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Last night I dreamt I had to do a report on a book about Franklin D. Roosevelt. The book had been lost (I'm a tad bit disorganized IRL) and I was In a panic because the report and test over the content was on Monday, and I guess it was the Friday before. I found a book of my mama's on the subject and was hoping to be able to read it and pass. But, I was afraid it wouldn't have the same information. lol

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I was spooning with Keanu Reeves...which is very unlike us. He's married and usually acts physically distant towards other women, not to mention I may steal men from other women, but I don't have any fortitude of any kind of gonad to do that in real life. Usually my theft of other women's men is confined to the dreamscape.

He resembled the John Wick character, except he wasn't wearing a black suit. He wore those tight trunk underpants, just like the ones in the The Sims 3: Master Suite pack. He got out of bed and the "cheek" design changed throughout the dream. First, it was a handprint, then a smile, then a beating heart. Then shapes not part of the collection.

He had a small patch of chest hair. Couldn't tell if he manscaped or wasn't very hairy to begin with. Never seen him without a top\shirtless so this is mostly collected from best guesses.

He helped me out of bed and got me ready to go see my therapist Ms. CS for the first time in a long while. I had been not doing well.

I woke up in the middle of the night... again!

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ever since i'm back from vacation i always forget what i'm dreaming about

but yesterday was kind of.......weird?

i was on vacation, in a hotel, i was on the 16th floor (which was very high)
people maked fun of me, i was mad and told them to stop bullying me and even following me all the time,
i was at the bus AGAIN and a boy asked for a sponge because of his male stuff, i told him i didn't got any sponge,
he got mad and it came bad to worse, he forced me to get the sponge, i told him i didn't got any and didn't want to get under pressured

after that i woke up so i don't know how it ended, but thank goodness it was just a dream
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I had a softball bat (that's the big metal one right?), which in itself is ridiculous because the few times I played during P.E. I hated it with every part of my existence. I was wearing the skates that I'd dug out from under the stair a few days ago and I also had a box of cigars? Not really sure where that came from but that might have been cos I walked past the fancy side of town and saw a tobacco shop.
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i had a dream about an human trying to break in and destroyed the house, i saw it and was angry, that human runaway,
that same human came back and my mom told him it was HIM who stoled some stuff, i cursed him with an middle finger
you can already guess what i was cursing to him when the middle finger said it all

and today i had a dream about having an ugly house in france (western house actually)
we emigrated in my dreams, from holland to France, and i complained to my parents right infront of my friends that i found it ugly
in real i don't like western house but we don't live in that house in real

everyone has their own taste but i don't like western house for sure, and neither do i like houses that's made with stone and farm house, (france is the one of them)
by so far there isn't other different types of houses that i don't like, i love the colors house, yellow, pink or other colors (i saw many of them back in spain)
i don't complain though, just giving an opinion that's all

i woke up 2 times so i don't remember what the other dream was just about, unless when i watch a video, read some stories, or when someone is talking about stuff i had in my dreams (and in a rare case when i'm walking or whatever in a familair place i was seeing in my dreams) and that something is called flashbacks (sometimes i remember what my dreams was just about so that's why i'm having flashbacks at the times)

i was so relieved it was just a dream about stealing stuff
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Had a dream I was a Shih Tzu named Melinda. I belonged to a German couple. I was given a bath and somehow, they put my long hair in my face up in a red bow. I was fixed because I was excitable, but I was scared of larger dogs because I was just easily underfoot.

One day I crawled under the couch and found my fox toy. Needless to say, I made a loud sneeze and Mrs. Schwartz gave me a bath. Mr. Schwartz came home and dressed me in a special plaid coat.

Damn, haven't had dreams this bad since I had my first surgery April 13, 2001 when they took out wisdom teeth to fit me for braces.

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i had a weird dream about dying my hair white
i don't remember everything else but i remember i took a shower and wanted to look older so i decided to dye my hair white
everyone gasped and asked what had just happened to my hair

i did dye my hair last year but that was NOT white

edit: i had an horrified dream about hospitals, the doctors needed to operate me because something was wrong with my brain,
i complained my mom about me going to the hospital, my mom told me i had to or something and i panicked in my sleep (the location i was were under the ground floor which is weird)
i knew like right away it was just a dream
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Had those invasive 13 kid dreams. They reached kindergarten age and one day, the first 12 born (these were triskadectuplets, so 13 at once and the 12 eldest, whom I named after the qualifying animals of the Chinese Zodiac) were home sick with my husband Grant Imahara (It's always him.) Mao-Mao (our youngest named for the Cat who lost the race) and I fed a ginger ale and rice porridge to the kids and Grant.

After they were sick, Mao-Mao and I got the sick everyone else had. Mao-Mao got to cuddle next to me on the couch and Grant fed us the same menu we served him. It was strange to be a mother to a number of children, but our youngest son is very much attached to my side. We watched The Sword in the Stone in English and Japanese (Keep in mind that in these dreams, I live in Osaka with my parents running a spring onion farm.). Mao-Mao, in case you wondered, has a mop of curly red hair, a trait from my Scotch-Irish grandma she passed along to 5 of her children, 2 sons and 3 daughters, my elder uncles and the majority of my aunts. Everybody else in that generation had black hair (the executrix aunt, my dad and the runt of the litter who once held "Tallest in Family" record...until Cousin Henry broke that record. Takes after his mother's family.)

I guess I am nervous because I recently had to buy a new top for my stepgrandmother's 80th birthday next week. Family, whether it's a family of me, my parents and my cat or the collective O'hana that will be singing in unison succession "Happy Birthday", it is unnerving to think about just the sheer crowd of people singing to Grandma Barb and being drowned by the noise and the feeling of insignificance.

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In my dream I'd been digging through a box of masks and apparently none of them were the one I was looking for. So I yelled across the house asking my mum where the Danny de Vito mask was (cos mum knows where everything is) and mum was like its in the fridge next to the pickels. Because keeping a rubber mask in the fridge next to a jar of pickles makes more sense that keping it with the rest of the masks in a cardboard box.
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Originally Posted by Noa1500
In my dream I'd been digging through a box of masks and apparently none of them were the one I was looking for. So I yelled across the house asking my mum where the Danny de Vito mask was (cos mum knows where everything is) and mum was like its in the fridge next to the pickels. Because keeping a rubber mask in the fridge next to a jar of pickles makes more sense that keping it with the rest of the masks in a cardboard box.

At least it would distract you from mindless would work for me to find someone's face in the fridge.

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i had a weird dream about a christmas tree and something about bumping into someone i haven't seen or spoken to in 4 years "and promised we won't be drifted apart anymore" and i could already tell it was a dream
i might be bored but christmas isn't special or anything to me anymore but the christmas tree thing is a nice thing you can have, and i only like christmas because of chocolate, nothing more,
hate is a big word and if people like it who am i to get in their way? i'm not like most people (especially people in my country) i atleast respect it but in my dream i didn't put the tree there because we don't celebrate it
and i had a weird dream about a challenge about getting the apples and put it in a net and i didn't knew what to do or what the game was about, so i got many apples as i get with someone i knew aswell
and just about when someone was about to say who's the winner to get most apples there, i woke up from a telephone, i was like SERIOUSLY? (i called it apple net because it looks SO much like an apple)

all that dream was yesterday,

today (11-17) i had WAY different dream about a war and in my dream i forgot to take birth control and eventually lost it, we protected each other with a monster out there,
i transformed into someone else, it reminds me of a few anime movies/series (episodes) that people are dying or unconsious or something and people who transformed save those wars/monsters or even enemies and sometimes redeems theirselves, i could also tell it was just a dream because there aren't monsters in real and neither can you transformed into someone else

on monday i had a dream about me being pregnant but didn't knew who's the father lol

and today i had a horrible dream about me being late

yesterday (11-24) i had a dream about going to the netherlands, we were almost at our flight in spain, but we got stuck, we didn't had the car anymore,
there were people in spain who begged us with fruit because they "needed it" and later they asked if we can join them
and at the same time i had a dream about making a swimming pool, i guess i had magic hands in my dream, and everyone had a weird stare, with their eyes and mouth open
i think i had a challange with 2 people but i don't know what it was about
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#537 Old 26th Nov 2019 at 11:01 AM
Lee came over in my dream to wake me in my dreams last night.

I was asleep in my bed, tucked in, with plush toys surrounding my bed. I was also asleep for over 16 hours (it's happened before).

He gently kissed me. I woke up and asked the time. He told me it was 7:00AM. I went into the bathroom and did my morning routine in the bathroom. Then I went downstairs for my morning routine in the kitchen. (I store my pills in a middle shelf in the pantry because of limited space and the nature of medicine needing to be store in cool, dry, dark places) He finally caught up with me and held me close. He said "You're as sweet as they come."

That's about the only thing he said in the dream beyond the conversation when I woke up.

Strange thing about last night was how spotty my sleep was.

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Okay...I should provide some backstory to this dream.

Years ago, in high school, aside from my crush on Bill Nye, I had a crush on David Spade.

I know what you're thinking: he's got the personality of a lime's flavor notes, impishly spiteful and sarcastic that it became his trait. I was otherwise sweet, genuine and not the type to insult anyone. I guess I was trying to bolster my personality.

To the dream:
I was cuddled in the blankets and David woke me up gently. He was actually sweet. I said "Alright, who are you and what do you want?" He kissed me. Just checking, I smacked him. He teared up and asked "What was that for, sweetie?" I said "You're not your snarky, smart-ass self. You're acting weird." And it flashed back to me giving him a drink with a potent concoction I created that would bind someone to me. He then joined me in bed to cuddle. It was strange to see him smile. It wasn't that wise-ass smirk. It was genuinely interested.

He brought a 10ftX10ft blanket and got comfortable. I rested my head on his chest. I began to calm down and decided to just fall asleep on his side.

When I woke up in the dream. I tried looking for him. He was cooking breakfast and said "Morning, cutie!" (Turned out the nice behavior eventually wears off after 72 hours, so he goes back to his snarky smart-ass self) but I wasn't going to complain. He made french toast. He waited for my verdict and I gave it my approval.

We stayed in as Winter Storm Ezekiel raged. I subjected him to the First Season of Sailor Moon, provided cultural and mythology commentary where applicable (I had the closed captioning on) he ask a set of questions after each disc and I answer carefully so even someone uneducated in popular anime could grasp it.

After a certain disc, we ate (we both suffer from hanger pains, so we're prone to getting hangry) I made him my trademark weaponized Mac and Cheese. At first he was taken aback by the appearance and I told him "Mix the panko to lessen the stickiness". He didn't mind my cooking. It's usually the vegans who hate me.

We continued watching until my parents came home. I just felt tired. I ordered Chinese takeout and took my pills. David helped me up the stairs and we cuddled and as I drifted in and out, I think I heard him say "A sweet woman like you deserves me, but I don't know if I deserve you..."

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2 days ago i had a dream from someone who i have a close eye with (having feelings for someone)

and well it gets interessing......................... we did it on bed and the next morning in my dream i told him he was good in bed
and he was like: oh thank you darling, we should do this often

geez i never did it in real, but i sure gets weird dreams lately from the one of the another
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#540 Old 5th Dec 2019 at 3:40 AM
David Spade returned and he returned because he and I made a promise, in this case, he was going to bleach my hair out and use hair toner to whiten. (Toner is this purple or purplish goo-like solution that strips any yellow tones from brassy bleached hair. Most fantasy hair dye brands that are established have a toner formula available for those bleaching their hair out to white. Brands include Manic Panic, Lunar Tides and Punky Colour)

So anyway, he starts bleaching and he asks me to review his set for his show. I give him pointers on going for the jugular in terms of hitting nerves without coming off as a complete ass. In other words, how to couch the blow.

When the hair was rinsed completely, he then said "You look a little pale. Are you sure you want to continue?" I said. "I want to continue." So, he dumped all 3 of the jars of toner in the tint bowl (The toner came in some pretty small jars and my hair is thick and has a mind of its own.)

After much waiting, I had my hair rinsed and I was excited. I finally achieved snow white hair that would allow for pastels and silver tones.

He said "I was wondering if I could stay with you." I ask "Why?" Then the sky opened up. "Oh."

I got cuddled up with David and he said "How are you with me visiting every 4 weeks on weekends?" I said "How about every 3 weeks? I can handle weekends but if it includes Fridays, then by all means, stop on by. One thing, though: don't dress up like Joe Dirt, you're not going to win favors with my mother, she's all business."

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#541 Old 11th Dec 2019 at 10:10 AM Last edited by sailorplanet97 : 11th Dec 2019 at 7:41 PM. Reason: mistaken something to correct it right
yesterday i had a dream about errrrr you know, what a men and a women do on bed, and we did it infront of everyone, and everyone was like: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, AREN'T YOU SUPPOSSED TO DO THAT ON BED?
and i didn't even care about what everyone said, i did it with a man

but today i had a scary dream and yet i never watch scary video's, in my dreams i didn't fell well, i had pains so i was taken to the hospital where the doctors told me i had a illness and only had a week,
i became more sicker and sicker and i could still walking (i wouldn't be able to talk to people anymore because of the illness but i was still able to walk and only had like 2 days left in my dreams when the time flew there)
someone already turned into an demon, and that demon nearly hit me, i breathed pretty fast but i didn't turn into one, and my mom told me in my dreams i need to get help since everything was controlling me
my mom did it and was bringing me far away from the demon, i got all better and didn't die

i really thought i only had a week to live and get weaker but i realized it was all just a dream, *phew* what a horrible nightmare
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#542 Old 14th Dec 2019 at 3:01 AM
It was January 21, 2020. I was working out in the hearth room. It was a mix of exercise on the exercise ball, lifting dumbbells and basic yoga. I had my ultimate playlist. Found myself working out for hours on end and by nightfall, the doorbell rings (we don't have a doorbell installed. If we did, it probably be a shouting match between Mrs. Wolowitz and Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory.
It would sound like this.
Mrs. Wolowitz: HOWARD, GET THE DOOR!

So the doorbell rang and it sounded like that crunching thud from The Pink Panther cartoons and the Peanuts animations when a body hits the ground.

I open the door and it turned out Bill Nye came to check on me. Now that I was a cyborg in the making with my implant this past year, he ran some diagnostics and marked my implant as fully-functioning.

He said "To be honest, I missed your optimistic outlook at the office. What would it take to bring you back?"

I told him "I honestly don't know."

He gave me his card and I put it in my wallet. He left after I kissed his hand and said "Sir, I'll see you later..."

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#543 Old 14th Dec 2019 at 8:15 PM
It wasn't very interesting or fun. Pretty sure I was snacking on something and then out of nowhere I was pulled into a really tight hug by a friend who wouldn't stop talking and then it felt like my jaw was stuck (which has happened a few times before) and it was just really uncomfortable. And then I felt like I was being warned by something, which turned out to be me knowing I was very close to being over the edge of my last bed. This new bed is much much larger so it seems that in my sleep I still forget.
#544 Old 16th Dec 2019 at 1:34 PM
In my dream both washing machines and tumble driers(?) do the shakey thing and they were moving around the large room like roombas. To keep them from bumping into each other you had to poke them with a rake or a broom from a safe spot (or else you'd be shaken and bumped into). I'd asked the person whose face was half hidden by the shade from their hat why they were hanging from the lamp instead of using the zip wire and they were like "this is the way it's always been" and then they mysteriously puffed on their cigarrette. Twas strange, yet amuisng.
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#545 Old 19th Dec 2019 at 6:36 AM
Bill Nye came to check on my new implants. Evidently, I had surgery in 2020 and he wanted to check the biomechanical aspects as I went through my day.

I'm not an expert in psych issues, but he seemed more interested in me since becoming a cyborg. Then again, as an inventor in his spare time, cyborg parts were his specialty and evidently, his brand were used in my operation.

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The Dream
I was in bed, surfing Twitter and found a new set of monologues David Spade did with simplistic animation accompanying it.

Monologue 1: "I actually was invited to the coronation of an empress. Turns out she's a big fan of Saturday Night Live cast members. The crown princess was one named Kimberly and her parents, King Edward and Queen Victoria of Elegia and her grandfather, Emperor Ernest of Elegia were stepping down. She will have guidance from the empress consort, her stepgrandmother Barbara upon ascension to the Empire's throne.

So I was taken from the airport in a yellow Rolls-Royce. The estate was enormous. It was like, why go on vacation when all the luxuries of the world are in the backyard? I then was shown to the Crown Princess's room and she was asleep, surrounded by plush dolls. I found a note. It said "Dear Mr. Spade, to wake the Crown Princess up, she requires a massage in her upper back to stimulate any rousing from deep sleep. You may have to kiss her to complete this process." I gently kneaded her back. Then I kissed her gently. She woke up. She was wearing rainbow striped panties and bras. She grabbed a jacket and shorts and went downstairs. She and I talked and I said "I don't have anything fancy to wear to the coronation." She said "We have a great tailor we work with."

So on the day of the coronation, I was dressed like I belonged in a colonial period piece sans the powdered wig and face. The church where it was performed was packed and it happened to be the same church that honored her grandmother, Empress Virginia. Unfortunately, her stress began to manifest into a 3-pronged hazard of burning, freezing, and\or electrifying someone. Unfortunately, she whanged her older sister and her sister became an ice sculpture for the remainder of the coronation and the older sister's life."

As it started to unravel like a badly knitted muffler, it was just stress getting to me.

Monologue 2: "I stayed in the guest suite down the hallway from the new Empress. She was at my door and took me back to her room, opened the blinds and curtains and I saw the stars. It was amazing. I didn't know she could gaze out at the stars on clear night. We sat up on the bed and she pointed out every star in the sky. Then came the aurora borealis, which, as you might guess, we were far enough North to watch.

I was going back to my room when she said "You want to go to the theme park tomorrow? I know of a great one located here in Elegia from Denmark. The mascots are cheeky, but knowing you, you might enjoy this one." She kissed me and said, "I will see you tomorrow."

So as she was finding a suitable outfit for the outing...her diary was open. Unfortunately, she was the type of strong woman who has a way with men and as it turned out, 16 other men rejected her before I was invited to the coronation.

Needless to say, she beat on my chest and in the process of beating me up, bloodied my nose and blackened my right eye. Luckily, the kingdom has a healthcare system similar to the Nordic Region. Elegia is in the ├śresund sea. So, the King Emeritus wanted to know how I got the bruises, bloody nose and black eye. I told him I peeked in her diary.

The King Emeritus told me The Empress is not only a figurehead, but is a political power. No one beyond the royal family medical and psych staff is allowed to look in on the Imperial Diaries. If word got out about any damning evidence against the Kingdom, they'd be ruined. What I have said is all I am allowed to share as regulations require."

Weird. Like orange juice rivers that melt boats. It's not like me to hurt my favorite men, even in dreams.

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#547 Old 1st Jan 2020 at 9:25 PM
most of my dreams i don't remember at all but a few days ago i had a funny dream about time-machine just because it became a chaos from electric and digital (i agree with it but only 50% on it)
and me and my best friend were at the 30's or so? where there wasn't eletric and digital

we were both so angry about it because my aunt told us about teleporting back from the time there weren't digital, that was a interesting dream

2 days ago i had a dream about me going back to where i live now because there was an emergency or something with NO but's (my dad was so strict in my dreams that you didn't had a say in it)

but yesterday was weird, i was at school and i broke the memory game in pieces or something, the boy overheard it and told me he could fix it with something (i don't know which one though)
i was in a swimming pool eventually (i didn't knew what i was doing there lol) and ran the whole building just because i wanted to fix things

then we went outside and the boy was about to fix things till we both got caught, and my parents got involved once we had to meet up in an officer,
they were so dissapointed in me and got grounded just because we did something illegal, Mmmmmmm interesting

that day i asked my dad with a joke if i'm grounded now, he said yes by not talking during breakfast which i knew it was a joke
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I hadn't been in a dream this beautiful in a long time.

I was living with David Spade in a very sleek, modern, cleanly designed house. It was like something I would design for my Sims. It was about 4:30 in the morning and David was downstairs working on my lunch (big bento box type), make it a decoben (decorative display bento) or even a kyaraben (bento with designs of cartoon characters incorporated into the display) and you convinced me. He put the large bento in the fridge and it was about 5:00. He came to my room, gently nudging and saying "Sweetie, get up or you'll be late for class." Turned out it wasn't too late to reapply for the Zoology sub-department, now that Princeton added one.

My family pretty much spoiled me. As we took the scenic route in the towncar, I saw plum, cherry and peach blossoms starting to bud. We stopped at my building, I gave David a kiss and he said "I hope you enjoy the lunch."

I spent a few hours teaching about the hierarchies and pecking orders before moving on to anatomy after lunch.

Lunch came and I sat in the corner. Some of the other female professor in the Biology department came over to see my lunch. The majority were single, so they were amazed to see me with little animals made of rice and nori by my beloved David, Today, it was kittens filled with vegetables made with Satoru Rainbow Rice (He pulled a few strings and got Mexican products I could only imagine) and rice dyed with plant powders and the veggies were put through the food processor and each included avocado.

They said I was lucky to have him, but they worried because he's renowned for his smartass attitude. I said "He's already broken to begin with. He cares very much for his elderly mother. His 2 brothers... Not so much. He's got a few issues between caring for his mother and coping in therapy about his father. He's still a human and he is mine as our couple status goes and I am his."

As I ate the onigiri kittens, I eventually finished with water with fruit essence and a couple of slices of apple that resembled rabbits.

Back in class, I did the old study anatomy of animals. I set up a holographic projector and showned every detail inside and outside. When the final bell rang, I had to grade the paperwork. Mostly, the students interjected their ideas in their notation, some were disturbing, some were on point and others seemed disconnected from reality.

David came by to take me home. He held me close as we passed the famous house Albert Einstein stayed in during his tenure at Princeton. We head to the suburb we lived in and he made me stir fry with broccoli and cauliflower in standard white and the orange and purple varieties. I drizzled Chuunou sauce on top (Chuunou is nicknamed Bulldog Sauce because it's Bulldog brand and it's normally just called "sauce". It's a mix of fruit and vegetable purees with vinegar in it.) I ate it and went to my room. He cleaned up the dishes, came upstairs and he sat at the edge of my bed.

He asks me sincerely, "Are you okay, sweetie?" He touched my shoulder and say "If there's anything I can do, just saying something would help me." I turned to him and said "Want to cuddle?" I sit up, we embrace for a few minutes and all the while, I hear his heart beat faster.

He let me go to sleep and let me repeat through my week.

On Saturday, he let me stay in bed and rest. He decided to do my chores and serve me a drink of milk if I needed my pills. We exchanged text and I was tired. He would let me dream within and he would clean up the house. My parents came to visit to see if I was compatible with David. They asked where I was. When they were told I was asleep, they were confused. I am usually full of energy.

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i had a weird and interesting dream about me in a sailor suit with the others aswell (most sailors were in deviantart too since i made a sailor scout for characters from sims 2 series, real people, animes and sega's)
all sailors seperated/splits up or were dead so i was a loner eventually, but i don't exactly know how it ended since a noice woke me up

but i'm pretty sure i destroyed the monsters, saved planets and put everything right, like it never happened, i also had pink hair in my dream, like i maked myself in a sailor suit there and made myself pink,
the only things that wasn't pink was my skin and eyes, i had wings in my dream too, sorta like how i made it myself in a sailor suit, i guess you could say i was sailor moon, but in a pink version and i have a bit shorter hair

this is me in a sailor suit so i had exact the same clothes, hair and everything else in my dream, even the item i had on to my hands
Mmmmmm interesting dream
#550 Old 9th Jan 2020 at 9:08 PM
I was at the supermarket (not sure which of the 3 in my area it was) and all the shelves were on the ceiling so I couldn't reach and I got mad so I got a trampolene from my pocket as you do and then climbed up a ladder and walked on a thin ledge to the milk section and the fought with the glass door because the hinge was being rude, grabbed 2 litres of milk and dropped in on someone walking by far below. Ooops
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