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Default Q for Midge re Supernatural garden's Forbidden Fruit
Having a little bit of trouble growing a forbidden fruit; it reaches the point that it can be harvested and when I do it resets to just planted. Nothing in inventory, no plant baby, no conflicting mods detected, I have all the files needed for it... So kind of confused.
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My first thought is that perhaps you have an outdated version installed? Midge last updated the mod on 6/4/20. If that isn't the problem, I think you might be better off asking Midge herself :-)

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Btw, you can ask Midge for help on her/his tumblr, Midge is very active and eager to help if you have any issue with her/his mods.
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K thanks. I posted here first cause I can't find my tumblr password.
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Originally Posted by SimCryptic
K thanks. I posted here first cause I can't find my tumblr password.

She's here, too. @Radium
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As vegan_kaktus mentioned, make sure you're up to date with the mod! Also when you have issues always make sure you have testing cheats on to see if the game generates any error logs (maybe you have already done this and no error logs were generated, but just trying to go through some basic debugging steps to make sure you've done them all).

If this issue is happening with an up-to-date copy and no error logs... is it possible this is an owned business lot and you're not checking the owner's inventory?

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-facepalm- Thanks for suggesting I grab a new version. I was missing, some how, one of the files.
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