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Default Chapter 24 – It’s Official

Clee: It’s official, I’m a divorced woman now!

Arlene: I’m so sorry sweetie! Did he at least show up?

Clee: Nope! His hired lawyer handled the divorce, he never showed up to look me in the face, his usual wimpy self!

Arlene: Please tell me that you at least won the case?

Clee: He didn’t want any share of the house, but he ended up emptying half of my bank account …

Arlene: That’s good, you get to keep the house!

Clee: Yeah, the little coward didn’t even want to put up a fight for the house so he wouldn’t have to see me

Arlene: Hey, are you feeling alright?

Clee: What do you think I feel great?

Clee: Of course not! I’m sooo angry! I despise him!

Arlene: In all cases, I think something positive can come of this! You can finally find a real man to take care of you instead of you taking care of him!

Clee: Yeah, but Avarice will pay! Someway, somehow, I will make him regret he ever did this!

Clee: But for now sis, I’m going to go have a long bath!
Arlene: Ok, don’t you want some pizza?

Clee: Maybe later, thanks
Arlene: Hey, wait up ..

Arlene: I don’t want you to worry, you’ll get through this, I know you will!

Arlene: And I will be there for you, just like always!

Clee: Thanks sis, I need it just as any other time!

Arlene: Oh, come here you!

Joe: Ahh! Finally, freedom!

Joe: God those jail beds messed up my neck!

Joe: Alright, what should I do now?

Joe: Oh, I have a few ideas!

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Default Chapter 25 – Enemy Territory

Clee: Hhhh, I used to write really well …

Clee: I wish I could write like that again

Clee: There wouldn’t be a better time for it than now, especially since money is not as abundant as before …

Clee: I just have to wait for the right inspiration, and everything will be alright. I’ll take a nap, maybe some inspiration will sneak into my dream

Miss Aqua: So this is where Arlene does her business; I’m deep in enemy territory!

Miss Aqua: Hehe, this spy talk would be more fun if I had someone else talking to me on a wireless com ..

Miss Aqua: Ok, let’s get down to why we’re here

Miss Aqua: First we need to access the hospital’s database and get her patients’ records

Miss Aqua: Alright, got’em!

Miss Aqua: Now please be an organization freak when it comes to your patients and keep all your notes about the cases somewhere easy to find, like in one folder on your desktop!

Miss Aqua: Ok, that was too optimistic .. I never liked psychologists anyway …

Miss Aqua: Finally! Here they are! Now I just need to copy them and then I’m good to go!

Miss Aqua: Thank you Arlene, you have been a lot of help! I don’t know about your patients, but I sure will leave your office feeling like I made a ‘breakthrough’!

Miss Aqua: Damn, this is good stuff! I should’ve brought the com and talked to Mr.Blue during this operation!

Miss Aqua: A big mirror in a psychologist’s office? It must be for making people face themselves , face their fears ..

Miss Aqua: Nope, there’s a smudge of eyeliner here, it is definitely for applying makeup! Maybe checking out how she looks too, but definitely not used therapeutically!

Miss Aqua: Oh, and the ‘chair’! I think I’ll take this one for a spin!

Miss Aqua: Hello patient, I will be your therapist today! Now please go ahead and give me a couple of reasons so I can pass judgment on you .. oh, and this will cost you by the hour by the way!

Avarice: Honey! I’m home!

Sindy: That was kinda corny sweetie
Avarice: Yeah, I realized that after I said it

Avarice: Your painting seems to be coming along well
Sindy: It is, isn’t it? Ok, give me one sec to finish this stroke .. and done!

Sindy: Waw! New glasses look cool! Come here you!

Avarice: I can’t say I don’t enjoy coming home to that!
Sindy: Hehe, don’t make me blush ... now tell me, how did the acting career work out for you today?

Avarice: As awesome as everyday has been! I have so many cool stories to tell you!!

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Default Chapter 26 – Got Lucky

Clee: Hey sis, what’s up?

Arlene: Hey Clee, nothing much just a little reading. What are you doing here?

Clee: Well, I got a call from the hospital saying that Doctor Fergben scheduled a check-up for me today, so I came ..

Clee: And when I got here the Doc was running a little late with another patient – big surprise! So anyway, thought I’d spend some time here with you until they tell me to get back there

Arlene: Oh, yeah that’s great but I kinda have to go for a while, I was just heading downstairs before you walked in ..

Arlene: But I’ll be back, you’re welcome to stay and do whatever

Clee: Alright, I understand, go do what you have to and I’ll keep myself company
Arlene: Great, I’ll be back before you know it!

Joe: Well look who it is! Yo Talman!

Talman: Joe?

Joe: Yeah! My man Talman, good to see you !

Talman: Good to see you too Joe. They let you out?

Joe: Yeah, just got out a coupl’a days ago!

Joe: My lawyer did his job and got me out because of what they called ‘a lack of sufficient proof’, and man am I glad to be out!

Talman: That’s really good for you Joe …

Joe: Yeah, if they want to keep the ‘Joesome man’ locked up, they’re gonna have to try harder than that!

Joe: So what about you? I woke up one day and you were gone, what happened?

Talman: Um, yeah it was weird actually. The warden sent for me, then he told me that the prison was getting overcrowded and they needed more space for more serious criminals ..

Talman: So, um he said that because I was the inmate on the best behavior they decided to let me out on probation ..

Talman: I guess their arm was twisted and they had to empty up a place and I was the best candidate, I got lucky I guess …

Joe: Wow! That is super lucky! It’s almost .. unbelievable!

Talman: So anyway, it was nice seeing you Joe ..

Talman: But I’ve got to get going now …

Joe: Yeah sure man, I’ll be seeing you around!

Talman: We have a problem, a big problem!

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Default Chapter 27 – New Gifts

Clee: So what do you think? Do you like it?

Arlene: Well, it’s pretty big! And it seems really nice …

Arlene: But sweetie, do you really think this is right time to get a new TV? Didn’t you say money was tight?

Clee: I don’t have as much as I did before but I still have enough to last me a year or two, maybe three even! So why not spoil myself a bit? Maybe I’ll get inspired while watching TV!

Arlene: Ok, if you say so and if you really needed it then it’s fine I guess …

Clee: I really do need it, I’m hoping it’ll help me keep my mind off the divorce. Bad thoughts won’t leave my mind Arlene!

Arlene: Sweetie, sweetie! We agreed we wouldn’t let this get to you! C’mon, let’s watch something on the new TV, it’ll cheer you up!

Talman: And I’m just afraid that weasel will not buy the story I told him; he’ll keep snooping around me until he finds out what really happened, and if he does, there’s no telling what he might do!

Talman: What do I do?

Miss Aqua: Relax Talman, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Plus, I got a very simple solution for you

Miss Aqua: From now on avoid going out in public as much as possible, stick to the essentials like getting the groceries. And get you errands done in the early morning, there’s little chance you’ll run into him then

Miss Aqua: And to further keep your mind at ease, we’ll move you to somewhere more secluded, at the edge of town so you’ll be hard to find

Miss Aqua: It should be fine that way, nothing to worry about!

Miss Aqua: But if this Joe decides to take it too far and becomes a threat to our business here ..

Miss Aqua: There’s always a way to deal with him …

Miss Aqua: I’m going to leave this here for you, as a measure of self-defense if the need arises

Talman: A gun?
Miss Aqua: Yes it’s a gun, what does it look like?

Talman: It’s just .. I thought we agreed that I wouldn’t have to hurt anyone in our arrangement!?

Miss Aqua: First, I made no such promise. And second, I’m not telling you to shoot him or track him down and kill him …

Miss Aqua: The smooth running of our operations means you’ll be done sooner, and you’ll be able to go back to your family sooner too. But if Joe threatens you in any way, he will threaten the operations and delay if not suspend your return to your family ..

Miss Aqua: All I am doing is giving you the means to defend yourself and your goals if Joe threatens them, and if that moment does come you should be ready to make a quick decision. Remember, we aren’t sure what Joe is exactly capable of or how far he might go .. it’s really just a precaution

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I am enjoying these stories you have one of the best active sim 3 stories out right now... I check back every day to see if it is updated... keep up the good work
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I am glad you are enjoying the story brtaylor200 I really enjoy writing this one and I really wish I could post a chapter everyday for your enjoyment, but setting up the scenes and taking the pictures is very time consuming Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I hope you keep on enjoying :D
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Default Chapter 28 – Playing Nice

Mr.Blue: So what happened with Talman and the Joe ordeal?

Miss Aqua: It’s being taken care of …

Mr.Blue: I have no doubt of that, but what is it exactly you are doing about it?

Miss Aqua: Mr.Blue, Talman is my recruit and this is my problem, I will deal with it .. trust me!

Mr.Blue: Trust is what you’re asking for? You couldn’t find something a little less mundane to ask me for?

Miss Aqua: Despite your sarcasm Mr.Blue, I remain confident that I can handle this on my own. You have to trust me, I haven’t failed you so far and I won’t start now!

Mr.Blue: Fine, if you want to take upon yourself that responsibility and all the consequences it might entail, then you can have it! But hurry up with it, we will be needing Talman very soon

Miss Aqua: He’ll be ready, don’t worry!

Mr.Blue: Great! And by the way Chelsea, I wanted to commend you on the good job you did obtaining the information from Arlene’s office

Miss Aqua: Anything for you, love! But you still haven’t told me what you were going to do with those files ..

Mr.Blue: You mean what has already been done with them, and before you ask I’ll explain. I had professionals go over Clee’s previous successful book, and after they were capable of copying her style of writing, I gave them the files you retrieved ..

Mr.Blue: And now we have a draft writing of her newest book, an expose on psychological patients that goes beyond the barrier of client-therapist confidentiality. It will seem like a last-shot effort for a desperate Clee to return to success

Miss Aqua: A framing job? I love those!
Mr.Blue: They are one of the most effective types!

Miss Aqua: But how do we exactly make it work?

Mr.Blue: Well for this to work, the draft has to be taken to Clee, and that will be you and Talman’s job

Mr.Blue: And after that, we have to make sure she is caught in possession of the draft
Miss Aqua: So this is getting real serious, the authorities will be involved, no?

Mr.Blue: For sure! We’re done playing nice!

Miss Aqua: I like the sound of that …

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Default Chapter 29 – Blackmail

Mr.Blue: Do you know why I like you?

Mr.Blue: It’s because you are living proof that anything is possible!!

Officer Greg: Private number? This late at night?

Miss Aqua: Officer Greg! Please, you gotta help me! I’m being blackmailed!

Officer Greg: Slow down ma’am. First things first, can you identify yourself?

Miss Aqua: I’d rather stay anonymous officer, it’s better for my safety!

Officer Greg: Alright ma’am, how about you tell me who is it you think is blackmailing you?

Miss Aqua: I don’t think! Clee Maglob called and blackmailed me, it happened!

Miss Aqua: I’m a patient at her sister- Arlene’s office because I have a psychological disorder, a disorder I do not want to disclose, not to you nor to anyone!

Miss Aqua: She said she wanted me to pay her 20,000 Simoleons in return for her not to expose me! I can’t afford that much money, and news of my disorder will completely ruin my social life! Officer, please help me!!

Officer Greg: Clee Maglob!? Are you sure you have the right person ma’am? That doesn’t sound like her!

Miss Aqua: Oh, I’m sure it’s her! I wasn’t sure at first, and I didn’t believe her either ..

Miss Aqua: But then she went on telling me how she had a bunch of files on all of her sister’s patients and that she was intending to publish a book about them soon

Officer Greg: She is what now?

Miss Aqua: Yeah, and she also said that I was ‘lucky’ because she was offering me the opportunity to be excluded from the book as long as I pay her the money

Miss Aqua: Officer Greg, you’re the best policeman in town, I need your help! Please, stop her!!

Officer Greg: Ok, ok. Just calm down ma’am, this all sounds very weird but I will investigate it

Miss Aqua: Oh, thank you officer, I knew you wouldn’t let me down! Thank you so much!!

Officer Greg: Glad to be of service ma’am, you just leave it up to me and don’t worry …

Miss Aqua: I have some information that I think you will be interested in …

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Ooo, I really liked chapter 29! People are starting to play dirty! I wonder how Clee will react to the situation. How sneaky...
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can't wait to see how this plays out. Also the story behind why he is targetting Clee
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Default Chapter 30 – Putting Down

Gerard: Mind if I join you Miss Aqua?

Miss Aqua: Not at all Gerard ..

Gerard: Miss Aqua, I noticed that you seem like a concoction of nervousness and anxiousness today; what is it that concerns you?

Miss Aqua: What could it be? The one person that constantly brews in my mind Gerard, Mr.Blue!
Gerard: I see! Can you be a bit more specific?

Miss Aqua: Look, I know he loves me .. or at least I think I do .. uhhh! I just ..

Miss Aqua: He just doesn’t say it enough, and our conversations are mostly formal! I have to call him Mr.Blue, not even just plain Blue, and not even when we’re alone!

Miss Aqua: I just feel unsure of whether he truly loves me or not! And it’s nerve-wrecking!

Gerard: I understand where you are coming from Miss Aqua, but if I were you I wouldn’t be so worried ..
Miss Aqua: How so?

Gerard: Well, yesterday Mr.Blue did something out of the ordinary: He trusted you to handle a very delicate situation on your own, without any interference from him!

Gerard: It is said that “to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”, and that holds true for our friend

Gerard: So if anything, your concern should be focused on performing what he entrusted you with perfectly; that is so you don’t lose the trust you earned!

Gerard: And as for affection, you can be assured he holds high levels of it for you …

Talman: Another day, another microwave meal …

Talman: This place is not getting better the more I stay here …

Joe: Hello, Talman!

Talman: Hey! Who are you? And what do you think you’re doing just breaking in like that!?

Joe: Shut up Talman! You’re done fooling me, I know everything!

Talman: What are you talking about? Look, if you’re hoping to find money here you came to the wrong place! There’s none of it here!

Joe: Oh that won’t be a problem; the price tag on your head will be more than enough for me!

Joe: Now goodbye Talman, and remember: No one fools Joe and gets away with it!

Talman: Joe!?

Joe: Eugh .. euugh .. you bastard!! Euugh .. eugh …

Talman: You shouldn’t have messed with me Joe, you shouldn’t have messed with my family! Now, I have to put you down!!

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Default Chapter 31 – Warranted Sight

Click: Greg! I’m so sorry I was late ..

Click: I just got caught up going over some ..

Officer Greg: That’s fine Click, we'll talk about it later! just head upstairs and get to work for now!

Click: Alright, I’m on it!

Officer Greg: Well, we’re almost done Arlene. We’ll be out of your hair soon

Officer Greg: Click is our computer expert; once he finishes checking Clee’s laptop we will go

Arlene: That’s good to know Officer Greg ..

Arlene: But I still don’t understand what this search warrant is all about! Why is Clee being investigated?

Officer Greg: I’m afraid I can’t share any details with you Arlene..

Officer Greg: It is all part of an ongoing investigation and it’s confidential

Officer Greg: We’re here just doing our job ..

Officer Greg: But so far it’s all clear, just like I expected, so don’t worry!

Arlene: That’s a relief!

Click: Greg, I’m sorry to interrupt …

Officer Greg: What is it Click?

Click: You’ve got to come see this!!

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Default Chapter 32 – Extended Gratitude

Miss Aqua: The way it ended was not pleasant Talman, but at least Joe will no longer be a naissance!

Miss Aqua: This way you can get out of here and go back to the house we had you live in before

Talman: That would be a good change, this place is a dump!

Miss Aqua: Are you sure you’re fine after what happened?

Talman: Look, I know why I had to do it and it is done!

Talman: I never liked Joe from the moment I met him and I knew he would be trouble ..

Talman: He brought onto himself. I have no regrets

Talman: Now please take back your gun, there is no need for it anymore!

Miss Aqua: If that will be more comfortable for you, then ok …

Talman: I’ll be comfortable when I’m back with my family, something you promised me would happen! When will this all be over?

Miss Aqua: Talman! I always keep my promises! We will be done soon enough, but we surely won’t be rushing! All you need to worry about is doing what you are hired to do and leave the rest to me!

Mrs.Bremen: And the Mayor sends his apologies for not being able to attend the opening of the new Theatre since he is out of Town at the moment; but he has delegated me to represent him tonight ..

Mrs.Bremen: So on behalf of the Mayor, myself, and all the citizens of our Town – I would like to extend our gratitude!

Mrs.Bremen: For all what BPCI has gifted and offered to us! Our Town is developing and prospering because of the efforts of your company ..

Mrs.Bremen: You have been very generous, and we thank you!

Miss Cristay: We are flattered by your praise Mrs.Bremen!

Miss Cristay: And I assure you that BPCI was happy to contribute to this society, your Town and it’s wonderful people more than deserve it!

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Default Chapter 33 - No Chance

Mr.Blue: You see Officer Greg is a general good guy, and as a cop he will be just that

Miss Aqua: What do you mean?

Mr.Blue: He wasn’t a random selection. He assumes good intentions in others, so even if the proof makes him incapable of acquitting Clee, he will try his best to not make Arlene look like a partner in the crime to satisfy his need to believe his trust in others is not completely false

Officer Greg: Arlene, I know this is all overwhelming but I need you to cooperate with me! Now I know you had nothing to do with this but I’m afraid that the proof against Clee is unarguable

Arlene: I still can’t believe it! I can’t believe she might do something like this!?

Officer Greg: Focus with me now and please answer my question: do you have any idea how your sister could’ve gained access to your files?

Arlene: Well to be honest, there was this one time at my office that I left her alone for about twenty minutes, that’s all I can remember …

Officer Greg: Did you securely lock your computer before you left?

Arlene: No, I never do. It’s Clee for god’s sake, I didn’t think there was a need to, she’s my sister!

Officer Greg: So she was left alone, with your unattended and unlocked computer for twenty minutes …

Miss Aqua: That’s how Clee’s opportunity comes to be, I’m on track. But I’m guessing this was not a coincidence?

Mr.Blue: Leave nothing to chance my dear, remember that!

Miss Aqua: Ok, you have my curiosity, tell me how you did it ..

Mr.Blue: Well, it was complex, but in a simple way! First, I had to get Clee to the hospital a few days after you got the information, so in the flash drive you used at Arlene’s office there was a hidden Trojan; as soon as you bypassed security it went into action and scheduled an appointment for Clee at Doctor Fergben’s office on Friday right after lunch time is over

Mr.Blue: Clee eventually arrived, found the doctor was going to be twenty to thirty minutes late, and like the creature of habit she is she went to her sister’s office

Mr.Blue: Next was the task of getting Arlene out of the office at the time that Clee would be there; now do you know how difficult it is to acquire a hospital pager and tweak it a bit?

Miss Aqua: I’m guessing not hard at all!

Mr.Blue: You’re right! A few pages sent Arlene on a wild-goose chase that ends up making her think her pager was glitching and needs repair. So she takes it to maintenance, in sum a process consuming twenty to thirty minutes of her time

Miss Aqua: A great and simple plan except for one thing: how were you so sure the doctor would be late?

Mr.Blue: Your analytical skills are sharp Chelsea! This is how it happened: The local bistro synchronizes its lunch time meal according to the needs of its customers, those who are able to afford dining there every day, mainly doctors and business men

Mr.Blue: Fergben was another creature of habit that always had his lunch at the bistro, and non-coincidentally that week he had won a customer loyalty offer of a free lunch for two, and yes it was on that same Friday!

Miss Aqua: Ok, this is getting really interesting!!

Mr.Blue: It gets better. The doctor would take the opportunity to take his wife out to a free luxurious lunch, the main course of which was ‘Exotic Pomegranate Chicken’, the bistro’s usual Friday lunch’s main course. Now take a guess of who the bistro’s new supplier of fresh pomegranate is?

Miss Aqua: Hahaha, genius! BPCI’s new plantation, right!?

Mr.Blue: Right you are Chelsea! And just as it happens, that day the delivery truck was an hour late, effectively pushing up the doctor’s lunch between twenty to thirty minutes; but of course he wasn’t going to miss out on the free meal, so he called his secretary and informed her that he will be late ..

Mr.Blue: And that is how Clee got her opportunity to commit the crime!

Miss Aqua: Leave nothing to chance alright! It's brilliant!

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Sometimes the wording (tense, etc) is a bit off, but generally I like your story. I'm guessing this is Sim3; I like the skins and poses.

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
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Originally Posted by grammapat
Sometimes the wording (tense, etc) is a bit off, but generally I like your story. I'm guessing this is Sim3; I like the skins and poses.

hey thanks for the feedback. I usually write the conversations based on how I think each character would talk in the situation; I try to go for realism and grammar takes the blow like it often does in real-life conversations :P

I'm glad you're enjoying the story :D
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You are very creative! To come up with the plan Mr. Blue came up was awesome. I can't wait to see why he choose to screw with Clee and what is his plans for the city.
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Originally Posted by brtaylor2000
You are very creative! To come up with the plan Mr. Blue came up was awesome. I can't wait to see why he choose to screw with Clee and what is his plans for the city.

Thank you Glad you liked it, took a lot of planning on my behalf to correctly implement it in the story Stay tuned for more
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I really dig your story. It's very well thought out and planned. The pictures are great too!!
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Default Chapter 34 – Roommates

Jeno: Success!! Every piece of information I gather, no matter how small, is important

Jeno: It won’t be much longer Mr.Blue ..

Jeno: Soon I will find out why you’re here, and I will expose you!

Click: Hey roomie! Ready to lose?

Jeno: In ‘Space Craft Obliteration’!? You can keep dreaming Click!!

Talman: Every time I think about it, I can’t understand how he found me

Talman: The only way it would make sense is if that Aqua girl or whoever she’s working for told him where I was staying ..

Talman: She moved me here in the first place! That way he’d come here and I’d have to shoot him!

Talman: The only good thing is that they didn’t want me dead, but they are still very dangerous people!

Talman: Oh, and I just gave back the gun, the only real protection I had!

Talman: Damn it Joe! What have I gotten myself into!?

Talman: Ughh! I just hope this is over soon and I can go back to my family …

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Default Chapter 35 – Solid Case

Rouben: So yeah, it is pretty exciting to work my first case ‘officially’ as the DA’s assistant!

Rouben: Anyway Officer Greg, thanks again for the information you provided, it really puts the case together ..

Officer Greg: Well that’s good for you, but can I ask how so?

Rouben: Sure, I’ll explain

Rouben: We already have the evidence of the crime from what was found on Clee’s laptop, the opportunity to commit the crime is right there in the questionings you just provided, and the motive has been unraveled!

Officer Greg: You found the motive!?

Rouben: Yeah I did: After background checks and account statements had been acquired, in addition to a little inquiry with the locals - it was clear!

Rouben: Clee was an aspiring writer that married an aspiring actor. Her husband worked as a waiter at the local diner to support them at first, but then Clee wrote a great book, made a lot of money, spent a big chunk of it on a house and began living in the lap of luxury

Rouben: Her husband kept his job possibly out of a fear of emasculation and it provided a steady income ..

Rouben: But soon, his career was going nowhere, Clee wasn’t writing any new books and the sister moved back to live with them

Rouben: Then the first acting offer the husband gets he takes, and runs away with a coworker and half of Clee’s money that he got in the divorce!

Officer Greg: So what does that prove?
Rouben: I’m coming to that ..

Rouben: Recently Clee opted to buy an expensive television although her bank account was not as bountiful as before, as if she is not able to let go of her lifestyle, a mistake of bad judgment for someone who has no stable income!

Rouben: So what you have is a recently divorced woman who has been hiding out from her friends and neighbors, has no stable income, a low bank account, a sister living under her roof for no charge, desperation from her inability to write new good books and an inability to adjust to a change of lifestyle ..

Rouben: Motive to steal her sister’s patients’ information and use them to write a gossip book and do a little blackmailing on the side for a little spending money? I think so!!

Officer Greg: Well that does sound like a solid case you got there - lengthy to explain, but solid. What do you think will happen to them?

Rouben: Considering you are the only witness for the blackmailing and the informer stayed anonymous, that charge will most probably drop ..

Rouben: But Clee will be charged with stealing information from a public institution and intending to use it for profit. I think it will end up with a very big fine, possibly costing her more than the rest of her money, she may be forced to sell her house!

Officer Greg: And what about Arlene?

Rouben: I think nothing in court, but she was careless with her patients’ information, so maybe the hospital would put her on probation and give her a pay cut …

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Default Chapter 36 – Unwelcomed Apologies

Click: She just pleaded innocent. They’d show proof after incriminating proof and she couldn’t explain any of it! She just kept on repeating that she was innocent and that she didn’t know how all that information ended up on her laptop

Click: You could feel that maybe she was telling the truth, but she sure wasn’t making any sense!

Click: In the end, the evidence was too strong and she was found guilty …

Jeno: Well I personally think there’s a high probability that she wasn’t lying; I think there was a third party involved!

Click: Really Jeno? You think Clee was set up?
Jeno: Yes yes yes !

Jeno: Clee and Arlene were always loving and caring sisters, why would Clee do this now? Also, trouble started stirring in their house ever since BPCI started its operations here!

Jeno: Add to it that when I once saw Clee at the supermarket she seemed to be vaguely familiar with BPCI! And remember, she wasn't living here for some time

Jeno: I think it is no coincidence! This illusive Mr.Blue and his corporation have only been trouble ever since they showed up, especially for Clee and Arlene!

Click: That would require a lot of resources and time, why would BPCI expend that much of both on two girls from our Town?

Jeno: I don’t know yet, but it has to be something that happened in the past!

Click: I’m sorry Jeno, but you have no proof or motive, and frankly it sounds that it was just a coincidence. People fight, get divorced and commit crimes all the time; it doesn’t have to be part of some big conspiracy!

Arlene: You know that our house was very dear to me too, but you lost it!

Arlene: No no, I was there in the courtroom and I know you’re saying you’re innocent, and there is nothing I want to believe more than that …

Arlene: But honestly Clee, you’re not making any sense! You can’t explain how my patients’ information ended up on your laptop, you can’t explain the book you were writing, you can’t explain anything!!!

Arlene: And what hurts me the most Clee is that I was the most supportive person ever while you were going through your divorce, even though I wasn’t living the best moment of my life ..

Arlene: But you didn’t care and you couldn’t control yourself! You went ahead and did this, knowing that if you publish that book it would come back and harm me!!

Arlene: They were all my patients! You were this close to messing up my career! You knew that my job was the most important thing to me!! You knew how much work it took me to get here! Besides you, I only had my job left, and you almost took that away from me!!!

Arlene: I’m sorry Clee, but I don’t want to listen to anymore apologies .. just .. just don’t call me, ok?!! Not now .. I can’t talk to you right now .. maybe later, IF you find a way to fix this, but I can’t make any promises .. goodbye Clee …

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Default Chapter 37 – Admirer’s Offer

Miss Aqua: Excuse me, are you by any chance Miss Clee?
Clee: Yes, that’s me

Miss Aqua: I’m Caprice, I’m glad you could make it on such short notice! Might I join you?
Clee: Please do!

Miss Aqua: Have I kept you waiting for long?
Clee: No, it’s alright

Miss Aqua: Good. Well Clee, you must be wondering why I asked for an appointment to speak with you

Clee: Yes I am, and I’m also hoping you can make it brief because I have things I need to do!

Miss Aqua: I will get straight to the point then ..

Miss Aqua: I represent an admirer of yours and I’m here to make you an offer

Clee: An admirer? An admirer of me!?

Miss Aqua: An admirer of your work to be exact! Your first book is one of their top favorites, and for a long time they have waited for you to publish another!

Clee: Oh! It’s always nice to know people like my book, I’m very flattered!

Miss Aqua: Well Clee, after reading about the latest mishaps occurring in your life in the newspapers, my employer was very saddened ..

Miss Aqua: They believe that life has been very unfair to you recently, and that this atmosphere cannot be healthy for your creative talent!!

Miss Aqua: And that is why I am here. We believe that you deserve a break from all of this – to break away so your writing can flourish again!

Clee: Wow, hold on a second! I’m thankful for your concern, but what exactly do you mean by ‘a break’?

Miss Aqua: ‘La Perdida Beach’ is a very beautiful and serene beach: The sand, the sea, the trees, the majestic birds and the setting sun! No other place would be as perfect for inspiration as it would be!

Miss Aqua: One of my employer’s assets is a beautiful house on that beach, and I’m here to offer you the chance to live in that house for a couple of years working on your next novel or two – which we would be more than happy to help you publish!

Clee: You want me to leave everything behind and move away to an almost empty beach, just so I can work on my writing? I don’t think I can! I have too many things to deal with here!

Miss Aqua: Yes, and that is exactly what has been hampering you! Your life here is hectic and stressful, two things it won’t be on La Perdida Beach! We are offering you a way out of this mess, a road to a better life where you are free to do the thing you are most passionate about! We believe that you deserve that, and I know you do too!!

Miss Aqua: So what do you say?

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Can't decide if I like HER, but I like her story!

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
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Originally Posted by grammapat
Can't decide if I like HER, but I like her story!

You mean Clee?
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