they just stood over the coffin
staring at my mother. They're weird people, I don't think I saw them even look
one time sympathetic. What's their deal?

Over next to them was Jenny's mother who cried the entire time. Each time Jenny
tried to calm her down, she would look over at my mother and begin to ball out in
tears once again. Her mother cried more than I did.
"Come on mom, let's have a seat", Jenny said rubbing her mother's back.

"Te-te-te-ssa!" she blubbered because she saw the sight of my mother's blank face again.
"Mom, you're scaring the children. Please, let's sit down", Jenny said feeling a little
embarrassed because of her over-emotional mother.

"Wow, they must've been really close friends", Asia said looking at Jenny's mother.
"No kidding", Flint replied.

I couldn't take all the agony in the church, so I just kept my head in my lap the
whole time while Mimi and Kyle comforted me.
Mimi wasn't lying when she said she'd try and help get over my depression.
She had been over my house everyday since I got back home to check up on me.
I just wish she wouldn't over do it though, as if I'm some sort of patient.
I'm not ill.

"I'll take care of them, I promise".


Such a sad time in Anthony's life.
Seems like Mimi wants to help him cope with that pain, but how?
I think Kyle and Mimi are done, don't you?
Anthony and his brother are moving in with their aunt, how will that work?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.10: I Won't be Home for Christmas (Part 1)
Happy Holidays!

Theme Song: Justin Bieber ft. Boyz ll Men "Fa La La"


"Okay guys, we're here", Dylan said parking on the curb.
"So this is your family's cabin", Jenny said looking at the cabin.
"Yup, still looks the same as usual", Dylan replied.

"Can't wait to board tomorrow. This is your first time right Mimi?" asked Anthony.
"Oh, yeah", she said as if she were tired from the long drive.
"Hey Kyle, wake up dude we're here", Anthony said.

The truth was, I wasn't sleeping. I just had my eyes closed the entire trip.
I didn't want to see Anthony's quick gazes at Mimi as she wasn't paying attention.
Or the cute smiles she kept showing him. It bothered me, but what could I do?
My best friend has a crush on the same girl I do.
"You girls can go inside, we'll get the luggage", Dylan said.

"Well, this place looks cozy?" said Asia questionably.
"It's not bad", Jenny said looking at the old-fashioned cottage.

"Oh boy, I knew you guys would have that look on your faces. I know this place
is old-fashioned compared to my house, but it's actually enjoyable", Dylan said trying to reassure the girls.
"If you say so", said Jenny.
"Okay, so are you ready to room with me Jenny", Dylan said winking at her.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...whoa, are we rooming with the boys?!" Asia asked hysterically.
"I never asked you, but how many beds are there Dylan?" Mimi asked.
"Two double, two single", Dylan replied.
"Well then simple, me and Asia can share a room since I think Mimi would
want her own space", said Jenny.

"The rest of you can figure it out", said Jenny walking upstairs as everyone followed.
"Well I'm definitely getting a single", said Dylan going after the only single bed left.

"Did they just leave us to fight over a double bed?" asked Anthony.
"Excuse me, fight?" asked Flint.

"Well one thing is for sure, I'm not bunking with Flint", I said bluntly.
The last time I shared a bed with him, I couldn't sleep all night because of his monstrous
"Well neither am I", said Anthony who shared the same pain I did.
"Fine, then rock, paper, scissors, whoever loses bunks with Flint", I replied.
"Really? What are we 6-years old?" asked Anthony.
"What are you chicken?" I said teasing him.
"Okay, bring it pretty boy!"

We drew our hands best two out of three as Flint watched.
"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" we both shouted.
"Is this really necessary guys?" Flint asked us,
"Yes!" we both shouted.

"Dammit" said Anthony.

"Wow, it seriously smells like pine in here", said Asia walking into the room.
"Really? I can't smell anything", said Jenny sniffing.
"I guess it's just me", said Asia.

Jenny sat up on her side of the bed as Asia began to get under the warm sheets.
"Aren't you going to lay down?" Asia asked.
"Asia?" Jenny said her name.
"Are you...pregnant?" Jenny asked slowly.
Asia's body froze in place. Her body had been going through some changes lately.
"I...think I am", Asia replied.
"You don't know?" Jenny asked.
"I don't know. Please let's go to sleep", Asia said changing the subject.

"Okay, okay, but tomorrow we're buying you a pregnancy test", Jenny said shutting off the lights,
"Asia?...hm, already asleep".

"What am I going to do?" Asia thought to herself.

I sat up in my bed hearing the mattress creak with every move I made.
Dylan wasn't kidding when he said this place was old.
Last night I felt like I slept on the world's oldest mattress.
"I should shower and brush my teeth", I thought to myself.

I walked through hallway towards the door that I was guessing would be the bathroom.
I turned the squeaky doorknob and swung open the fragile wooden door.

Perhaps I should've knocked first before opening the door to a half-naked Kyle.
"fant rue rock?" Kyle mumbled as he brushed his teeth.
"Huh?" I said confused.

He spit out his toothpaste and rinsed out his mouth.
"I said, can't you knock?" he repeated with an empty mouth.
"I..I can", I said clearing my throat. I couldn't help but stare at his bare body.
"Like what you see?" he asked smiling his pearly whites at me.
"Yeah", I coughed, "I mean..your hair looks different", I said changing the subject.

"Well yeah, it's too cold outside to wear any gel. I'm sure Anthony doesn't have any
on either", he said walking out the doorway, but then he paused and said, "Cute pj's".

After Kyle walked away, I felt like I could finally breathe.
For some reason I suddenly felt hot and red in the face. Not to mention,
I think that's the first time I have ever seen a guy half-naked in front of me.
That was overwhelming.

"Dylan, you cheater! You drop-shotted me again!" Jenny yelled at Dylan.
"Oh really, says the girl who kept knifing me over and over again", Dylan said.
"What would Call of Duty be without knifing?!" Jenny argued.
"What would it be without drop-shotting?!" Dylan replied.

Anthony laid on the couch, watching the couple bicker at each other over the video game.
"Do you guys realize how loud you are?" Anthony groaned at them.

I pranced down the staircase to find everyone gaming on the PlayStation 3.
"Whatever, deal's a deal, you still owe me a kiss after this Jen", Dylan reminded her.
"In your dreams", Jenny teased.
"What the hell Kyle?!" Dylan shouted.
"What do you mean 'what the hell', I killed you", Kyle laughed as Jenny grinned in joy.

"Morning", said Anthony sitting up from the couch.
"Good morning", I replied.
"Ready to hit the slopes?" he asked.
"Well I don't think I'll be on any slopes just yet", I said.
I mean this is my first time ever learning to snowboard.

"Hey, should you two really eat before boarding?" Dylan asked.
"Asia's not really up for it, and I always eat", Flint happily said.

Flint and Asia sat down at the dining table to eat breakfast.
"Hey, aren't you going to touch your food?" asked Flint.
"Huh? Oh yeah", she said taking a scoop of her yogurt.

"If you don't like it I can get you something else", offered Flint.
"No, this is fine. I guess I lost my appetite a little", said Asia.
Asia was lost in her brooding. That one question had been pondering in her
head since last night, Am I pregnant?

"Alright, I think that's enough whoop-ass for today", Dylan said getting up.
"You would say that, when I'm about to catch up to your score", Kyle said raging.
"I wanna snowboard", said Jenny like a little kid receiving candy.
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Take Care 1.10: I Won't be Home for Christmas (Part 2)

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" screamed Dylan.

"Damn, you guys are slow!" Anthony said taunting the two slowpokes behind him.

"Yo Kyle, you're going to get left behind!" Dylan said passing him up once again.
"I'll meet you guys at the bottom!" Kyle replied.

"Okay girls, balance is the key", Flint said teaching them some snowboard techniques.
"This is actually easier than I thought it would be", I said.
"Yeah", Jenny agreed, "Whoa Asia, are you doing okay?" she asked looking at Asia stumble.
"I don't think I'm cut out for this", Asia said trying to get up.

"Well lucky for you I'm a pro at teaching", Flint said.
"And here I thought that I was your tutor", Asia replied.
"Maybe you should take it easy", Jenny said worried.
But she was right, "Your probably right", Asia said sitting down.

"Jenny, you realize your legs are shaking like crazy right?" Dylan laughed hysterically.
"Yeah, yeah shush it. I've never skated before", Jenny nervously said.
"Well you can't be afraid to fall on your ass", Dylan smiled.

Dylan continued to guide her out on the ice.
"What's up?" Dylan said.
"What?" he laughed.
"I love you", Jenny said softly.

"Hm, tell me something I don't know", Dylan smiled.
Jenny sucked her teeth, "What?"
"I'm kidding, I think that's the cutest thing you've ever said to me. And I love you too".

I looked at how adorable Dylan and Jenny looked out on the ice.
It made me so jealous of Jenny. She had a guy and they shared mutual feelings for each other.
If only I could be that lucky.
"Hey Mimi", said Anthony.

"What's that over there?!" Anthony frantically said.
"What's what?" I asked turning my head. I didn't see a thing, what was he talking about?
I turned back around to receive a snowball to my face.

"You are so dead!" I shouted at Anthony.
"Oh really? I'd like to see about that", Anthony smiled.

I watched as Mimi and Anthony broke out into a snowball fight.
Every time I saw a smile on Anthony's face, it was because Mimi was around
to give him one. I guess it's only expected since he likes her. But my biggest
concern was if she liked him back?

I was barely paying attention to the conversation to the point where Lindsey
began to press up on my arm, "Kyle?" she said.
"Oh, yeah?" I said forgetting what we were talking about.
"You think you can swing by again later like last year", Lindsey winked at me.

I shook her hands off my arm as I replied, "Sorry, no can do".
"Aw, really? You got a girlfriend or something?" Lindsey asked disappointed.

I looked at Mimi who had slipped and fell on the ground.
Her smile was so divine, I wish that I was the one making her smile.
Her light blue eyes are so enticing, that I wish they were looking at me right now.
What can I do to make this happen?

"Something like that", I finally replied still looking at Mimi.

"Anthony Luca! I've got you now", Mimi said raising her throwing arm at him.
Anthony laughed, "Can't we just talk this out?"
"No way!" Mimi said throwing the snowball at him.

"Now to find a parking spot", said Jenny looking for a space.
"I'll help you look", Asia said.
"Well, while you guys look I'm going inside", I said getting out of the car.
I wanted to go in and go out quickly as possible.

"Alright Asia, let's make this quick" Jenny said walking ahead of her.
"This is so embarrassing", said Asia.
"Marco, you got chocolate on your face", said the lady wiping her child's face off.
Asia stood there looking at the mother and her child. It only made her think of
what her life could actually be like if she were actually pregnant. A mother.

"Hi", Marco said waiving at Asia.
"...Hi", Asia said smiling.
"Marco, didn't I tell you not to speak to strangers. Sorry Miss", the woman said.

"Asia, are you okay?" asked Jenny.
"Yeah, I'm fine", Asia said.

"Would that be all, Miss?" the cashier asked Asia.
"Um...yes", Asia replied embarrassed.
"Okay, that will be $19.07", the cashier said ringing up the item.

"Asia, I'm going to go look for Kyle", said Jenny walking away.
"Okay", Asia said.

"Not to be rude or anything, but I'm sort of in a hurry ma'am", I said impatiently.
I had been waiting for half an hour for this lady to get my medication.

"Hold on sugar, I'm looking as quickly as I can", the pharmacist said fidgeting on the stool.
I don't think she can read the labels with the way her eyes are squinting at them.
"Hey, I think can see the Verelan over there to the left", I said trying to help her.
"Aw yes, good eye", she said moving over to the left.

She began to finally refill my medication. At this rate, I could've died and came back.
"Verelan hm, how unfortunate for you", she said.
Well way to make me feel bad lady, "That wouldn't be the first time I heard that", I said.
"But you're so young", she smiled.
"Doesn't stop me from having some fun though", I replied rubbing my neck.

"Okay, we are done here. Remember no more than three times a day", she said.
"I know, I know, it's on the bottle", I said taking the prescription bottle.
"Kyle? Why are you getting pills from the pharmacy?" asked Jenny.
I could hear the eminence in her voice as she stood behind me.
I quickly tried to shove the bottle in my thick pockets.

"Shit", I said as my bottle of pills spilled all over the floor.
Of course the grandma behind the counter didn't seal the bottle securely.
I saw as Jenny's palm reached over them to pick one up. She studied it closely.

"What the hell are these?" Jenny asked dismayed.
"Sleeping pills, Flint is a super loud snorer if you didn't notice", I lied.
"The hell they are, I wasn't born yesterday idiot", she snapped at me.
"Well, they're none of your concern", I said beginning to pick up the pills.

"Are seriously going to ignore my concern for you?" asked Jenny.
"Yes, because it's not a big deal. So cheer up will yeah?" I said getting up.

I began walking away, "And if you respect me as your friend at all, you will
not tell anyone else about this. I don't want any trouble", I said.
"Okay fine", said Jenny, "Verelan?"
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Take Care 1.10: I Won't be Home for Christmas (Part 3)

"Hey Jenny, did you guys get what we needed for dinner?" asked Dylan.
"Yeah, we'll start prepping everything soon", Jenny replied.
"I need to use the bathroom so bad", Asia said walking swiftly to the bathroom door.
"Want me to take that bag for you?" asked Dylan trying to be helpful.
"No!...I mean, no it's okay", Asia said slamming the door.
"That wasn't weird", Kyle sarcastically said.

"I can't believe this!" Jenny shrieked.

"Jenny, keep your voice down", Asia said soft speaking.
"My bad. Asia you're freaking pregnant", Jenny whispered, "You of all people got pregnant, now I
definitely think the world is ending".
"Tell me about it", Asia said looking at the test.

"What's your plan now?" asked Jenny.
"Plan?" Asia said confused.
"Are you going to keep it? Think about adoption as well", Jenny said trying to help her understand.
"I...haven't thought about that yet", Asia said suddenly feeling even more distressed.

Suddenly they heard a knock at the door. Before they could even say anything
Dylan walked right in with them.
"Dylan?!" Jenny said jumping nearly out her shoes.
Asia quickly moved over in front of the test trying to hide it with her thin frame.
"What are you guys doing in here?" Dylan curiously asked.
"Well we...we were...um", Jenny uttered as she tried to come up with a good reason.

"Jenny was just doing my hair for me", Asia spoke for her.
"Oh, well Flint needs to use the bathroom. Anthony is showering upstairs", Dylan said.

Everyone began to follow one another out of the bathroom but Asia stopped in the doorway.
As Flint tried to walk around her, she followed his movements not letting him through.

"Um, Asia I'm trying to get by", Flint said.
"I know but I really needed to show you...something", Asia lied.
"Can it wait?" Flint said trying go past her again yet she blocked the doorway.
"No it can't", Asia said.

"Look Asia, I really need to go", Flint said flustered.
"I said no dammit!" Asia said shaking Flint.
"Okay, okay! I hope this is worth peeing my pants over", Flint said giving in.

"This place actually isn't so bad", I said looking out over the balcony.
I guess at first I doubted this place because of the way it looked. But it's actually quite fun being here.
"Didn't Dylan tell you so?" Anthony said reminding me.
"Yeah, yeah", I said as if I still remembered.

"Since you like it so much, we'll bring you again next year", Anthony happily said.
"Really? Awesome", I said smiling, "You wanna go inside now? It's getting chilly".
I should've worn my coat if I knew it were going to be this cold out.
"Alright, I think the others are about to start on dinner", Anthony said a little disappointed.
He was actually going inside because of me. I assume he must really like the cold weather.

I walked inside with Anthony following from behind.
I was about to turn towards the staircase, until I heard the sound of a box getting
kicked from behind me, "Oh gosh!" Anthony yelled tripping over the box knocking me down.

Kyle whistled to himself as he stood over the toilet bowl.

Invading his privacy, Jenny swung open the door.
"What the hell Jenny?!" Kyle shouted zipping up his pants.
"Sh! I didn't see your junk dude", said Jenny not even looking in Kyle's direction.
"Why don't you girls ever knock?" asked Kyle.
"Did you see it?" asked Jenny ignoring what Kyle just said.

"See what?" Kyle asked.
"The test!" asked Jenny.
"Ugh, Jenny are you crazy?" Kyle baffled.
"Never mind, then just get out please", Jenny ordered him.
"Hey you, did you forget who was in here first?" Kyle said fuming.

"Hey Jenny, are you ready to start dinner? It's getting pretty late", Dylan said opening the door.
"So I guess no one knocks around here", said Kyle.
"Oh yeah, sure just let me use the bathroom", she lied. Jenny only came in to hide the
the pregnancy that was still visibly for anyone to see.

"Jenny, if you needed to use the bathroom you could've just said so", Kyle said annoyed.
"Hey Kyle-" Dylan was about to say something, but then something more important caught his eye.
"What the fuck is that?" asked Dylan content.
"What's what?" asked Kyle turning around to look at what Dylan was talking about.

Once Kyle turned back around Dylan's fist was already aiming for his face.
"Kyle you son of a-!"
"Dylan don't!" Jenny screamed.

"Mimi, hey Mimi", I heard Anthony's voice as I opened my eyes.
"Huh?" I said dumbfounded.
"I'm sorry I stumbled on you. Are you okay?" asked Anthony worried.
"Yeah, my head hurts a little", I said randomly laughing.

"Phew, that's good. I thought I heard your head hit the floor pretty hard", Anthony said.
I gave him a blank stare. I just realized Anthony was literally hovering over me.
I suddenly felt myself beginning to feel uneasy.
"Mimi", Anthony said looking me in the eyes.

I could see his face slowly shifting towards mine. Is he trying to kiss me?
Anthony Luca is seriously about to kiss me. Am I dreaming? I'm being delusional.
Yes, delusional. I'm probably unconscious right now because I hit my head.

I could sense Anthony's body heat when his face was an inch away from mine.
I squinted my eyes tight. For some reason I became really nervous.
Was it because once we kiss, I wouldn't know what to do afterwards?
What would I be getting myself into if I kissed Anthony right now?

My face then felt cool. I opened my eyes to see that Anthony had backed out.
"Sorry", he said closing his eyes. Was he just as nervous as I was?
His cheeks looked a little red, maybe that's he turned his face away from mine.
"It's okay", I giggled.
"You're so fucking dead!" someone shouted from downstairs.
"What was that?" Anthony jumped.
"I think that's..Dylan?" I said a little unsure.

Me and Anthony quickly traveled downstairs and into the bathroom towards all the commotion.
"What the hell is going on in here?" asked Anthony.
We walked inside to see Flint pinning Dylan up against the wall. Were they fighting?
"Let go of me Flint! I'm going to end that casanova's life!" Dylan said trying to break free.
"Dylan! I said it's not mine!" Jenny said yelling at him.

"Seriously Dylan, listen to Jenny. We are just friends!" said Kyle agitated.
"Oh really? Then why were you two alone in here with that thing?" asked Dylan.
"Dill, come on dude. Jenny's not that kind of girl", Flint said.
"I know, but Kyle is that kind of guy", Dylan said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Kyle asked.
"It means you want a piece of all of our pies!" Dylan angrily said trying to jump out of Flint's grasp.
Did Dylan just refer to me, Jenny, and Asia as pie slices?
"What's he mean by that Kyle?" asked Anthony confused.

"I don't know, I give up on this raging bull", Kyle said.
"This bull is going to give you the horns!" Dylan yelled.
"Come on Kyle, don't egg him on", Asia said.
"Well, then whose stupid test is that over there?!" asked Kyle that pointed at the pregnancy test.
"Don't say anything Asia", Jenny whispered.
"The more you hold me back Flint, the more I'm gonna wanna punch Kyle!" said Dylan.
"Dylan, please stop!" Jenny said.

"It's mine god dammit!" Asia blurted out.
Everyone became silent. All the noise was killed by Asia's utter confrontation.

"Whoa, what?" I asked her with my mouth wide open.
Did Asia just say that pregnancy test is her's?!

"Oh no! Flint!" Jenny said watching Flint nearly faint.

Once Dylan broke free, he ran over and punched Kyle right in the face.

"So...your freaking pregnant?!" I said still surprised by the news.
This is insane, out of all people I thought this could happen to, I would never guess Asia.
Where would she even find the time or place?

"Yeah", said Asia. I could see the discomfort written all over her body.
"You should've said from the beginning that it was your test", said Dylan feeling bad for punching Kyle.
"Dylan", Anthony said.
"What?" Dylan said.
"Don't you think you owe someone an apology?" I said looking at Dylan.
"No, I went easy on him", Dylan said crossing his arms.

I guess Dylan did go easy on Kyle or he just takes beatings well.
"Thanks", Kyle sarcastically said, "By the way where did you two even find the time and place
to like, you know?", asked Kyle.
He was thinking the same thing I was.

"Um..um..well", Asia didn't really feel comfortable discussing it with us.
"Homecoming", said Flint finally speaking.
Flint hadn't said a word the entire time since we all walked out of the bathroom.
"But it wasn't intentional", said Asia flabbergasted.
"How is having sex unintentional?" asked Kyle laughing.
Of course this playboy would laugh at something like this.

"Yeah, how does unintentional sex happen? Maybe I could use this on Jenny", Dylan said winking.
"Well-" said Asia until she was cut off by Jenny.
"Intentional or unintentional, your pregnant. The questions we need to be asking you guys are:
Are you going to keep the baby? Or give it up?" said Jenny changing the subject.
"I think me and Asia should discuss this later", said Flint.
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Take Care 1.10: I Won't be Home for Christmas (Part 4)

You don't have to move, you don't have to speak lips for biting.
You're staring me down, a glance makes me weak eyes for striking.

"Hm, so far this demo is actually really good", Keith said as he continued to listen to the music,
"What do you think? Should I give them a call?" asked Keith.

Grey didn't respond, she sat in her chair with her fingers intertwined.
Her expression looked dull and displeased. Were Keith's senses off?
After the demo was completely done playing, Grey got up out of her seat and
parked herself in front of Keith.

She gave him an intense look, "I'll let you know when my schedule clears", she said.
"Wait what?" Keith said puzzled.
"I want to meet them", Grey said.
"That's a first", Keith said astounded.
"Just make sure they're here by then. I don't like to waste my time", Grey said.

"Asia, why haven't you touched your food?" asked Lee.
"I'm not that hungry, sorry", Asia replied.
"Can I have her food?" asked Aito.
"No, you didn't even finish your peas!" Lee said angrily at his son.
"Dear, just let it go", Stacy said trying to calm down her husband.

"No I will not let it go. This has gone on long enough! Why haven't you been eating?" Lee questioned.
"I ate before I came home, okay", Asia said troubled.
"What? You were out with that boy again weren't you?!" Lee said angrily.
"What if I were?" Asia replied.
"You are not to see that country bumpkin any longer. Hear me!" Lee yelled.
"Lee, she is a teenager. It's only natural that-", Stacy said but was cut off.
"I'm pregnant", Asia murmured.
"What?" Stacy said confused.

"I am pregnant with that country bumpkins' baby", Asia repeated.
"What?! What?" Lee said blown away.
"You heard me Dad!" Asia shouted.
"How could you?" Lee asked heartbroken.
"How could I? How could you? You've kept me caged up my entire life.
And the one night I actually was set loose, this happened", Asia argued.

"Don't you dare blame me for your mistakes child", Lee said.
"That's right, blame your mother", Karina said looking at her daughter-in-law.
"Excuse me Karina? How would you prevent something like this in today's society?
People are not traditional anymore. So don't you ever talk about my parenting!" Stacy snapped.
"This is why I don't like to visit often", said Asia's older brother Toni.

"You have two choices Asia: get rid of that thing inside of you or get out of my house.
Which will it be?" asked Lee.
"Lee, you shouldn't force her to choose", said Stacy worried.

Asia sat there silently staring at her father's face.
She had never seen him so angry in her entire being.
"Asia, you better answer me before I answer for you", Lee said rushing her.
"I...I...I, um", Asia stuttered.
Ding Dong

Flint dragged himself to answer the front door.
"Asia? What are you doing here and why do you have luggage?" Flint asked worried.
He was about to say her name again, but then he realized the tears that were streaming down her face.

She stood there silently with a bare look on her face.
"Asia what happened? Did you get a ride here?" Flint asked but still didn't get an answer,
"Asia! Answer me dammit!".

"He..he said to choose one: get rid of the baby or leave. So..I left", she finally explained.
"My own parents kicked me out! Isn't that great?" Asia said hysterically.
Flint stared at her shaky palms. She was scared.

He walked up and put his arms around her, "It's okay, everything is going to be okay", he said.
Aware, Flint began to feel as Asia's tears rolled onto his t-shirt.
"Eh..is it?" Asia cried.
"Yes, it is" Flint reassured her.

Asia began to cry even more, "Sh, sh, it's okay", Flint said comforting her.
"Noah, let her inside already", Jeff said standing behind Flint.
"Were you guys there the whole time?!" Flint asked embarrassed his parents were watching them.

"Grrrrrr", growled Rufus.
"Rufus no!" Jeff said disciplining him.

"So this is Asia? Wow, my grand baby is going to look pretty. Hurry up and let her in son!" said Jamie.
"Hurry up before she catches a cold boy", said Jeff.

"You told them about us?" asked Asia.
"Yeah, I tell my parents everything", said Flint.
"I wish my parents were more understanding", said Asia.


Looks like Asia got the boot.
Does that mean she's living with Flint now?
Anthony was about to make a move on Mimi, but why did he back out?
Sounds like Grey is interested in the band, will they meet?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.11: Losing Grip (Part 1)
Happy Valentines Day! <3

Theme Song: Linkin Park "One Step Closer"


I laid in my bed, trying to solemnly enjoy my Saturday.
These days, it seems the new motto is, "No school, no worries".
We're only in half of the school year, and well let's see: Kyle and Anthony like the same girl,
Anthony's mother has died, and Flint and Asia are expecting.
What else could possibly go wrong? As a matter of fact let me not jinx myself.
I could hear my phone vibrate on my recliner across from me.

Who the hell could be calling me this early in the morning?
Geez, was it perhaps Kyle asking for some more advice about Mimi?
Or Anthony wondering if Mimi even likes him?
Oh, and then there's Flint who calls to ask me about Asia's random mood swings.
Maybe I did jinx myself. I might be freaking next.

I walked over and picked my cellphone to look at the caller ID.
Private number? I was relieved to know that it wasn't any of the three stooges calling,
but actually annoyed that is was some random person.

I answered, "Hello", I said with my voice sounding so droopy.
"Hey, is this Dylan Stewart?" asked a man from the other line.
"Yeah, why?" I asked seemingly concerned who this stranger was.
"Well, today is your lucky day kid", replied the man.


"Hey, did you hear that slut did-" I heard Shelly whisper into
Kimberly's ear but couldn't make out the rest of the sentence.
Kimberly laughed, "No way!..Oh she's right behind you".
It's as if she said it purposely for me to hear her.

"Oh crap", Shelly said whipping her head around in my direction,
"Hey there Asia. Is that baby kicking yet?" she asked laughing.
Was that suppose to be an insult?
"No Shelly, that's after 4 months", I said correcting her.

"Hey Asia, ignore them", said Mimi smirking as she walked up putting her arm around me.
"Yeah they don't know what they're talking about", said Jenny next to her.
"Thank you, girls", I said.

"Because they got it all wrong, right Jenny?" asked Mimi.
Where was she going with this conversation? I asked myself.
"Yeah, you're not a slut. You're just not the genius we thought you were cracked up to be", Jenny said candidly.
"Sorry A, but my mom doesn't want me to hangout with you anymore", said Mimi.
"Mine too, you're a bad influence on us", Jenny complied.

My smile suddenly fell from my face. What's gotten into them? How cruel of them to say.
"Come on Mimi, let's go hang out with Taylor", Jenny said walking away.
"Yeah, at least she's smarter than this", Mimi agreed tagging along behind her.
"I..thought you guys were my friends!" I yelled at them.
"Friends? Please, we only used you to replace Taylor", Jenny said as she continued walking.
I looked down at my feet and then I looked back up, to see Noah.
The one person I knew couldn't let me down.

"Noah!" I yelled his name running towards him. He didn't reply, he just stood there looking at me.
Weird as always, I thought.

I ran up and hugged him tightly.
"Noah, you wouldn't believe the day I'm having", I said holding back tears.
Still, he didn't reply. Was he perhaps still listening to me?
I continued to speak, "Maybe I should do homeschooling instead".
Without any recognition, he shoved me off of him.

"What the? What's wrong?" I asked suddenly flustered.
"You're embarrassing me, stop making a scene", he replied so coldly.
"What are you saying? You said you'd be here for me", I said reminding him of his own words.
"I meant that when we are only at my house", he said walking past me.

"So keep your distance from me. I don't want people getting the wrong idea", he said walking away.
"Noah", I said but he didn't turn around, "Noah!" I screamed.

"Noah..Noah.....Noah", I continued to say repeatedly.
I suddenly felt flushed hands touching shoulder.

"Asia!" I heard Noah's voice as I jolted my eyes open.
It was..just a dream. A bad dream at that. It felt so surreal.
"Bad dream?" he asked bothered, "You kept repeating my name".
"Yeah, sorry", I said still startled by the nightmare I just had.
Noah's phone began to ring from his end table.

"I better get that, it's Dylan's tone", he said picking it up.
"Go ahead, I 'll wash up first", I said walking towards the bathroom.

Noah yawned then answered his phone, "Hello Dylan", he said faint.
"Flint!" his eyes split open as he heard three different voices shout his name.

"I called you three times! Are you deaf?" asked Dylan.
"Whoa, sorry. I'm a heavy sleeper. What's going on? Why are we in a conference call?" asked Flint.
"Well..." Kyle said lingering happily, "Anthony tell him, I'm too fired up".
"We got called in by some big music company", Anthony said trying to stay collected.

"What?!" Flint said raising his voice, "This is the best news I've heard. When do we go in? Today?"

"Of course that would be the best news you've heard", I whispered to myself.

"Alright, they're done. Let's sit down Jamie", said Lori getting ready to serve biscuits.
"I'm right behind you", said Jamie washing her hands clean.

"Eat up good Asia, ya' hear me. I don't want my great-grand baby coming out thin", said Lori sitting down.
It's been a month since Noah's family has allowed me to live with them.
I've learned their kind and gentle as their southern hospitality.
Noah's family is originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Newport when he was only a couple weeks old.
So he didn't get to experience an inch of Texas as much as his parents did.

Once the two sat down, the doorbell chimed.
"And we just sat down", said Jamie flustered.
"That's okay, I'll get it", I said getting up to answer the door.
"No Asia, let me!", Jamie objected chasing me to the door.
Was it because I'm pregnant? I can answer a door lady.

"I got it, it's fine", I said already opening the door.
There wasn't anyone there but a couple of boxes. UPS man?
I thought we had to sign for these kinds of things.

At least I thought so, until I saw my father driving off in his Smart Car.
So, then it's not the UPS man. It's been a month already.
Why is he just now dropping off boxes at their doorstep?

"This is why I wanted to get the door", Lori said standing behind me.
"This isn't the first time?" I questioned.
"No, he's been doing it every week", she said.
"What's his problem?" I asked disturbed.
"He's probably just hiding that he's worried about you", she replied.
That's worried? I thought.
"No sweetie, that's men", she said.


"Okay, this time I'm sure this is the place", I said examining the building from head to toe.
"I hope you're right, cause we're late", Flint said distressed.
"Yeah, let's just hurry", Dylan said walking ahead of me.

"Well maybe if you had just used the GPS in your phone,
we would've been here by now", Anthony said furious at me.
"Well we got here, didn't we?" I said.
"Yeah, 30 minutes late! Next time don't be a stubborn jackass", he replied.
"Don't be such a backseat driver!" I said getting agitated.
"Knock it off you two!" Dylan shouted holding the door open.

"Hello this is Hit Music Records, how can I help you?" asked the secretary.
"Hi we have a-" I said but got cut off by her.
"Oh, Ms. Skylar is already busy call back later, thank you. Hello, welcome to Hit Music Records
how can I help you?" she asked us graciously.
Everyone was silent. Was she actually asking us this time? Was probably what they were thinking.

"Yeah, we have an appointment with Ms. Skylar", answered Dylan.
"Sorry but you'll have to come back another time, Ms. Skylar is busy with her current appointment", she replied.
"Now look what you've done moron, we missed our appointment", Anthony said glaring at me.
"Shut up already, you have a GPS in your phone too", I said glaring back.
"Jackass", said Anthony.
"Say it again, I dare you", I threatened. I getting fed up with his mood swing.
"Shut up, idiots", Dylan said.
Then we heard some anonymous laughter coming from opposite side of the waiting room.

"You two are pretty funny to watch", he said cracking up into laughter trying to hold onto his cigarette.
"Dianna, this is Grey's 11 o'clock".
Wait a minute, this man is no other than...

"Keith Ledger!", Anthony gasped as we all dropped our jaws gawking at him.
"Lead guitarist of the rock band, The Exposed-", Flint randomly said.
"12 Grammy Awards, 9 Moon Men, and 15 Billboard Best", Dylan finished Flint's sentence.
"Thank you?" Keith questioned sounding insinuated as Dylan touched him.

"Father-in-law", Dylan quivered as he jumped onto Keith forcibly.
"Jenny..is this your husband?" Keith asked. You could hear the exertion in his voice as he tried to hold Dylan.
"No", Jenny answered embarrassed.
"Jenny why didn't you tell us Keith Ledger was your dad?" I asked.
"Cause I knew this would happen", she answered.

"If you're done smothering me, your appointment still stands", Keith said shoving Dylan off him.
"Wait, were you the one that called me this morning?" asked Dylan ecstatic.
"No", Keith lied. He didn't want Dylan to have his number.

"Let's go already, this woman is impatient when things don't go as planned", Keith said leading us the way.
"Sorry about Dylan. But you are his idol", I said trying to reassure him.
"Yeah, I can tell. You girls stay here as well", Keith replied.

"That's a lot of junk on her desk", Dylan said looking at woman's desk.
"This place is no joke then", I said looking around at Platinum Albums on the wall.
"Hey Grey, the boys are here", Keith said casually.
Pretty unprofessional but I'm not surprised since it's Keith Ledger.

"What? They're late!" Grey roared. She had a strong British accent, "Bring them in", she demanded.
Her personality seemed a bit overwhelming and horrendous.

"Sit down over there boys", Keith said leaving us alone with this fearsome lady.
"Hi, my name is Flint and thanks for meeting us", Flint said walking by her desk.
"Flint? What an odd name", Grey inquired.
"Yeah it's actually my last name, my first name is-"
"Sit down already", Anthony said shoving him.

We sat down on the nifty couch in front of her desk.
Awkwardly, we sat and stared at her waiting for her to say something to us.
Dylan cleared his throat, "So are we going to discuss music?" he asked.
Still, there was no reply from Grey. Was she thinking?

"Hm, you four boys are actually quite charming. Why is it you became a rock band?" she asked.
Was she contemplating our looks this entire time?
"Well, Keith Ledger is my inspiration", Dylan replied.
"What about you three?" she asked us.
"I like to play the guitar", Anthony said.
"Yeah, I love playing the drums", Flint said.
"I..don't actually know", I said a little staggered.
These reasons are awful. Why did we want to become a rock band?

"I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
" Candi sang in the recording studio.

"Something seems off about her mojo", said Mitch.
"What are you talking about? Candi girl is tearing it up", said Calvin.
"Oh really? Want to bet?" Mitch teased him.
"Fine, I get your beach house for a week", Calvin agreed.
"Then, I get to borrow your cap collection", Mitch wagered.
"My babies?" asked Calvin.
"Yeah, those babies", Mitch laughed.
"You're on", Calvin said handshaking him.

"Listen up it's just not happening
You can say what you want to your boyfriends
Just let me have my fun tonight-
" Candi stopped singing.

"Hey guys, I'm not really feeling this right now. Can I take a break?" asked Candi.

"What?! No way Cans. You're doing good", said Calvin pushing on the intercom.
He didn't want to lose his bet.
"Come on, give it another go", Calvin suggested.

"Yeah right! I need a break", Candi said storming out of the room.
"Candi!" Calvin yelled through the intercom.
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Take Care 1.11: Losing Grip (Part 2)

"Hello Candi", Dianna cheerfully said.
"Hello Dianna", Candi responded.
How is she always chipper with a job like that? Candi thought.

"Asia, stop over-reacting it's not good for you", Mimi said talking on the phone.
Candi walked behind her sitting down.
"It was just a dream wasn't it?" asked Mimi.

"Asia, just because you are pregnant doesn't make you stupid", said Mimi.
"You're right, it makes her very smart", Candi said sarcastically.
"Yes, it makes you very smart", Mimi said agreeing without recognition.

"Wait a minute! Who do you think you are eavesdropping on my-" Mimi said turning around to face the eavesdropper.
She paused and looked at her culprit. The all-time famous pop star, Candi.
"Ca-Candi, Candi?!" Mimi stuttered almost losing grip of her cell phone.
"Mimi? Hello?" Asia said loud enough through the phone.

"Hello, sorry I didn't mean to eavesdrop. Your conversation just sounded very interesting that I couldn't
resist", Candi said.
"No, no, no, I'm sorry. I didn't realize who you were. Oh my gosh, I'm talking to Candi", Mimi babbled away.
Candi laughed, "Your amusing, what's your name?" asked Candi.
"Your biggest fan, I mean..my friend's call me Mimi", Mimi replied with haste.

Mimi plopped down on the couch next to her.
"So, do you sing?" Candi asked Mimi who was staring at her point blank.
"Oh me? Um, no..I used to. But I dance now", Mimi replied nervously.
"Then what are you doing here?" Candi asked curiously.
"My friends might be getting a record deal", Mimi said cheery.
"You seem like such a good friend. Why did you stop singing? And I'm sorry
if I'm asking you a lot of questions", Candi said.

"No it's fine", Mimi said as her mood changed, "I don't really know myself. All I know is that
I stopped after my grandmother died", Mimi replied.
"Oh, sorry...death can certainly change a person", Candi said.

Jenny swung open the bathroom door.
"Gosh, that stupid Dylan better not be saying anything else embarrassing in front of dad", she said to herself.

Jenny suddenly looked up, "Hm, isn't that...Candi?" she thought to herself.
And is Mimi chatting with her?

Jenny walked up to them as they were finishing a conversation.
"Oh hey Jenny", Mimi said looking up at her.
"Hey", Jenny replied looking at Candi.
"Well, I better get back to recording. Nice meeting you Mimi", Candi said walking away.
"She's in a hurry", Jenny said.
"She's so cool", Mimi said spacing out.

"Wait...you want us to do what?" Dylan asked perplexed about the situation.
"I thought the reason you called us out here was because you wanted sign us after hearing our demo", Anthony said.
"Yeah, why the hell should we do that if you already know we're talented. No way!" Dylan disagreed.
"Dylan, dude. Let's just do it, it's not like it'll hurt us", said Flint. Flint really wanted this record deal.
I couldn't help but keep quiet to myself. I didn't know how to respond to this.

"Look! Disagree and jabber all you boys want. But I've ruled not only this company, but the music industry for
years now. So believe me when I say this, I know what I'm doing", Grey compiled.
"But-" Dylan said.
"Now if you boys are as good as you say you are, then the showcase will be tomorrow at 8 o'clock.
Be there prepared, or just forget about the whole thing", Grey appealed us, "Nice meeting you".

"Mom! Have you seen my ballet slippers?!" I shouted.
"No Mia!", Mom replied.
I had been wandering around the house for the past hour looking for them aimlessly.
At this rate, I was going to end up being late for my ballet recital.
I hindered as I looked at the black piano.
It's been so long since I last played that thing.

I sat on the bench and wiped off the dust.
I was surprised that there was even any dust on it.
The Maria's a good cleaner and mom doesn't let things go unnoticed either.
Maybe everyone had forsaken the thing and left it alone all this time.

I pressed down on a couple keys and my piano playing skills rushed back to my brain.
It's already been 10 years since grandma had passed and yet it felt like yesterday
that I was sitting here playing with her.
The questions Candi asked me earlier kept replaying in my head.
"So, do you sing?"

I breathed in, then I breathed out.
"Heart don't fail me now
Courage don't desert me
Don't turn back now that we're here
People always say
Life is full of choices".

"No one ever mentions fear
or how a road can seem so seems long
or how the world can seems so vast
courage see me through
heart i trust in you
on this journey to the past", I sang.

My fingers jilted on the piano once again.
"Oh man! I hit the wrong note again", I furiously said, "Now I forgot the note", I murmured.

"Mia, the note you're looking for is right there silly willy", said my Grandmother Roxanne.
She immediately placed me on her lap and began showing me the keys with her fingers.
"Grandma", I said disappointed, "I can do it myself", I said.

"You're so stubborn like your father", Roxanne chuckled.
"What's that mean?" I asked.
"Nothing dear, let's hurry up and memorize this for your talent show tomorrow", Roxanne brightly said.

"Grandma?" I asked.
"Yes, Mia", Roxanne replied.
"What if I...I mess up and people laugh at me?" I said discouraged.
"That won't happen", Roxanne said.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because you have a wonderful voice, and you'll grow up to be an memorable singer someday", Roxanne smiled.

"Memorable singer?" I questioned.

"Yeah right", I said looking down.
"Mia! I found your slippers!" My mom yelled from downstairs, "Let's go".

"A one, two! A one, two, three, four!" Flint said as he clamped his drumsticks and began banging away.

"I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency
If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong
'Cause I won't stop holding on
So are you listening? So are you watching me?" Kyle sang.

"Hey guys! Let's take a break", Dylan said.
Jenny told me that they woke up at the crack of dawn to begin practicing for tonight's
big gig. I've watched them practice before, but not as intense as this.
This must really want to top tonight's performance.

"So you decided to tag along today, Asia?" I asked her.
Yesterday she skipped out because her day began sour.
"Well yes, I regretted staying in yesterday cause I was bored out of my mind", Asia replied.
I laughed, "Was it because Flint wasn't there?"
"Mimi", she said embarrassed.
It's not like he was listening, he was taking a quick snooze.

"So is it true that you used to sing?" Asia randomly asked.
"I'm guessing Jenny told you that", I said as she nodded at me, "Yeah, but it was nothing
serious. Just something I had fun doing as a kid", I replied.
"Aw, But now I'm curious. You should sing me something", Asia said pouting.
"I'm curious too", Flint said popping his eyes open.
"Were you awake the whole time?" I asked.
"It's hard to get some shuteye when those two are still at it", he responded looking at Kyle and Anthony.

I looked over at Anthony who playing his guitar.

"It's really not your fault
When no one cares to talk about it
To talk about it", Anthony sang.

"You know if you want to do the singing, I can be the lead guitarist", Kyle said.
"No way dude, you sing better", Anthony said stopping.
"Aw, you're shy. How cute", Kyle teased him.
Anthony snickered, "Shut up".

"Ready Dylan?" asked Jenny who watched as her boyfriend played his guitar.
"Born ready", he winked at her.

"Are you okay?" Flint asked Asia.
"I should be asking you that. It's your big night", Asia responded, "You're sweating".
"Yeah, I've never been so nervous before a show. I guess because this one really matters", Flint said shaking.

"But if things go well tonight, our future for the baby is set", Flint said reassuring Asia.
"Don't worry about that. Just have fun silly", Asia said smiling.
Their conversation was profoundly disrupted by Jenny's shrieking voice.

"Guys! Where the hell is Kyle right now? The show is about to start", Jenny said freaking out,
"Calm down Jenny, calm down...where is that playboy?!" she grumbled.

"Calm down", Anthony said laughing, "I bet he's staring himself in the mirror right now, I'll go get him".
Anthony placed down his guitar and ran through the curtains.

"Hey isn't Mimi here too?" asked Flint curiously.
"Yeah, she came with us. Where did she disappear to?" asked Asia.
"Oh shit", Jenny blurted out, "She must be with-"

"Hey! Why did I just see Anthony run out of here?!" said Tessa, Grey's assistant.
She scanned the area, "Okay, where is the heartthrob?" Tessa said putting her hands on her hips.


Kyle had rested his head down about half an hour ago. The band was already setting up backstage.
He looked so at peace that I wasn't sure if I should wake him or not. They woke up so early practicing
and only stopped 4 hours before the show. Not even enough time rest.

Kyle, why is it that you look so cute and innocent when you're sleeping? But when you're awake,
you're this big, hotshot poser that pretends not to have feelings sometimes.
Is it weird that me watching him sleep is making me feel so giddy inside?
Perhaps I should just wake him up already for my sake.

Just as I was about to say his name, I heard him chuckle.
"You know if you take a picture it will last longer, Mimi", said Kyle as he opened his eyes.
That numbskull knew I was here the whole time and just pretended to sleep.
"Now I wish I should've smacked you awake", I said shoving his head with fury.

"Is that idiot seriously still looking at the mirror. If he is, I swear...", Anthony thought to himself.

Just as he was about to open the door, Anthony paused.
He could hear voices coming from inside the dressing room.
"I don't want to interrupt, but who is he talking to at a moment like this?" he thought.
He peeped through the small door window.

Kyle sat up at the table stretching, "You don't have to deny watching me sleep, I'd watch
myself too if I could", said Kyle grinning.
Is it me? Or does his ego grow bigger and bigger everyday?
"Stop joking around and hurry up and leave already", I said coldly and upset.
"What's wrong with you?" Kyle said sounding concerned.
"You can't take anything seriously is what's wrong with me", I said fuming.
Kyle jumped out of his seat and confronted me.

"By serious, I'm guessing you mean yourself?" He directed.
I looked away ignoring him. I could tell he was upset.
"So, then I'm correct", Kyle assumed. But I still didn't answer. I mean he was correct.
"Mimi...I don't know what to do with you anymore", Kyle said faint.
"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" I thought.

"One minute we're fine, and then the next minute you hate my guts", Kyle said.
I stared him blankly in the face.
"I don't hate you Kyle, you just do stupid things sometimes", I thought.
"If you keep being silent, you're going to force my hand", Kyle said becoming bitter.
I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but I wasn't going to back down.
"Okay then, so be it", Kyle said.

He grabbed me and locked his arms around me, then reeled me in for a kiss.
Is this what he meant by forcing his hand?
Why is it that every time Kyle and I kiss, our problems just seem to melt away?
But no, not this time. I can't just ignore it anymore.
Why can't Kyle be serious?
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Take Care 1.11: Losing Grip (Part 3)

I pushed Kyle off of me with all my might.
"What was that?!" I hollered angrily.
"Did you ever think Mimi, that maybe you're the one who's not being serious?!" Kyle yelled back.
Is this really what he thought? How could it possibly be me?
I heard the door swing open hitting the wall, "Am I interrupting you guys?" asked Anthony who
looked at Kyle so fowl.

Anthony! It's not what you think, okay?!" Kyle said trying to erase the wrinkles off of Anthony's forehead.
I've never seen Anthony look so angry before. Was it because...he was jealous?
Anthony stood there looking Kyle in the eyes and then looked at me.
His cold stare sent a clash through my entire body.

He looked back at Kyle who had his hands on his shoulders.
"Get off me", Anthony muttered.
"Anthony", Kyle said his name.
"Get off of me Kyle", Anthony repeated once more for Kyle to hear.
"Not until you calm-"

"I said get off of me!" Anthony said swinging.
"Anthony don't!" I screamed.
I was too late. He punched Kyle right in the face knocking his lights out.

Once again, the door busted open with Dylan shouting, "Anthony, let me look for Kyle in..stead".

Dylan froze as he looked at pissed off Anthony and Kyle, who was laid out on the ground.

"Anthony did you knock Kyle out?!" Flint asked wigging out.
"What the hell did you do?! You couldn't wait until after the show?!" Dylan said getting upset.
"So...then you knew this whole time didn't you? All of you", Anthony emphasized ignoring their concern.
"Ant, chill out. This isn't the time nor place", Dylan said whispering.
"F you, Dylan!", Anthony furiously said.
"Now what are we going to do?! Our vocalist is out cold!" Flint said grabbing his hair.

"Everyone just needs to relax!" Jenny shouted.
"We're finished. Done!" Flint shook his head.
"How the hell can we relax right now? Look at Kyle, Jen", said Dylan pointing at Kyle.
"Because I've got it all taken care of", Jenny said walking towards me.

She knelled down next me, "Mimi, we're going to need to borrow that voice of yours", said Jenny nicely.
I spaced out. All of this is happening because of me. I shouldn't have been in here
alone with Kyle. And now all their hard work is about to go to waste.
"Mimi!" Jenny yelled in my ear.
"Yes, it's fine. This my fault anyways", I replied to her.
"Damn right it is", Dylan said making me feel even worse.
"Alright, everyone leave the room", Jenny commanded.

"Sit down over here Mimi. We've got 5 minutes to do your hair and make-up", she said.
"What's wrong with what I've got on?" I questioned. Am I not good enough?
"Mimi, it's a rock show", Jenny said picking out make-up.

"Oh hi there everyone, my name is Anthony and I like to knock our vocalist out, and ruin our live show",
Dylan said as he mocked Anthony's voice.
"How about I knock you out too?" Anthony imminently said.

"Please, you probably caught Kyle off guard", Dylan said laughing.
"What makes you think that?!" said Anthony offended.
"He took karate, remember?" Dylan said reminding him.
"Hey! Where's your singer, the show is about to start!" said antsy Tessa.
"Over there", Flint calmly replied as he looked at me.

"What? What happened to Kyle?!" Tessa asked panicking.
"Kyle came down with something, so she's stepping in for him", Dylan answered.
"Why are you all staring at me like that?!" I asked feeling discomfort.
Everyone was looking at me weird. I knew Jenny used to much make-up.
"You look fine, don't worry", Jenny said tapping me.

"Whatever, is everybody ready?" asked Tessa.
"I'm ready!" I nervously replied without thinking.
"Let's get moving!" Tessa demanded.

Okay maybe I'm not ready.
This crowd is larger than I expected it to be. Such a small gig my behind.
They must've told the whole area about this.
Well, I can't turn back now.

"Tessa..where is Kyle?" Grey asked sheepishly.
"The bandmates said Kyle came down with something", Tessa responded.
"Then who is that? Can she even sing?" Grey asked squeezing her glass.
"I guess we're about to find out", said Calvin.

"Wow, there's a lot of people here", Jenny said looking around.
"I'm starting to feel worried for Mimi", Asia said, "Won't she be nervous?"
"Don't worry about her, she'll pull through", Jenny assured her.

I picked up the mic, "He-Hello, we are Global Karma", I stuttered because the mic echoed.
I wasn't here for sound check, and so I wasn't used to the mic.
"And this our song, Emergency", I said.
"A one, two! A one, two, three, four!" Flint shouted.

I quickly cleared my throat and began singing the lyrics,

"I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency
If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong
'Cause I won't stop holding on
So are you listening? So are you watching me?"

"If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong
'Cause I won't stop holding on
This is an emergency
So are you listening?
And I can't pretend that I don't see this"

"Wow, she's actually good. No really good!" Calvin said becoming moving to the song.
Tessa sighed with relief, "I told you it would be fine".
"We need to sign her Grey", Calvin said sipping his beer.
"Yes you do", Candi agreed.

"Hey! What are you doing here? You have a show in Vegas tomorrow", Grey reminded her.
"I know, but a friend of mine told me about this band you were signing. So I couldn't help it", Candi smirked.
"Well that's not the lead vocalist. But she's good, I'll give her that", Grey said sipping her whine.

I sat up from the cold wood floor.
"What the hell happened?" I said looking around.
The last thing I could remember was speaking to Anthony and then..boom.
That bastard caught me off guard.
I could barely think with all the music pounding from upstairs...Music!

Oh crap, the showcase has already started. What's going on?

Am I late? Did they find a replacement or what?

I moved through the crowd trying to see who was performing.
And without realizing it, I almost knocked Asia out of the way.
"Kyle? You're up pretty soon", Asia said reminding me my own defeat.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"Well we had to find someone to step in for you", Jenny said watching the performance.
"Who?" I asked looking forward.

"Mimi?!" I blurted out.

"And you do your best to show me love
But you don't know what love is
So are you listening? So are you watching me?"

"Hey isn't that your boy, Kyle?" asked Calvin pointing.
"Yes, I thought he was sick...Tessa?" Grey asked sharply looking at Tessa.
Tessa gulped, "He took some Vitamin C's?" Tessa baffled.

"And I can't pretend that I don't see this
It's really not your fault
When no one cares to talk about it
To talk about it"

I was at last at the front of the crowd. Wow.
Mimi's voice, it was really good. But why is it just now that I'm finding out about this?
It's not like she kept it from me, but how can you hide something so unique?

"These scars, they will not fade away
No one cares to talk about it, talk about it"

Her eyes locked onto mine as she continued the next verse.
I was nearly swayed be her voice until I looked past her.

There he was, Anthony. Does he really think he can just punch me in the face and
that I'll just forget about it? Not to mention it makes me wonder why he did it.
Anthony is not the violent type and is the calmest dude I know.
Perhaps he thinks that I'm just using Mimi. Well I'm not!

"'Cause I've seen love die way too many times
When it deserved to be alive
I've seen you cry way too many times
When you deserve to be alive, alive"

Exactly once Mimi finished the song, I walked up and shoved Anthony's face to the
point where he almost fell on the floor.
"Whoa, are they fighting?" someone asked.
"Think they are".

"Seriously Kyle!?" Anthony shouted.
"Yeah, I'm fucking serious!" I said shoving him.
I'm getting sick and tired of everyone saying I'm not serious.
"You're not proving anything to her by doing this", Anthony said.
I'm guessing that he was referring to Mimi.
"No, you're just scared that I might actually be serious about her", I smirked.

"Don't screw with me!" Anthony yelled taking me down to the ground.
I think I hit a pressure point. We started going at it, while everyone surrounded us.
Anthony ripped my shirt as I began to hit him.

"I think there's something going on here that we don't know about", Calvin said looking at Tessa.
"He took too many Vitamin C's", Tessa said panicking.
"Tessa.." Grey grumbled.
"Yes ma'am", Tessa responded scarce.
"Get security", Grey grunted.
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Take Care 1.11: Losing Grip (Part 4)

"A fight! A bloody freaking fight!" Grey groaned throwing things on the floor in anger,
"Once you nitwits began fighting everyone forgot about the damn show! So please, tell
me how in the world this all started so that I don't rip up your contracts right now".

Me and Anthony kept our mouths shut.
Neither of us wanted to speak around one another.
It's been a week since the showcase and we hadn't really hashed it out yet.
"I suggest you speak, one of you!" Grey yelled at us.
This woman is seriously scary when she's angry.

"Look, it's my fault. I shouldn't have ignored the situation this long", Dylan said speaking first.
"Yeah, it's also mine. I betrayed my own friend, and we shouldn't have kept secrets from each other", said Flint.
Is this really how these two felt all along? Guilty?
"No, the one to blame is me. It all began with me. And if you wanna replace me I understand", I spoke.
Anthony sucked his teeth, "Please", he muttered.

"All I wanted was an explanation. No one is getting replaced here, especially you pretty boy", said
Grey looking at me, "And besides, you four are actually too good to let go. Keith! Bring him in!"

"Boys meet Eithen, your new bandmate", Grey pronounced.
"Say what?" asked Anthony.
"I'm confused", Flint said raising a brow.
I looked the beach blonde up and down. He's definitely the same age as us.
"What's going on here?" asked Dylan.

"I think I should be the one asking those questions", said Eithen who finally spoke.
"We've got enough people, why do we need him?" I asked.
"Yeah Ms. Skylar, I thought I was suppose to be a solo artist", questioned Eithen

Dylan banged his hands on Grey's desk, "What the flip is going on here?!" demanded Dylan.
He's got some balls. Even I wouldn't dare to touch that demons desk.
"What's going on you say? Well you see gentlemen, Rock..is dying", said Grey.
"That's not a good enough explanation!" Dylan lashed.
"Okay, then let me give you the rundown, deary. Since musical preferences change time after time.
Today, people mostly enjoy Pop, Hip-hop, R&B, Country, and then..there's Rock music, which
rarely tops the charts", explained Grey.

"So are you saying you want us to do another genre?" asked Anthony.
"Yes! You are indeed the smart one", said Grey smiling.
"You want us to become a boy band. That's why you wanted to meet us", I said.
"Oh, another genius", Grey said.
"Ugh, ugh, no way lady. I am not going to be apart of some boy band", Dylan said disagreeing.
Dylan was right. I couldn't possibly imagine him in something such as this.
"If you don't do it, then none of them will. Do you really want to mess up your friend's future's?" Grey asked him.
"Dylan, let's talk", Flint said gesturing him to come over to the left.

"Okay, look Dill. I know this isn't what you had planned, but who are we to go and decline
a recording contract? We are nobodies, that's who we are", said Flint being reasonable.
"Please tell me, you are not saying what I think you're saying" said Dylan.
"I am, you need to consider this", said Flint.

"I can't believe you are saying this right now", said Dylan disappointed.
"Me, Asia, and even my own family need the money. Hell, even Anthony needs the money. He lives
in a cramped apartment right now. Kyle needs his for college too. So think about it", reasoned Flint.
"God, I never thought about it that way dude. God dammit, I really don't want to do this", Dylan said struggling.

"Oh you're going to do it whether you like it or not!" Keith said storming in.

"Keith Ledger?" said Dylan surprised he appeared.
"If you have a multimillion dollar contract in front of you offered by no other than that
witch over there, you fucking sign it kid", Keith said enraged.

"But-" said Dylan.
"No buts, sign it right now before she changes her mind. Sure, what she says may piss
you off sometimes, but Grey knows what she's doing, she's a mastermind. And in a year, you'll have
millions of screaming fans and a boatload of cash", Keith continued.
Without a word Dylan began walking away.
"Dylan?" said Flint.

"Are you done brainstorming?" Grey asked becoming impatient.
"I'll sign that contract and do the stupid boy band thing", Dylan bitterly said.
"What?!" said both me and Anthony.
"If Keith Ledger says it's a good idea, then I believe him", said Dylan.
"You heard him", said Flint happy.
"Well about time", said Eithen who was patiently waiting.

"Well then from this day forward you five are a boy band. And do not fight ever again.
Welcome to Hit Music Records boys", Grey finished.

"Ow, my stomach hurts", said Asia rubbing it.
"Is it the nasty lunch food?" asked Jenny worried.
"No, I think I ate too much of it", Asia giggled.
"What?" Jenny said disgusted.

"Hey Dylan, I never said this yet but thanks for signing the contract", Flint happily said.
"Yeah, yeah, don't thank me yet. If there are any weird things they expect me to do,
you'll be doing them in my place!" said Dylan who was still upset about it.
"Fine with me", Flint smiled.
"Quit smiling, it makes me want to punch you!" Dylan ordered.

"Hey Kyle, why don't you pull up a chair?" asked Flint as he saw me standing up.
"Let him stand", Anthony furiously said, still mad at me.
"No, don't worry about it. I'm going to Mr. Peters room anyways. I owe him my project", I said.
"Suit yourself", replied Dylan.

"Are you mad at me too?! What about those three?!" I asked him.
"I don't know what you're talking about, pretty boy", Dylan pestered.
Everyone began laughing at his ridiculous humor and I couldn't help but join in.
"It's not my fault she's obsessed with me", I chuckled.

I cut lunch early and began walking to Mr. Peter's class.
Man, I can't believe I forgot to do this stupid art project.
I became so wrapped up in music, Mimi, and Anthony, that I totally forgot about it.

I stopped at the door and saw Mr. Peters on the phone.
Guess I'll wait then, I don't want to interfere with his conversation.
"Oh, it's you again" Mr. Peters said annoyed.
Who was he talking to? He doesn't sound happy to hear them.

"Look agent...what's your name again?" lingered Mr. Peters, "Oh right, Chris. I can't help you anymore
than with the information I already gave to you. The car that hit Anthony's mother was a 2006 Audi A6.
And I know my cars dear sir", explained Mr. Peters.

An 2006 Audi A6, wait a damn minute. I've seen that car from somewhere before.
But I can't put my finger on it. Where did I see it?

That's right! It's the same car I saw in Taylor's garage.
Why the hell does Taylor have something like that sitting in her garage?
Or maybe she doesn't know it is. She never goes in her garage.
For some reason I had this ominous feeling that someone was watching me.

Or maybe I'm just being paranoid.
But if Riley is the one who damaged that car, then that means that four-eyed, psycho killed Anthony's mom.
I knew he was diluted when I saw his photo album of Mimi, but this is way too far.
I need to tell Mr. Peters about this while he's still on the phone with that agent.

"Hm, your actually making this more difficult for me Kyle", Riley said to himself.

"Oh my god!..Riley you really scared me to death", Mimi said nearly jumping out of her boots.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you", said apologetic Riley.
"What's up?" asked Mimi.
"I was wondering if you found a partner for the Math assignment-"

"Yeah, she has", I said as I took hold of Mimi.
I could see from my locker as Riley approached her, so I couldn't leave her alone.
"Kyle?" Mimi questioned.

"Oh, is that right Mimi?" Riley asked Mimi specifically.
He gazed at her in such a eerie way. This creep.
"Um yeah, that's right. Kyle asked me yesterday, sorry", she lied.
I think she was starting to understand how freakishly, weird this dude actually was.
From behind Riley, I could see Taylor staring me down with pure animosity.

"What the hell is that freak doing?" Taylor asked.
"Who Kyle?" asked Sophie.
"No, my brother", she answered.
"Maybe he's finally asking Mimi out", Kimberly blurted out.
"Oh yeah, he does seem to have a crush on her", Savannah agreed.
"Him too?!" Taylor shrieked.

"Sorry if I bothered you. Maybe next time we can partner up", Riley said walking away.
For some reason I felt Mimi's body tremble as Riley said that. Was she afraid of him?
"Okay", she replied.
"Is that Kyle catching onto me?" Riley thought to himself.
Once Riley walked away, Mimi shrugged my hand off her shoulder.

"I don't want people getting the wrong idea", Mimi said walking away from me.
"By people, do you mean Anthony?" I asked bluntly.
She stopped walking, "Are you two still on bad terms?" she replied.
"Yeah, why?" I answered.

"Kyle?" she said my name.
"What is it?", I said waiting anxiously.
"I don't know what to do with you anymore, either", Mimi said.
I stopped following her, letting her walk away.

"No, you're just scared that I might actually be serious about her".
"Is he really...serious?" Anthony thought to himself

Looks like someone's worried.
The band got their record deal, but will Dylan be okay with it?
Anthony finally found out! Will Kyle and Anthony remain friends?
Isn't Riley becoming creepier?
And will Kyle confess to the cops?

To Be Continued...
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Take Care 1.12: By Your Side (Part 1)
Happy Easter! :D

Theme Song: Tenth Avenue North "By Your Side"

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

"Rosa! Get the door already!" shouted Taylor who was annoyed by the doorbell.
Ding Dong

Taylor groaned, "What the hell is the point of having you here, if you do nothing?!"
She rustled out of her bed and walked out of her bedroom.

Ding Dong

"Seriously, who is ringing our doorbell this late anyway?" Taylor asked herself.
She tried to look past the door, but could only see some strangers in dark clothing.

"Mr. Lutz?" Taylor surprisingly said.
She was quite confused to see Mimi's dad on her doorstep. Taylor knew he was a fed
and all, but what reasons could he have to come here.
"If it's about Rosa, she's legal!", Taylor fearfully blurted out.
"Who?" Ruby asked perturbed.

"Hey Missy, is your mother home?" Harry asked ignoring what Taylor had said.
"Um..no, why?" she replied dismayed.
"We just need to check your garage", Chris said anxiously.
"Okay?" Taylor questionably agreed.
She moved to the side, letting all three of them walk past her.
What's going on? she asked herself as she began to follow them.

"It's not here sir", Ruby stated.
"We can see that Ruby", Chris said peeved.
"Well, so much for that", Harry said.
"Perhaps he moved it", Chris said hopeful.

"What are you guys looking for?" Taylor asked.
"Just mind your business, we'll be out of your way very soon", Ruby replied.
"Actually, Ruby look around. Taylor, let us ask you a couple questions", Harry said.

"Hm, these tools look like they were recently used", Ruby thought as she examined
the messy equipment, "Perhaps he fixed the car and then moved it somewhere else",
She tried to open the toolbox but it was locked, "Damn, this kid is pretty smart".

"Hey Taylor, where are the keys for this thing?" Ruby asked her.

"I don't know", Taylor exclaimed, "I never go in here, I swear".
"How do you never go in your garage?" Chris asked annoyed.
"Rosa does everything and Riley likes play around in here", Taylor explained.
"Where is Riley? Harry asked.
"I don't know, me and Riley don't communicate at all anymore", Taylor answered.
"If he's not here, then let's check his room", Chris demanded.

"This is getting pretty fishy don't you think?" Chris asked Harry.
"It is, but we don't have anything on him so far", Harry said opening his door.
"But he's not home out of all days of the week, when we arrive? It's as if
he expected us to show or something", Chris analyzed.
"Calm down, Chris", Harry said.

Harry paused at the doorway, "What the?"

"This room is extremely messy, I thought they had a maid", Harry said perplexed
by Riley's awfully, disorganized room.
Chris walked over to the bare wall, "Hm, this wall has pin holes in it. It looks
like something used to be hanging here", Chris examined.
"So far I'm finding this kid to be no suspect", Harry said.
"But sir-" said Chris.
"I want Riley and that other kid you talked to in for questioning tomorrow morning", Harry demanded
leaving the room.

Flint happily snored loudly in his bed. His snores were so vulgar that anyone could mistake
him for a grizzly bear. How could Asia possibly put up with this awful habit?

Flint began to toss and turn in the sheets uncomfortably.
He reached out his arms and laid them on top of Asia's long sleeve shirt.

Flint yawned, "Asia, I thought you were wearing a tank top when you went to sleep".
Flint wrapped his arms around her, "Asia, did you lose weight?"
"Get off"
"Huh?" Flint said weary.
"Get off!" Dylan grumbled.

Flint quickly jerked out of bed as he heard the sound of Dylan's voice.
"What the?" Flint said still tired.
"If you ever tell anyone about this, I will kill you", Dylan threatened.
"Why were you in my bed?!" Flint complained.

"I came here to get you but I was still sleepy from waking up early and-"
"So you lay down in my bed?" Flint finished.
"Sorry, next time I'll sleep in the chair", said Dylan sarcastically.
"It's okay if you wanted to sleep with me, I won't judge you", Flint badgered.
"What?! I came here-" Dylan was cut off.

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!" Flint babbled.
"...to celebrate your Birthday", Dylan quietly finished. Flint continued to ignore him.
"God, how can you have a kid if you act like one?!" Dylan yelled at him.
"What did you say?!" Flint responded.
"Nothing, get dressed already", Dylan said.
"Are you going to watch me do that too?" Flint bantered.
"I'm not gay, knock it off already before I really get mad", Dylan said furiously.

I walked in the plain white room and saw the federal agent waiting for me.
"My name is agent Chris Farlind, have a seat kid", Chris said pointing to the chair across from him.
"Is there a reason I've been called down? I'm really busy today", I said grabbing the chair.

Chris didn't reply, he stared deeply into my eyes and then slowly lifted up his hands.
"See this?" Chris asked raising his hands. I was confused and looked at him like he was crazy.
"I don't see anything", I replied.
"Exactly!" Chris shouted as he banged his hands on the table making me nearly
jump out of my seat.

"We didn't find a single piece of evidence on that kid Riley you accused", Chris explained.
"Are you kidding? There was a banged up car in his garage", I said hitting my hands on the table.
"Nope, not even that. But from looking at the tools in his garage, that genius
must've fixed it", Chris informed me.
"That doesn't surprise me, Riley's no dimwit", I told him.

"Look, isn't there anymore investigating you can do?" I asked.
I was worried. If Riley managed to fix his car and get it out of his garage just in the
neck of time, then he knew something was going to happen.
"No kid, I want to believe you but I can't without any hard evidence", Chris said.
"Can you please quit calling me kid? My name is Kyle" I insinuated.
"How's it going in there Ruby?"

"I think Kyle Hammon is telling the truth, sir", Ruby replied.
"Oh really?" Harry questioned her once again.
"You mean to tell me that you didn't suspect how fishy Riley was earlier?" asked Ruby.
"Well...", said Harry as he became lost in thought.
2 Hours Earlier...

"So you're telling us the truth when you say you don't own any other vehicles,
Riley?" questioned Harry as he looked Riley firmly in the eyes.
"Yes sir, I swear we only have three cars. You can even ask my mother", Riley replied nervously.
"Hm..you can go home Riley", Harry said.
"So where are you hiding the car Riley?!..wait what?" Chris pronounced without realizing
even a single word Harry just said.

"You're going to let this kid go?" Chris questioned Harry.
As Riley began to get out of his seat, Chris jerked his head and yammered, "Sit down!
We're not done with you just yet".
"Is there a problem, Farlind? Riley you can go", Harry said bewildered.
Riley started to get out his seat once more, "You're not going anywhere!
Sit down!" Chris shouted at Riley, frightening him.
"Chris, stand down! Riley, go home. Ignore my subordinate he's had a long night",
Harry said as he looked at Chris who was fuming.

Once Riley exited the interrogation room, Chris began to vent his frustration.
"How could you just let him go like that?! Isn't it obvious that genius fixed the car?!"
"Do you have any evidence that he fixed a car he doesn't even possess?" Harry rolled his eyes.
"No-" Chris said as Harry cut him off.
"Then get some!" Harry earnestly said.

"Look, I understand that you guys have absolutely no proof, but we can't just let that weirdo
continue to walk around freely", I said.
"And why not?" Chris asked.
"Because..he's a stalker", I answered bluntly.
"And just who is he stalking?" Chris asked once more.

"A classmate of mine, Mia Lutz", I told him.
As Harry began to walk out of the room he was frozen by the sound of his daughter's name
being announced. "Is this boy serious?" Harry thought.

"I hope you realize what you are saying Kyle, because this is very serious", Chris said.
"I am being serious! I found tons of photos of her mounted on his wall!" I badgered.
"We checked Riley's room there were no photos", Chris told me.
"He obviously stashed them away!" I shouted getting annoyed.
"I understand your frustration believe me, but calm down", Chris said trying to repose me.
The door slammed open as a man came shouting, "Are you sure that's what you saw?!"
the man exceedingly questioned.

I looked at his frightened face, then realized his hair, eyes, and skin complexion were very
similar to Mimi's.
"Are you her dad?" I asked him.

"Yes, now tell every little thing you know about Riley and we'll make our move from there", he exclaimed.
I think this case just became even more urgent than before.

"You two are surprisingly quiet", Anthony said perplexed.
I was pretty surprised myself, usually Dylan and Flint yammer nonstop.
"Well that's because...never mind forget it!" Flint fumed.
What's wrong with these two weirdos? Hell, if they weren't here me and Anthony would
act estranged towards each other. Ever since our gig he hasn't even acknowledged my
presence. But it is all my fault, I should've seen this coming sooner or later.
The silence was awkward so I decided to finally speak, "So, where do you want to stop at it first Flint?"

"I don't know. Why did you guys bring me to the mall? You know I'm an awful shopper", Flint explained.
He was right, he was an awful shopper; he'd buy things that were overpriced or not even on sale.
"Well, er..we were coming anyway and we couldn't just leave you out. Besides, Anthony really wanted
this brand new video game", Dylan lied terribly.
"I did?" Anthony said puzzled, then Dylan turned around and glared at him, "Oh right I did!" Anthony
said going along with it.
"Oh cool, I get it now", Flint accepted gullible as ever.

"Oh and after this we should go catch that new action flick with Vin Diesel! Is that okay Flint?" Dylan said excited.
"Dylan, he stopped walking since back there", I pointed in the direction and told him.
"Why didn't you guys say anything?!" Dylan asked.
"Because I thought we were headed for the game store", Anthony assumed.
"That was just to get him off our backs about bringing him here", Dylan explained.

We turned around to join up with Flint and caught him staring at sale sign that was posted
up in front of the jewelery store.
"What do you want some new jewelry?" I asked Flint.
He didn't answer and just continued to examine the sign.
"I didn't know you into expensive jewelry, Flint", Anthony said.
I've never seen Flint so fixated on something before, I guess he really wanted some.
"I'm want to check it out", Flint finally spoke as he walked inside the store and followed him.

The store was beaming bright, perhaps it just the shiny jewelry behind the counters.
I never really was the type to shop in these kinds of stores, the last time I was in a jewelry
store was when my dad needed my opinion on an anniversary gift for my mom.
"Hello young man, do you some help finding something?" the amiable, clerk behind the counter asked.
"No, I'm just looking", Flint answered.

Flint continued to walk down counter by counter looking at the jewelry.
I was pretty confused at what exactly he was looking for. I watched as he walked
and then jerked towards something I think had finally caught his eye. Wait a minute
isn't that a-?
"Can I look at that one?" Flint asked pointing at it.

"That damn boy, first he gets her pregnant then wants to join a boy band,
what the hell is next?" Jeff irritably thought as he hammered the nail onto the broken door.
Jeff paused and took a deep breathe, "What would my father do?...Oh yeah, my father would
definitely have a stroke after the pregnant part and then another stroke after the boy band part".

I whispered into Jenny's ear, "Is it me or is Flint's dad actually hot?"
"Mmm, it's definitely not just you", Jenny replied staring at Flint's dad as he was fixing the barn door.

"I mean I'm happy to be a grandfather but I'm not happy that same thing that happened to me
is happening to my son", Jeff thought.
Jeff wiggled the door roughly, then opened and closed it.
"There, I think that's fixed. Now to feed the horses and I'm done", he said as he put down the hammer.

"Oh! He's moving", Jenny said nearly jumping out her seat.
"I think he's done fixing it", I groaned.
I think were enjoying this a little too much.

We continued gleaming at Flint's dad as he walked across the to horse shed.
But unexpectedly a large ball deflected our line of sight.
"Whoa! It's Mars", Jenny said bouncing back.
"I'm going to pretend like I didn't just here that. And what are you guys doing?
Did you forget about helping me?!" Asia briskly said.
"Hehe, sorry?" I said. I had totally forgot about the work we were doing.

"Sorry?! We have an hour left before they get back!" Asia wailed.
"Whoa! Okay, calm down A! We'll get started again just calm down", Jenny trying to compose Asia.
"Yeah it's not good to be stressed. Why don't sit down while we do the rest?" I said worried.
"I will definitely not sit down!" Asia said walking away.

"Okay then don't sit down, just don't overwork yourself", Jenny said.
"Fine, but we need to hurry up and finish", Asia spouted.
"I didn't know being pregnant makes you this emotional", I said teasing her.
"What are you talking about?" Asia asked confused, "I just want everything to go as planned".

I slowed down in front of Flint's driveway, "Hm, why is my dad's Buick lying outside the barn?" Flint asked.
He severely looked at the direction of barn.
"He probably forgot to park it back inside, I'll go put it back", Flint said.
"Wait! You don't want to do that!" Anthony shouted.
Anthony you idiot, you're going to blow our cover shouting like that.
But then again we can't just let Flint drive inside the barn and run everyone over.
"And why not?" Flint questioned.

"Because maybe he left it outside for a reason", I explained to him.
"Oh, you're probably right. I should look inside first", Flint said opening the door.
"We'll come with you", I said.
"That's unnecessary", Flint replied.

"Hey did you hear that?!" Jenny jumped at the sound of a car door.
"Oh yeah I did", Asia replied.
"They're here", said Mimi who had just peeked outside.

"Oh right everyone quickly turn off the lights!" Jamie shrieked.

"You guys really didn't need to walk up here with me, I think I can park a car without the help
of three people", Flint said trying to brush us off.
"Yeah but...we're bored", Anthony lied.
"That bored huh?" Flint questioned.
"Why didn't you come up with a better lie you dumbass!" Dylan whispered to me.
"I'm the dumbass?! You didn't even say anything back there!" I whispered.
"Shut up, I was thinking!" Dylan muttered.
"Hey, what's that?" Flint asked.
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Take Care 1.12: By Your Side (Part 2)

As we walked up in front of the barn the light switch came on and fireworks began to
dance in the air.
"Surprise!" everyone said jumping out from the tables and chairs.
"Wh-what?" Flint was speechless.
"That actually kinda scared me", Dylan said trying to catch his breathe.
"Happy Birthday Noah!"

"Make a wish", Asia said.
"Hm, what should I wish for? I have everything I need", Flint pondered.
"Come on dude, you don't want to melt the cake", I said watching the candles get smaller and smaller.
"Oh! I know!" Flint randomly shouted.


"I love this song!" Mimi shrieked.
"I'm guessing you want to keep dancing?" said Jenny as she continued to dance with Mimi.

"Can one of you please date that girl, so that I can actually get to dance with my girlfriend", Dylan bitterly said.
"Dylan", Flint murmured.
I can see why Flint said his name, this subject was still touchy between me and Anthony.
"If only it were that simple", I said.
"You just had to bring that up", Anthony said still mad.
"Please, it's not like you two forgot", Dylan said.
He was right, the fight we both had was indeed unforgettable.

"Well it doesn't mean I want you to remind me about it", Anthony said.
"Oh quit crying, I was only kidding", Dylan said to the grumpy Anthony across from me.
I ignored the conversation because I didn't want there to be any trouble tonight, especially
since it was Flint's birthday party.

I decided to change the subject, "Hey Flint, was that ring you bought for you-know-who?"
Anthony and Dylan dropped their conversation and turned towards Flint, gleaming at him
and waiting for his reply.
"Way to put me on the spot Kyle", Flint nervously said and then turned to look at Asia.

Asia was over there having a blast dancing with Flint's little sister, Kansas.

"So you're going to propose?" I asked Flint.
"What right now?!" Flint said as he started getting more nervous.
"Quit trying to force him out of your own enjoyment, Kyle", Anthony said.
"I'd actually like to see this", Dylan said interested.

"Well look, I'm not trying to force you but you did buy an engagement ring", I reminded him.
"Yeah, because I thought it would cheer Asia up, she seems down lately. But don't get me wrong!
I love her but I don't think she would want to get married right now", Flint rambled.
"Don't knock until you try, use the damn ring", Dylan encouraged him.
"You two are awful", Anthony sighed.
"Are you guys serious? You think I should ask?" Flint wondered.
"Yes!" said both me and Dylan in sync.

"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm going to go dance with Jenny now", Dylan said getting up.
"Yeah, me too. I mean not with Jenny but Asia", Flint said as he got up too.
Were these two seriously going to leave me alone with Anthony of all people
right now?

"I hope you don't mind that I steal her from you, Mimi", Dylan said as he swooped in.
"Oh no it's fine, I think I've danced enough for tonight", Mimi said.

"May I have this dance?" Flint asked Asia.
"Why yes you may", Asia replied, "Thank you for dancing with me Kansas, I had fun".
"Aw, and I was having fun, way to ruin it, Flint!" Kansas said storming off.

"Wow, she has a short temper", Asia said taking Flint's hand.
"You'll get used to it", Flint explained grinning.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Asia laughed.

Mimi walked past our table trying hard not to look in our direction.
"Don't even think about it", Anthony said.
"What?" I asked confused. What the hell did I do?
"Her", he said.

"I wasn't-"
"Don't you think you've lied enough already?", Anthony said.
Okay fine I lied, so what? It's not like you're not going to stay mad at me.
"How long are you going to stay mad at me?" I asked him.
"Depends", he paused, "Are you going to give up on her?" he asked.
"Are you serious?" I asked looking him in the eyes.
He didn't answer me, he just sat there and smiled.

I angrily got up from the table and began shuffling away.
"Are you going after her?" Anthony asked.
"No. Am I not allowed to use the bathroom?" I answered.
I can't believe he was actually being serious about what he just said just now.

"The question is..are you serious?" Anthony sighed, "I'm pathetic".

When I had finished using the bathroom and was returning to the barn, I had caught Mimi who was
canoodling with the horses. I watched as she became amused by the horses, laughing.
That smile, that gracious smile is the reason why...why I cannot give up, Anthony.
"Hm, so she likes horses", a voice said from behind me.

I turned around, "Anthony?"
"I thought you said you were using the bathroom?", Anthony said annoyed.
Did he come looking for me?
"So this is where you actually went", he assumed.
"No, I actually did use the-"
"Don't lie to me anymore!" Anthony clamored.

I turned my back towards the sudden holler I heard coming from the barn.
Kyle and Anthony? What the heck is going on over there?
Just from my point of view, I thought that they were probably talking.
At least that what was I thought until they began shove one another.

"Hey!" I shouted at them but I don't think they heard me so I shouted again, "Hey!"
"Dude I told you already!-" Kyle angrily said.
"Whatever you damn liar!" Anthony said shoving Kyle into the barn wall.

"Oh my god! What are you guys doing?!" I said getting agitated.
Neither of them answered me, just stood there looking at each other.
"Look, Flint's party is going on right now. So whatever this is about, please don't
let it get in the way of the party", I explained.

They remained silent until finally one spoke, "Pick one", Anthony said.
I looked at Anthony confused, "Excuse me?"
"You need to pick one of us. Just who do you like better, Mimi? The guy you've had a crush
on since middle school or some jerk who claims he'll take you seriously", Anthony analyzed.

Kyle gritted his teeth at Anthony, "Yeah, who do you like better? The guy who has actually known you
for so long or the guy that just realized you even existed?"
"Shut up, you don't even care about her!" Anthony said.

"Oh really? Coming from the guy that didn't even know her-"
"Well I know her now, don't I?!" Anthony said.
"That doesn't change a thing", Kyle said.
"Who's to say that you've changed?" Anthony asked.
"All I need is for her to realize that I have", Kyle answered.

They both turned their heads towards me, "Mimi, pick one!"
"I..I..ugh.." I muttered.
Truth was that I was speechless, I didn't know how to respond.

I had the guy I've been dreaming about since middle school actually admitting he likes me.
And then, the guy I've began to fall for but can't really trust declaring he's serious.
Someone, please help me.
Suddenly a loud shriek came from inside the barn, "Oh my god!"

"What was that?" Anthony asked.
"I don't know, Jenny?", Kyle answered.
"Oh no, is it the baby?!" I said frightened.
We all quickly ran inside to find out what was going on.

"Um..I have obviously never done this before, so go easy on me", Flint said flustered.
"Flint?" Asia said his name perplexed.

"Asia Cheng, I know it's only been half a year since we first met each other. But I when I think back
to all the fun times we've had together, it feels like so much more time has actually passed.
Sure, you're my first kiss, my first love, and my first girlfriend but I don't care because I love you and
I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so", Flint reached for his pocket.

"Is th-that?" Asia stuttered as she looked at the shiny object that wavered in Flint's hands.
"Will you marry me?" Flint finally pronounced.
Flint's heart began to pound faster and faster as he awaited Asia's response.
"Wow", Asia said as her eyes gleamed at the diamond ring.

Asia took the ring and slipped it on her ring finger.
"Of course I'll marry you!" Asia screamed.
Flint sighed and relaxed as he got up to hug to his fiancee' overwhelmed with joy.
Everyone began to clap their hands and say congratulations.
"Wow, she actually said yes", Dylan said amazed.

"Does that mean I can be the flower girl?" Kansas presumed.
"Yes! A wedding, I hope she doesn't mind if I'm the wedding planner", Jamie joyfully said.
"I think I'm going to have a stroke", Jeff muttered trying not to boil with rage.

Gavin Peters whistled as he walked towards his bathroom counter.

He looked in the mirror and touched his face, "Hm, my face feels a tad oily", Gavin said.
"Oh well there's nothing a good old face wash can't fix".

Gavin hummed as he massaged his face with facial wash.
But then for some reason the lights in the bathroom began to flicker on and off until they finally
went out, "Aw, what the bloody hell?! Again with the power outages?" Gavin said irritably.
He quickly rinsed the wash off his face and sat up from the sink.

Startled when once he opened his eyes, he had realized the black figure that was standing
behind him was not a shadow, but someone in a full out black suit, wearing a ski mask.
"Wha-?! Who the hell are you?!" Gavin said frightened.
The person didn't reply.
"Wait" Gavin paused, "Is that you Ril-"
The mysterious person bashed Gavin's head in with his own fist, making him unconscious.


"Wait you want to do what?" I asked in dismay.

"I said that I want to sign you", Grey answered.

"Wow, you're British I didn't know that", I randomly spouted.
"Is that a problem?" Grey said as if she were offended.
"Ugh no ma'am, sorry. It's just that I didn't expect someone like you to be in charge
of a Record Company. Okay, that just sounded even more offending, sorry", I rambled.
For some reason this woman's presence just makes me feel so irrational.

"Oh..yeeah, I understand. But would you be interested in a music career?" Grey asked once again.
Wow, I can't believe this is actually happening. I'm being offered to become a full-time
musical sensation under the popular Hit Music Records Company. The same company that
has my all-time favorite popstar Candi signed with them as well. But..there's just no way,
no way that mom would like it if I quit ballet for this. She'd be against it.
I looked at the wall clock and saw the time.

"I'm sorry but I can't accept, my mom would say no! And I'm late, I've got to go bye!" I said running.
"I knew you'd say ye...wait what?!" Grey shouted.
Before she could even reply I was out of the door.

"Hmph! She'll be back, they always come back. No one denies Grey Skylar", Grey said to herself.

"Oh wow! You look amazing Asia!" Jenny happily said.

"Hm.....", Asia stared herself in the mirror once more.

"Really? You don't think the tiara is too much?" Asia asked facing Jenny.
"Um, no I think-"
"What about the girdle? Is the girdle recognizable?" Asia asked self-conscious.
"No, I can't even tell that you're pregnant", Jenny said truthfully.

"Oh my! You girls look beautiful, I knew cream was a good color", Jamie beamed.
"Thanks", Jenny said trying to smile, "Even though no one had any part in the wedding planning", she thought.
"Hey, where's Mia?" Jamie asked.
"She's in the bathroom, I'll get her", Jenny explained.
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Take Care 1.12: By Your Side (Part 3)

It's been weeks and I can't stop thinking about it. About the time at Flint's party when Anthony and
Kyle kept going at each others' throats, all because of me. Their years of friendship is ruined because
of me. And now they want me to choose between the two of them.
How can I do that if one won't like the choice I make?

Jenny walked up and knocked on the door, " Mimi, you've been in there forever come on out already".

"Sorry, I didn't realize how long it's been", I said.
"Are you okay in there?" Jenny asked worried.
"Yeah I'm fine, I'm coming", I replied.
There's no way I am fine, this decision is killing me.

"Look dude, I know I told you to propose to her, but I didn't think I'd end up wearing an ugly ass suit", Dylan complained.
"Tell me about it. I think my mom had too much fun planning this whole thing", Flint said.
"Well you look like a buttercup in it, I look like a total idiot", Dylan said.
"Thanks", Noah groaned.
"That was a compliment", Dylan assured him.

"And hey you, pretty boy. How long are you going stare yourself in the mirror?" asked Dylan.
"What? Do you want me to give this to you so you can see how stupid you look or something?" Kyle laughed.
"I'm going to knock that look off your face", Dylan threatened.

Someone knocked on the door, "Come in", said Flint.
Jeff walked in, "Hey boys, come outside already we're about to begin".
They stared on what was on Jeff's head, "What?"
"You're not seriously going to wear that are you?" Anthony questioned.
"Yeah why?" Jeff said.
"I think I'm going to die of laughter", Dylan chuckled.

"I may have let that woman plan the wedding, but the hat stays," grunted Jeff,
"Now hurry up and get your asses outside before I kick them out there!"

"I'm going to go make sure everyone's ready", Jamie said walking out the door.
"Okay, I'll be downstairs in a few", Asia said still prepping in the mirror.
Once Flint's mother had left the room, Asia could hear footsteps that became
louder and louder.

"Back already Mrs. Flint", Asia asked curiously. She had only left the bedroom a few seconds ago.
"Asia!" yelled Aito, Asia's little brother.
"Huh?" Asia turned around with a surprised face.

"Aito!" Asia wailed and she hugged her brother, "What are you doing here?"
It had been a while since she last saw her brother. Ever since she had left and moved
out of her home.
"Asia", Aito gasped, "You're crushing me!"
"Oh! Sorry. But really, what are you doing here?" Asia asked once again.

"Well-" Aito said.
"Knock, knock. We brought a present", Toni smiled as he knocked on the door.
"Toni? Mom?" Asia dazed, "Am I dreaming right now?"
"So this is where you've been staying", said Stacy as she looked at the old-fashioned bedroom.

"Mom", Asia cried as she hugged her mother tightly.
"Now, now Asia, don't mess up your pretty make up", Stacy said wiping her tears.
"Come on Aito, let's give these two some space", said Toni.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Asia asked.
"What do you mean? I wasn't going to miss daughter's wedding day. That's what every
mother wishes to see", Stacy replied.
"No, I mean wouldn't dad be upset?" Asia worried.

"What?" Stacy laughed, "Don't worry about him. Your father is certainly the most stubborn person
I have ever met. But you want to know something?"
"What?" Asia curiously asked.
"He loves you, he just has a tough way of showing it", Stacy explained.
"By kicking me out?" Asia grunted.
"I know you may see that as him being angry at you, Asia. But he's actually just angry at himself
right now", said Stacy.

"I'm such a bad daughter", Asia busted into tears.
"Hey! No more crying. I didn't raise crybabies", said Stacy.
"Sorry", Asia sniffed.
"Let's just quickly fix your make-up", said Stacy pulling back Asia's veil.

"Wow, I can't believe I am sitting next to Keith Ledger. What the hell are you doing at this wedding?" asked Toni.
Keith laughed, "I'm not the wedding singer if that's what you're thinking. My daughter is in the wedding, that's all".

"I wonder what's going on in there. I spent a weeks straight making those dresses. Don't
tell me there's a wardrobe malfunction. Should I go check things out?"
Naomi nervously thought.

Naomi looked to her left side as she heard grass being crunched.
Naomi smiled at her as she sat down in the empty seat.

"Well, what do you know", Naomi smirked.
Samantha smiled back, "Is this a wedding or a high school reunion?"
"How have you been?" asked Naomi.
"Good, you?" Samantha replied.
"What are you doing here by the way?" Samantha asked.
"Well you know how Jamie can be. She called me so excited about the wedding and
asked if I could design the dresses. I couldn't say no", Naomi sighed.

"I never imagined the day that I would actually get a chance to use my ministry license", said Coach Durham.
"Thanks for agreeing to do this for free, Coach", Flint happily said.
"Don't thank me yet, you knuckleheads just better do better in next years' playoffs", said Durham
"Um..coach I don't know we'll have time for sports next year with the music thing and stuff", Anthony informed him.
"What? I don't think I heard you", said Durham who pretended not to listen.
"Oh nothing", said Anthony.

Kyle looked over at Anthony who was looking down at his bow tie.
Kyle smiled, "Fixing your bow tie?..Or..are you perhaps nervous?" Kyle teased.
"Shut up. You should be the one who's nervous", Anthony earnestly said.
"Guess we'll see about that", said Kyle.

Flint repeatedly tapped his index finger on his thigh impatiently.
"Calm down Flint", said Durham who was watching him.
"Who's nervous?! I'm calm", Flint exhaled.
"She couldn't run away even if she tried, so stay calm", said Durham.

"Oh! There she is", Jamie said excited.
"Are you ready?" Stacy asked.
"Yes, I am finally ready", Asia smiled.
"Let's just hurry up and get this wedding over with. I want to get out of this ridiculous suit", Jeff thought.

"So Asia, there was something I wanted to ask you since your mother actually came", said Jamie.
"Yes?" Asia asked.
"Since your mother is here, would you like her to walk you down the aisle or do you want still
want my husband, Jeff to?" asked Jamie.
"Well..um..I don't want you to do anything you don't want to mom", Asia said timid.
"Say yes, say yes, say yes", Jeff thought as he kept hoping.

"What? Don't be silly. I would love to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle", Stacy said gleaming.
"Yes!" Jeff thought.
"Aw, what a lovely moment. Jeff go get the camera", Jamie nearly cried.
"Okay and thank you for volunteering though, Mr. Flint", Asia thankfully said.
"No biggie", Jeff said relieved, who wanted nothing to do with this wedding,
"I just want to sip a beer already".

"So how are Michael and the kids doing?" Naomi asked, trying to start a conversation.
"Well you know how Michael loves to work hard. My son, Kyle is actually one of the groomsmen
over there. See?" Samantha pointed.
"Oh wow, he's certainly grown into a handsome boy", Naomi commented, "He looks almost like Michael".
Samantha laughed, "Yes he does, my daughter takes after me".
"These two are chatting quite casually for people that hated each other in high school", thought Keith.

Samantha stared down at Naomi's belly,"Hm?"
"What is it?" Naomi asked confused.
"Oh nothing, I just assumed you were pregnant since you and Harry keep popping them out", Samantha giggled.
"Well what can I say? I love having children", Naomi grinned, "And surprisingly, I don't receive things like stretch marks afterwards".

The appalled look in Samantha's face was obvious as she tried hard to hide it.
"Yes I guess you're right, but at least I can say my boobs didn't become saggy", Samantha ridiculed.
"Excuse me, but what?! Do you not remember your nickname in middle school?" Naomi snickered,
"Saggy Sammy".
"What?! Oh whatever Nasty Naomi, the girl who itched her butt in front of everyone!" Samantha hollered.
"For the last time! It was the fabric of spandex under the cheer uniform!" Naomi explained.
"What does that have to do with anything!" Samantha asked.
"Never mind, these two are still the same as ever even after 20 years", Keith thought.
"I have sensitive skin!"

Kyle. You let me down so many times, but for some reason you have something about you that just draws me back to you.
Anthony. I know nothing about you really and yet I've liked you ever since that day in middle
school. That day is the reason that I still have this hold on you.
The both of you have been friends before you ever met me and now you're like sworn enemies.
How can I possibly come between such a bond?
How can I choose without hurting one?

"Huh?!" I awoke from my train of thought.
"What's wrong with you? You were spacing out on me", Jenny said.
"Oh sorry, I'm just a little tired since I had that unexpected appointment earlier", I lied.
"Oh yeah, you did go and meet that Skylar lady", Jenny said remembering.

"So is she as scary as everyone had described her?" Jenny laughed as she asked.
"Oh...Oh..yeah, she's got a pretty sharp gaze that just makes you want to stop talking", I told her.
"That bad, huh? My dad talks to her on the phone like they are best buddies", Jenny said.
"I can't imagine", I said. I really couldn't imagine that woman really having any friends.

"Okay girls, let's get this wedding started. Start walking out after two minutes", Jamie ordered us.
"Finally", Jenny exhaled.

Finally, the wedding was beginning and right after me and Jenny, Asia will walk down this very aisle.
I just hope she's still not as nervous as she was earlier or people will worry.
I walked down the aisle as I saw everyone chattering and then immediately stop once we appeared.
They all turned their heads towards the aisle watching, and waiting for the main edition.

Keith rubbed his eyes and then looked at his daughter's back, "Nice tat-, I mean! Does your
mother know about that tattoo, Jenny?!"
"She doesn't know about your smoking either", Jenny threatened.
"Fair enough", Keith groaned at his defeat.

"I'll hep you down the stairs, I would hate it if you ripped your dress", Stacy said.
"Thanks mom".

"Dude, are you okay?" asked Anthony worried.
"Yeah, I'm fine..I am cool", Flint lied.
"Really? Cause from here it looks like your face is melting", said Anthony.
"Crap, does it really? She's not going to want to kiss my sweaty face", Flint feared.
"Hey Flint, you should look forward", grinned Kyle.
"Huh? Why?" Flint asked as he turned his head.

"Whoa", gasped Flint as he melted even more at the sight of his alluring bride.

"Is it me? Or is everyone staring?" Asia asked alarmed.
"Of course, you're the bride", Stacy giggled, "Don't look but I think you're grandmother shed a tear".
"Mom", Asia laughed.
"After knowing that woman for so long, I didn't think she had a heart until now", Stacy continued to giggle.

Asia had finally reached the end of the aisle as Flint took hold of her hand.
"Wow Asia, you look so beautiful", Flint said as he stared at her.
"Stop staring at me, it's embarrassing", Asia blushed.
"Now Noah, make sure you take care of my wonderful daughter", Stacy filed.
"Yes ma'am, I swear!" Flint promised as he took both of Asia's hands.

"We are gathered here today in the face of this company, to join together Noah Fabian Flint and Asia Cheng in matrimony", spoke Coach Durham.
I looked at everyone in the audience as their eyes were glued on the bride and groom.
This was my first time attending a wedding. And I'm glad that my first time being apart of one,
was this one specifically. Flint and Asia are so young to get married, but they love each other
and that's all that matters. And they're willing to prove it by surviving the ups and downs of marriage.

"Noah Fabian Flint, do you take Asia Cheng for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?" Durham asked him.
Without a doubt Flint quickly replied, "I do".

"Asia Cheng, do you take Noah Fabian Flint for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?" asked Durham.
Flint gulped as he waited on her reply.
"I do", Asia replied.

"I won't cry, I won't cry, I won't cry", Jeff repeated in his head.

Jamie chuckled, "Dear, is that a tear I just saw fall form your eyes?"
"Shut up", Jeff turned his head away, "I would never cry for my silly son".
"It's only natural that you would want to cry-", Jamie consoled.
"Jamie, for the last time no one is crying", Jeff abruptly replied.

"May the bride and groom now exchange their rings", Durham directed.
Anthony handed the ring over to Flint as he reached for it. Flint slowly slipped the ring
on Asia's small, ringer finger. Asia then reached out to Jenny who was giving her the ring.
Asia smiled wide as she put the ring on Flint's sweaty, trembling finger.
"You may now seal the promises you have made with each other with a kiss", said Durham.

Flint wrapped his arms around Asia and she around his, as they both pressed their lips together.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the loving couple Mr. and Mrs. Flint", Durham finished.
Everyone stood up from their seats as they began to clap in a form of congratulations.

Flint sighed deeply, "I thought I was going to faint".
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Take Care 1.12: By Your Side (Part 4)

"Noah, as my son I'd like to say that I am proud to be your mother. I wish both you and Asia
the best of happiness and a wonderful future. Oh! And I'm looking forward to becoming a grandparent", Jamie announced.

"I'd also like to say something to Noah", Jeff added, "Noah you are a dumbass".
Everyone's eyes widen as they listened to Jeff's toast.
"But, you are my dumbass son and I love you very much. Make sure that if it's a boy that
he plays football and doesn't pick up after you. And Asia, please take care of Noah.
He's still got some more growing up to do and I hope you can help him mature", Jeff finished with a smirk.

"That was some tough love", Anthony commented.
"Yeah, I just hope the weddings stop here for you guys. Remember, your all in a boy band now", Keith said.
"I'm still grasping the concept of that", Anthony said a little confused at the thought.
"Girls and even women go crazy for pretty faces like yours. If you're all married away,
it will only be a letdown to the fans you guys develop over time", Keith explained.
"I see...then what about girlfriends?" asked Anthony curious.
"Girlfriends huh?" Keith pondered.

"I didn't expect to see some of my old troublesome students", said Durham.
"You're still alive?" Samantha asked confounded.
"I have a good heart and pair of lungs unlike someone at this table", said Durham as he looked at Keith.
"Get a divorce, retire from your favorite job, have a pair of rebellious teenaged girls; and you'll be in the
same position I am right now", Keith explained with his cigarette in his hand.
"Thanks for the advice", said both Samantha and Naomi.

"Hello", Dylan said through the microphone. No one paid him any attention because they were too
busy filling their stomachs with the catered food and chatting away.
"Hey idiots, I'm speaking so shut up!" Dylan demanded.
Everyone look at the rude boy in silence.
"Alright, thanks for giving me your absolute attention. I'd like to call the bride and groom to the
dance floor to have their first dance. Now get over here Asia and Flint!" called out Dylan.

"Wow Noah, your palms are sweaty", Asia said surprised.
"Sorry, I was pretty nervous earlier...and still kinda am", said Flint.
Asia laughed, "It's okay".

"And I said I wouldn't cry", wailed Jeff with the almost empty beer bottle in his hand.
"How many beers did you have? You know your an emotional drinker", Jamie reminded him.
"Shut up! Can't you see I'm having a moment for my stupid son", Jeff bawled.

I sat on the empty bench in the garden alone. I needed to get away from everyone and take sometime
to think about the actions I should take. I know Kyle and Anthony were expecting their answer from
me today. I could see it in their eyes that they wanted me to tell them.
The problem is, I just don't know what to tell them.

I watched as Flint and Asia happily danced with each other. I wasn't expecting this. I didn't expect this.
Flint married before any of us, unbelievable. I guess love is possible to anyone after all, even myself.
I'm just having a hard time convincing everyone that I am back to my old self. The Kyle who took
people seriously, girls seriously. I didn't start out as a bad seed. Someone made me a bad seed.
That person...made me that way.

"Gosh, even the kids are dancing! And I'm the one left standing here alone?!", I thought.

"Kyle makes such a cute face when he's mad. And Anthony makes such cute face when he's
serious. Oh my god, what's wrong with me? Now I'm trying to decide by their looks.
That would be low of me to do. I hate this. Why is it so hard?" Mimi thought vigorously.
"So this is where you disappeared off to".

Anthony took a seat next to her, "What's up with that face? Is it because I found you?"
"Oh no, it's not that. It's just that. That you want my answer don't you?" Mimi asked petrified.
"Whoa cool it! I want to hear it, but you don't have worry about it at a time like this", Anthony said.

"Oh...thank god", Mimi breathed.
"Is it that hard?" asked Anthony.
"Actually..yeah it is", Mimi answered with her head down.
"I thought since she knew about Kyle's playful ways this would be an easy decision", thought Anthony.
"So, this is where you guys disappeared to", I said.

"Kyle?" said Mimi as she quickly lifted her head up at me.
"Am I interrupting something here?" I asked annoyed.
What the hell was Anthony doing here alone, with Mimi?
"Why are you getting angry? It's not like you didn't already pull this move on me", Anthony said getting up.
"Why am I angry?" I muttered.
"Yes Kyle, why?" Anthony questioned again. I think I'm done being Mr. Nice Guy.

"I'm angry because you're alone with her! Dammit Anthony! Are you really going to make me
blurt out how I truly feel about this girl in front of you?!" I said shaking him like a rag doll.
"Go ahead tell me! I want to hear it!" Anthony begged.
Anthony? Just what are you trying to do? I don't understand.
"Stop it! Just Stop it!" Mimi said getting out of her seat running in between the both of us.

"Kyle..Anthony", Mimi spoke our names.
"Yes", we said in sync.
"I choose neither of you", said Mimi.
Her words just pierced through my heart like sharp knives.
"It's okay Mimi, I understand...but Kyle. What were you going to say?" Anthony asked.

There's was no way I could say it now after such a rejection.
I sighed, "That all depends, if Mimi is sure about her decision", I looked at her.
She didn't turn her head in my direction one bit.
"Mimi, if you don't look at me..I will walk away and give up on you", I warned her.
She didn't move, just stood there frozen like an icicle, "Kyle", said Anthony full of remorse.

I turned my back on them and began to shuffle away, "It's fine", I said aggravated.
I don't know what hurt more. The rejection or the fact she ignored my presence.
That certainly pissed me off. But...

But what I wanted to say..what I wanted to say was, "I love her".

"Looks like...he failed", sighed Anthony disappointed.
"What?" Mimi asked confused, "Why do you sound so disappointed?"
"I was testing that sleazeball of a friend", said Anthony bothered.

"What?!" Mimi shouted.
"Keep your voice down", Anthony hushed her, "Look don't get me wrong Mimi, I truly do like you but
it's pretty clear that you like Kyle more than you do me. I knew that in your heart you wanted to
pick him over me, but you didn't want to ruin our friendship. Am I right?" Anthony hypothesized.
Mimi shook her, "Yes".
"But I wanted to make sure that he was taking the girl I like seriously. So I decided to see if he
would fight hard for you against me. At first, I thought he was fighting his hardest until this very moment
when he gave up. Kyle tends to do that with girls he doesn't truly care about. Give up", Anthony explained.
"So..he failed", Mimi accepted. "And to think I wanted to hear what he wanted to say to me", she thought.

"I'm home", I said as I walked inside the front door, "Hm, is everyone sleeping?"
I closed the door behind me and locked it. I slipped my shoes off and began to walk
towards my bedroom until I saw that the office light was on.

"Did someone forget to turn off the light", I thought.
I was about to the flick the light switch off but then my motive was disrupted.
"Stop calling here, Evan", said a familiar voice.

"I'm never going to let you talk to her. You didn't want to be apart of her life anyway. Remember?" said Caroline.
"Who is she talking to?" I thought as I eavesdropped.
"Look, she isn't here anyway she went to a friend's wedding", said Caroline.
She's talking about me? Why?

Suddenly, I felt staggered as my assumptions began to rush into my mind.
She's talking to some man named Evan over the phone about me.
No..no way. Could I be, could I be adopted?
No wait a minute! I have the same genetics as my mother...but my father.
...It's not that I'm adopted. But I'm...
"No", I whimpered.
My mother heard my small yelp and came from behind the divider to take a look.

I hid quickly behind the wall and tried to control the beating of my heart as it began to pound in fear.
"Oh sorry, I wasn't listening. I thought I heard something. Anyways don't call hear anymore.
If you do, I'll unplug our phone and change our number", Caroline threatened, "Goodbye Evan'".

That man she was on the phone with, that man Evan. Is my real father?

Uh oh, looks like Jenny finally has troubles of her own...
Congrats to the newlyweds, but next is parenthood.
Can you believe it...
Anthony was actually testing Kyle? But are they friends again?
Kyle gave up on Mimi, but did Mimi give up on Kyle?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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Take Care 1.13: New Dreams (Part 1)

Theme Song: Taylor Swift "Sad Beautiful Tragic"

4 Years Ago...

"What did just say Caroline?!" Keith angrily shouted.
"She's not-" Caroline murmured sadly.
"Is this the reason why he keeps calling me? To see how she's doing?!" Keith bellowed.
"I don't know, but Keith I swear I was going to tell you", Caroline genuinely said.

"Then why didn't you?" said Keith still enraged.
"My mother kept insisting that I shouldn't, but I can't lie to you anymore", Caroline cried.
"She...she has his eyes", Keith whimpered.
"I should've known...I can't even look at you anymore", Keith said walking away.

Coming from Mimi's house, Jenny was approaching her front door until it slammed wide open.
Her father stammering out with a pained look on his face, stomping the ground.
"Dad?" Jenny questioned.
"Keith!" Caroline screamed.

"Keith! Let's talk about this-" Caroline paused, seeing that her daughter was now surveying their quarrel.
"What's going on?" said Jenny startled.
"Nothing Jenny, go inside", Keith demanded.
"What do you think you're doing? That's not your car!" Caroline yelled.
Keith ignored her and closed the car door anyway.
"Dad?" Jenny whimpered.
Keith put the key in ignition and began to back out of the driveway as they watched him.
"Dad?!" Jenny shouted taking off after him.

"Dad! Take me with you!" Jenny screamed still chasing him.
"Jenny, don't run in the street!" Caroline chased after her.
Keith didn't yield, instead he sped up the vehicle.
"Dad, no!" Jenny wailed nearly tripping in her shiny, ballet shoes.

"Jenny..it's okay. He'll come back", Caroline said trying to reassure her.
Present Day

It all began to make sense now. The reason behind her parents divorce that very day
four years ago. Her once loving parents were now adversaries all because of her mother's
dirty little secret. But still, Jenny felt sad, guilty, out of place, and curious.
Jenny sat there like a lifeless doll, staring at her mother.

"Are you going to continue sitting there like a pillar? Or are you going to eat?" asked Caroline.
"Hm? Oh yeah", muttered Jenny she stopped contemplating.
"Is there something wrong?" Caroline curiously asked.

"Who is-" Jenny stopped mid sentence, "Never mind".
"What?" Caroline asked.
"No it's nothing", Jenny said changing her mind.
"Who is he?" she thought.

"So far there's no trace of a single fingerprint", said Chris.
"That's surprising, the kidnapper seems pretty sloppy to me", said Patrick as he gazed at the messy kitchen,
"I mean if it were me, I would've cleaned the place up and shut the door on my way out to make it seem like the victim went on vacation".
"Well that's just it", said Chris scanning for my fingerprints.

"What's it?" Patrick questioned.
"He wants us to mistake him for someone who's horrible and sloppy. But in reality, he's clean and vigilant
and wants us to look in another direction", Chris explained.
"I still don't get it", said Patrick rubbing his head.
Chris sighed, "Of course you don't".
"You know we are on to you, don't you Riley?" Chris thought.

"Whoa, what?!" I shrieked.
"Keep it down", Jenny grumbled at me.
"Sorry", I said without realizing how loud I was.
"So, you're sure about this?" asked Asia.

"I wish I wasn't, but there's no other explanation for all of this", said Jenny.
"Are you ever going to tell your mom about this?" I asked.
"No way, I can't trust her. She even lied to my dad about it, so there's no way she'll tell me the truth", replied Jenny.
"You don't know until you try", Asia said trying to convince her.
"I guess you're right. But I don't want to take any chances", Jenny said hesitant.

"So what are you going to do?" I asked her.
"Find out who he is and meet him", Jenny replied.
"Jenny are you nuts?" said Asia flustered.
"A little", said Jenny.
"But you don't even know him and what kind of person he is", Asia said worried.

"Well, I'll get to know him and the reason why he was never around", stated Jenny.
She dropped the conversation as we crossed paths with our wicked seniors.
I never knew Miranda, Fiona, or Hailey's situation but they always found it a joy to torment people.
Which is the reason why no one will miss them when they graduate. Hopefully, they graduate that is.

We watched as they walked past us like they were on a runway, shoes tapping the floor.
"Every time I see them, I get this feeling they're up to no good", said Asia paranoid.
"Well, it's better not to get sucked up into their drama", said Jenny.
I paused in place still observing the three of them, barely paying attention to the conversation.
"What were they up to?" I speculated.

"Looks like someone is a loner today", smiled Hailey.
"Or maybe she didn't pay them enough money to be her friends for today", sneered Fiona.
"Who cares? She's a loser if you ask me", Miranda carelessly said.

"Oh come on Miranda, don't be a sourpuss. Let's have some fun with her", smirked Fiona.
"Three on one? That's not even a challenge, that's boring!" chuckled Hailey.
"Fine, then you two just watch me!" Fiona inquired.
"Just what do you have in mind?" Miranda asked intrigued.

I could only get a glimpse of them while I peeked over the corner of the brick wall.
Just what were those three scheming? I surveyed them as they continuously looked back and forth
at Taylor and each other. Seems like they were about to pick a fight with Taylor once again.
Why do they hold such a huge grudge against Taylor? I never understood their association.
Perhaps it was just a rich girl thing?
"What is she doing?" whispered Kimberly.

"Why the hell are girls so complicated? You can never know what they truly feel until they actually
tell you. And once they tell you, they want even more from you. And once you give them more
they still aren't satisfied. Instead, you end up mentally exhausted and with a, "I choose neither of you".
Maybe I should revert back to being a player", Kyle groaned, "Things were much more easier that way".

"Do you always give up when the going gets tough?" questioned Tina.
"Honestly, yeah I do", Kyle said bluntly.
"Well don't you think that's why this girl you speak of feel's like she can't accept you so easily?" counseled Tina.
Kyle sighed, "I guess you're right".
Now that he thought about it, he had given Mimi his full attention but he didn't show her any motivation.
"You've come a long way since middle school Kyle. So why don't you drop the womanizer antics?
It's not in your nature to be so heartless. You are kind and sweet, so don't go around breaking
other girl's hearts just because Madison broke-"

Tine stopped speaking as she watched how her words made Kyle jerk out of his seat, furrowing his brows.
"Shut up!" Kyle yelled fiercely, "You don't know a damn thing and don't you ever bring that name up again.
I don't need to be reminded of that stupid slut, so screw her!".

"Alright, sit back and watch the show", said Fiona confident.
"Are you sure this is a good idea? You order your lattes extremely hot", said Hailey uneasy.
"Shut up Hailey! I'm interested to see what happens, go on Fiona" Miranda anxiously said.

"Oh my god is she serious?! I can see that cup of coffee still fuming from over here! That
could probably burn Taylor's skin. Is she insane? What could drive them to do something so sinister"
, thought Mimi,
"I don't think I can just sit here and do nothing".

"Hey Taylor, I see you forgot to bring your house cleaners with you today", Fiona insulted her.
"Fiona, are you astray?" Taylor asked, "Or do I need to find you a new owner?"
"What did you just say to me?!" Fiona barked, "You know what? Never mind, have a sip of coffee you look beat!"

"Taylor move!" I said as I ran frantically nudging Fiona spilling her coffee on the floor.
I instantly shoved Taylor's thin frame out of the way.
"What the f' are you doing?!" Taylor shrieked as I knocked her over.
"What the?" Fiona paused.

She paused as I slipped on her spilled coffee and went flying towards the direction of the staircase.
"Mimi!" Taylor gasped. I never thought I would ever hear concern in Taylor's voice because of me.
I could feel my hands slip off the handrail as I tried to clench it for dear life.
"Hold on!" Fiona said as she threw her coffee on the ground and tried to catch my hand.

"Oh my god", said Miranda shocked watching me fall.
Hailey screamed loud enough for the entire school building to hear her voice.

"Oh yeah, Mimi what happened at the wedding between Kyle and Anthony?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah..oh wait, she's not behind me?" said Asia thrown off.
"What? When did she?-" Jenny was cut off by a loud wail, "What the hell was that?"
"I don't know, but it sounded like it came from back there", Asia examined.

Jenny quickly made a three-sixty running towards the distress signal, she watched as everyone started to
jet to the staircase. The closer she got, the louder it was. Everyone had became nosy.
"What's going on?" Jenny asked Kimberly who was also assessing the scene.
"Someone tripped and fell down the stairs!" Kimberly replied.
"Jenny, wait for me!" Asia said as she waddled right behind her.

Jenny briskly boosted her way past the student body ceasing in front of the long fleet of stairs.
"Holy crap!" Jenny said mortified, "Mimi!"

"Are you now relieved now? You just let all that you felt off your chest", consoled Tina.
Ms. Martin has been my go-to guidance counselor since middle school, so I've gotten used to calling her Tina.
Anytime I needed some advice or someone I could really talk to, I'd come seek her.

I took a deep sigh, "Yeah, sorry I snapped on you. I just hate...I just hate her so much".
"It's okay, it's only normal that you feel the way you do. Was that past relationship the reason why
you look at girls in a different light?" Tina notably said.
When I think about it, Madison only played another part in the reason.
There was another case that led me to sincerely distrust women.
"Partially, but I don't feel that way about Mimi", I said as lied back down.
I was about to speak again until I heard a loud thud and then someone scream.

"What was that?" I asked sitting back up.
"I'm not sure, but it sounded like something dropped", Tina assumed.
"...or someone", I said as I got up out of my seat and raced for the door.
"I'm going to call in Principal Bobo", said Tina.

I sprinted towards the staircase and saw someone lying in the middle of the floor, a girl.
"She must've definitely fallen down", I thought.
As I had gotten closer, I had noticed her brunette hair was similar to Mimi's.
"Mimi?!" I shouted.

My assumption was right, Mimi was the one who had fallen down the stairs.
"Hey, are you okay?!" I said panicking.
If she had landed on her head, she could have a concussion.
"My...my ankle hurts", she cried.
I didn't realize it at first but she was indeed grasping her ankle tightly.
I was about to go and get some help, but Mr. Bobo had already appeared on the scene.

"Oh god, what happened? Did she fall?" Mr. Bobo asked concerned.
"I think she fell", I replied.
"I'm finding it hard to believe that she would just randomly fall", Mr. Bobo suspiciously said,
"I will make sure to find out what exactly happened. So if any of you had anything to do with this
you better come forward right now."

"Um..Miranda", Hailey fearfully murmured.
"Stay cool Hailey", Miranda whispered calmly.
"Kyle, is she alright?!" Jenny asked worried.

"Yeah!" I replied, "Mr. Bobo should I take her to the nurse?"
"Yes, take her there and I'll call her parents right now", said Mr. Bobo.
I wrapped my arm around Mimi's back and lifted her up, she was light as a feather.

"Kyle? The nurse's office is upstairs", Mimi said confused.
"You need to see a doctor about your ankle, not a nurse", I replied.

Tina smiled, "So that's Mimi".

"Yup, sorry to tell you this but it's definitely fractured", said Dr. Adams,
"When you tripped off the staircase your ankle must've twisted out of it's normal position.
Especially, since you were wearing those platform shoes".

"So what happens?" Mimi finally spoke.
"It's not as serious as you may think. With time your ankle will be okay.
Are you by any chance an athlete?" asked Dr. Adams.
"I dance ballet", replied Mimi.
"Then you're going to need to take time away from dancing and any other strenuous activities", said Dr. Adams.
"Wait! I thought you said it wasn't that serious?" Mimi questioned.
"It's not that serious, but spinning around on a fractured ankle won't help it get better. You're going to need to take some
weight off of it and relax for about six weeks", briefed Dr. Adams.

"Don't look so sad kid. Unlike you, most people will never get to dance again", Dr. Adams reassured her,
"I'll prescribe you some over-the-counter medicine".
"Okay", she mumbled.

"Was it worth it?" I asked.
"Huh?" said Mimi as she stopped hopping on her crutches.
"Was it worth helping Taylor?" I said more vague.
I waited for her to reply but there was just silence.
"Mi-" I stopped speaking and turned around when I began to hear her sob.

"Oh crap..um, I didn't mean to make you cry. I just striking a conversation since you
were so quiet since we left the emergency room. Probably not a good topic, right?" I said wiping her tears.
I think I just made a complete fool of myself.
"I-, I-" Mimi hiccuped. I had no clue what she was trying to say.

Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head.
"Hey, I have an idea", I smiled, "Let's go have some fun".
Hopefully a fun date will cheer her up and make her forget all her troubles.
I didn't like that Mimi was bawling her tears out in front of me either.
"O-okay", said Mimi still crying.
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Take Care 1.13: New Dreams (Part 2)

The entire audience cracked up in laughter at the Will Ferrel movie that Kyle had dragged me to see.
I would've preferred to just go home and rest, but he insisted that I see a movie to distract me
from today's events. I don't think anything can divert me away from the fact that I may not be
able to dance anymore. My mom is going to flip out when I get home and tell her the news.
She also had to discontinue her ballet career because of an ankle injury. How ironic.

I started to burst into laughter as I watched the movie. This movie was pretty funny.
"I'm glad you're finally smiling again", said Kyle.
"How can I not? Will Ferrel is so funny", I giggled.
"Can't deny that", agreed Kyle laughing as well.

I sighed, "Did you really have to force yourself to carry me around?"
"I'm just helping, the doctor did say to keep weight off your ankle after all", replied Kyle.
"Yeah...but this is embarrassing. People keep looking at us", I exaggerated.
"Or do you not like the fact that I'm holding you?" Kyle grinned.
"What? Put me down!" I said as I began to try and wiggle out of his arms.

Obviously him holding me like this is also embarrassing. I feel like I'm being carried around by
prince charming. But was I going to admit that? No way!
"Mimi...you're blushing", Kyle stared at me.
"No I'm not! Shut up and put me down already", I jerked.
"How cute", he chuckled.

"Mimi? Do you still by any chance still like-" Kyle stopped walking as I watched his facial expression
change from a smile to a frown. What's his deal? I turned my head and looked in the same direction he was looking.
"Kyle? I thought it was you but I wasn't sure. You look so mature now", the girl said excited.
Who's she? An old classmate perhaps? She's very...

Beautiful. Stunning actually. Just looking at her is burning my eyes with pure jealousy.
"Oh? Is this your girlfriend? Hi, my name is-"
"Don't", interrupted Kyle.
She looked at Kyle with a faint smile, "Are you...still mad at me?"
I watched as Kyle gave her a pure look of disgust.
What did this girl do to him to make him hate her this much?

"Are you kidding?" Kyle said as his nostrils flared,
"You seriously disgust me. Stop standing there looking so sweet and innocent.
You know damn well what you did and why I'm still upset with you. So guess what?
Live with it, I'm just another person on this planet that can't stand the sight of you."

She sighed, "He was always so sensitive...but still, he's gotten really hot".

"Hello? I'm home", I said walking into my living room, "Hm? Is no one really here?"
I mean grandma is usually here. Where is everyone? I walked around the house checking the rooms.
But wait, now was a good time to do some digging.
I walked over to look at the home phone, someone had unplugged it .
Did mom do it because of him?
"Hello? Anyone?" I said making sure again that no one was home.

I plugged the phone back into the wall and sat down, I waited.
Maybe he'll call again, I mean if he really cared he'd call. Right?
Or he could've given up after finding out that the phone was unplugged.
Please call, please call, I hoped.

I jumped, nearly fumbling out of the chair when the phone began to ring off the hook.
Was that him?
I walked over and picked up the phone unknowingly.
I hesitated and froze with the phone in my possession. What could I possibly say if it is him?
My nerves got the best of me as I contemplated to myself the right things I could say.
I answered the phone quickly before it could stop ringing.

"He-Hello?" I stuttered.
"Excuse me, but who is this?" a man asked.
"Who..who is this?" I asked nervously.
"Caroline? Is that you?" he asked.
"No" I answered.

After I replied he didn't say anything for a couple seconds, "Jenny?"
I gulped at the sound of my name, "Yes".
"Is that really you Jenny?"
"Yes. But who are you?" I questioned.
"Is your mother around? Do you even have the slightest clue who I am?"

"I have my assumptions. But are they right?" I said, palms sweating.
"Jenny, I'm your father", He said bluntly.
"So..then I'm correct", I said relieved.
"Yes, and your mother is going to kill me because I told you", he said worried.
"Why? Why didn't she tell me about you?" I questioned.

"Because she thought it was better that you believed Keith was your father", he answered.
"But he's not, I don't understand", I said confused.
"Well that's your mother for you. Still thinking she knows what's right all the time", he said.
"Yeah, she's always been like that with everything", I agreed.

"Would it be strange if I wanted to get to know you better?" I asked him humbly.
"No, of course not!" he laughed, "But your mother won't like this".
"Who cares! So what's your name? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Are you married?!" I spilled out.
"Whoa, whoa...that's a lot that you want to know about", he chuckled.
"Sorry, I've just never met you before", I muttered.

"My name is Steffen", he said, "And I have a better idea. Why not come see me in New York?
That way I'll be able to tell you everything you want to know".
"Steffen, how did you end up in New York?" I asked.
He chuckled, "I'm a music producer".

Mimi, why is it that even after all the hardships I put you through that end up helping me?
You're still the same old sincere friend I once knew. Putting people ahead of your feelings.
I envy you.
8 years ago...

We laughed as we ran around the yard, "Taylor! Wait up!" said Mimi.
"Let's play over there!" I said racing her to the jungle gym.
"Wait-" I heard Mimi wail and tumble onto the ground.

I stopped running and turned around to check up on her.
"Mimi are you okay?" I asked concerned.
"Yeah- Ouch!" she squealed in pain.
"Wait here! I'll get your mom", I said about to run off.
"No!" she stopped me, though it wasn't her words that had stopped me in my tracks.

She stood up squinting at me since her glasses fell off her face.
"Please don't tell my mommy! She'll tell us to play inside if you do that", she grunted.
I stood there staring at her lovely complexion. Mimi's pretty, she's really pretty.
I never realized how lovely Mimi looked without her glasses on. And I thought just once,
that I had finally beat her at something. Beauty.
If I couldn't even overcome her with that. Then what I could do that's better?
How can I become better than Mimi?
"Why are you looking at me like that, Taylor?" she questioned.

"Oh...nothing", I gasped.
Mimi had it all. The looks, friends, and family. People adored her. I on the other hand, had the opposite.
A widowed mother, snob friends who care about how rich I am, and one brother who keeps to himself.
Even though I'm more fortunate than Mimi in wealth, she's more fortunate than me in admiration.

"Sister, people are saying that you pushed Mia Lutz down the stairs at school", said Riley.
"Is that so?" I sighed, "I think I can guess who started this rumor".
"Well, it isn't true right?" questioned Riley.
Riley was obliviously in love with Mimi without a doubt.

"What do you believe, Riley?" I asked him.
"I..don't think you're capable of doing such a thing", he answered.
I smirked, "Oh really?"
"So she did?" thought Riley.

"I'll get it!" Kyle shouted as he answered the door.

Kyle raised his eyebrows, "If you're here about Mimi-"
"No, I just want to talk to you", said Anthony.
"Oh..well awkward", sneered Kyle.

I heard another knock at my door, "Mom, I said I wasn't hungry!"
She's been constantly knocking on my door checking up on me since I got home.
Surprisingly, she took the news to my injury better than I thought she would.
She knocked once again, "Mom!" I sat up in my bed and turned around.

I paused when I saw who was entering my room, "Oh...it's you".
"Yeah, your mom let me in", Taylor faintly smiled.
This is strange. Why is she here? To apologize maybe?
No way, she's not the type of person that likes to apologize to people.

"What are you doing here?" I asked rashly.
"I heard you broke your ankle", said Taylor looking at it.
"Yeah I did. The doctor said I may never be able to dance again", I informed her.
"Seriously?!" said Taylor aggravated.
What's her deal? It sounded as if she cared for second?
I thought she hated me, though I never knew the reasons behind it.

"Funny isn't it? That I actually ended up helping you", I emphasized.
"Yeah, I'm-"
I interrupted her, "I ended my dancing career for you. And yet, you're probably here on a
mission to mock me about it. Aren't you?"
"Don't assume the worst in me! I'm not here to mock you. I am jealous of you Mimi", said Taylor.
"What? Jealous...of me?" I said baffled, "Do you know who you are talking to?"
"Yes I do. The girl who has it all, friends, family, and the looks to pull it off", said Taylor.

Taylor was seriously jealous of me? I can't believe what I'm hearing.
"And I came here to return this to you, Delilah", said Taylor placing the old doll down.
"I'm sixteen Taylor, I don't need a doll", I responded.
"Yeah, but you're grandmother gave it to you, right? I figured you should have her back", she said.

Taylor stopped in front of my doorway, "I know you think she's just a doll, but she actually lived up
to her standards just like you told me way back when".
As Taylor began to shut my door I heard her mutter, "I'm sorry..for everything".

"Delilah huh?" I said.
She's still looks the same compared to the time when grams gave it to me.
If anything, I would've assumed Taylor had thrown her away for a much better doll. But she kept her.
Perhaps, it was best that she returned her to me, I still remember the time I gave it to her.
When our friendship was still on solid ground.
8 years ago...

I tossed and turned in my bed restlessly in the night.
I had awoken from the light that projected into my bedroom and onto my face.
Rising up, I rubbed my eyes to see that there was an empty spot in my bed.

"Taylor?" I said her name but she wasn't anywhere to be found.
Where did she go? It's past our bedtime.
I heard shuffles from outside of my room. Could that possibly be her?

I followed the sound to the nearest bathroom.
As I got closer, I could hear what was once movements turn into a whimpering voice.
What is she doing in the bathroom? I pushed the cracked door wide open.

"Taylor, what are you doing in the tub?" I asked.
She didn't answer me, she just continued to ignore my presence.
I examined her face and realized that she had been in here alone, crying.
"What's that matter?" I asked.
"You wouldn't know how I feel", she finally spoke.
"Really? I won't know unless you tell me", I said.
"Have you ever lost anyone, Mimi?" she asked then busted into tears.

"Oh..well..I", I said dumbfounded.
I was pretty bad at consoling people in these types of situations.
"Hold on", I said leaving the bathroom.
"Just as I thought, you wouldn't understand how I feel right now", cried Taylor,
"You're too happy to know".

"Stop blabbing already", I said as I walked back inside the bathroom.
"Why did you bring a doll? I don't feel like playing around", assumed Taylor.
"Scoot over and let me inside", I said joining her in the tub.

I sat down, "I have lost someone, Taylor. Someone very important to me, my grandma.
And it was the hardest thing ever. So yes, I know exactly how feel right now. And
during that time when I was so sad, I would go in my room and hold on tight to Delilah".
"...A doll?" she sniffled.
"Yeah, a doll", I replied.

"Delilah may not seem like much, but she's someone who will listen to you and let you
hold her tight. And then, when you look at her face she'll make you want to smile like never before.
So here, take her!" I said handing my prized possession to her.
"Are sure it's okay?" asked Taylor.
"Yes, you're my best friend. So I'll lend you her", I smiled.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" asked Kyle.
"I understand she chose neither of us, so I'll leaver her alone-" said Kyle.
"Wait", interrupted Anthony.
"Wait what?" said Kyle confused.
"You can date her. I won't hold you back anymore", Anthony rephrased.

"What are you talking about, Ant? You were so mad at me", Kyle reminded.
"I know but I accept defeat. She obviously likes you more than she does me", said Anthony.
"So you're giving up?" asked Kyle.
"Yes, I don't want the both of you to suffer because of me. So ask her to Prom. dude", Anthony suggested.
"No way, she'll definitely reject me and say it wouldn't be fair to you", Kyle said depressed.
"Then I'll-"

"Kyle! Grandpa needs you're help getting out of bed", Cammy interrupted, "Oh, hey Anthony!"
"Hey Cammy", Anthony smiled.
"Want to play later?" Cammy asked.
"Cammy didn't I say to knock before you come in my room!" yelled Kyle.
"Yes..sorry", she groaned.
"I'll be back in a minute, Ant", Kyle said exiting the room.
"Okay, I'll stay right here", said Anthony.

"His phone?" thought Anthony.
Anthony picked up Kyle's phone and turned it on.
"Mimi, Mimi, Mimi", thought Anthony as he looked through Kyle's contacts.

I couldn't believe what Taylor had said to me. She was jealous of someone like me.
But I guess I could comprehend, she lost her father at a young age. Not to mention her mother
is always traveling, so her and Riley were raised by their servants. And being wealthy doesn't help neither,
people must always expect something from her. What an unpleasant scenario.
Now I"m beginning to feel sorry for her.

My phone began to vibrate in my jean pocket.
I looked at the called ID to see that it was Kyle?
I wonder what he wants to speak to me about.
I sat down on my bed and answered the call, I cleared my voice, "Hello?"
"Hey Mimi", this wasn't Kyle.
"Anthony? Why are you using Kyle's phone?" I asked.
"I guess to see if you'd answer it", he replied.
"Oh?" I said still confused.

"But that's not the point why I called", said Anthony as I heard a door shut.
"Then, what's up?" I asked.
"Go to prom with Kyle", urged Anthony.
"What? Why? That wouldn't be-"
"Fair?" he interrupted me, "Look Mimi, I'm okay with you guys now. So please don't reject Kyle anymore
because of me. Instead, go to prom as token of my appreciation".

"Anthony, why do you all of a sudden want us to be together?" I asked him.
"I've seen the way you two have been looking lately. And it's pretty sad", Anthony replied.
"That obvious?" I said embarrassed.
"Just out of curiosity Mimi, why did you ever like me?" asked Anthony.
"Well...it was mostly because back in middle school you..."
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Take Care 1.13: New Dreams (Part 3)
4 years ago...

"Why look who it is Fiona", Hailey teased.
"Hm? Oh right, it's Ms. Goody Two-Shoes", grinned Fiona.

"Hey Mya!" said Hailey excited.
"It's Mia", I corrected them.
"Whatever, did you our homework?" asked Fiona.
"I'm sorry?" I said confused.
"We told you to do our Algebra homework yesterday. Hello?" Hailey badgered.
"Yeah Marie, get with the program", ordered Fiona.

"Sorry, I must've forgotten to do it girls", I apologized.
I did forget to do it, I had many other things on my mind.
"What? You forgot?" said Hailey.
"You know what happens to people that forget about me?" questioned Fiona.
"No?" I said.
"They lose things. In your case how about those fugly blue glasses you're wearing?" Fiona stared.
What? No way, I can't see a thing without my glasses.

I jolted for the classroom, hoping that a teacher would be lying inside so that I could shake them off.
I think I heard someone about to say my name until I ran straight into them.
I collided right in front of the doorway with my books and glasses flying out everywhere.

"Mimi! What are you doing? Are you okay?" asked a familiar voice.
"Taylor?" I assumed.
"Why lookie here, another loser", laughed Hailey.
"Hey rich girl, want to join in the fun?" pestered Fiona.
I heard a loud crunch sound. Did she just purposely step on my glasses?
"Taylor? Can you help me find my glasses?" I asked.
I didn't hear a reply from her, perhaps it wasn't Taylor after all.

"Wow, how pathetic!" Hailey snickered, "Look, she's crawling away".
"Some friend, she just left you lying there", Fiona laughed.
Was that really Taylor? Why didn't she help me?
"Yo! Tweedledee and Tweedledum, quit bothering her already. I can hear you two from down the hallway" said a boy.
"We're only having fun, don't be a Debbie Downer", smiled Hailey.
"Yeah, third period is so boring", said Fiona.
"I don't care, find a new enjoyment that doesn't involve tormenting people. Or else I'm going to start tormenting you", he ordered.

"Why do you always have to ruin the fun?!" whined Hailey.
"Fine, She wasn't that fun to bug anyways", said Fiona storming off.
"Good, now shoo", he said waving his hands.
Who is this guy? He just ordered them away in a snap.
I watched as he got on his knees to shuffle my things together for me.
"You're lucky your hot", said Hailey.
"Nice legs, Fiona", he smirked.
"Shut up, pervert", Fiona said.

He turned his head in my direction, "Are you okay?" he asked me.
I couldn't see his face at all, my vision was at it's worst without my glasses.
The only thing that I could make out, was that his hair was just as long as mine.
"Ugh..yes", I replied.
"Don't mind those two, they're just a bunch of brats", he laughed.
"It's okay, I'm used to it", I said.

"Do you see my glasses? I really can't see without them", I explained.
"You mean the crushed pair right next to your hand?" he hinted.
I could feel the cracked the lenses along my fingertips, Fiona crushed them.
"Sorry but I think you're going to be pretty blind for a while", he said.
He helped me up and handed me my belongings.

"And those were my favorite pair", I moped, "I guess I'll just have to get a new pair again".
My messy hair drooped down surrounding my face. My hairpins must've fallen out of place
when I fell down. Now I'm going to have walk around school all day blind with messy hair.
I tried to rustle my hair out my face.
"Wow..you're actually pretty cute", he said, "What's your name?"

"Mi-Mia Lutz", I stuttered, he laughed as I made a fool of myself.
My face felt like it was on fire. What did he just say? Cute? I've never been called cute by a guy before.
Too bad I can't even tell what he looks like. I squinted my eyes at him just hoping make out his face.
"You really can't see my face can you?" He asked.
"Nope", I replied.
"Well, my name is-"
"Hey Anthony, there you are!" someone interrupted him.
I saw as he jerked his head at the sound of the name.
"I got to go. Maybe I'll catch you later", he waved and then began to walk away.

"P.E let us out late, sorry for keeping you guys waiting", informed Anthony.
"I've been circling the building looking for you", complained Flint.
"Are you guys ready to eat lunch finally?" asked Dylan.
"Wasn't your lunch period last period, Dylan?" asked Kyle.
"Yeah. So what?" Dylan replied without a care in the world.

"You're going to get In-School Suspension again", said Flint.
"I probably will too, I skipped P.E again", said Kyle.
"So his name is Anthony", I thought.
"You two are a bunch of delinquents", said Anthony.

"Mimi", Anthony sighed, "That wasn't me", said Anthony.
"What?" I said in disbelief.
"Your vision must be awful", Anthony laughed, "But in middle school, I do remember seeing Kyle help a
girl get her things off the ground in front of Mrs. Hill's class. Was that you?"
I couldn't believe it, so the person I thought that helped me that day wasn't Anthony..but instead Kyle?
Kyle was the one that I fell for in the beginning without even knowing it. Not Anthony?
Oh my god.

"Wow, so I guess that means that you never really liked me at all. Ouch", said Anthony hurt.
"Sorry, I seriously had no idea that it was Kyle", I vouched.
"I get it, you are as blind as a bat", he chuckled.
Now I kind of feel even worse. I wish that I didn't even bring up that story now.

"Hm? Why is my door locked?" thought Kyle.
"Hey, Anthony open the door. It's locked", Kyle knocked on the door.
"No hard feelings Mimi, okay?" said Anthony.
"Okay, yes", I agreed.
"What?! Why are you on the phone with Mimi? Are you talking about me to her?" asked Kyle hitting the door,
"Open this door, dude!"

"Anthony? Why do I hear banging?" I asked concerned.
"Oh that? That's nothing. Now you have even a better reason to go to Prom with Kyle?" Anthony changed the subject.
"Um, I-"
I was interrupted, "Anthony!"
"Was that Kyle just now? What's going on over there?" I questioned.

"Just ignore him, what were you going to say?" asked Anthony.
It's pretty hard to ignore the fact there was blatant banging that I could hear.
The door swung wide open, hitting the door leaving a large dent in the wall.
Kyle came raging through and tackled Anthony with full force, "Anthony!"
"Kyle wai-" I heard Anthony shout until he dropped the phone.

Kyle pinned Anthony down to the ground as he grasped his cellphone, "Hello? Mimi?"
"Ugh..Hey? What are you guys doing? Fighting again?" I said worried, "Maybe I should hang up".
"No! We're just having some fun. Right Anthony?", Kyle lied as Anthony tried to shimmy out of his grip.
"Kyle?!" I said his name loudly.
"Yeah?" he said.
"I'll go to prom with you..I mean if you want to, that is", I said embarrassed.
"Yeah..wait what?!" Kyle said confused, "What in the world were you guys talking about when I wasn't here?"

"What?! I'm sorry but I don't think I heard you correctly. You want to do what?!" Dylan said.
"I want to go to-"
"No! Don't do that, please don't do that", Dylan disrupted.
"But I want to meet him", begged Jenny.
"He's a total stranger, Jen", said Dylan.

"I know this may sound crazy, but I felt like I knew him once I spoke to him", said Jenny.
"Yup, it sounds crazy" Dylan directly said.
"I've always felt so out of place here. It's like no one understands me around here", replied Jenny.
"I understand you. Don't I?" Dylan inquired.
"Well of course you do, your my boyfriend", said Jenny.
"Then don't go to New York", said Dylan, "I mean, why can't he be the one to visit instead?"
"He can't do that, he's a music producer. He can't just take off and leave whenever he wants", explained Jenny.
"Okay! I give in. If you really want to do this, I won't stop you", eased Dylan.

Dylan pulled her in close, "Just make sure to fill me in when you get there".
"You'll be the first one I call, promise", smiled Jenny.
"I better be", said Dylan as he pulled her face in for a tender kiss.

"Nighty night, Jesca", Taylor said as shut the lights off.
Taylor laid back down, placing the covers over her shoulders and shut her eyes.


"This is H&M Studios, I am Tessa. How may I help you?"
"Hi, my name is Mia Lutz. Ms. Skylar had offered me a record deal a while ago and I was wondering if I
could speak with her still", I said.
"I'll see if she's interested in speaking with you, please hold", said Tessa.

"Japan really wants them", thought Grey, "Maybe I'll send them there".
Her brainstorming ended when the office phone started to ring, she stood up to answer it.

"What is it, Tessa?" Grey directed.
"Guess who's on line one", Tessa teased.
"I'm not in the mood for games, Tessa. I'm busy", Grey grunted.
Tessa cleared her throat, "Right, well it's Mia Lutz, she wants to speak with you about a contract".

The corners of Grey's mouth rose, "Oh really? I knew she'd be crawling back, but not so soon".
"Want me to tell her you're busy?" asked Tessa.
"Now, now, let's not torment the poor girl. Put her through", Grey demanded.
"Yes Ma'am", said Tessa.

"Hello", said Grey.
"Hi, Ms. Skylar I was wondering if you're offer still stands", I said.
"Offer? Oh right, well that depends. Do you have what it takes?" asked Grey.
"By what it takes, you mean the voice right?" I said confused.

"Well not only your voice, but your dedication to my company of course", Grey spiked.
"Why yes Ma'am!" I sincerely said.
"Good, because I don't have time for gibberish. I'm a busy person as you might already know", Grey fiddled with her nails.
"I promise I'll do my best, Ms. Skylar", I begged.
"Wait, I have a question for you", she paused.

"What is it?" I asked.
"Why did you suddenly change your mind?" demanded Grey.
"Well..my future in ballet has come to a halt. So I thought maybe-"
"So, then this contract is your back-up plan?" Grey stated.
"No! It's not like that. I've always wanted to be a singer since I was little. It's just
that when my grandmother passed away, my mom had different plans for me."

"It's not only my dream, but it was also my grandmother's dream to become a singer", I said.
"My, what a touching story", Grey muttered.
"But please, please sign me. I won't deny you anything if you do", I advocated.
"Hm...okay. I'll sign you Mia Lutz, but on one condition", said Grey.

"You win a Grammy and dress accordingly. I'm tired of you dressing like a transient in front of me", Grey applied.
"That's two things, isn't it?" I thought, "What's wrong with the way I dress?"
"Yes or no?" said Grey.
"Yes Ma'am", I agreed.
"Okay then, come by my office tomorrow. Bring a parent for parental consent to sign", informed Grey.

Grey hung up the phone and giggled.
"I'm too good at this", she thought.
"Tessa! Whip up a contract!" Grey entailed.

Mr. Peters sat there obediently as he watched him caress her cheek.
"You made me do this, you know?" he said, "All you had to do was continue to be your clueless self and
stay out of my way, " he sucked his teeth, "But lately you've been getting on my nerves. Letting feds
into our home, telling them about my activities, and then you did the unthinkable. Pushed Mimi down
the stairs and broke her ankle".

"Ri-Riley?!" Taylor stuttered fearfully.
Riley hushed her, "Oh come on sister, you must really be oblivious".
"Where am I? Someone? Help?!" Taylor shouted.
"Getting loud won't help you. There's no one in miles of this place", Riley told her.

Taylor began to shake in despair, tears rolled down her cheeks.
"What? You're crying already? Well since you're already crying, I'll tell you a little secret.
Dad didn't kill himself", Riley grinned.
"Are you saying..what I think you are?" Taylor cried.
Riley busted into laughter.

Looks like we know who's behind all the massacres.
Mimi broke her ankle, will the injury forever affect her?
Looks like Kyle's past came back to haunt him. Who was that girl?
Taylor apologized to Mimi, does this mean they can be friends again?
Is Jenny's father who he says he is?
Is Anthony really over Mimi?
Prom is around the corner. Will the gang have a blast?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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