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Default For The Realm
I started the For The Realm Challenge on my YouTube because I thought it would be fun to do a world building challenge in a medieval fantasy setting. Some people seemed interested in a more detailed explanation of the rules to play for themselves so I will try my best to explain them without confusing everyone. If you want to see my ongoing gameplay of this challenge as well as an explanation video of the rules I am following you can find a playlist of it here .

Disclaimer: This challenge was designed to focus more on building a world overtime, but it is kind of like a legacy thing because it will take a while to complete, so there may be some gaps in the legacy rules that you should feel free to fill in yourself. Like how to pick an heir and stuff, I will leave that up to you.

You are the child of a low class family with nothing to your name. You travel the lands seeking safety from the warfare that plagues the area. While staying in a tavern one night you get into a card game with a few soldiers and you win the deed to a distant land left uninhabited because it is rumored to be cursed. Willing to take a chance in this new land you now own, you spend every penny you have to get basic supplies and pay for your travel. When you arrive you find a land ready to be shaped into a new realm that you design…

Getting Started
  • Start in an empty world. Bulldoze ALL lots and delete the families or begin in an un-populated empty world (I use Ulokea a roadless world in my play through if you are interested)
  • Change all the lots to No Visitors Allowed
  • You can modify one lot to be a foraging lot (THIS CANNOT BE YOUR HOME LOT). This lot can include the following: hidden shower, hidden toilet and starter plants and/or common seed spawners (I find the already grown plants are a bit easier because you don’t have to grow them)
  • (OPTIONAL) Use Ani's Woodcutter Tree to have trees that you can chop for firewood on this lot if you want
Note: If you use the NRAAS mods, or any other alternative, I would suggest you set up all the world settings you need and then remove any extra buildings/items you had to place to adjust the settings (ie. City Hall to change NRAAS settings)

  • Create a single starter sim (Human Non-Occult ← Only applies if you are playing with Supernaturals and want to play with the 5 Kingdom Rules)
  • Sim can have any traits
  • Can set any lifespan you want (Shorter would be harder, but the challenge is more about building for me so I don’t think this matters as much)
  • (PETS) Single horse that must have the Untrained trait (Ulokea is a roadless world and it takes a long time for travel without one, you also can't adopt a wild one until you are level 8 in riding so you can start with one)

Adding More Sims
  • You can add 1 other sim to your household once you have a working home. This includes a bed, bathroom(toilet, shower/tub, sink), kitchen(stove, counter, fridge, eating area) - I recommend this sim to be a future spouse of the founder because you have to continue to build up the realm using your founder family bloodline.
  • All sims/families added after the first additional sim stated above can be added directly from the Sim bin into a FULLY FURNISHED, COMPLETE home (So you have to build them a home first)
  • You can NOT add another horse to the family through CAS. You must adopt wild horses and breed them until you unlock the horse stadium to buy/adopt horses easily.

Home Lot
  • Move your sim into an empty lot and purchase the following: a sleeping bag and a fire pit
  • Set family funds to 0, you start with nothing.
  • You CAN NOT leave your founding family to play another family, you must stay with the family through the entire challenge

Build a functioning realm. This can be done in two ways depending on how you want to play. One has less building restrictions but a few more skill restrictions. The other has more building restrictions but not as many skill restrictions.

Style 1 - One Kingdom One Realm (Easier)
  • Your founding Sim’s family has a complete Castle/Home WORTHY OF THE LEADER OF THE REALM! (No shacks with a toilet and a bed…I know someone would try it )
  • All lots have to be built with your family money.
  • You have built all of the community lots and unlocked the respective skills that come with them. You have NO restrictions on building community lots (see below)
  • Your realm houses 10 Sim families that are not your own. 30 total Sims minimum, not counting your founding family (You can have more, I just want the world to look populated at the end). You have NO restrictions on occult type if you want to play with supernaturals.
At least 2 Higher Class Families
At least 3 Middle Class Families
At least 5 Low Class Families
Note: I will leave it up to you on what a high class vs. middle vs. low acceptability is. It is hard to do with money cause I use a lot of CC when I play and that can make prices vary, but be reasonable in what you think that is. Again no shacks with a bed and call it a day...this is a building challenge at it's core.

Community Lots
Market Center/Consignment(World Adventures Registers and Savvy Seller)
Festival Lot
City Hall
Church and Graveyard
Elixir Shop(Unlock Alchemy Skill)
Fortune Teller
Sports Stadium(Unlock Athletic Skill)
Military/Police(Unlock Martial Art Skill)
Hospitals/Science Center
Theaters(Unlock Instruments/Dance Skill - Store Content)
Colleges/Schools(Unlock Logic Skill)
Bookstores/Libraries(Unlocked Writing Skill)
Grocery Store
Horse Stadium

Style 2 - Five Kingdoms One Realm (Harder) - This one follows my play through
  • Your founding Sim family have a complete Castle/Home WORTHY OF THE LEADER OF THE REALM! (Still not allowed to have shacks with a toilet and a bed )
  • All lots have been built with your family money.
  • You have built all of the community lots/Kingdoms and unlocked the respective skills that come with them. You DO have restrictions to when you can build certain lots (see below)
  • Your realm houses 15 Sim families that are not your own 50 total Sims minimum, not counting your founding family (You can have more, I just want the world to look populated at the end). You DO have restrictions on occult type if you want to play with supernaturals.
At least 3 Higher Class Families
At least 4 Middle Class Families
At least 8 Low Class Families
  • You have completed the 5 Kingdoms and have a Warden is occupying a castle in their respective Kingdom.
Note: I will leave it up to you on what a high class vs. middle vs. low acceptability is. It is hard to do with money cause I use a lot of CC when I play and that can make prices vary, but be reasonable in what you think that is. Again no shacks with a bed and call it a day...this is a building challenge at it's core.

  • Kingdoms can be unlocked in any order you want
  • To unlock a new kingdom you must have at least 2 families living in the Realm for ALL currently active kingdoms not counting your own family.
  • You must build and move a Warden into a castle to support the different Kingdoms while you support the realm.
  • Until the Warden’s castle is prepared they can live with your founding family
  • Until the Warden is in their castle no other person can perform the actions unlocked with the kingdom except for the Warden. (Once the Warden is in their home, anyone in the realm can have access to the skills unlocked with the Kingdom)
  • You CAN NOT build community lots related to the other kingdoms until the Warden is in their castle.

Sapien Kingdom (Founder Kingdom - Human)
Market Center/Consignment(World Adventures Registers and Savvy Seller)
Festival Lot
City Hall
Church and Graveyard
Start Restrictions:
Can NOT sculpt in stone(Unlocked with Ferrian Kingdom - Stone Kingdom)
Can NOT smelt metal(Unlocked with Ferrian Kingdom - Stone Kingdom)
Can NOT cut gems(Unlocked with Ferrian Kingdom - Stone Kingdom)
Can NOT perform alchemy(Unlocked with Fay Kingdom - Magic Kingdom)
Can NOT use Chemistry station(Unlocked with Fay Kingdom - Magic Kingdom)
Can NOT create ponds(Unlocked with Planteatian Kingdom - Agricultural Kingdom)

Fay Kingdom (Magic Kingdom - Faries, Geines and Witches)
Alchemy Skill
Elixir Shop
Fortune Teller

Ferrian Kingdom (Stone Kingdom - Werewolves)
Sculpt in Stone
Smelt Metal
Cut Gems
Sports Stadium

Kingdom of Ancients (Intellectual Kingdom - Vampires)
Science Center

Planteatian Kingdom (Agricultural Kingdom - Plant Sims)
Grocery Store
Man Made Fishing spots
Horse Stadiums

Note: You do not have to play with the supernaturals if you don’t want. I just like my games to be weird . Once you unlock the kingdom you can place families with the respective supernatural life state at will.
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Rowan Sawyer is the daughter of a wood-worker. She had a happy childhood, and a good life, despite her lack of a mother, who had died when she was very young. But, of course all good things must come to an end, and Rowan was forced to flee her homeland when enemy soldiers came and burned her village down. Her family burned with it. After days in the forest, only with the clothes on her back and her family horse, Elton, she managed to make it to another village, with time to warn the people. She was offered stay in a nearby tavern so that she could have time to get back on her feet, maybe even wait to see if she was met by others from her village. She wasn't, but soldiers of her home kingdom made good time and, because of her aid, managed to save the village and the battle was won. The soldiers, emboldened by their win, made their way to the tavern to celebrate. Rowan watched, bittersweet in realizing that, although she saved this village, nothing could be done about her own. One soldier took noticed and took pity, he invited her to join the soldiers in their game of cards. On the table, the deed to a faraway land, Ulokea, and if rumor was to be believed, it was haunted. On account of too many drinks on part of the soldiers, Rowan won the deed to the land, and with an otherwise bleak future, she takes her leave once more, after only days of consideration.
Anyways, Rowan is my founder, as I'm sure you could tell. I (unintentionally) made her as a female version of Mal, red hair and all. Her traits are: Loves the outdoors, Brave, Ambitious, Equestrian, and Gatherer.

The beginning was kind of hard, I played it twice because I go to college so I had originally started when I was on winter break but reset when I came back for spring break. Anyways, she kept catching fire because I was waiting to have money and I thought it was easier to just build her a house rather than buy her a tent.


It was late fall night when Rowan awoke to knocking at her door. Given that this realm housed no people,it was certainly unusual, but as they hadn't yet knocked down her door, she was open to hearing them out. She peaked out her window to see a man, a man she just barely recognized. She opened the door and he introduced himself as Sir William Chaucer, a knight. He wasn't just any knight though, he happened to be the knight, the only reason Rowan was where she resided today. He explained that he had served his kingdom faithfully, up until the day he was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn't commit, and knowing his fate if he stayed to tell the truth, he ran. He was forced to abandon his aging parents and three younger siblings in the process, but left them what money he could.

Rowan was not a naive girl, so she turned his story over in her mind, asking many questions as she did. He answered them all honestly, and she decided to trust him. Of course, this meant he would have to pull his own wait and sleep on the floor, but he was more than willing, thankful to be out of the cold.


William was certainly a character I had fun creating a story line for, and creating in general. I don't quite remember his traits, it slipped my mind to write them down, but if I can edit this post late, I will.

Eventually they fell in love, as that tends to happen, but spent much of their marriage trying to build their castle than trying to conceive. Rowan had her first (and so far, only), daughter, a few days into her Adulthood. Her name is Vivianna, and when she's not crawling into trouble, she's her parent's pride and joy.

The first community building erected was the Sawyer family cemetery (although that's not the last name Rowan has any longer).

Then I built a family home, to move in a family of four that I had made. (Dad, teen daughter, and twin children (daughter and son).

....the family home didn't save... I've since tried to rebuild no less than four times, but my game keeps crashing. I don't know if I'll be able to keep playing the challenge, but I've definitely had fun so far lol.
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I've been looking for a challenge that suits my tastes, and I think this is it. Building a kingdom from scratch, with an excuse to use all the medieval cc I've collected over the years? Establishing a royal dynasty? I'm in!

EDIT: Well, I've everything set up in Ulokea as per the rules. I've chosen the largest lot on the hill with the old fortifications, because that is where my castle will eventually be. Haven't started creating my founder yet though. I don't want to use just any old sim: the founder of a dynasty deserves to have some time and thought spent on him.

@reannaleanne - I hope you can continue with yours. I love what you've done so far and I'd be very interested to see more.

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So, I created my founder sim and his faithful steed. His name is Edmund Goldlock and hers is Goldsheen.

And that's their mailbox in between. I don't know where I got that (it must have come in with some world I downloaded) but I didn't like having the modern day thing there. The pillar is only temporary, and I now find it doesn't work like that. It has to be against a wall. Well, it will be, as soon as I get around to building the house

I've a bit of a back story for Edmund, if nobody minds a little variation on the theme:

Although his upbringing was indeed a humble one, he was in truth the son of a king – albeit from the wrong side of the blanket. As royal bastards often are, he was farmed out as far from the palace as could be managed; in his case to one of the King's foresters by the name of Robert of Oakley. But it was a happy childhood, Robert being as good as a true father to him, teaching him to hunt, to fish, and all the ways of the wild wood; skills that would stand him in good stead in days to come. Having no other name which he could lawfully claim, he took the name Goldlock and made it his own. It was a name of high destiny.

The great change in his fortunes came one day when he visited a travelling fair. There was an ancient, one eyed fortune teller there, who took one look at him and declared that one day he would wear a crown upon his head.

Edmund had been inclined to laugh at that, and joked about it with his friends, for he had yet to learn his true parentage. But when word of it reached the royal court, King Osbert was not so amused. Edmund was summoned before him.

“An' thou wouldst wear a crown, Edmund Goldlock, thou wert best wear it some other place than here", he said. "Ten days I'll allow thee, after which, if thou art found in any place within our domains, it shall cost thee thy head. And think thyself lucky, another king would straight-way fix that head upon a spike and then place a crown upon it, so fulfilling this prophesy”.

To further prove his magnanimity, the King gave him a horse to speed him on his way. “I have one in my stables shall suit thee well,” he smiled.

Edmund was expecting it to be some useless, swaybacked old nag, but he was pleasantly surprised. For she was a fine grey mare, albeit one that had hitherto proved untameable, to the despair of the royal horse master. They named her Goldsheen, for indeed there was a slight hint of gold in her long luxurious mane. She had always been wilful and hard to manage, but as soon as she saw Edmund, she went straight to him and began to nuzzle his shoulder. This, it seemed, was meant to be.

“It seems she approves of the change, Master Goldlock,” said the horse master. “May she bear you to good fortune”.

And so Edmund set off to see what else fortune would bring him. It has been told how he stopped off at a tavern along the way, and how he won that curious deed at gaming; there was also a map went with it. Another strange chance, and but for the prophesy he'd have thought both deed and map worthless. But it seemed that destiny was guiding him.

As he left that village, he found the old one eyed prophetess waiting for him at the crossroads.

“So, off on your travels at last Edmund Goldlock?” she said.

“Aye, so it seems,” he said, smiling grimly. “Thanks to you old mother”.

“Oh, don't blame me!” she laughed “A stiller tongue would have served you best. But still, it may have been better so: else you might never have started. And now you have the deed, and a map? (oh, never mind how I know about those) and a very fine steed too. And with these, plus strength and courage, you have all you need for this enterprise”.

“'Tis whispered there is a curse upon this kingdom, if it truly exists,” he said. “What say you to that?”

“Oh it does exist, be certain of it,” she said “Just follow your map - although 'tis a long and weary road. And there is indeed such a curse, I'll not lie to you. But, what of that? Let curses fall upon guilty heads, and let men pay for their own sins, not those of others. Rule justly and wisely, and both gods and men may curse in vain. Farewell, and good fortune, Edmund Goldlock”

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To begin then...

Simblr: Elyndaworld *** Wordpress: Tales of Nantrelor
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Such a great challenge idea! I'm joining in

I chose a beach setting because I love Mediterranean architecture, so it's a medieval-fishing village-beach life sort of mixture
The world is small because large ones are laggy and it's called Mariners Reach, which I emptied. I'm also not using any CC for the same reason.

My starting family was Nicolai Muiro and his horsey, Caesara (it was Caesar until I realised it was female by mistake lol).

After a few days of fishing and manually adding some spawners, we got a working home and we were visited by Ida Sullivan, who was bailed from her kingdom and she sailed on a boat until she found this new land.

We let her in the house and she proved to be a great aid and grew very found of Caesara (she has the Animal Rescuer aspiration, so she keeps adopting wild pets )

Eventually, we got married and she gave birth to our two beautiful sons, Matias and Luca, only a few days apart from each other.

Through Ida's paintings and Nicolai's digging, we could finally build a better house for our growing family

In the meantime, I introduced a new family, who are pregnant (hopefully with girls for my boys to marry haha). He is going to ensure the protection of our island, by opening a police/military establishment once he has the money. And we are working on getting the city hall running

NahriRae, thanks for your Youtube channel videos, they're really great to watch and you should definitely have more traffic on your channel. Keep up with the good work!

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