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Default Mini Fridge Stops Working
I keep having problems with mini fridges in my game. They work at first. However, after a while (maybe a day or two later), sims cannot route to it. Nothing is blocking the object (no other object, hidden jig, or sim using it). The sim will choose to get something from it and stop a few spaces away. I don't think they route fail until the interaction is cancelled. (I've tried using DebugEnabler to Reset or Force Error it, but that doesn't work most of the time.)
The only time I remember not having issues was when I changed the script of a regular fridge to be a mini fridge.
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Do you have any mods that change anything to do with the fridge? Or maybe a food mod? If so pull them and play test.

Also, just in my experience sometimes items just break a lot. I had one save where the stairs broke almost every sim week, I just deleted them and replaced them with new stairs and it'd work. Annoying, but it worked.

You could also make sure the mini fridge is not a CC fridge, if so maybe it's outdated, or if using CC counters maybe that's the problem?
I had a fridge installed via the launcher that I LOVED, but broke CONSTANTLY. I eventually just gave up and removed it.

Also if you use nraas mods you could try doing a "reset everything" to see if maybe it's something on the lot you're not aware of messing up the mini fridge.

Good luck!
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