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Default Servo X and X.1 files. no character data according to Sim Browser
Went into SimPE to midify some family relations and do some simsurgery after which I went to sim browser to check if any characters displayed any issues. SimPE says that one of my Servo Sims has no character data but Hood checker doesn't list that Sim as missing character data? I have a recent back up.
the Sim does have an original file at 1kb which contains only an single file (which I presume is related to a servo being first produced) and a .1 File which is ~300kb (Which does contain the normal sim files). Only my playable Servo Sims have this 2 file arrangement (aside from the waiters and Charlatan)

Does this mean I have potentially have corruption? or is this expected?

EDIT: In another hood all the servos also had both X and X.1 files and apparently have no character data despite being playable in game.
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It does not indicate corruption, it means when the game made those sims you had a mod that partially overrides the template for those NPC types. The game handles it just fine but SimPE has a problem with it. Usually the main sim part is in the X.1 file with the other file just containing the override part.
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Originally Posted by Chris Hatch
Usually the main sim part is in the X.1 file with the other file just containing the override part..

Thanks, I do actually have the mod that converts their appearance into a sim upon initial creation. I didn't think to check if that was the cause but it makes sense.
now back to trying to accidentally corrupt it some other way.
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