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Default The Sims 4 - Sim Couples (v1)
I'm making new threads like crazy, but I just keep wanting to put up pictures that don't fit anywhere! I hope it's okay.

Here's Erik and his boyfriend. They're just SO cute together! And his boyfriend being super gorgeous certainly doesn't hurt.

And now they're getting married! Yay!

Then I just have to show off my legacy heir (gen 2) Ebba and her now husband Hugo. They went to the park and had a nice evening, and then they decided to get engaged. I loved how excited they looked afterwards (second picture)!

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Black haired one name's Antoinette, my sim-self's daughter, the other one is my "ideal girl" (forgot her name, yey. Kari, I think). Love this couple SO much. ♥♥♥♥ *sorry, just fangirling a bit over my OTP*

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Self sim and fiancé:
Self Sims(needs work)

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His pose

I kinda like this combination of clothing for a female outfit lol

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Matthew finally found himself a nice girl! Her name is Emmi Butler. She's a Shaytard, if anyone at all knows that reference. He got her pregnant, too.

Luckily he decided to propose.

"Whoa, you're kinda heavy right now you know..."

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Wow, this hasn't had a reply in two weeks. XD

Here's my cute self sim and my boyfriend's self sim. I was going to put it in the calendar contest before I read that it can only be one sim.

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Francesca thinks it's platonic. Little does she know that her distant cousin wants more than a peck on the cheek.

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Here we have Angela and Dana:

I just love the way they look at each other <3

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Gregory and Diane Griggs Snuggling on the couch as soon as the kids are off to school...
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Default awwww....
Just married! Love this, so sweet how they share the cake!
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My sims met when they were young:

They married when they were older:
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Finally rotated to my self-sim house. She is so happy with Adriel, thought I'd move them in. Wish I could have saved his whim, he wanted to propose. My sim's not ready.

Whoa! Who's this cutie pie passing her house? Oh yeah, they met. Time to be naughty. Muwhahaha!

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My latest couple, Bianca and Steve

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Jack Hart and Rita Volt

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My Teen Runaway Challenge starter, Yang Wong, and her best friend/girlfriend Cassandra Goth.
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Okay. Let's see if I can get this picture posting thingymagiggy right.

Folks, meet Max and Ricki, one of my games cuter couples.

Max is on the Athletic Career, Ricki is a writer. Theirs is a passionate, tumultuous love story that exists only vaguely in the back of my imagination.

These two are living proof that love transcends all boundaries. Yes, even between Jocks and Nerds.
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Britta Looney and Hank Engel

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My beautiful, sexy and adorable ingame wife Tina:

Some romantic encounters between the two of us:

Selfie Time:
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My new favorite couple! This is my legacy founder Lelia and her husband (I forgot his name though). They met at the gym.

Their friendship grew at the library.

I love her facial expression in this pic!

More cuteness.

I just love this everyday kind of picture.

And then the last picture I have of them together before he died!

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Originally Posted by Vattenlilja
Matthew finally found himself a nice girl! Her name is Emmi Butler. She's a Shaytard, if anyone at all knows that reference. He got her pregnant, too.

Luckily he decided to propose.

"Whoa, you're kinda heavy right now you know..."

I always wondered what Emmi would look like as a grown up! Love this
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Here's Lettie Lawson and her boyfriend Paavo, enjoying one of their very first kisses
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I started my game with a married couple. I know their pictures are separated, but here is Samara and Freddy Konzman.
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