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Default 1) Kami's Chronicles
I am Kami Kleptos. This is a picture of me when I was little. I'm not little any more, but I like the picture any way.

I have a twin sister named Kalini. Here is a picture of her when she was little too. It's a great picture, isn't it?

We have three little brothers. The oldest one is Kody. He's cute. He gets his own bedroom.

Kolton is the middle brother. He sleeps in my old crib. That makes him kind of special to me, for a little brother. (He's not that little any more though.)

Kolby is the youngest brother. He's the baby. He can't walk or talk yet. He sleeps in Kalini's old crib.

Our aunt Kenzie lives with us. She hates the outdoors, so she stays home with my little brothers during the day. She's a little crazy sometimes, but mostly she's okay.

She plays chess with Mama a lot.

We have another aunt. Her name is Kimi. She writes songs. She used to live with us and even helped me with my homework.

She said that we only needed one aunt around all the time though. Since Aunt Kenzie doesn't like the outdoors, Aunt Kimi is the one who left. She moved into a house with a nice garden by the Wright Reading Room, so we can visit her there.

We have an Uncle Kyle. He is my daddy's twin. He is a doctor who lives across the street. I don't have a picture of him, but here's one of Daddy. He is interviewing someone.

So, that's my family.
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Default 2) Home
This is where we live.

This is where Aunt Kimi lives now.

We saw her at the pool and she has gotten older.

This is Uncle Kyle.

He lives here.

Aunt Kenzie moved out after becoming a tinkerer.

Now she lives here.

We made a spot in the back to remember them even though they aren't dead.

Kody grew up. He's okay for a brother.

Sometimes I even like playing with him more than playing with Kalini.

Kolton is still my favorite younger brother. He is just so good. Look at that face.

Kolby, the youngest, had a birthday. Now Mama is busy teaching him things.

Kalini, my twin, already knows that she wants to be a professional author. She has written some sci-fi books and plans to write some fantasies soon. (I like to write books too, but I don't want to do that for a living.)

Kody spends a lot of time fishing and wants to put 13 perfect fish into an aquarium. He has the fish, but he can't stock them yet. Anyway, fishing is fun.

I don't know what I want to be. I have practiced cooking a bit, but I am also thinking about law enforcement. I just am not sure yet.

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Default 3) More About Us
My dad is a journalist. Here's a picture of him with my almost littlest brother Kolby. (Kolby is a little boy now though.)

My mom is a politician. This is her with my newest, youngest brother Kory. (He is still little, but he has finished reading all his books and learned all his toddler skills now.)

I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. I still spend a lot of time writing, but I watch the cooking channel a lot now. I have also taken up jogging.

My twin Kalini doesn't get a lot of writing done. (Her lifetime goal is to be a professional author. She hates the outdoors, so it's a good goal for her.)

We are always helping take care of our brothers. Soon though, they won't need our help so much. (That's my favorite brother Kolton in the middle. We watch the fishing channel together with Kody a lot.)

Kody, the oldest of my brothers, is a teenager now. He has turned into a hopeless romantic. I think the other gals really like that trait.

Anyway, right after his birthday party ended, he put 13 perfect fish into little glass bowls. Then he scooped them out again and sold them. He just wanted a picture to show that he accomplished his lifetime goal already.

Remember the toddler that Daddy was holding in the first picture? That was Kolby. This is how he looks now. He has turned into a little computer whiz.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Kolton will turn into a teenager and Kory will grow up enough to start school on Monday. The main reason I look forward to the weekend is: there won't be any school or homework.

Oh, at Kody's birthday party, I met a couple nice guys. I was thinking about pursuing a relationship with Khalid (the redhead); but Dad found out that besides being neurotic, Khalid has commitment issues. So I am currently thinking that an ambitious, hard-working, party animal might be better. What do you think?

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Default 4) Birthdays and Ghosts
Little Kory had his birthday.

Now he can play with Kolby.

Kolton had a birthday too.

Now he is a teen with more homework blues.

My dad's grandpa Kane, who was a mad scientist, and his great-aunt Kara, who was a master thief, have learned how to get out of the family cemetery.

Aunt Kara enjoys making food.

She also likes attending our parties.

Great-grandpa Kane likes to make food too.

We just can't leave bad food lying around, because Aunt Kara or Grandpa Kane will eat it. (Even ghosts can get sick eating bad food. Then we have to clean the toilets.)

Anyway, ghosts aren't so bad most of the time.
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Great Story! Thanks for posting!
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Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed/are enjoying it.
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Default 5) A Chef
I finally decided that I want to be a five-star chef. (That was just a couple days before I graduated from high school.) So, right after graduation, I rushed out to get a job at the Bistro.

My twin, Kalini, is still determined to be a professional author. Her current goal is to make 3K a week in royalties. I am sure that she won't have any problems reaching that as we have both maxed our writing skills.

Daddy painted our pictures and put them on the wall with our writing plaques.

We weren't the only ones to have birthdays. Kolby is now a teen. He doesn't know what he wants to be yet. Hopefully, he'll be able to use his computer skills and avoid a job with a lot of people around him.

Remember little Kory who had a birthday and started school?

Well, now he too is a teen. He is artistic. I am hoping that he'll find something interesting where that skill will play a role.

That's probably a big enough catch-up for now. I'll leave you with this picture of Kolby and Kory doing homework while Great-grandpa Kane makes apple waffles. (I am so glad I don't have to do homework anymore!)
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Just wondering do you think you could make the house down-loadable?
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I'll submit it and see if it gets approved. The current cost of the house is about 661K furnished and there isn't a second "floor." I just use the second story to hang pictures and plaques. Maybe I can make a few versions of it. I was actually thinking of removing the top floor or most of it to make the bills less.
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whoa haha, okay that sounds great, thanks!
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The house was approved. It's under 80k unfurnished and a bit cheaper than the 660k as I deleted a few duplicate paintings from the wall of art. You'll find it here:
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Default 6) Training
Great-aunt Kara was a great athlete. You'll often find her working out to stay in shape. She actually seems to enjoy it.

She will also train Great-grandpa Kane. He was her brother. (She only had one.)

Kalini accomplished her lifetime want to make over 4K a week in royalties. Then, she wanted to get into shape too. She hates the outdoors, so we remodeled a bit and moved the running machine inside. Kolton helped with her training.

Kolton wants a perfect mind and a perfect body, so he makes a perfect trainer. He is still quite good-looking, isn't he? He is still nice too.

Kolby decided that he wants to be a super spy. He's a loner and a computer whiz, so hopefully he'll make a good spy. He is in good shape and even helps Kory train.

Now, just Kory needs to figure out what he wants out of life. He is the only Kleptos who hasn't decided, by at least his teen years, what he wants to be. (I can't really say much though, I was rapidly approaching graduation before I knew what I wanted to do with my life.)

Aunt Kimi, who was a hit movie composer, died. Kolton went to the cemetery downtown. He brought her headstone back so we could put it in the family plot.

I guess that's all for now.
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Default 7) Careers
When Kody graduated, he got a job in politics like Mama. Kolton, however, went into medicine like Uncle Kyle to make Papa happy. Kalini isn't too sure what she thinks of their jobs. She'd like a job in law enforcement, but she hates the outdoors so she just stays home and writes.

Kolby and Kory don't have to worry about jobs for a while. Homework is enough of a job. Kolby breaks a lot of lead and Kory does a lot of erasing.

Part of a political career is meeting Sims, making friends, and getting campaign donations. So, we invite a lot of people over for parties. We had to move our table and chairs out of the kitchen as so many Sims like to congregate there.

I have maxed my cooking skills and learned all the available recipes now. Soon I'll be a five-star chef. For now I'll just add my latest plaque next to my painting.

Our mama lived to be 95. She died one night while working on a painting. She didn't get to max her painting skill.

Great Aunt Kara helped Mama with the transition to her new life.

The shock of her death really aged Papa. He too was painting when Mama died. He was working on Kolton's portrait.

Anyway, we put up a monument for Mama in the back yard. Her epithet states that she was, and is, surrounded by family. That was her lifetime want - to just raise us kids.

Thanks, Mama, for doing such a great job. We love you and we'll miss you.
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Default 8) More Ghosts
I can still remember when cute little Kolby was just a tot. He turned into a good looking teen. That seems like just a few days ago.

He finally graduated. Now he can start his law enforcement career. He'll get his own cop car soon and someday be a superspy.

Little Kory also graduated. He isn't little any more. He is still artistic, but now he has muscles.

Guess what he finally decided to be? He chose a musical career. However, unlike Great-great-grandma Kyanna, he wants to be a rock star.

My cooking career is going along nicely. I experiment in the kitchen more now. However, with Aunt Kara and Grandpa Kane cooking all the time, I don't need to fix meals very often.

Anyway, it's nice to have been given a super cool fridge for my job performance. The status of a five-star chef is determined by the fridge? Oh, well.

Kalini still spends hours every day writing. She is working on a masterpiece right now. Even when a ghost is haunting her desk, she keeps right on typing.

Kody is still working his way to the top of his political career. Even though he is the mayor, he wants to do more. He even does research late into the night.

Kolton, who followed in Uncle Kyle's footsteps, actually had Uncle Kyle for a boss. That might seem a bit awkward for some. They got along well though.

Now, however, Uncle Kyle has retired. He found a significant other with whom to share his life. We never met her before she passed on, but Uncle Kyle seems content with his life.

The ghosts in the family cemetery seem to have been plotting lately. Grandma Keiki was a triplet, so I am not sure which of the triplets these are. Anyway, they have learned that ghosts can float...

above and through walls. The cemetery gates no longer keep any ghosts trapped in a nether world. Now, more ghosts are wondering around freely.

Poor Great-great-grandpa Billy couldn't decide what to do first. Should he eat? Should he bathe? Should he take a nap?

I predict that life will be more challenging now.
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Default 9) Living with Ghosts
We have quite a few family ghosts wondering around the house now.

They sleep in our beds.

They eat our food.

Sometimes, they are just in the way.

Then, they surprise you and you catch a rare moment.

Or, they make a great catch.

Of course, no catch was better than mine. I fell in love with Kurt. He plans to be an emperor.

I married him just days before Papa passed away.

While Kurt dreamed of all the money he'd eventually have, I gave birth to Keisha.

My twin Kalini, who makes over 20k a week in book royalities and has already surpassed 200k lifetime reward points, decided to move out and look for her own happiness.

She didn't move far away, but she now has her own place and hopes to have a family of her own some day.

Little Keisha is growing up quickly.

We've added another girl, Kayla, to our family. She has an evil streak just like her father. I wonder what she'll be like when she gets older.

Aunt Kenzie got married and had a son. Kolton went over to visit them the other day. We don't know our cousin very well though as he is so much younger than us.

There isn't much else going on right now. It's just the same old stuff. When we aren't working, we are honing our skills and networking.
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Default 10) Achievements
My oldest brother Kody moved out. He bought an old fire station. It's across town and we don't see him much anymore.

Aunt Kenzie's son has grown. He has turned into a nice looking young Sim. We just don't get together often enough. (He is a loner and a bit mean-spirited at times. Of course, his mom recently passed away, so that is to be expected, right?)

Life at our house continues pretty much the same. Kolby achieved his lifetime want to be a super spy. I don't think he looks like a 007, but he is dashing.

Little Kory, my baby brother, is now a rock star.

My girls keep me busy.

Keisha, our oldest, is spoiled by everyone, but Kayla gets her share of attention too.

As much as we love the girls, Kurt wanted a son. Hopefully, the third time is a charm. I am not going through this again.
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Default 11) So Many B'days
What's been going on at our place lately?

Kendrick has learned to walk and talk. He is already reading on his own. Babes grow up so quickly, don't they?

Keisha too has grown. She's in school already. She loves the outdoors, so maybe she'll enjoy gardening.

Kayla too has had a birthday.

I love having two gals who play together nicely. Despite their different personalities, they get along well with each other. I do hope that tendency lasts.

The men of the house have been skilling. My husband Kurt has been improving his logic so he doesn't have to spend any more time in jail. Kolby, our super spy, has learned how to play an invisible guitar backwards. Kolton, my favorite brother the doctor, has been reading all the cooking recipes. (Kory was out performing a concert when I took this shot.)

We've added a windmill to our place. We were hoping it would help cut down on our electricity bill. It does add a bit more character to the yard, doesn't it?

Next time I'll tell you more about the kids. They grow so fast. Their birthdays are always sneaking up on me.
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Default 12) More About the Kids
Kendrick isn't that musical. He quite often used the mallet as a teething ring. Maybe it just shows that he isn't that aggressive.

He has always enjoyed social interaction more than solitude. He loves playing with others and he is fun to be around. Here's a cute shot of Kendrick with Kolby.

Now, Kendrick has grown up. He gets to go to school with the girls. He is friendly, so we should see some of his class mates tagging home with him on the bus now and then.

When I was expecting Kendrick, I didn't have a lot of patience teaching Kayla to talk. Of course, I didn't always pick the easiest words to teach her. I blame it on the hormones.

Fortunately, Kurt had more patience than I. Even though Kayla might long to look at books with her sister, Kurt kept her interested enough. He choose much better topics to discuss than I had.

Now she carries on conversations with the paper boy. He seems a bit timid though, doesn't he? Kayla certainly isn't sure that a relationship with him should be pursued.

Keisha always seemed to entertain herself rather well. She enjoyed reading books, as well as looking at the pictures. She wasn't distracted by music or the television either.

Keisha is still a bit more studious than her younger siblings. She likes to go to the library and read books. She has a logical mind.

However, she also loves the outdoors. She enjoys playing in the playground next to school as well as at home. She also loves fishing.

I'm hoping she'll enjoy gardening. We have quite a few money trees that keep us busy. We could use a few more vegetables though.
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Default 13) Passage of Time
We've all gotten older. I saw my twin sister Kalini at the stadium. She doesn't look too bad for her age.

Kurt and I still enjoy life, even if we aren't as energetic as we used to be. He made it to the top of his profession. He is now the emperor he always wanted to be.

I have ten plaques on the wall next to my picture. I guess it's nice to have something to show for all one's effort. I'm not sure that striving to max everything is the best way to spend life though.

Now that I've got my fishing plaque, I went fishing at midnight for the elusive death fish. It wasn't so hard to find. It sure is strange looking though.

Kolton is working on maxing his guitar skills right now. He only needs his music and fishing plaques to catch up with me. I expect that it won't take him long.

He aged well, didn't he? He is a good looking surgeon. More importantly, he is just a good Sim.

Kolby too aged well. Doesn't he still look dashing? Maybe it's knowing that he is a super spy that makes him so exciting to the rest of us.

It is strange to see him sift through the trash. However, he can find out so much information that way. I am just glad that I don't have to do that.

Kory too is no longer the young Sim he used to be. It's hard to think of him as anything but my baby brother. His fans sure loved him.

Now, however, he is a senior Sim. He played some awesome concerts in his day, but no more. He has retired from the music scene and draws a retirement check.

My oldest daughter Keisha has decided to be a culinary librarian. While she may spend a lot of time reading, she still enjoys the outdoors. She likes to paint on an easel outside.

Kayla has grown into such a beautiful gal. Sometimes the genetics just work out well. She seems to get along with everyone too.

She likes to work out a lot. She, like her father, is athletic. We hope she'll be an athletic super star some day, but we'll accept whatever she decides.

Kendrick has always been fairly happy with life. He is always making new friends at school. He likes socializing.

He too is now a teenager. It makes one feel old to know that the baby is almost fully grown. It's too bad that we can't turn back the clock now and then, but I guess that's why we take pictures or make videos.
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Default 14) Reflections
Getting older causes one to reflect more. We read the paper and wonder about the world around us. What's really important in life?

The guys spend most of their time fishing. It might be a male-bonding thing. It's not a bad hobby to have.

In fact, Kolton has now maxed all his skills as well. Fishing was the last plaque he needed for the wall of fame. Isn't that a bit impressive?

While Kory and Kurt retired, Kolton, Kolby, and I still work. There needs to be something that makes one still feel productive. I don't know, I just can't see giving up that particular niche in life. I actually look forward to going to work and seeing my co-workers.

Except today, for some reason I was just restless. I didn't work very long before I just had to get out of there. I thought a little fresh air would help.

I guess not. It was just time to move on. It was inevitable.

Kendrick got a call at home. He was a little freaked out. My baby has to face a harsh reality in his already difficult teen years.

Keisha was busy frying up something at the time. Isn't that the way it happens? Something earth-shattering happens while something mundane takes place.

I wonder what will become of my family now. What will Kayla choose out of life and will my other brothers max their skills as well? Oh well, I'm off to join the Kleptos who went before me - Kyanna and her husband Billy;

their son Kane, his wife Kylie, and their daughter Kara;

the triplets (Keiki, Keilani, and Keiana) and Keiki's spouse Rafael;

as well as Keiki and Rafael's children (Kimi, Kevin, Kyle, and Kenzie) and Kevin's wife Adrianne.
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Default 1. 7th Song
Kurt was an emperor, a great leader. He was very good at turning ideas into reality. He was inspired one night to have a coming-of-age party for his son Kendrick. (Kendrick is a Scottish name meaning royal chieftain as Kendrick was destined to sire the seventh generation of Kleptos in Riverview.)

Kolton, being a good uncle, called up all the available young ladies.

Kendrick's sisters, Keisha and Kayla, planned the menu. (Keisha is a culinary librarian and knows all the great recipes. So, Kayla generally asks Keisha the best way to prepare something.)

Keisha then went shopping for everything.

Kendrick, being a very friendly guy, wanted to invite some gals he knew, even if they were a bit older. However, sometimes those Sims are older than they appear. A day away from being an elder still looks quite young, but Kendrick needs someone young enough to have babies.

Preparations for the party go well. Kayla makes one last check. Everything is ready.

The guests begin to arrive. Sherri was eager and ran ahead of everyone else. Michaela, being young and athletic, wasn't too far behind with a plate of food for the party. Lagging a bit behind were Spring, young Tracie, and Debbie (who contemplated going off on her own to eat the plate of goodies she'd brought).

After meeting and getting to know all the prospective future spouses, Kendrick made his decision. Tracie was too young, Debbie liked food a bit too much, and Spring was acting very strangely and was hard to get to know. Kendrick really liked Kirsten, even if she was older, but she already had a partner.

So, he had to decide between the eager Sherri or still teen-aged Michaela. Something about Sherri's almost desperate eagerness didn't appeal to Kendrick. When he found out that Michaela was a kleptomaniac, it seemed that she was pre-destined to bring in the next generation of Kleptos.

So, with that momentous decision made, Kendrick was ready to make his wish and blow out the candles. The guests assembled in front of the house in the time-honored tradition of placing flaming birthday cakes where they might do the least damage. A few of the family ancestors helped to celebrate the occasion.

The party was a success. Kendrick actually sparkled with happiness. His guests all had a great time.

When Kendrick later invited over Michaela, she had grown into a lovely young adult. He was quite taken with how she turned out and she appeared quite smitten with him. The future of the Kleptos clan was in good hands.

Kendrick got down on one knee and took out a box with a shiny gemstone. Michaela anxiously anticipated the next moment. Ken exuded confidence.

After a private ceremony, the young couple celebrated. Once again, time-honored traditions followed. Michaela was a very happy Sim and Kendrick was quite contented as well.

Unfortunately, the Kleptos household was too full to think of expansion yet. However, Kurt proved that he wasn't so evil. He made the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life, and thus providing room for another, yet-unborn Kleptos to have life.

The Kleptos family gathered around as Kurt transitioned to the after-life.

His dearly departed wife, Kami, was heart-broken at his passing. 'Tis the way of life that one mourns the loss of what might yet have been done. Kami will, however, welcome the new addition to the family most joyously.
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Default 2. Arrivals
Shortly after the death of Kane Kleptos, Emperor of Evil, was a double whammy in which both Kory, a rock star, and Kolby, an international super spy, were taken at the same time. Kory went just moments before his brother Kolby.

Kolby looked upon the transition as a somewhat permanent vacation. He was tired of this life and ready for the next.

It was only a day or two later that the world-renowned surgeon, Kolton, died. He was of perfect mind and perfect body right up to the end of his life. He was the last of the fifth generation of Riverview Kleptos to die.

All three brothers, who had maxed all ten skills in their lives, were buried in the family cemetery next to their portraits and plaques.

Their ghosts haven't started haunting the family home yet. Only the first four generations of Kleptos have literally made themselves to home among the living.

This story, however, is about the seventh generation, and it begins with the birth of Kani.

Kani's mother, Michaela, is very athletic and wanted to be a superstar athlete like her sister-in-law, Kayla. She believes that everyone, dead or alive, should be fit.

Michaela joined the athletic career and became one of Kayla's teammates. However, as a vegetarian who loves the outdoors, her current goal in life is to produce a perfect garden.

Kani's father, Kendrick, is super popular. He is the current mayor of Riverview.

His oldest sister, Keisha, is a scientist who upgrades all new appliances, electronics, and plumbing to be unbreakable.

The whole family shares the ancestral home.

In fact, the upstairs beds and baths were purchased solely for the benefit of the past generations.

Kani, who has already learned all her toddler skills, spends her time reading about things her parents think she should know.

Her younger sister, Kalia, is also trained in all her toddler skills.

Their mother recently presented them with another sister, Kamiya, and is currently pregnant yet again.
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Default 3. Accomplishments
Kani grew up to be a bit absent-minded, so her dad helps her with homework.

Kalia too is now of school age.

She was such a cute little couch potato genius. She did read the children's books, but she didn't really want to read them much.

Little Kamiya is another couch potato, but she isn't a genius like Kalia.

The littlest Kleptos was born outside as her mother loves the outdoors. Kanani, like her mother, is a virtuoso.

She is now toddling around.

Their cousin, Nathanial, has come by to visit them; but, as he is a loner, he doesn't stop by often.

Their Aunt Kayla, who wins all her games, likes to watch the fishing channel at home. She is an avid angler when she isn't prepping for, or playing in, a game.

She is now an athletic superstar.

Their Aunt Keisha has made it to the top of the science career. She makes an interesting mad scientist.

Their mom, Michaela, spends as much time taking care of the girls and cleaning up after them as she does tending her garden. She does have a perfect garden now. She just doesn't have perfect daughters.

Sometimes everyone cuts loose and they have a party. It helps Kendrick with his fund raising and lets others improve their charisma.
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Default 4. Kleptos & Insanity
The oldest, Kani, happily left her childhood years behind.

She is now a teen and the newest kleptomaniac in the family. There is hope that her interest in gaining goods and simoleans will lead to living in the lap of luxury.

Kalia too is now a teen. She could grow into a gold digger, as the family has discovered that she has a mean streak. With her looks and genius, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

Kamiya, the excitable couch potato, has left her toddler years behind her now.

There is another insane Kleptos after two generations without one. As an insane couch potato, Kamiya too could grow into a gold digger. Finding a rich Sim, however, is a challenge in itself.

Life became much easier when only the youngest, Kanani, needed to be taught skills.

She too though is now no longer a toddler.

With more free time, Michaela has been working on her guitar skills. The family ancestors join her, playing along or just listening.

Kayla has made it to the top of the athletic career and is now a sports legend while Michaela is still in the minor leagues.

Kayla now takes over the gardening so Michaela can work her way up the career ladder.

Kendrick is super popular, so being a leader of the free world comes easily to him.

Still, life continues to offer some surprises. Keisha had an explosion at the science lab one day. Soaking in the tub afterwards still left her a little worse for wear.
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Default 5. Three Teens
Kamiya, the insane couch potato third daughter, celebrated her birthday.

She looks a lot like her Great Aunt Kenzie, the first insane Kleptos.

Now only Kanani is still a child. She is a good sim. Her dad is quite proud of her.

The three oldest experience all the typical teenage angst. Kalia agonizes over homework. Kamiya grumbles about doing dishes, and Kani spends hours on the phone discussing the fact that there have never yet been any heartbreaker Kleptos.

The youngest is horrified and mesmerized simultaneously watching the fishing channel with a Kleptos ancestor.

She looks up to her older sisters. She tries to act as grown up as they do. She even discusses the latest news with them.

The girls' Aunt Keisha, the culinary librarian and mad scientist, spends a lot of time at the library. It is a popular family past time. There is always something more about which to learn.

However, when not busy doing something else, everyone spends a lot of time chatting up the guys. After all, the family still needs a gold digger and heart breaker. They will eventually need someone to sire the next generation as well. Also, Kalia has decided that she wants to have a golden tongue and golden fingers, so she is learning to work her charm.
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