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Default 8 Custom Wands - Can Be Bought In Buy Mode And At The Realm Of Magic Vendor!

Here are 8 custom wands - they are purchasable at the "Potion Ingredients Vendor" at the "Caster's Alley" - with the "Wand Vendor Mod." They are also purchasable in "Buy Mode" in the miscellaneous appliances section.

Also, this is not a override, you can use EA's and other's wands with mine.


With the "Wand Vendor Mod" your sims can buy wands and my other mods ingredients such as my potions at the vendor. You only need to download and install it like the other downloads in this post. When you go to the "Potion Ingredients Vendor" in the "Realm of Magic" you will be able to see the wands in a buy menu and purchase them there.

I hope you and your sims enjoy (:

Types Of Wands With Different Polycounts and Costs (Each LOD1 And LOD 2 Are The Same):

Wand Of Love:

Wand Of Truth:

Firefly Caster:

Wand Of Twinkles:

Rose Wand:

Pegasus Wand:

Scepter Of Unicorns:

Spell Caster Of Darkness:

Thank you!
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Buy Wands At Vendor - Realm Of Magic by LB.rar (2.8 KB, 4 downloads)
File Type: rar Wands And Scepters by LB.rar (2.86 MB, 3 downloads)
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Hi @Laurenbell2016 !

We've moved the thread to creator feedback, but that's really to make it easier to prepare for uploading The queue is for checking if everything is correct and good in quality, rather than serving as a help. But! We're more than happy to help you prepare in here, the Creator Feedback Forum (hence the move).

Now I think the images aren't up to date yet since what was up, was the alignment of the mesh in the hand. The Pegasus wand does seem fixed, which is awesome! Thanks for doing that

Another thing is that the LODs still need to be fixed, where LOD1 is actually lower than the LOD0 polycount. This is due to that people with low-end computers can still use your meshes without the game crashing. Here's again a tutorial for this, It's a CASpart item but the same process counts for objects too  :

Any feedback is of course welcome!
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Default Help
So what you need is lower polycount/faces?

Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Laurenbell2016
So what you need is lower polycount/faces?

Thank you.


So our first concern was really that the wand LODs seemed to always have the same vertices count, which is quite bad if the mesh is already 5k. 

Now, I can't actually remember if your mesh had the same thing, but regular wands in-game have 2 phongs. one is 12 faces, the other phong is 70 faces:
Now the 12/24 is basically the box which is important for snapping it to a sim's hand IIRC. The 78/126 is the wand. For you, I think the bottom phong is just i.e 5033 right? Also, the dropdown for your mesh, does that just show LOD0 high and Shadow LOD0? 

But basically what needs happening is:
- If LOD1 even exists for your mesh (this is not the Shadow lod), which our system seemed to pick up, make sure that it's LOD0 divided by, say, 2 in polycount. (if that makes any sense :p)
- For the Rose wand, Spell caster of darkness wand and the Pegasus wand, the wands aren't actually in the sim's hand in the images. 

After that it should be good to go!
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