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Back to the Future Challenge
Doctor Emmet Brown and Marty MacFly should return to the future to collect all the five statues.
However, before they do this, Doc needs to reinvent the time machine and Marty McFly should master guitar skill to play "Johnny B. Good" on the ball in the future.
Marty McFly should learn how to play "Johnny B. Good".
Also Marty McFly should write a SciFi novel to pass it to his dad to inspirate him.

The winner is the player who achieves this in the least number of gameplay days.
Timetravels are forbidden until Doc reinvents the time machine.
Timetravels are forbidden until Marty McFly masters Guitar skill and writes a SciFi bestseller novel.

To help count days, create a Vampire sim. This sim must be locked in dungeon (basement).
Vampire sim can be treated like Dungeon Resident Days Counter.
He is forbidden to leave the dungeon. He is forbidden to change his lifespan, he is forbidden to eat life fruit or ambrosia or any produce of life fruit (meal or nectar or anything else which increases lifespan) or Fountain of Youth Elixir or anything else that modifies lifespan.
He is forbidden to use "Age Freeze Potion" potion or "Young Again Potion" rejuvenate potion.
Vampire is allowed to have a pet bloody fruit bush and have in the dungeon a separate bathroom, bedroom and kitchen and have some hobby tool.

For protagonists you might either create new sims from scratch or reuse existing sims from another challenge.
If you start from scratch, you can create two sims (protagonist and counter) as one household and start from it. In this case you are considered to participate in a Rookie rank challenge.
If you start with existing sim, you should move two sims (protagonist and counter) into one household. In this case you are considered to participate in a Veteran rank challenge.
In each rank there are three categories: No cheats, Low Cheats and High Cheats.
Let's find the winner in every combination of rank and category.
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