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#76 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 7:26 AM
Ahoy guys. I'm off on vacation in a couple of hours so won't be on (if at all) until the 21st!

I'm looking forward to see all your awesome entries when I get back, even if the threads might be closed by then.. This has been really fun to participate in because of all the good ideas and execution of them. And of course because of all the people, no arguing at all

So good luck to you all on your last building!

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#77 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 8:22 AM
Enjoy your vacation, Kaospilot. After making all those great houses, you deserve one! :D
#78 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 9:30 AM
Thanks Feldynn. I always forget about the roof deco stuff. Great use! You are one smart cookie.
#79 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 1:23 PM
Well at this point I pretty much feel mine is mediocre at best but in comparison to how the outward structure originally looked then this one is alright lol
No CC was used

Who says you can't have a luxurious house without it being huge? On the ground floor you have a comfortable living room in soothing colors, along with a full bath including the washer and dryer. There is also a bedroom.

The entire second floor contains the kitchen and dining areas with a small little breakfast nook.

And finally on the third floor is the master bedroom and master bathroom.

Street View

Overhead shots of the 3 floors



Master Bedroom

Bonus 1 - Master Bathroom

Bonus 2 - Bedroom #2

Bonus 3 - Extra kitchen shot

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Why must the game decide to crash or glitch when you have just made a lot of progress and not recently saved?! I just got my house layout sorted and was beginning to decorate and then CASt got stuck when an object I was trying to CASt seemingly deleted itself! I've had to quit to menu and don't know how much I have to redo now.

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If there is one thing I have learned over the years when it comes to working on the computer is to save after every single important thing I do, even though the saving is annoyingly slow in this game. As you can see in the chat thread I almost lost some progress thanks to a random fire, it reminded me to save even more often than I already do. Luckily only a rug was lost and I gained a small story.
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#82 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 9:30 PM
I feel your pain Menaceman I'm terrible at remembering to save often enough and lost count of the times I lost hours of work. Its so damn frustrating! I downloaded Twallan's "Saver' so that the game automatically saves every half hour (thats what I set mine to anyway!) so now the most I lose is a half hours work which isnt so bad!
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Round 3 Scores:

Hey guys! Here are your scores for round 3.

Contestant #,Contestant,Structure,Décor & Furnishings,Landscaping,Theme,Aesthetic,Presentation,Wow Factor,CC Bonus,Total

55,Bchbch Walk,7,6.5,6.5,8,6,7,6,20,67

These are the non-rounded averages, since there's been some confusion over why the numbers don't -quite- add up previously - I mainly rounded for display purposes, as that list is ugly enough as it is, but I'm sure ya'll can sort it out.

Future contests will hopefully have a lovely system for them to eliminate a lot of the getting comments/scores complications. Yay!

Top 3 scores for this round are:

82.5 - Fyendiar
82 - missroxor
78 - Armiel, Gail.wyness

Congrats to everyone on your fantastic entries, no matter your scores. You all have done a great job!

As before, everyone has comments - somewhat less this time (I think our poor judges are getting worn out!) but you all have at least one. PM me for them, please.

confused_claire - It seems photobucket deleted your pics, so I don't have scores for you. If you want to repost them in the chat thread and then PM me the link to the post (in the bar that says the time posted, like "Today, 10:30 PM" above the username, look to the far right - there's a little # - right-click it and copy-paste its link to link directly to just your post). I can get the judges to score your entry - that way, you won't be penalized for photobucket eating your pics.
#84 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 12:02 AM
I am very happy with my score. Going even with a talented builder like Kaospilot is very flattering for me!

Congratulations to the winners. And Fyendiar, Grrrrrrrr...hehe j/k Good job!

Please consider taking part in LifesLover's "The Build To Plan" Contest. You'll make new friends and have tons of fun!
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#85 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 12:15 AM
Oh, wow, I am so relieved at my score. It's less than last time, but I had feared that it would be extremely low, and it's not. I'm very happy. I have a feeling I know what the judges don't like with my house, but I'll still want any comments they have.

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I thought I might give it a try to write a story for the lot. There is no CC, I hope it's ok to let a Sim take some pictures to use.

Sam and Julie met at a crowded café, when Julie tripped and spilled her icy cold slush all over Sam. Julie's attempts to help him clean it up only made it worse, so she ripped off his shirt, right in front of everyone staring at them and promised to wash it for him. It all happened so fast that he didn't have time to say anything, so he just went home with her to get his shirt. While waiting for it to get washed and dried they started talking and realised they enjoyed each others company.

They decided to meet again and a few months later they were engaged. After a small wedding they moved to an apartment in the city and Sam worked hard to give Julie everything money could buy, because he was so happy to have her. He didn't listen when she told him he didn't have to work so hard, she could get a job too as soon as she found one.

After a while Julie started to worry about Sam, he was stressed and overworked. He noticed a saddness in her eyes and worked even harder to give her something that would make her happy, but nothing did so one day he asked her. "What do want Julie? I'll give you anything." She looked at him and answered. "All I want is you, and a garden where we don't have to listen to the constant street noises, only hear the humming of fuzzy bumblebees and the birds singing. I want flowers and trees, a place to call home, not expensive clothes and jewlery or nightlife in a city that never sleeps." Sam could hardly belive what she just said. All this time he thought she enjoyed living in the city with all the things to do there, when she really wanted the same thing he wanted, a peaceful life close to nature.

They sold everything they had and bought a small piece of land with some big trees on it where they built a home for themselves. It was tiny, but they both loved it. Their happiness was complete when they had a daugther, but it didn't last long. A few months after Norelle was born Julie got sick. There was nothing they could do for her at the hospital so she asked Sam to take her home and let her spend her last few days in the garden.

Julie now lies in the shade of the weeping willow and when Norelle, who was too young to remember her mother asks about her, Sam tells her that she has turned into a butterfly and if she listens closely she can hear her whisper in the wind.

Street view.

Only one floor.


Living room.



Another part of the garden.

The grave.
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#87 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 1:53 AM
I am a little disappointed with my score. I knew the treehouse was a risk though so I guess my score could have been worse.

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#88 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 3:13 AM
I'm very happy with my R3 score, after my R2 scoring very low I'm so excited! I can't wait to see my R4 score.
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#89 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 3:27 AM
I'm sooooo sad! I had to uninstall my game and it won't install again!!!!!! I have to drop out now.... Sorry!!!!!
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#90 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 3:46 AM
Quote: Originally posted by heaven_sent_8_18
I am a little disappointed with my score. I knew the treehouse was a risk though so I guess my score could have been worse.

Your score was quite surprising, considering just how inventive it was. I don't see why it wasn't higher. Still, it is a relatively high score and I think your lot was fabulous and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.

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#91 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 4:12 AM
Quote: Originally posted by heaven_sent_8_18
I am a little disappointed with my score. I knew the treehouse was a risk though so I guess my score could have been worse.

I was rather surprised at the score as well, a 5 for structure is not something I would have given. The "omg why didn't I think of that" that I shouted out when I saw your house made it worth more than that to me. Still a decent score though and even if the score was lower I still consider that house brilliant.

Quote: Originally posted by yorkielove1
I'm sooooo sad! I had to uninstall my game and it won't install again!!!!!! I have to drop out now.... Sorry!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you get things sorted out soon.
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#92 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 5:22 AM
Every round I just hope my score is better than the one before, and so far every one has gone up! Not super high, but I'm happy. My landscaping skills are definitely improving because of this contest. I never used to do any kind of yard work on my lots. I hope I can join more contests, I really like this. I have something to work for and my skills improve!
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#93 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 6:01 AM
Thank you to both of you. I pretty much know that the 5 is probably because of the lack of the use of the actual foundation. And I agree with you misspsy: my landscaping skills have definitely improved! I know that my personal homes will definitely improve from what I have learned from this contest. Also, there are so many houses that I am hoping get uploaded so I can have in my game!

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#94 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 6:03 AM
Wow, my score's up past 70! Yay!!

Congrats to all the winners! Awesome houses all around, I must say.

@Yorkielove1: Oh no! What happened? Reinstalling Sims 3 and get it to work just like before is definitely a traumatic experience! Happened to me not that long ago, and may it not need to happen again for a long time!
#95 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 6:32 AM
Wow,my score went up by a landslide compared to my other entries .I just have to work on better landscaping...Congratulations Fyendiar,missroxor,Armiel and Gail.wyness .
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#96 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 7:46 AM
Since summer ended yesterday (boohoo), I haven't found the time to work on this contest --or play any Sims3 for that matter. As of now, I'm dropping out; although, it is the last round anyways. haha I'd still like to know my score for round 3 and I'll try to keep posted when it's up. Thank you HP for hosting this contest, it was certainly full of tears, sweat, and joy. Good luck everyone!! May the force be with you.
#97 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 8:42 AM
To much star wars for you

Btw does anyone know how much time we have left?
#98 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 1:09 PM
My scores have been a rollercoaster too just not an extreme one. I think it went 69, 60, 66 lol

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#99 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 3:04 PM Last edited by Waterstar : 10th Aug 2010 at 3:10 PM. Reason: Replying someone
Default - Unoriginal House Name Here -
gabrielorie: 2 more days

Hey, 2 days left instead of 6 or 7 this time, hope I did ok!

This house I didn't even both to name (As I'm terrible with naming things) The outside isn't a plain siding this time, has those little corner things though the inside isn't that great (as I went on a budget this time and I went a bit over too -_-')

The house is worth around 20,600 furnished and holds 1 person, yes, 1. Most objects are at it's most cheapest/basic, but I think it was the lot itself (and the hedges) that rose the price.

Again this house has a browner tone in most places (idk why I like it). Has the occasional gray and white also. I also overdid the terrain, but the default in the area was a dryer (I was using Niua Simoa base game).......... anyways, onward to pictures!


-Back (oops on this pic)-

-Living Room-

-kitchen/dining room-



-Top Down-

1 Bed
1 Bath
Logic/Painting/Book Shelf included
Small Pond
Small/Med hills
1 Alarm (Fire)
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#100 Old 10th Aug 2010 at 3:08 PM
ooo 60... *checks previous scores again* R1: 48 (Sux) R2: 55 (Meh) R3: 60 (Kay)... I'm seeing a pattern right? A good one?
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