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Default Unknown Sim Has No Character file in New Uberhood

I have just started a new Uberhood with clean templates by Meetmetotheriver, and I have all the stealth hoods, except Bon Voyage stealth hood.

I ran the Hoodchecker after adding the subhoods and got this message: User File Warnings: Sim has no Character file: 0x0176 SimID=0x0020F399. I found the sim in SimPE . Name is Unknown. It is a male with family Instance 0x0000. He is an adult and a human-sim. Remaining days: 0.

Should I delete the sim in SimPe? The Hoodchecker doesen't delete it for me. Do any of you guys know what this Sim is?

I noticed that my other neighborhoods have this issue too with the same character file.
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Do you have any mods that use NPCs to work? Like This one, for example? Hoodchecker throws warnings for those, but as long as the NPC is not deleted from your downloads folder, it shouldn't be something to worry about.

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No don't delete him, he could be an NPC. A lot of mods like the one linked to above come with a 'controller' which is an NPC delteing one is deleting a sim.

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After som fiddelig around in the game and SimPE I found a resolution. The problem was some custom content from Bienchen83 Skill building Toys (The Radio Controlled Train) and possibly the Radio Controlled Mouse converted from Pet Stories. I found two "*NPC Remote Control Car" under "Default" in the summoner at The Sim Blender mod. (It should only be one Radio NPC in regular gameplay). I have removed the CC from my game, and it is gone now, both in the summoner and in the HoodChecker. I would think It is safe to delete since I can't find the file anymore? It looks like it deleted itself. Can't find It in the Hoodchekcer or SimPE anymore. I am of course starting a new game for this.

Also: The original "*NPC Remote Control Car" still works at it should.
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