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The Cordial sisters dated their witch friends, who have now Moved In with them! Everyone has Thrones of Light or Claws of Darkness, skills maxed out for their Lifetime Want career, and have a job in the career track for their Lifetime Want.

However, I have no clue what to do with these witches during their hours off from work. I guess I should wait until I buy Open for Business so they can kill time by setting up shop? Please PM me if you have any suggestions!
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Default Epic Belladonna Cove is Epic
Contender Carlos invited the Clevelands over for dinner one night, and Marissa started hitting the bar like it was her job. She and Carlos ended up Woo-Hooing that night while Jason looked on in horror. Later, Carlos married Jessica Peterson, but he died soon after the wedding from old age. Jessica never rolled a want to have a baby (and figured she never would because of the story of her previous marriage), so they had no children. She did have an affair with Geoff Rutherford while Carlos was still alive.

Cleveland Jason broke up with Marissa when they got home from Carlos Contender’s. Justin cried for days. Marissa moved in with her brother, Geoff and his roomie. Despite what the Bio for Justin reads, he wasn’t even really friends with Tara Debateau. More importantly, they had negative chemistry. No romance to blossom there, so Justin started dating Ginger Newson. Justin and Ginger’s brother, Gavin started a fraternity, and Ginger and Justin just recently got engaged. After a failed marriage with Connor Weir, Marissa married Jason again. Marissa recently died of old age.

Rutherford After Carlos Contender died, Geoff married Jessica (she finally rolled a want to have a baby) and they had a daughter, Naomi. Geoff died right after Naomi became a teen when he was struck by lightning (I think while in the Love Tub, I could be mistaken). He was having an affair with Chastity Gere and Connor Weir’s second wife at the time of his death. Jessica is now in love with Connor Weir. Naomi is a serial dater.

Weir Connor really hit it off with Marissa when she moved in with him and Geoff. They were married soon after. Connor rolled baby wants, but Marissa was an elder by then. OH NOES. The Rutherford house was a little cramped as well with Naomi Rutherford about to become a child, so Marissa and Connor moved into the old Contender house. Connor still had the “Have a Baby” want (he couldn’t drop it, understandable… plus, I think he’s really handsome and I wanted him to pass on his genes), so he started having an affair with the maid, (Amber). He moved Amber into the house, but Marissa was none the wiser. Amber might have been just a surrogate mom for the couple, but Connor caught Marissa in bed with her ex, Jason. Connor kicked Marissa out and married the pregnant Amber. Amber, a romance sim, had the LTW to Woo-Hoo with a lot of sims, so she continued on her quest while she was pregnant. Amber reached her LTW by the time little Morgan was born, but got caught making out with the gardener. Connor kicked Amber out, and raised Morgan alone until he was a toddler. As a teenager Morgan has moved back with his dad.

Gavigan This family was a big oops on my part. I mistook Nathan Gavigan for Jason Cleveland one day at a clothing store, and Amber Weir ended up having a Public Woo-Hoo with Nathan Gavigan. That most likely ruined the LTW of Mary Gavigan which is reaching her Golden Anniversary. Nathan Gavigan took in the destitute Amber Weir, got her pregnant, and when Mary (she just put up with the affair until Nathan called it quits) and Isaiah moved out of the tiny apartment, he married her. Mary and Isaiah moved into the same apartment building with the Riley and Cho families.

Amber Weir-Gavigan-Clevleand Things were going well with Nathan until Amber met Jason Cleveland through her ex-lover, Justin Cleveland (before he resumed his romance with Ginger Newson in college, the kid isn’t a creep). Jason had just lost Marissa again, and Amber had really good chemistry with Jason. Jason impregnated Amber right after she had her second child with Nathan. Nathan found out and Amber was out on the street again, but not for long because she married Jason right away (she’s good about not having bastards). Amber managed to gain custody of her firstborn, Morgan Weir, by Woo-Hooing with Connor Weir, moving in and taking Morgan when she moved out. She did the same thing with Nathan Gavigan taking her toddler daughter, Willow. She might be a whore-y Romance Sim, but Amber’s a good mom. Amber raised all three of her kids to teenagers with the help of Nathan Gavigan (he wanted to be with his darling daughter, Willow), his money (he’s a Hall of Famer), and Chastity Gere (one of her many lovers). Nathan moved out with Willow when she became a teenager. Morgan went to live with his dad. Amber’s third child, a girl still lives with her and the two plan to move back in with Jason Cleveland.

Cordial Kimberly and Samantha became witches. Kimberly continued on her career track of Politics while Samantha kept plugging away at the medical career track. Kimberly met Armand DeBateau one day and they had amazing chemistry, so they fell in love quickly. Samantha met Gabriel Green and they hit off as well. The girls were pretty much very career oriented until they reached about middle age and started wanting to marry their boyfriends (didn’t want to be old maids, I guess).

Green/Gere Gabriel Green and Samantha Cordial were married very soon after I started playing this fam, so that left Chastity being the third wheel. She had no chemistry whatsoever with Gabriel, so she continued living with the couple for a while. She met a townie, Troy Go (family sim, how unfortunate) while trying to reach her LTW of Woo-Hooing with a lot of sims, and she rolled an engagement want with him, so we went for it. Chastity was pregnant with her first and only child while Samantha was pregnant with her first and only child. It was cute. Chastity still had yet to reach her LTW, so one night she held a sort of swingers party (the Greens were on vacation, I think) and Troy came home from work and caught Chastity in bed with Connor Weir (they have incredible chemistry). Troy kicked Chastity out and raised his son Roger in the Green home until Roger was about to become a child. He moved into the apartment building with the Cho, Riley and Gavigan families. Samantha and Gabriel continued on with their happy life with their son Colin, now a teen. After Chastity was kicked out she moved in with Geoff Rutherford (before he married Jessica) and had relationships with him and Connor (before he married Marissa). When the guys got married she moved out. She lived with Jason Cleveland for a while until he remarried Marissa. Chastity then married Connor Weir (after he kicked Amber out) They were crazy in love until Chastity cheated with Jessica Rutherford. Connor kicked her out, and Chastity moved in with Amber to help with Morgan, Willow, and Rosalind. She has an especially good relationship with Morgan, and she and Connor patched things up and just remarried. Hope Jessica Rutherford doesn’t interfere. Lots of kicked over trash cans in my ‘hood, man.

Cho/Riley Timothy immediately proposed and impregnated Vivian. They were married the next day. Etsu and Sally would have gotten a long a lot better if they would have stopped giving each other noogies all the time, but they still love each other like sisters. Vivian had Kei soon after Sally became a teen. The whole fam moved next to the Rutherfords. Sally dated Isaiah Gavigan (they met in the apartment building) and are in college together. Etsu dated Marcus Baldwin and finally went steady with him after she rejected him like 3 times. The couple are freshmen in college now. Kei just became a teen and had her first date with Naomi Rutherford (a romance sim) Kei doesn’t know that Naomi is also dating Morgan Weir. Vivian and Timothy just retired and had their Golden Anniversary deal.

Go The former Mr. Gere met Mary Gavigan in the apartment building and after a rocky start they started dating, eventually getting married. Roger and Isaiah get along great as bros. Mary is a stay at home mom and Troy worked in the Education field. They had a daughter together, Tabitha. Isaiah is a Sophmore in college and just proposed to Sally Riley. She accepted. Roger is about to go into college himself. He’s going steady with Georgia Newson. Roger has an okay relationship with his mom, Chastity. Tabitha has her eye on Colin Green and is BFFs with his cousin, Sonja Debateau.

Debateau Armand dated Kimberly Cordial for a long time before they got married, but they are now extremely happy. The couple had a daughter, Sonja soon after they married and had a son, Averill just before Kimberly became an elder. Tara dated Gavin Newson (now engaged), started a sorority with Ginger Newson in college and is about to graduate. Armand, Kimberly, and the kids moved out of the Penthouse into a home I built. It needs work as I am not a good builder. At least it has more room than the old place. Sonja just started going steady with Garrett Newson and is off to college soon. Averill just aged into a child.

Newson Well, I pretty much covered most of them already. Playing this family was pure hell. Gabriella died before she became a teenager. The little brat never did her homework and was endangering the others, so when she got the flu, I let her die. I am so evil.

Baldwin I love these guys. They are so easy. Mr and Mrs Baldwin are both elders and reached their lifetime wants. Sofia dated Gallagher Newson as a teen and they just got engaged in college. Marcus who is just adorable looks really good in eyeliner. (lolz, like a young Michael Jackson) I don’t normally put eyeliner on my male sims, but now I might keep it in mind. He’s going to propose to Etsu really soon. AND HAF BEUATFUL BAYBEEZ.

Patel These guys are boring. They had a son, Pramad, and he’s going to be a romance sim when he ages into a teen the next time I play them. Maybe I’ll like them better then. Ramir is really friendly though. Everyone in BC likes him.

I think I should go post in the "You Know You Play The Sims 2 Too Much When..." thread.
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I read some people here had deleted them. How do you delete them? I think there are always too many families following each packet. Btw. They have of course total different names in my language.
I have played with my own sims in Belladonna, but not bothered a lot with the families yet. Well, i have but i don't know their english names.

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Have only played it for a few hours, but so far I've moved the Patel family into the apartments shared with the Cho family and another Maxis family. They have a son at child age called Owen (after Ana's father) and a daughter who is still a baby called Ashira. Still experimenting with AL

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I have only been playing the EP AL since Yesterday and have only played one Family from that neighbourhood that is the Cordial Family. I made Samantha the good Witch and Kimberly the Bad.
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I've given Belladonna Cove a complete Maxis Makeover! (MMO)


As you may or may not know, I'm a creator on LL30, an amazing website where you can download Sims.

As The Sims 3 is very soon to release, the site owner (LinusLover30) asked us creators to "fill in the gaps" on the Maxis Makeover page.

I opted to complete Belladonna Cove, after putting in the groundwork here at Cavilez's amazing contest!

Please check out my Sims, which will be available on LL30 soon, by clicking the picture on Ana Patel below!

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Well, AL is still very new to me and I really haven't had time to learn all about it yet. So all I have done is makeovers to all sims and moved them to their own houses. Right now I like more houses than apartments, I use apartments mainly for young sims. But I'm going to play with the families some day, when I have enough inspiration I already have problems with all my hoods, there are just so many of them!
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killed them all and made some new familys

who knew i could be so stupid?
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I've done alot, but most I don't remember. Meh.
Contendor: Carlos married Jessica Peterson and they currently have two daughters (i forget their names) that are in child form, but one is about to become a teen. They also have a small dog, another baby on the way and Carlos is about a day or two away from dying of old age. They also have a butler. Caelos died and Jessica had a son named Alec. He's the first to have Carlos's red hair.

Cho: The Cho family merged with the other family in that apartment unit when Vivian Cho married Mr. Riley. Both daughters are in child form currenty and Mr. Riley is cheating on Vivian with a NPC that lives in the same apartment building. Vivian doesn't know about the affair, but Etsu and her older sister do.

Critter: The two dogs in the family bin were adopted by a CAS sim I made and his teenage daughter. The female dog is still pregnant.

I've done other stuff, but I don't really remember what.
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Screw that. I remember what I did with the Patels.

Patel: Ana and her husband (forget his name) have a son named Jason (I think) who's an infant. The end......for now.
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The last time I played it? Deleted them all (SAFELY) except the DeBateaus, the Rileys, and Gabriel Green, got the guys married off to some Sims I made, rest is history. (And so's that neighborhood for that matter.)

Next time I play it, though, I might just hook Tara up with Justin Cleveland, and maybe Sally Riley with Malcolm Landgraab IV. (One time I'd done the reverse...Sally with Justin.)

In short, I just have fun with it.

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not a thing instead I've just over populated Belladonna Cove with my sims

is proud not to be a fracking idiot

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Had Vivan and Timothy get together for a while and then they broke up and she went to Armand Debateau while Timothy stayed home with Sally and experienced aspiration failure. After Armand decided he wasn't remotely interested in Vivian, they broke up. A few days later I had Vivian and Timothy get back together and right now they're all happy (even though I plan on screwing with them again) ^.^
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I just now reloaded it. I'm keeping the DeBateaus, the Clevelands, the Rileys, and the Greens.

I'm going to make Jessica Peterson, Vivian Cho, the Cordials, and Chastity Gere townies. I deleted everyone else.

I changed Justin Cleveland's aspiration to Family. I'm going to fix him up with Tara. I also made it so he's at the beginning of his Teen stage instead of halfway through it, and I'm making it so Sally Riley will age up to teen right away...that way the three of them can go to college together. I also changed Jessica Peterson's aspiration to fits her better, plus, if you look at her memories and tokens, her token is for Romance aspiration.

I'm going to start three female Sims in college, and fix them up with Armand, Timothy, and Gabriel. Once Armand remarries, his new wife will adopt Tara, so Tara will have a mother.

I also deleted all the townies; I'm going to let the game regenerate new ones, so they will use my new face templates.

I also had to fix everyone's personality types. The Libras are actually Leos; the Leos are actually Geminis, etc.

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Carlos Contendor - He got Jessica Peterson pregnant on their first date. After that, he also fathered children with Kimberly Cordial (they had a daughter named Samara), Chastity Gere (had a daughter named Mikayla), had an affair with Samantha Cordial but she didn't get knocked up, and then Vivian Cho (had a son named Isaac). He did, however, settle down when he learned Jessica was pregnant. They got married after she had their son, Brian Contendor. Carlos is dead now...

Jessica Peterson - Had one of Carlos' many children, Brian, and then married him before he died. Went on to marry Geoff Rutherford, had a son with him, Gary.

Samantha Cordial - Had a brief fling with Carlos, then later married Armand DeBateau and moved into his penthouse apartment while Kim kept the house. They had a duaghter, Rebecca.

Kimberly Cordial - Had Carlos' daughter, Samara (I named her after the girl from The Ring). Married Jason Cleveland after he and Marissa divorced and had another daughter, Candace.

Gabriel & Chastity Green: Chastity got knocked up by her former lover, Carlos, which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Mikayla. She fell in love with her roommate, Gabriel, who raised her daughter as his own. They had a son together, Quentin.

Vivian Cho: Was dating Timothy Riley when she got pregnant by Carlos Contendor and had a son named Isaac. She married Timothy anyway and they had a son as well, Logan.

Jason Cleveland: Caught Marissa cheating on him with her brother's roommate, Connor Weir. He promptly kicked her out of their apartment and dated Kimberly Cordial and moved her and her daughter in with them. They are now married and have a daughter together named Candace. Justin is off at college dating Cathy Miller.

Marissa Cleveland: Had an affair with her brother's roommate, Connor. Justin has hated her ever since. She and Connor now live together in her brother's old apartment.

Geoff Rutherford: Married Jessica after Carlos died. Has a son with her, Gary.

Armand DeBateau: Married Samantha Cordial and they had a daughter named Rebecca.

Tara DeBateau: Turned down her friend, Justin, and dated Andrzej Harris through college. They were engaged, but she cheated on him multiple times until finally getting caught. And now she wants him back...

Patel: They had triplets together (used cheats), 2 boys named Dalton and Darren and a girl named Kendra. They both had affairs during the marriage, but are still together...

The Baldwins: Sofia and Marcus are teens. Isabelle had an affair with Ramir Patel but the husband doesnt know!
Other than that, not much else happened so far...
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I made the Cordial girls witches, good and evil. Samantha marries Gabriel Green. Kimberley marries Armand DeBateau
Carlos Contender has affairs with Jessica Peterson and Chastity Gere, before marrying my CAS Julilla
Geoff Rutherford has an affair with my CAS Marie, who pressures him to marry her when she becomes pregnant
Vivian Cho marries Timothy Riley, and they all form a happy family with their daughters
Conner Weir married a CAS of mine, I forget her name
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Let's see. I play a merged neighborhood with everything except Veronaville attached to my custom hood, Crystal Valley (not the most original, I know, but I named my first ever hood that and I've always had one named that in its honor since my old laptop died), so if I forget something, don't hold it against me. I have a lot of sims to keep track of here, and they've all blended and moved around so much. So, let's start with Armand, since he's my favorite.

Armand Debateau was okay with his life. He loved his daughter Tara, had a nice apartment, and was succeeding in his job. Everything seemed perfect, and if he felt a little lonely, he often pushed it out of his mind, until Cassandra Lothario (formerly Cassandra Goth before her marriage and divorce with Don Lothario) moved in downstairs with her young son Morty. Every time I played her, Armand was always showing up to visit. Every time I played him, he rolled wants to talk to Cassandra, play with Cassandra, tickle Cassandra, so on and so on. The man was nuts about Cassandra, and they had a ton in common, so I let them get married. They have about five kids now, and have since moved into that big house with the gazebo in Pleasantview because their apartment got too small.
His adopted daughter, Tara, left for college shortly before the move, and is now the envy of Sim State University as the fiancee of Castor Nova. I didn't plan that--she showed up at one of their frat parties and really hit it off with Castor, who despite being swooned over by every girl in the University, had never met a girl he was really interested in. They make a really cute couple now. She just joined the Tri-Var sorority, and is pretty good friends with Tiffany Sampson, who is glad to have another level-headed person in the house. I plan for her to move back into her dad's apartment after she and Castor graduate and marry. Tara Nova has a nice ring to it.

Gabriel Green and his roommate Chasity got together for about a day, but I didn't really like them together since she was a romance sim and I generally only let romance sims date other romance sims. As I was pondering how to split them up without creating hard feelings, my baby nephew started crying. I jumped up to check on him and ended up giving him a bottle, and totally forgot to pause my game. When I got back, the house was on fire and Chasity had died. I'm not sure who to hook Gabriel up with next.

Jessica Peterson regretted leaving Armand behind when she realized how hard it was going to be on her own. She never was a practical sort of person; she always liked to lay in the lap of luxury while someone else took care of her. She's been seeing Carlos Contender for awhile, but he doesn't seem interested in a real relationship with her.

The Cordial sisters, of course, both became witches. Kimberly became evil and Samantha became good, but somewhere along the way they've both turned neutral. Nothing else exciting has really happened with them; they just run around casting spells.

The Patel baby was born, a little boy that I named Yassine after a friend of mine. Ana is thrilled and wants another one soon; I'm just pushing Ramir to work hard so they can afford a house with more room since I don't think Ana's baby fever is going away any time soon.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but that's all I actually remember at the moment.
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Originally Posted by I_Love_Simming
Have you played them? Have you read into thier storys and carried on from it, or led thier lives in a completely different way? Who has ended up with who?

For me so far...I turned the Cordial sisters into witches of course! Kimberly has got together with Armond DeBateau, after she accidentaly got knocked up by him. She's going to move in his big fancy apartment with him now. Samantha...well, i planned on getting her together with Gabriel Green, i made them fall in love and everything, but when i went to play the Greens for the first time, Gabriel and his roomate (forgot her name?!) automosly woo-hooed and fell in love. So, i guess they made thier on decisions on that one! So, Samantha's currently on the look out for a new man!

And thats all ive done so far, im still in the process of making them all over and remodelling all the homes.

What have you done so far?

My Belladonna Cove, like the rest of my neighborhoods, are 3-4 generations past the youngest generation of the original game. I also have made this "city" more city-like. I noticed the left side of the map is the more "rural" side of town but I just didn't think it fit with the whole city theme of the neighborhood. So I added a suburban area in addition to more mansions on the top of the hill. As of the date of this post, only the Baldwin family name still lives; the rest either died off or were married into other families. So, here is what I remember doing with the original families:

-Baldwin: this family is still around, and they have branched off into the Wood family as well (they died off). Marcus, the toddler, was the one to carry on the bloodline to where it is today. His grandson, who just died of old age, left everything to his wife, and between them, they had many (step)children.

-Cho: Vivian married Timothy, and as far as I know, they had a child in addition to Etsu and Sally. However, I am unsure if they have any direct descendants in any of the current families living in Belladonna Cove in my game.

-Riley: read Cho for info, I am unsure if they have any direct descendants in my game as of now.

-Cleveland: Justin, the teenager, actually didn't end up with Tara as the game intended. I put him with Ginger Newson; as far as I know, they have some descendants still alive in my game but under a different surname (Rauscher, more on them later).

-Contender: I married Carlos off to Jessica Peterson, and they had a few children, I'm unsure of the exact amount. They are closely tied with the relatives on the Baldwin side.

-Patel: I didn't like this family much, I think I killed them off the start of the game.

-Rutherford: I know I killed off one of them (I think I killed off Connor), but Geoff, I remember getting him married to Chastity Gere. They had a few children. They've since died off though; I got sick of playing them.

-Green: I had Gabriel marry Samantha Cordial, and he became a warlock. They had a few children together, only one survived. They actually had some REALLY ugly kids, I let the most attractive one, Hazel, live. The Flexor family is descended from her. Chastity Gere married Geoff Rutherford, had some kids with him, but they died off.

-Cordial: Both sisters were made Witches. Kimberly evil, Samantha good. Samantha ALWAYS was one of my all-time favorite Sims to play; she just was so cute and had a unique beauty to her. Kimberly, though she was her twin, I didn't like her AS much but I still loved the sisters when they were alive. Kimberly married Armand DeBateau, had a daughter with him in addition to his adopted daughter Tara, and as far as I know, they have since died. Samantha married Gabriel Green, as I said, and they had a few kids but only their daughter Hazel lived and carried on the bloodline. Samantha also ran a Witch shop in the gearhead side of town, and made a fortune that in turn made the Flexor family as rich as it is today.

-DeBateau: Armand married Kimberly Cordial, and they had a daughter in addition to his Tara. The only direct descendants still living from this family are the ones descended from Tara, and if I remember correctly, the family descended from her are the Rauschers. Kimberly Cordial herself does not have any direct descendants still alive, only her sister Samantha does.

Now, these are my families as of this point:

-Flexor (Hazel Green, daughter of Gabriel and Samantha, married one of the Flexor twins from Sim State and they had a few kids and actually adopted one; they live on the hill in a large house and are quite wealthy from Samantha when she owned the Witch shop)
-Sutcliffe (the son of an artist, who I made with his family to start, with his wife and child)
-Kitt (a writer and his wife, along with two sons; their daughter married into the Rauschers if I remember correctly after coming back from University)
-Rauscher (this family contains direct descendants of Tara DeBateau, Ginger Newson, and Justin Cleveland if I remember correctly; this name has been in my Belladonna Cove for 3 generations as of this point; 2 families live in one household)
-Vandeweyde (a newer family I created, consists of the man I made with this last name, his wife Paige, and their two sons living in the original Contender house)
-Sutcliffe (Derrick) - (he just left University and moved in with his new wife as well as his twin brother, they just had a baby)
-Nosella (I named this family after a community lot in the hood, IN Clothing and Apparel, IN meaning "Isabel Nosella"; this remnant of the family name just left university and just got married, moved into a place of their own)
-I also have my Simself/family in this neighborhood, but will not name it due to privacy reasons. I play it at a different pace than I do the other families (usually 2 game days at a time)
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Vivian and Timothy got married, and when Sally and Etsu grew up, they married Armand and Tara, respectively. Armand's genetics are... Odd. All his kids ended up having teeth protruding from their chin! :0

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not yet any gameplay in Belladonna Cove; but have made plans on where to put the hidden sub-neighborhood households.
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Contender- Carlos married a elderly townie named Sarah. Sarah insisted on moving in a townie child she was friends with named Luc Shin. Carlos and Sarah than adopted a girl named Sophie, who took the Contender name. Luc went to college and was given a spot in the Academie Le Tour fraternity. Luc met a dormie girl named, Jenny Terrill who he is currently going steady with. Luc is currently a senior in college. Carlos sadly died shortly after Luc entered college and Sarah didn't long outlive him leaving Sophie to inherit the house. Sophie eventually went to college and the Contender name easily won her a place in the Tri-Var Sorority. She met a dormie named Holden Vu who she was happily dating until she met the new recruit to the La Fiesta Tech fraternity, Jaime Lannister. Sophie is currently a sophomore and is trying to figure out if she wants to continue to date Holden or explore her relationship with Jaime.

Cleveland- Jason and Marissa had a second child, a girl named Lexi, before they became elderly. Justin went to college and got a position in the La Fiesta Tech Fraternity where he met a cheerleader named Naenae Leelaporn. After graduation, Justin moved back in with his parents, married Naenae, and had a son named James, and Naenae is currently pregnant with their second child. James enjoys fishing with his grandpa. Lexi went to college and made friends with Garrett Newson. Their relationship turned romantic after Garrett found his girlfriend cheating on him. Lexi and Garrett are currently engaged and Lexi is on her last semester of college.

Rutherford- Geoff Rutherford married his maid, a woman named Chris Lew. They have two teenage daughters, Andrea and Caroline. Andrea is currently dating Fred Weasley.

Weir-Conner married a townie named Vanessa. They have two teenage daughters, Denise and Helen, and one son, Marco. Helen is dating one of my creates sims, Maxwell Horton.

Gavigan- Mary and Nathan gave Isaiah three sisters, the twins Jess and Jill and the youngest Valerie. Isaiah hit it off with Etsu Cho and the two have been inseparable ever since. The two of them just graduated college, moved back in with Isaiah's parents, and are planning on getting married. Jess and Jill are sophomres. Jess is currently single while Jill has started dating her old friend, Ryan Jacquet. Valerie is a teenager who will be going to college in the next round or two.

Cordial- Kimberly and Samantha both became witches, Kimberly bad and Samantha good. Kimberly married Gabriel Green and gave him a daughter, Mary, and a son, Zachary. Mary is a junior in college and is dating Willas Tyrell. Mary also took after her mom and became an evil witch. Zachary is a teenager and I believe will be going to college this round. Samantha married single dad, Timothy Riley, and helped raise Sally like she was her own daughter while giving him two sons, Thomas and Matthew. Sally got a spot in the La Fiesta Tech sorority. There she met my created sim, Austin Granger and convinced her step-mom to turn her into a good witch. She is currently a junior in college. Thomas is a teenager and is dating Elizabeth Williamson. Matthew is a teenager and is dating Rebecca Indie.

Gere- Chastity married a townie named Travis Ma and had two sets of twins. The first are Eric and Amber. The second are Jon and Jane. All of the kids are currently teenagers.

Cho- Vivian and Timothy's relationship ended cordially and they remained friends. By this point Vivian was nearing the end of her childbearing years and wanted another baby so she got herself alien pregnant. The baby was a boy she named Axe. Vivian met an elderly townie named Makoto St. Julian shortly after Axe's birth and she married him. Makoto helped raise her two kids like they were his own. Etsu I've already covered under the Gavigans. Axe brought his highschool sweetheart to college with him, a townie girl named Kea Chan. They broke up after Axe cheated on her with a dormie named Barbara Oates. Barbara moved in with Axe but their relationship ended when Axe caught her making out with Bilbo Gieke. Vivian sadly passed away recently. Makoto is still alive but will probably be joining his wife in the next round or two.

Debateau- Armand married a townie named Gretchan and they had two more girls, Eva and Ariel. Tara got a position in the Tri-Var sorority and started dating the one of the Frat brother across the street named, Amar Lawson. Her and Amar married after graduation and just had a baby boy named Brady.

Baldwin- Benjamin and Isabella had a third child, a girl named Elizabeth. Sofia got a position in the Tri-Var sorority. She is currently in a steady relationship with a dormie named Kevin Do and is on her last semester of college. Marcus entered the Sim State fraternity. He has a number of girlfriends. His currently favorite is a dormie named Shelia Parkers but who know if he'll stay satisfied with her or not. He is currently a junior. Elizabeth just became a sophomore. She dated a dormie named Alan Leelaporn before becoming smitten with Tyrone Ramaswami. Her and Tyrone are currently discussing moving in together.

Patel- Ana and Ramir had two sons, Derek and Damian. They were trying to get a third child when Ramir burned to death while attempting to fix the television. Ana remarried a townie named Vince Gothier and had a daughter with him named Deborah before becoming elderly. Derek is currently a senior in the Sim State Fraternity and is in a steady relationship with a dormie named, Joy Larea. Damian will be going to college this round and Deborah just became a teenager.

Peterson- Jessica married a townie named Roger Wood and had three kids. The twins, Lillian and Oliver, and the youngest, Marci. Lillian and Oliver are juniors in college. Lillian is in the Academie Le Tour sorority and is dating Tommy Ottomas. Oliver is in the Sim State fraternity and is dating Sarah Landgraab. Marci is still a teenager, thought I think she is going to college this round, and is dating Ethan Powers.
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