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Default Neighborhood water won't render from lot view
I changed laptops recently and something i noticed is that water doesn't render. I guess it's something to do with my GPU. And so far it wasn't a problem so far since I don't really see it, I was playing in PV so I didn't lots around the water. But right now I am making my own hood, and it has a lot of visible water and it just looks ugly. Is there something I can do to fix it?

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Do you think your pc is good enough to render all of that high res CC? You have horizon, cloud and default terrain there. Test and see if it comes back with CC removed. Sometimes you have to decide what you want most.

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No matter with CC or not it's still like that. And my previous setup was far worse and it was able to show the water. I can run a lot of games so idk why it has a problem with this. And I just tried a beach lot, and the after rendered perfectly and I have tried everything . I could go back to my old laptop but the way this laptop runs TS2 is amazing(low-no lag, loading is like 2 minutes instead of 15/20). And google gives no info, has anyone encountered this?

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Can you post your config log? Have you updated your graphics rules & video cards.sgr files and applied the 4GB patch?
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I'm not sure if you've seen this information before, but running TS2 on newer computers requires some fiddling with the graphics. TS2 can often be surprisingly blocky and poorly rendered on newer machines - I believe it's something to do with its age and the fact that it doesn't recognize new graphics cards? Anyway, this thread has some diagnostic information.
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^ TS2 properly set up should look just as fine (maybe even a tiny bit better) as on an older computer. You won't get much more out of the game than there already is, though. There are however a lot of problems you could run into (pink-flashing, crashing, and all that) because it's an old game on new hardware.

It is possible that you'll have to do some tweaking to the GraphicsRule and VideoCards files to make it render the neighborhood properly. Shouldn't look like that. Could be a problem with the water shaders.
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Okay so it seems like this problem was caused by this water shader. I don't remember downloading this since I know water shaders don't play nice with my laptop. I might have been testing something out and I forgot it there. Everything is good now

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