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Default Invisible Sim throwing errors on "Set Skin" function
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Some time back I was extracting the appearances of some Sims in a custom 'hood I've made, and I extracted the appearance of one but forgot to duplicate her in Body Shop before I next started up the game. (I didn't create a Sim with the template - just played the 'hood as normal.) As soon as I noticed I had a file with character data in my SavedSims folder, I duplicated the Sim in Body Shop and deleted the copy that had character data attached to it, but her portrait from that point on had a red background in SimPE so I think the damage was already done.

I don't play this Sim's household that much, but today I was playing this 'hood on a community lot and noticed Sims were resetting, so I enabled testingcheats and this Sim is the one that was causing errors (Hit Break Point Primitive). I couldn't see her on the lot, so I tried Reset, but that didn't fix it, so I deleted her, sent my Sim home and opened her household. She's selectable but totally invisible, and threw constant errors as soon as I unpaused. Force Error deleting her doesn't solve anything (and just makes her appear invisible in the family portrait), and none of the Batbox options fix anything, so I checked the error logs and the first thing that's coming up is "Function - Main - Set Skin".

I'm assuming I somehow shredded some of her data by accidentally leaving the extracted file with her character data in my SavedSims folder. Is there something I can do to fix whatever's happening, or would I be better off recreating the 'hood? Or even just using a controller to ban her from all lots, as an easy way out before the 'hood explodes down the line?
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Bumping this because I decided to open the Sim's character file in SimPE and discovered the Age Data in her character file is missing. Everything else seems intact when I cross-check her file with another teen Sim's, it's just the Age Data that's gone.

I'm guessing it's probably not a good idea to attempt to copy another Sim's Age Data file to her file and tweak it. How bad is a missing Age Data file, in terms of how soon it's likely to cause problems? I'm trying to figure out whether to just ban her from lots and play as long as the 'hood will let me, or if I'm better off remaking the 'hood.
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