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My fingers hurt, I think its the weather. Why is my body acting like its as old as my dad? Is it because deep down I'm a retiree too? Its great that its not my dominant hand because that would be hella inconvenient but I still need my other hand for stuff so like could it just not?
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You heard the axiom "don't make conversation about politics, sex or religion". I'd add two modern ones: Don't read aloud your phone browsing and don't talk about your game play as if you were on YouTube.

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

I called my doctors office for a script last week for a new nebulizer.  The cord for my current nebulizer is being held together with electrical tape.  I got the script, it is made out to the pharmacy. I called CVS, they don't sell / carry nebulizers.

The medical device company that I was going to order from that insisted that I have a script in the first place suddenly no longer requires a prescription; nor do they have the nebulizer that I wanted to order.  They changed their policy in a week?  I ended up buying a nebulizer from them although it isn't the same one I have now.

I don't know what the frick the problem is with my doctors office or this company, but whatever it is, I don't want any.  I'm beyond over dealing with stupid people at this point.  If people want to walk around with their heads up their butts, that is their prerogative,  but they're not going to impose their BS on me.

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I stole this line from a YT video comment. Cheers to the person that said it.
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