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Default Supernatural Baby Collection
Very soon I intend to have my sim (a witch who has mastered the love charm) start a collection of supernatural babies by trying for a baby with various supernatural sims. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, ghosts, the reaper, witch, alien... can she have a mummy baby? And growing a plant baby. And can she get a mermaid baby if she doesn't live in Isla paradiso? She'll probably not have to try for a witch, she'll most likely end up with several unfortunately, as she tries for the others. Is there any way to influence the state of the baby? Any hints or suggestions?
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Nraas' Master Contoller will let you add and remove supernatural states. It will also allow you to take a pre-existing Sim and put them into Create A Sim mode so that you can edit them ( I've saved a 'generic' imaginary friend turned human and a 'generic' plant sim to the bin so that I can create them in new families but just swapping their supernatural type with Master Controller will be much easier). It will also allow you to pick how a ghost died (which will change their color) in case you want to change that on a ghost baby.
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Your witch cannot have a baby with a mummy the normal way but it is possible with Master Controller. My Sim had a baby with mummy from the Great Pyramid.
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Mermaids can be conceive in and outside Isla Paradiso.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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