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Default The Haunt the House challenge
My oh my do I love collection challenges. You don't need to have "Ambitions" to play, but it helps.

Step 1: Create a sim with the friendly, Brave, kleptomaniac, and charismatic traits. You can choose whatever trait you want for the remaining one.

Step 2: Plonk the sim down into a neighborhood. Any neighborhood is fine, but it MUST have a functioning graveyard and/or functioning tombstones.

Step 3: Hang out in the graveyard at night and introduce your sim to the various ghosts. If no ghosts show up, start stealing the working tombstones.

Step 4: If you know there is a house in town with a tombstone/playable ghost in it, sweet talk your way inside the house and steal the tombstone when no one is looking. If the house has a playable ghost, sweet talk the ghosts and convince them to move in with you instead.

Step 5: When the opportunity arises, take the tombstones stolen from the graveyard to the science center and have them turned into playable ghosts.

Step 6: Collect as many ghosts as you can to add to the active family. The Ghosts are forbidden from leaving the lot, but the human sim may go wherever they please. The ghosts can get skill careers, and if they are teen aged or younger, they can go to school. Other than that, the ghost sims are bound to the house.

Step 7: The human sim can go get married, have babies, or even go to sub-neighborhoods, but the ghosts cannot do any of that. The Human sim might even wed/bed one of the ghosts if they wish!

Step 8: When the human caretaker passes on, the ghosts need to recruit a new human from one of the service sims that may visit the house. They may also hold on to the deceased human's tombstone and the former human can recruit a new caretaker from their friends list.

Step 9: If you happen to have "Ambitions" the human can only have the ghost exterminator career. If not, then the human may be employed anywhere you'd like.

Step 10: If you have "Pets" installed, you have to collect the pet ghosts too. These ghosts are also bound to the lot.

Step 11: If you have "Supernatural" the caretaker need not be human, but he/she can't be a ghost either.

Have fun!
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Interesting challenge I have one question though. How would the oh my ghost opportunity appear if there wasn't a death in the household? You are taking graves from the graveyard or other people's households, so would that still bring up the oh my ghost opportunity? And if not, how would you take the ghosts to the lab and make them playable? Just wondering.
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