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Default Don't know what I'm doing/not doing wrong with recategorizing...
Hello everyone! Two difficulties I'm having now...

1. After using Phaenoh's AMAZING catalog clean-up mod ( there were still a few items that I wanted to relocate. Since I already had installed every EP long ago, I decided to try editing the Maxis files directly. So, I went through every single Objects.package file and recategorized the items that I wanted, in ALL of the respective EPs folders (ProgramFiles/EAgames/#EP/TSData/Res/Objects). But when I reached the last one, the Objects in the Mansions&Gardens, the changes don't stick. I did exactly the same as with all the others: taking it out to desktop, editing with SimPE, save, and paste back again. In all the other eps I checked that the edits remained after putting back the Objects file in their folder, but for some reason they don't in M&G. Another weird thing is that if I change the file name, let's say Objects2 or whatever and open it with SimPE, the edits ARE THERE, but returning the name to original reverts everything again

So I don't know if I'm thinking this to be simpler than it actually is. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? How to make the M&G changes remain and actually make them show in game?

2. On another hand, there are a few items (picture) that I haven't been able to locate in SimPE because the names in-game are somewhat different. If you could tell me how they are called inside SimPE, that would be great, please.
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Part I
Editing the actual Objects file in your Program Files is not a good idea.
If there are objects Phaenoh didn't include/re-categorize that you want to move to another section of the catalog, you should:
1. Extract the main OBJD resource for each object (right-click Extract...)
2. Toolbar > File > New
3. In the ResourceList, right-click Add... and navigate to the .simpe.xml files you extracted (you can add more than one like Phaenoh did)
4. Open each resource, edit the Catalog Sort as you wish, and commit
5. Toolbar > File > Save As... zz_whatever_you_want_to_name_it
6. Place the file/s in your SP9 bin with Phaenoh's

If there are objects in Phaenoh's set you want to re-re-categorize, you could open their file and edit the OBJD's catalog sort, commit, and save.

Part II
1. Pets: Sculpture - Ceiling - AtomicAge
2. M&G: Sculpture - Gazing Ball EP9
3. Seasons: Sculpture - Floor - GazingBall
4. TeenStyle: Rug - Laundry
5. ApartmentLife: Painting - Table Collection
6. Freetime: Rug - Art Bohemian
7. M&G: Sculpture - Wheelbarrow
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Ok then, I did so and made my own recat package with the few items left. I didn't know if I had to do anything else in order to override the originals, but it turned out not necessary. The changes remained!
Thanks a lot, shastakiss, also for finding me the names I needed. Everything is finally where I want it!
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That was fast! Happy to help
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Well, between Phaenoh's mod and your easy-to-follow explanations, there wasn't a lot left for me to do. I guess I was trying to do it the complicated way, but thanks to you I got it done in the end!
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