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Default Cannot move out elders. Have to kill them!
I just started my 1st Generational Timeline Family. They all live on the same lot right now. Each Sim was created individually and matched up in game. I wanted to move the elder couple to their own "retirement" home but can't find a way to do it. If I have one of them use the cell phone to move, the game won't let me choose who's goes. It's move the entire family or nobody goes. I can choose sims when a Sim wants to travel, but not when I want them out on their own. What am I doing wrong?
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Instead of selecting Move Household you need to choose Split from Household and Move (on the phone menu under Travel (car icon).
you can also do it trough Manage Households, no need to kill anyone.
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Awesome! I'll try that. Thank You!
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