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Default Where can I find Nouk's stuff now that her site is gone?
I was wondering if anyone know where Nouk put her stuff now that Noukiesims2 is closed? I also would like to know where Insim's stuff went.
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I've got all of her hair and accessories saved if there's anything in particular you're looking for.

InSIM is at

my simblr (sometimes nsfw)

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You might be able to find Nouk's CC at the Sims 2 graveyard or you could try searching Nouk in the MTS2 Downloads search box.
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The SimsCave has a lot of Nouk's creations hosted there.
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Some of Nouk's stuff has been uploaded to Garden of Shadows. I just downloaded a few of her hairs from there the other day.
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To be exact, Simscave has all of Nouk's items, hair, clothes, genetics etc. that were at her archive and her forum as well as some other items like the missing winter hat for males and the one made for PMBD.
I think the only files missing are the newest hair she uploaded elsewhere and one aspiration reward hair for toddlers and children she pulled some time ago with the intention to remake it...
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