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#351 Old 5th Sep 2009 at 7:21 PM
My sim who is a Crime Scene Technician had a hard time opening the dresser He felt on the ground then tried again and... he succeed
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#352 Old 5th Sep 2009 at 7:31 PM
A babysitter "kidnapped" one of my babies, and I didn't see him until he he already been through the toddler stage and was a few days into childhood. It actually worked out well but I never expected anything like that, glitchy as the game is.
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#353 Old 5th Sep 2009 at 7:36 PM
well, i turned aging off but when she got pregnant i decided to but it back on. her birthday happened and i was surprised when she turned into and elder. (she was supposed to be an adult) so i had a pregnant old lady whose body was invisible tho. it was weird o.o
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#354 Old 5th Sep 2009 at 9:30 PM
My Poppie had a boyfriend.
Walter, but i decided that i dont want Walter anymore,
so i had him killed.
Revived again, went wrong , so i had Walter "Ghost" in the family.

BUT then i had him age up, and Walter died...again.
This time i was told definatly dead, no chance to
pass GO, no collect 200 Simoleons *g* Dead! Over and out.

So Poppy now pregnant from Walter the Ghost,
went out and find Robert.
Robert moved in, and i wanted them to become a family.

I really only wanted the ...going steady option.

To my surprise all i got:
Ask Poppie to break up with Walter !

So my Poppie had to break up with Walter..
who is DEAD, actually died twice ...

Unbelievable how much some can cling to a "dead" relationship

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It is that you will beg for madness." - Volrath
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#355 Old 15th May 2011 at 1:51 AM
Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I thought it was useless to create another.

I dunno if it is a glitch or because of a mod or something, but my current newspaper girl is an adult and she walks like a mummy! LOL!
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#356 Old 15th May 2011 at 1:53 AM
Floating toilet paper..

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#357 Old 15th May 2011 at 3:22 PM
I was playing sunset valley with my cas sim and she got into a relationship with the goths family son. Anyways, as they were getting busy at his house twallans mod was saying how Gunther and his wife (forget her name) were fighting all the time.. NExt thing I know there is this weird glitch where after they woohoo they start trying to shoo someone from the room, but there is no one there. Then they both got stuck in the relaxed position on the bed and I couldnt get either of them off it. So I ended up going into edit town and moved the son and his mother to another house. Finally my sim was free and I sent her to her own home. I think it was about 2-3 sims days later the twallan mod reports that the son and mother decided to move into the Gunther home.... I was like awww....
#358 Old 15th May 2011 at 10:29 PM
Not in my game (thank the Watcher) but over on the Nraas forum a guy posted (with a pic) the most WTF sims moment I've ever seen. One female sim gave birth to .. wait for it ... over 500 babies!! The pic shows them all lying neatly on the grass in the yard (the babies, that is). 500!!! All girls! I nearly had nightmares over it .. Scarred me for life actually .. LOL!
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#359 Old 16th May 2011 at 1:49 AM
Thanks for reviving this

I beginning to play again after, well since right after adv. came out, so I don't have much...

One is my newspaper girl giggles maniacly after dropping off the newspaper. First I thought she had boobytrapped the newspaper and was vary on letting my sims read it but nothing has happened so far....she is probably lulling into sense of false security until she really strikes

The other isn't funny or weird more like an aw. I have a same sex couple (males) that I self made, and one of them randomly seeks out the company of the other not to talk but to sit near him or do something else in the same room. Like just now, the Sim is painting in his work room and the Sim in question comes upstairs into the working room, sits in the sofa (that is not the highest comfort in the house btw) and starts reading one of the books in his inventory. What is funny to me is that the seeker sim is a loner and likes being alone.

That is also the same Sim that got the first "want to have a baby with my partner" of the two

A third is actually from when I was playing before, when I only had the adv. expansion and not extra packets, 3 people were talking on a community lot, and suddenly one by one, they whip out a book and start reading. Apparently the conversation wasn't very interesting
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#360 Old 16th May 2011 at 8:00 AM
My current WTF moment is nowhere as dramatic as what I've just read here, but as it was random and in a way funny, I guess it belongs here anyway:
Yesterday the Grim Reaper took the soul of the master of a family and decided to stick around for some time afterwards. He walked to the stereo, turned on the French channel and scratched his head. The lady of the house, who was evil and the reason for the master's premature demise, decided that this might be the perfect opportunity to get to know her partner in crime. She greeted Grim, very nicely, and his response was to insult her house (it was the most expensive and lavishly decorated house in the whole neighbourhood). She fumed with anger but swallowed that and continued with the friendly interaction chain as she didn't want to mess with Death himself. Grim responded politely twice but his third response was again an insult to her house. Enough was enough and so she returned the favour and insulted him, too. That moment the option to fight and make Grim her enemy came up but before she could do anything Grim vanished. What a capricious little twerp!
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#361 Old 16th May 2011 at 12:46 PM
I had an event yesterday that just about made me go insane. It was kinda funny, and very random!

My sim lives in Twinbrook. His wife (Cho something) was working at the small diner and suddenly a meteorite came while she was at work! It crashed, and I thought she had made it, but she died... BUT she had a death flower in her inventory and she came back to life. I was sighing in relief so much, cause I didn't want her to die. She was like.. one day away from getting her LTW done. Just about gave me a heart attack.

There was one victim. Marc Brandt, one of her co-workers. He got killed, and now my Sims own the diner. I renamed it to Marc Brandt Memorial Diner and put his tombstone by it.
Test Subject
#362 Old 16th May 2011 at 7:41 PM
My single sim was working at the stylists shop the other day and about an hour from closing, she gets up from the sketch she was working on and runs off screen. I move over and the grim reaper is standing there, surrounded by patrons and my sim. He came for one of my sims co-workers while at work! Once he leaves, everybody just resumes work normal like nothing happened.

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#363 Old 20th May 2011 at 9:13 PM
I had my lady Sim marry Connor Frio, and they were living together the next day. Jared, his brother, invited them to a party. Lo and behold, I found out that in one day Jared had become a Vampire, level 3 celeb, and had three kids... time lapse much? ;D
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#364 Old 22nd May 2011 at 1:19 AM
My sims couple just got married in a private ceremony just days before their first toddlers birthday. With a second toddler starting to walk the Mrs had her hands pretty full running around and setting up to the party location and getting food/guests lists etcc...ready while her husband was working hard. Mid way through the busy but successful party just as all the guest had got their slices of cake, My sims husband comes up out of nowhere and decides to give her a shoulder rub all on his own. I was like awwwww... what a nice husband loosening the tension in her shoulders after a long and stressful day comes to a close. It was so cute
#365 Old 22nd May 2011 at 12:11 PM
My Sim Riskilla went fishing at the golf course in LA and got the metior icon, as she was busy fishing I noticed that the other people standing around her started to point so I clicked to have her run away and ***ZAP*** the thing came in faster than a mini nuke from a F-15 and blew everyone but her to ghosts in seconds. She as usual just cheered ***Its Nitzo Toy*** and then moved. I teleported her to safety and when she appeared she was crispy but not worse for the wear. (Riskilla actually giggles at danger and tries to blunder into it but being Lucky she rarely gets too crisped.) There were several things wrong with the metior strike that I really disliked and having been in a real Sims 3 one, I was not happy with whatever that was ........ What I missed most was the Grim Reaper animation because she was holding 20 or so death flowers but isnt missing any.
#366 Old 22nd May 2011 at 8:44 PM
Well recently I started a Legacy and well that didn't last .. My Legacy starter rolled the science career. He'd *just* got enough money together to put walls up, buy decent bed and was about to invite his lady love round to his house to make baby #1 ... Whilst he was waiting for her, his friend Ethan Bunch turned up for tea. After tea, my sim decided to earn a few simoleons by finding another star ...... Suddenly it all went very dark ....

then ....... Booom!

Even Grim was shocked at the size of that meteor!

Shocked or not .. He 'reaped' my sim anyway ((

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#367 Old 21st Jun 2012 at 3:00 AM
Default spinning sonaflux
i had my sim playing his sonaflux guitar in his basement/man cave and he started twirlling the thing in his higher hand. he did that every time he played until i bought a new guitar
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#368 Old 1st Jul 2012 at 9:03 AM
My sim got mauled by a bear when exploring the catacomb

I don't know if someone mentioned this, but one of my Sims who writes books had that experience ... and then the next time a book title was suggested, it was "When Bears Attack".
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Originally Posted by inabisim
I created a sim to play. She was having a horrible time trying to find a suitable mate. So I say screw it, I'm making one. I go to make a new guy sim and put him in a house and get him ready. Two days pass, and I send him to meet the sim I created.

He walks up to the house.
He knocks on the door and she lets him in.
Sitting there on the floor is a little blue thing.

I literally go "wtf is that thing?!!"

Apparently, not even three days pass from me leaving my sim she goes and has a baby. I have NO IDEA who the father is.


You can check the family tree if you play the mothers house for a few minutes, I dont always find out who the father is because sometimes the Mother doesnt want to remember.

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#370 Old 1st Jul 2012 at 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by madmardy
this is a well known Bug

I didn't know about it ;( all that real fishing *pout*

Some people have a Guardian Angel, you know a little guy sitting on your shoulder that tells you right from wrong, but mine is an Idiot.
#371 Old 1st Jul 2012 at 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Sif
Haha, I hate it when that happens! It happened to my Landgraabs.
Mmm and in my boyfriend's game.. the Alto's moved out of their house and didn't move into another. Yeah, they randomly decided to become homeless. o_O

I have seen that several times, this time I put a crib in Alto manor right at the first and they have had two children besides Princess Goodie-Goodie. They have fun boys.

Some people have a Guardian Angel, you know a little guy sitting on your shoulder that tells you right from wrong, but mine is an Idiot.
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#372 Old 22nd Jul 2012 at 6:06 PM
well i had a lot random things, but here´s a advice: never, ever leave the screen without pausing. i took a quick shower but forgot pausing, i thought "my sim can live without me for 10 minutes". as i came back my house was flooded, there was a burglar stealing my 5000§ tv and my sim pee´d himself. one other thing i can remember is that there was a baby flood in one of the families in my neighbourhood. cant remember which family though, anyway at the end of the sim-week the house of the family was full of babies and i mean FULL. there were 2 adults and there were 6 babies. cant remember more and i think thats a good thing
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#373 Old 22nd Jul 2012 at 9:22 PM
My teenaged mother had a baby, the baby got killed, we resurrected it as a ghost, its father is also having two more children with her best friends, and now Myrtle, the mother, is best friends with the Grim Reaper who likes to drive an invisible car. (Seriously. He'll just drive around in mid-air.)

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#374 Old 22nd Jul 2012 at 9:45 PM
Originally Posted by cosimo
I don't know if someone mentioned this, but one of my Sims who writes books had that experience ... and then the next time a book title was suggested, it was "When Bears Attack".

If you win you get a peice of meat
I had hoped for a Bearskin rug too but oh well ....

Some people have a Guardian Angel, you know a little guy sitting on your shoulder that tells you right from wrong, but mine is an Idiot.
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#375 Old 24th Jul 2012 at 11:55 AM
When your sim has the 'lucky' trait and for some reason you get a burgaler (sp?) every night xD. It's really quite scary. >.<.
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